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2/13/2019 SeatGuru User, De Havilland Canada DHC-6 seat 4B

Pretty nice for 30min flight!

2/7/2019 Juan Morel

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Nouméa. Surprisingly very good airline and good business seat for a three hours flight. Very good staff and very good product in business. Among them: Nikko Japanese whisky!

1/6/2019 F Cantall

✅ Trip Verified | Noumea to Tokyo in economy and it was a good experience for a 8:30 hrs flight. The crew was warm and welcoming. The seat was comfortable with a lot of space for my legs and the entertainment system was complete. However the A330 cabin looked quiet old but these aircraft have to be replaced by mid 2019. The food was correct but not exceptional. Overall it was an appreciable flight.

11/21/2018 F Darenez

✅ Trip Verified | Nadi to Noumea. Aircalin is the only airline I have ever flown that does not allow for baby strollers, car seats or cots to be checked in without paying for additional luggage. Also beware when buying a fully refundable ticket. It is nearly impossible to cancel a flight on Aircalin. You can’t do it on line and you can’t do it over the phone. You can only do it in writing and then, if you are lucky, you may receive the refund 30 days later.

11/11/2018 Gyan Fernando

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Nadi, Fiji to Wallis Island. Aircalin is the flag carrier of New Caledonia and although a small airline, provided a good service. There were no boarding problems and the flight was on time. This was a very short flight and the cabin service was appropriate.

8/3/2018 George Paolucci

✅ Trip Verified | Noumea to Fiji. We arrived at Noumea airport at 10 am to be told that our 1pm flight was cancelled due to ash cloud from Port Villa over Fiji. Other planes resumed flying at 10.20am. Aircalin had already cancelled our flight and had no re-scheduled flight? How can you cancel a flight before the scheduled time? We had to return the next day at our cost to be redirected to Brisbane and then to Fiji with a 9 hour wait in Brisbane. There were only 10 passengers on the original flight that was cancelled and not re-scheduled. Will never fly again with this airline.

7/6/2018 Vikram Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Noumea. We had a very poor experience at check in, the lady was rude and did not even care to greet us or wish us a safe flight. I’m not sure what her excuse was for it but she was condescending and it really put us off right at the start of our vacation. Our toddler was trying to grab her attention to greet her, and she did not even acknowledge her.

5/4/2016 Michel Perrin

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Nouméa to Ile Des Pins. Only domestic airline in New Caledonia, you have to accept their rules. Maximum weight for cabin luggage 3 kg (accepted up to 5kg, everything included), check-in luggage max 12 kg. Check-in is only allowed 80 mn before departure. No service is offered on board. However we flew on brand new, clean ATRs, with friendly staff, on time flights, and quick delivery of our luggage.

3/7/2016 Sandra Parnis

This is the flight and holiday we were planning to go on but due to illness and then unfortunately death of a family member, we chose to cancel our trip. The staff at Aircalin were great and informative saying that it would take between 6-8 weeks to process. We understood that, no problem. It has now been 12 weeks and we have seen no refund. I have called and emailed them numerous times and they are lovely and very polite, but I seem to be getting nowhere with information as to why this is taking so long. Just be wary if you need to cancel a flight for whatever reason.

1/28/2016 Michel Regi

A perfect flight with Aircalin from Tokyo to Noumea. Departure on time. Cocktail served just after take off, followed by a superb full course French meal. Complimentary French wines are very good even if not grand cru. And most of all the crew are friendly, efficient and professional.

1/4/2016 Bernard Kauffmann

Kansai to Noumea on Aircalin. Boarding was long : we were called to queue and than we were standing 15 minutes before gate opened. Onboard service was perfect. Food was good. If you want to sleep, the seat is not flat but was acceptable.

12/30/2015 A Lorimer

On the journey from Auckland to Noumea lunch was served which was tasty. The seats are very uncomfortable with very little padding in the back so you feel every movement of the passenger behind you. No Entertainment but this was fine for a short trip. Service was good and cabin crew were pleasant. On the return journey from Noumea checkin was very slow and took far too long. Breakfast was served on this flight and it was terrible. It consisted of a grey omelette which looked so unappetisng no one around me ate it. Also served was a bread roll and croissant which were fine. Overall the flights were fine but the terrible breakfast served up on the flight home was so disappointing.

9/5/2015 Anthony Gibbons

Would have given AirCalin a perfect score, except for the return flight being operated by code share partner Air New Zealand which was simply dreadful. Web checked, bag dropped, boarding a breeze. Welcomed by friendly crew. The lunch service included a separate aperitif service (chose the pastis!), followed by a 3 course meal (salad, main and dessert) full bar service. After lunch was cleared, the crew came through offering duty free and a digestif (cognac). Champagne available for purchase. Used my tablet to connect to inflight wifi streaming entertainment as no PTVs fitted on A320 (only redeeming feature of Air NZ). Wifi worked perfectly. In summary, AirCalin offer a superb product at a fair price. Just avoid their codeshare flights between Auckland and Noumea.

8/16/2015 Leslie Margulis

Food highly edible and service was perfect. Wine very good. The only disappointment was that the Qantas Business Lounge was dreadful. Everyone spoke English although French was preferred. There was no PTV which was disappointing.

7/30/2015 Remuel Taran

Flight 801 from Manila to Noumea via Tokyo Narita. I was satisfied with their onboard service, cabin crew were friendly and polite. The food was delicious. Will fly with this airline again.

6/18/2015 Marc Bertin

My flight from MEL to NOU was a great experience. The check-in at Melbourne was very fast and efficient. Boarding was on time and the cabin crew were very welcoming and friendly. The plane is newest and safe.The economy class seat have not PTV's but the newest A320 equipped with new video on demand system connected by wifi on your smartphone tablet or computer. After Take off an aperitif followed by a hot lunch was served. however the cabin crew are not very far. My experience on Aircalin is not too bad.

2/12/2014 M Stringfellow

Sydney - Noumea. Didn't know what to expect from this smaller airline. Was a full flight with school holidays over. Staff at the gate were a combination of Qantas and Air Calin crew. Aircraft was a modern A330. Helps to have a small understanding of French because the crew will address you in French first. Really impressed by meal service. A full tray with salad bread main and dessert. Landing in Noumea on second attempt due to a go-around but crew were very professional throughout the flight. Entertainment system only covered a limited selection in comparison to other carriers.

1/10/2014 P Radford

We travelled to Noumea on this airline-code share with Qantas on the outgoing leg and AirCailin on the return leg. The outgoing trip with Qantas was so sub-standard. With Qantas there was no entertainment we could see only two screens out of 5 visible in our section of the cabin and the meal served was inedible! However to my surprise the service was fantastic! The food was not only edible but enjoyable the service was swift polite and plentiful-the brandy at the end of the meal was a lovely touch. Individual screen for movies was also much appreciated. I would have no hesitation in flying this airline again or recommending it to friends.

11/4/2013 Patrick Riches

Fantastic flight Very pleased with the very high standard of service provided! Flew from Tountouta to Sydney on AirCalin on the airline's only A320-232. Very friendly crew Very nice meal (supposed to be a breakfast but lasted well into the afternoon) comfortable seats and pleasant views of the Pacific. One of the best flights I've ever been on. Very highly recommended.

10/23/2013 A Donohue

Flew NOU to SYD 23rd Oct SB140. Efficient check in at Noumea. On board A330 plenty of legroom in Economy. Great onboard service in in French and English very friendly. Pre lunch drinks offered as well as wine with lunch. Extra bread rolls offered with water runs and after lunch Cognac was also offered. Service not really expected for a 3 hour flight. Looking forward to my next Air Calin flight.