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6/25/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 22C

This new Dreamliner is terrible when it comes to space! As soon as the person in front of you reclines their seat, your video screen is too close to see clearly and their seat is practically in your lap. I am only 5'5" and found this plane extremely uncomfortable even though I routinely fly economy class on 12-14 hour flights on other airlines without complaints. I couldn't even cross my one leg over the other when the seat in front of me was reclined. The old Airbus A340 has much more space and is much more comfortable. A shame that this beautiful new plane is so crammed!

5/12/2019 Jamie North

✅ Trip Verified | We flew from Los Angeles to Papeete and back with Air Tahiti Nui. Both planes were very hot and the food was not good. You do not have your own air control like on most flights. It was a sweaty 8 hours.

4/10/2019 Linda Brown

✅ Trip Verified | Tahiti to Los Angeles. Good service, but poor food. The Airport processing and waiting was unbearable. It took over an hour to checkin. Departure was delayed and the temperature had to be in the high 30’s. On the flight to Tahiti the second serving of food was frozen and we told the staff on board but they couldn’t have cared about that.

4/6/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 40K

Little room for an 11-hour flight. The older planes (A-340) were better in that respect.

3/15/2019 Francesca Somaini

Air Tahiti Nui is basically the only airline that flies to French Polinesia. The business class is old, and the seat do not recline to 180°. It's a very long flight from any airport. I flew from Japan and it was a 12 hours flight. The aircraft is very loud, there is no privacy in the business seat. The food is really good and the staff are really polite. The entertainment is quite poor.

2/27/2019 S Rancelo

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Papeete. A new Boeing 787-9, good spacious seats on Business class. We had a bulk seat 1A. Even though close to the galley I did not hear any rattling. Entertainment is very poor. This review is about the cabin crew on board service. It is appalling. They do the minimum at the cabin. No helping to set up your tray for dinner. No food order taken. They look fed up. I experienced their service to be rude, distant, unenthusiastic and Unfriendly. If you ever go to PPT fly with air New Zealand.

2/25/2019 R Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Papeete. Terrible customer service. Our return flight was originally booked on 2/6 from Tahiti to LAX. They notified us that they cancelled this flight due to schedule change.They gave us the option to leave a day earlier of the next day. We had already booked our non-refundable hotel room by this time so we inquired if we left a day earlier if they would cover our hotel cost for the night of the 5th. Verbally they assured us they would cover it so we locked in the 5th. They did say however that we would need to file a claim online with them. Which we did. We eventually got an email that said they aren't going to cover the cost of our hotel and we would need to go through travel insurance for reimbursement. Too bad we didn't have a current travel insurance plan. We called to try to get compensated in some way so we requested a free upgrade to premium economy. They said they might not have room but will add notes to our reservation for the ticket counter staff to upgrade us if there was room. 3 hrs before departure we arrive at the ticket counter and they had no idea what we were talking about as there were no notes added. They called their supervisor and we were declined due to no available seats. We board the plane and lo and behold there must have been at least 20 open seats in premium economy when the doors were closed. Lie upon lie upon lie. The only nice thing we found about this airline was the plane was a nice new 787 and the flight attendants were very accommodating.

9/11/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 5AAND5B

Absolutely HORRIBLE Business Class Seats. Terribly outdated. Seats are from the 1990s. Avoid paying overly expensive prices for these seats! Very uncomfortable. Do not lay flat. No power. Falling apart. Video monitor is a joke!

8/2/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 32A

Thank god ATN is buying new planes. These A340 are showing their age. Fabric on the seats have tears, plastic on the seats are cracked. The interior has not been replaced for 20 odd years. Fairly poor value when considering ATN is 2x the cost for comparable 2 hour flights.

3/24/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 10AANDB

This is a good seat. Good legroom (I am 6'4". Mildly limited foot room due to bulkhead but much better than other seats. Row 31 has more legroom but 31A has a bulging aircraft door in the way. 31 A/B are cold with 10A/B warm Check-in people in Papeete were very nice and 36 hr online check-in prior to flight is HIGHLY recommended. You get a better seat and a different check-in line in Papeete. Plane needs replacing...787's are on order. Food was average compared to US airlines and worse than European or Asian airlines.

3/2/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 44K

Great seat near the galley and restroom, plus a wider aisle.

