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10/26/2019 T Reace

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Port Vila. The flight takes more than 4.5 hours. The drinks trolley came through once for lukewarm water, had to request more when it wasn’t offered again. With how hot the plane was and how dehydrated we were becoming from the air conditioning, water should have been cold and offered more frequently...

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7/9/2019 T Gray

❎ Not Verified | Port Vila to Melbourne. What a complete joke. Tried to book extra luggage online, but it wouldn’t let me. So I ring them and they said they can’t do it over the phone and I have to go into the office. So I go into the Port-Vila office and the lady said they can’t do it from there and can’t even give me a price o...

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5/3/2019 P Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | We just had the worst experience ever travelling with flying Air Vanuatu. It started with a delay from Sydney and then us being bumped off our internal connection to Santo meaning we had to spend a night in Port Villa. Communication was terrible and it was a stressful way to start the holiday. We went into havi...

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2/21/2019 Angelo DAlessio

✅ Trip Verified | Air Vanuatu is the worst experience I had as a traveler. Booked 2 flights with them (a domestic and an international one). Due to weather conditions (cyclone) the flight from Port Vila to Luganville got cancelled, I've been notified with a phone call. They didn't mention when there will be a new flight, they s...

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1/22/2019 P Lanorko

✅ Trip Verified | Port Vila to Auckland. Booked a fully refundable fare and read through every piece of terms and conditions found online regarding the fare and refund policies. Nowhere did it mention a refund fee but they still said the only way I can refund my "fully refundable" fare is by paying the $50 fee and became quite ...

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11/8/2018 Gyan Fernando

✅ Trip Verified | Air Vanuatu is a small airline which is essential for "Local" flights, meaning fairly long distances between scattered islands. As such they largely use ATR 72 aircraft and Twin Otters but they do have a very new B 737-800. I flew from Noumea, New Caledonia to Port Villa, Vanuatu and a few days later from Port ...

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8/22/2018 John Barker

✅ Trip Verified | Nadi to Port Vila. Due to fly out on Saturday at 3.00pm. Was first to register at airport counter when it opened at 12.30. Went upstairs and sat in Nadi Lounge and as 3.00pm loomed noticed no counter staff evident. Asked about this and was told plane had left PV but had mechanical trouble and returned to PV. ...

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8/15/2018 Laurent Feuilleaubois

✅ Trip Verified | Two very bad experiences with Air Vanuatu. At arrival in Port Vila the Air Vanuatu agent was forcing me to pay for a second return flight (as he could not find my reservation which I made through Fiji Airways). The member of staff was very unrespectful at many instances. I quote one of them "stop wasting my ti...

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7/7/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 29D

Had the misfortune of being in the last row with my family on a 3hr 55min flight from Port Vila to Sydney (up to 300km/hr headwind). No recline (fortunately people in front were considerate and didnt), constant queue of people using the two lavatories for 162 passengers (seriously go to the bathroom before the flight people!). O...

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11/6/2016 Carl L, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 1A

The business class seats are comfortable and 1A is good, but can lack legroom for taller people. Best seat on the plane for status.

7/18/2016 Anton Gollner

Flew from Sydney to Port Vila with Air Vanuatu. Friendly service, standard economy quality food as well as a very easy to use inflight entertainment system which has a very large variety or tv shows and movies. The new Boeing 737-800 recently new to the Air Vanuatu fleet was very clean, quiet and comfortable. Overall a very good...

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11/10/2015 D Hanslow

Vanuatu is one of my favourite places and a big part of that is the friendly people. It's a pity that my critism of Air Vanuatu stems from the lack of friendliness of the staff. They weren't exactly rude, but they were just there. The food service was painful. Basically the hostees spent the entire filght mucking aroud with tro...

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11/3/2015 Graeme Rowland

We flew Air Vanuatu, November 2015. Check in staff were on the ball. On board a different matter. The much wanted breakfast was awful. Omelette was leathery and lukewarm with tea served in tiny cups. Crew were seen only occasionally and water was not offered to us during the flight. Captain was informative and the plane landed o...

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9/8/2015 A Martin

We could not book ourselves through from Wellington to Santo while in Wellington, though we were able to book the luggage to Port Vila. We had to queue (50mins) for boarding passes to Port Vila in Auckland even though we did not have to book the luggage in. Booking in staff were slow and too few. Why could we not have been given...

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8/13/2015 Vivien Chang

Due to the cyclone in March, I had to cancel my flight with Air Vanutau and asked for refund. The customer service processed my cancellation and confirmed a full refund will be arranged on 25th March. Today is 13th August, after 24 emails chasing them the refund, I still haven't received it. I understand it is unfortunate that s...

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10/31/2014 Craig Willis

Melbourne-Sydney-Port Vila-Melbourne. Flew Qantas to connect with flight to Port Vila. Old style seats in Business with not much recline but not a real problem for a 3hr flight. Service was excellent with a choice of 2 main courses for lunch and drinks were promptly offered. Cabin crew were typically Vanuatuan - smiling and cour...

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3/10/2014 Jared Waipouri

AKL-VLI in economy. Check in at AKL was handled by Air NZ staff who were friendly and accommodating. Flight was quite empty so despite having an economy ticket I was treated to a whole row to myself. The 737 in use on this route is clearly well used but in good order and clean. The cabin crew are warm friendly and helpful. The m...

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3/3/2014 N Town

NF21 from Brisbane to Port Vila. 26 Jan 2014. Yep most of the reviews are right - old fashioned service average food but lots of it no decent inflight entertainment (other than the magazine which is really good). The video on Vanuatu is a good intro to the country but that's about it. Old re-runs of American sitcoms that keep fr...

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12/27/2013 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (73H) seat 13A14A

The exit rows are possibly the best - I have travelled on the Sydney - Pt Vila flights often and the 737-800 is like flying domestically in Australia, all other seats are cramped. But for a just over 3hr flight, bearable.

12/12/2013 K Green

Old fashioned service - great crew on a decent 737. Only let down was the TV entertainment and food - the screens are only every few rows so you can't see much without binoculars. What we could see the video kept jumping or freezing and when we asked the crew they responded with "it happens all the time". Beef stroganoff on a fl...

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