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10/25/2019 Corinne Pace

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Valletta. At check in we were told that the aircraft would be small and different to usual Air Malta airbus, and had to give in our hand luggage in which we had breakables and no locks. There was also no food or beverages you can buy on the plane and as 'compensation' they gave us a 4.95 euro vouc...

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9/27/2019 David Duprat

✅ Trip Verified | Malta to Lyon. First time ever flying Air Malta, visiting the beautiful island of Malta for the first time with my wife on our honeymoon. Arrived on easyJet and Purchased one-way tickets to leave thru Air Malta. Paid 2 x 90€ for the flights. Paid 2 x 80€ for 2 pieces of 20kg luggage. 180€ in air fare. 160€ in l...

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9/27/2019 T Herman

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Malta. I bought my flight through an aggregator site, so I wasn't able to pay for bags, so I tried to go on Air Maltas site to pay for bags. When I put in my confirmation code, the system wasn't able to find my info. When I tried to call customer service I wasn't able to speak to anyone and it went to ...

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9/26/2019 C Larzelli

✅ Trip Verified | Malta to Paris CDG. The check-in staff was not welcoming or kind, but did their job. Security screening and boarding process expedite and simple. The airplane was in acceptable condition, short leg room but comfortable seats. The cabin crew, like the check in staff, was professional, but not specially kind. Fl...

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9/14/2019 Kevin Micallef

✅ Trip Verified | Malta to Palermo. Our flight was suppose to leave at 5am on 9th September. We were a whole family, with 3 kids aged between 2-9 years old. At 3:30am we were at the airport, everything looked fine, the gate opened as well. At 4:30am, the flight was delayed to 6:10am. A few minutes after our flight was marked as...

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8/13/2019 L Aedo

Not Verified | The inbound flight arrived with roughly an hour delay and boarding was quite awful as we were told to wait in the jetbridge for around 5-10 minutes, then we left with an hour and a half of delay, and the crew wasn't very smiling and welcoming - but you get used to it with Air Malta.I ordered a warm sandwich and i...

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7/24/2019 C Harrell

✅ Trip Verified | We were supposed to be returning back from Malta to Southend, where we took off few days previously. Unfortunately, few weeks before our trip our flight back was cancelled and we had no other alternative but to accept a flight back from Malta to Gatwick. Before we left the UK I wrote an email to customer servi...

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6/14/2019 John Atana

✅ Trip Verified | I was routed onto the Air Malta website by Skyscanner to book simple 40 minute puddle jump from Catania to Malta, and tried booking my flight through there. Never got a confirmation e-mail or anything, which would be strange for most airlines but, as I'm reading the reviews here, is typical for Air Malta. So I...

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6/9/2019 Mohamed Abdelaziz

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Malta. They have a dysfunctional technical system and website that might do booking errors and even send you confirmation emails with wrong data. The better part comes when you try to deal with their customer service for emergencies; this is when you realize that their call center is only person and th...

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6/7/2019 Laurie Askey

✅ Trip Verified | Malta to Heathrow. I used to go business class but unless you have the front row the leg room isn't very good. It is also quite antiquated compared to say Cathy Pacific where for the same flight-time of around three hours you get your own cubicle, a menu and top-class service. I now fly economy and every time ...

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4/30/2019 G Kelly

✅ Trip Verified | London Gatwick to Malta with Air Malta. The first face of the airline is the check-in counter. My experience was very bitter. Not friendly and acted as if you were not welcome at all. Also the lounge is a joke. They use the No. 1 lounge, which is packed with priority pass members - so packed that there are no ...

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4/27/2019 Philip Thompson

Not Verified | Flew LGW to Malta and return in April with Air Malta. Flights both ways were on time and comfortable. Cabin crew were friendly and welcoming. On board snacks to buy were good value. Seat pitch average but not cramped.

4/24/2019 E Varl

✅ Trip Verified | Our terrible time with Air Malta started with baggage check-in. We bought our tickets through Expedia and they just said "Economy". Turns out Air Malta has like 5 different ticket types and the one we had didn't have checked baggage. We didn't know this in advance, but whatever, we payed to check-in our luggag...

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4/4/2019 N Vanter

✅ Trip Verified | Flight operated as wet lease by Smartlynx (Latvia) having two additional flight attendants from Air Malta on board to overlook the board sales. Ex Lufthansa airplane. Although boarding on time, they had several minor problems, then always new paperwork and of course each time the promise that we will be in the...

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2/26/2019 E Henscher

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Malta. The problem started when I tried to book AirMalta on their Website. After 2 days without any success I booked the flights through tripair. No chance to see on air Malta booking page whether the booking existed. Web check in impossible. I finally phoned Malta Air in Malta and they sent boarding...

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1/3/2019 C Darunni

✅ Trip Verified | Southend to Catania. A few miles from destination the pilot announced that we could not land to Catania due to Etna eruption and instead we would land in Malta. There are at the least 5 airports nearby Catania (Palermo, Comiso, Trapani, Reggio Calabria, Lamezia Terme). Soon after the captain announced that we ...

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1/2/2019 J Weere

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Malta. Was charged 90 Euro per bag at check in. There was no mention of an extra charge for checking in a bag and 90 Euro for each bag is just crazy. Will never fly Air Malta again.

1/2/2019 Ario Yuniawan Prariyadi

✅ Trip Verified | First time flying with Air Malta from Frankfurt to Malta and Malta to Berlin TXL using their old A320 and A319. I would say, this airline is worse than low-cost airlines serving the same route. My both flights delayed about 20 minutes. Nevertheless they arrived in-time as scheduled. What I have paid for the ti...

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12/28/2018 Richard Laycock

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Malta. I wasn’t impressed with the airline at all. Firstly we were delayed. The airplane itself was 20 years and in bad condition. It however was a wet lease plane so there was no branding inside or any livery on the plane. The staff was weren’t great but weren’t awful, however they were below avera...

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9/6/2018 L Salichi

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Catania. Their customer care is non existent, our plane was diverted from Catania to Malta for unspecified technical problems. 70 people including kids left with no support for 6 hours overnight in an indecent airport, no manager showed up and nobody of their ground crew had an idea of what was goin...

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