10/25/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 3A

We flew LAX-PPT in seats 3A/B on 4 Oct and seats 4A/B Pfrom PPT-LAX on 19 Oct. These are the worst business class seats we've ever had. The space is nice and the screen is pretty good. But the seats are uncomfortable, clunky to maneuver, and hard as bricks when laying flat. Air Tahiti is the only game in town (except for Air France) and they really should upgrade these seats yo ones that aren't back-breakng.

5/13/2017 E Perton

✅ Verified Review | On January 17th, 2017 me and my husband travelled from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand. Our flight with Air Tahiti Nui delayed almost 7 hrs because of mechanical issues with the plain in Los Angeles. When we informed the representative about our travel destination is Melbourne, she promised no problem, we will taken care of you and rebook you to other flight to make sure you reach your destination. Of course that was not the case. Because of the flight delay we missed our connecting flight in Auckland to Melbourne. Not Air Tahiti and not Air New Zealand helped us in any way when we ask help in the airport too. Both airlines pointed their finger to each other. The bottom line is we had to purchase 2 one way tickets for next day to Melbourne; cost us $800 dollars and we had to sleep in the airport in Auckland. I filed a complaint with both Airlines and I never heard back from Air Tahiti ever. I sent the e-mail to them 4 times without any acknowledgment or anything. Also, I tried to call them for a follow up, but the person on the phone told me I can reach their customer service only by e-mail. Their customer service is terrible. If you have any other airlines you can use, use other carrier.

3/28/2017 S Johnson

✅ Verified Review | When booking my flight from Los Angeles to Paris, I was thinking about Air France. I came across Air Tahiti Nui as a quick and cheap departure option on Expedia. I wasn't too sure about this airline. When we got to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), we stood in the check-in line. The lady checking in our luggage was very nice and professional. As she was checking our passports and wrapping the badges on our luggage, she warned us about frequent delays on this particular flight. As she anticipated, we were delayed for about an hour or more. This was imperative because we had a shuttle service in Paris who had our initial arrival time and had to wait for us. Anyway, we boarded the aircraft and noticed that our economy seats were very small and tight. For an 11 hour flight, these seats were terribly tiny and uncomfortable. The inflight entertainment was very limited. The movie selection was limited and there wasn't a variety of genres. The positive aspect of this airline was the service. The attendants aboard the flight were efficient, responsive, cooperative, and professional. I can't think of anything else to say about the staff. The food onboard the flight was just like your generic airline food. It was cold, slimy, and disgusting. I recommend purchasing food and snacks prior your flight in the terminal. Overall, staff was great but accommodations and passenger convenience weren't well.

2/9/2017 W Gregson

✅ Verified Review | Flew Papeete to Auckland with Air Tahiti Nui. The original plane we were to take had mechanical problems so we waited for 3 hours for another plane. It appeared that there was quite a bit of confusion with this and whilst waiting we noticed the very slow boarding and taking off process of other planes. When it came our turn, whilst all were on board it still took over a half an hour to count and recount passengers. The food on both flights to and from Papeete was substandard and in two cases inedible. The cabin staff appeared only moderately trained and made me wonder how they would perform if there was a problem. Tahiti and the surrounding islands and its people are wonderful. On a return trip I would select another airline. On arrival at Auckland airport, it took three hours to organise our accomodation due to missed connections.

2/4/2017 Benoit Herault

✅ Verified Review | We booked Air New Zealand London to Papeete via Los Angeles. Flights from Los Angeles to Papeete are operated by Air Tahiti Nui. What surprised us that we were asked to check in at Papeete the proof of our flights Los Angeles to London while the flight was made in code-share with Air New Zealand. No online check in was possible, no seats were available by calling 72 hours before, but by miracle they were available at check in after getting the check in manager to assist. We kept our original seats. There is a limit to stupid systems. In short, an experience not to be renewed on Air Tahiti Nui. If this airline did not have the exclusivity on Papeete they would have disappeared a long time ago. Nous avons fait une réservation Air New Zealand Londres Papeete via Los Angeles. Les vols Los Angeles Papeete étant effectué par votre compagnie. Quelle ne fut pas notre surprise qu’on nous demande à l’enregistrement à Papeete la preuve de nos vols Los Angeles Londres alors que le vol était effectué en code-share avec Air New Zealand… Pas d’enregistrement en ligne possible, pas de places disponibles hublot en appelant 72 heures avant mais par miracle il y en avait de disponible au check in après avoir fait venir la responsable du check in. Nous avons gardé nos places d’origine. Il y a une limite à la bétise. Bref une expérience à ne pas renouveller sur Air Tahiti Nui. Si vous n’aviez pas l’exclusivité sur Papeete vous auriez disparu depuis bien longtemps.

2/2/2017 M Lennard

✅ Verified Review | Los Angeles to Papeete (Tahiti) return. Both flights left over one hour late. While we were waiting for the plane to leave the terminal at LAX, the captain announced that we would be delayed for an hour to wait on 25 late passengers. After waiting for more than an hour and seeing a few passengers board, we finally left. This must have been the plane that was not updated as is mentioned in so many negative reviews. The tv screen in front of my seat had so many lines in it was not worth watching. What was so disappointing was the service on this flight which was practically non existent. Cups of water were served in the same size cups used in a water cooler and two would not equal one measuring cup. I received two before the crew retired for most of the flight. Drinks were served to the middle rows and when I asked for one, I was told she would come back but never did. When I pressed the call button, it was answered 5 minutes later by a male steward who said "what do you want"? He returned with my drink order which was wrong. During most of the flight, the stewardess would walk by so fast that if you said something to get their attention, they were already 4 rows behind you. Never once did I see one walking down the aisles looking at the passengers faces to see if they needed anything. The return flight also left over one hour late. The breakfast served included a sausage that I believe was bad. No cruise is worth the 8 hours I had to spend on each flight. I ended up bringing my own snacks and water to make sure I would have some on the return flight.

1/2/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat 2D

I was unfortunately on one of the old style business class planes. It was horrid. Air Tahiti Nui has 2 still with the old configuration and it is not apparent which one you will get at the time of booking. The footrest was broken, the tv would not work, and the tray table had to be supported by raising my knees about 2 cm. I was extremely uncomfortable for the entire flight. Thankfully, I was only going AKL-PPT. I felt sorry for those continuing on to LAX.

11/24/2016 Rosy Mello

Papeete to Los Angeles. We really enjoyed flying with Air Tahiti Nui. The staff is very nice and helpful. The seats are colorfull, the screens are good quality with recent movies. Everything is free onboard. We really recommend this airline.

8/2/2016 Guy Raglan

✅ Verified Review | I would recommend avoiding Air Tahiti Nui. Our outbound flight from the US was uneventful. The plane, however, was in poor shape, with threadbare carpet, outdated seatback entertainment (some flights don't even have screens), sagging seatback pockets and below average food and service. The flight was on-time, though, and we were headed to paradise, so we could overlook these minor issues, even though the flight cost, even for an economy ticket, was at a premium price point. On our return trip is where we ran into serious issues. There was a mechanical delay on our flight, which postponed our departure for 24 hours. We waited in line for 3 hours before we had the delay and rebooking information, however, and were told that there was no possibility of being moved to one of the three other PPT-LAX flights that Air Tahiti Nui had before our rescheduled flight left. They put us up in a nice hotel overnight, so we weren't too upset at spending another day in Papeete. We had booked all of our ongoing flights out of LAX on our own due to my wife and I parting ways after the trip and her complicated international travel. Upon getting to the hotel, I began the process of rebooking all of those flights, as we were given the new departure information the following night. After breakfast the following morning, we were feeling pretty good about everything, when I just happened to check the Air Tahiti Nui website to see if our flight was still on time. Nope, we were delayed another 9 hours, which then caused us to miss all of our rebooked connections from LAX. We did not receive any notification from the airline about this additional delay. At this point, Air Tahiti Nui really let us down. They did not rebook us on any of the other departing flights for LAX. They had no consideration for connecting flights. In order for my wife to make her destination in time, we had to reroute her on another Air Tahiti Nui flight to Tokyo-Narita. They would not apply any of the funds we used for the PPT-LAX flight, nor would they simply book her on that flight at no cost due to the mechanical issue. When we spoke to customer service, we had to find all of our own solutions due to their incompetence and lack of understanding. To top it all off, they were completely indifferent and unapologetic. To this day, almost one month later, we have not been engaged by their customer service department for reparations after repeated emails and phone calls. Based on our experience, I would recommend a few things: There are other carriers that fly to/from Tahiti (Air France, Hawaiian Air, etc). Look into them and see if they are an option for you. Take a vacation somewhere else. There are a lot of nice spots in the world, and while Tahiti is exotic and amazing, our poor air travel and all that followed totally clouded our experience. If you still decide to go, and to go with Air Tahiti Nui, try to book all of your air travel through them on one ticket. Or, if you are booking your own connections, be sure to have some flexibility on your US arrival (a day or two in LA on the back end).