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7/2/2019 Kari Pilgrim

✅ Trip Verified | Columbus to Vancouver. We had a cancelled flight out of Port Columbus. I’m flying alone with my son, so we paid the premium for first class and a more comfortable experience. When the flight was cancelled, we were rebooked in economy. That in itself is not the problem. We were offered, nor refunded anything for the drastic change in class. I am out hundreds between the prepaid hotel room in Vancouver, the rental car, and the room I had to get last night because they were not prepared to maintain their aircraft. Not to mention the money I spent to fly in first class. I’m sitting on flight 1011 in Chicago now, (I also had to have multiple layovers now), and just busted my head on the reclined seat ahead of me. We were one of the last to board, meaning we can’t bring our carry ons now and I have nothing to entertain or care for my son. They were unhelpful, uncaring and basically just got away with highway robbery.

7/1/2019 T Holbrook

Not Verified | San Diego to Salt Lake City. The lack of training, lack of customer service caused us to miss our flight. Very incompetence people and they just don’t care. When you are there in plenty of time and it’s their lines and their staff that causes you to miss your flight, they need to compensate you in some way. We were there at the time they told us to be and was having problems with their kiosk and lines were horrible. If I could give them a zero I would. If you want to miss your flights because of their customer service go for it, or plan to be there 6 hours before for a domestic flight. I fly a lot, and have never been treated so poorly by other airlines. Do not use this airline. We had to rebuy tickets for triple the price, they are price gougers to make more money off their customer service.

7/1/2019 J Talbot

✅ Trip Verified | San Diego to Salt Lake City. Do not use this airline, they are horrible and do not care about their passengers. We were there in ample time (2 hours). There were only two people working their check in, and the lines were extremely long. So someone told us to use a kiosk, another line and passengers were confused how to use it. 30 minutes later, finally got to the kiosk, and it would not work, so got back in line, and their customer check in causes is to miss our flight by 2 minutes. They told us to call their customer service, we did, and all they could say is sorry, you needed to be here within two hours and we were. No discounts nothing, just buy another ticket, which I had zero money to buy another ticket. Thanks. Alaska airlines for screwing me over. Next time will be any airline but Alaska.

6/30/2019 Sarah B Ballew

❎ Not Verified | I can’t believe you have to pay $10 on a 5-hour flight for an iPad from them to watch movies. On Delta it’s free. Service was terrible. I gave Alaskan way too much credit reading a Forbes report and other reviews. There’s no way they are the number one airline. Also, we had a connector with them, the plane landed and sat on the runway waiting on a gate for 25 minutes, waited for another 10 to deboard, and we were on the other end of the airport. Our next Alaska flight decided to board early, and had left us before we could even get off the other plane. The staff was incredibly rude to us, wasn’t even going to help us out basically just told us off and said it was our fault. I’ve got a solid 50-60 flights under my belt with Delta. I know how to fly and I will not be told otherwise. Alaskan is awful. Not flying with any other airline but Delta. Delta helped us get home, thank goodness for them. Delta can run a company right, forget about Alaska Airlines.

6/27/2019 Sandra McCoy

Not Verified | I booked a flight in April to attend my 35th class reunion in June. It was going to be a quick weekend trip back home. About 3 weeks before my trip I found out my mother (who I was going to be staying with) was diagnosed with cancer. I needed to fly out sooner than I thought so I called Alaska to see if I could change my flight. The customer service rep was very kind and pleasant. She told me there would be a hefty charge to change flights and the flight I wanted to change to was an additional $85. Without skipping a beat the rep waived the charge for the switch! I was blown away! My flight was excellent and I had a wonderful time with my mother and at the reunion. My flight home was just incredible as well! I got to my gate early thanks to me somehow getting TSA precheck on my boarding pass. While at the gate the agents asked if anyone would like to check their carry on since the flight was full. I went ahead and checked my carry on for no additional charge. As I waited to board one of the agents called my name and gave me my new boarding pass. They had changed my seat to business class (I was originally in row 20!) I never asked for preferential treatment! Needless to say I was thrilled with my new seat and the flight attendants were friendly and welcoming. This was the 4th time I flew with Alaska and I will always fly with them in the future.

6/25/2019 Brady C, Airbus A320 v1 seat 11D

Flight No: AS 1357. There is very limited leg room on this seat as it is located right behind the crew seat. I think there is a flaw on the design. Please avoid this seat whenever possible.

6/24/2019 Dede Croy

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Honolulu via Seattle. Alaska, you fly about a 3 star. It’s hit or miss to get a really wonderful, positive personality, flight attendant and or ticket counter worker. Today, we printed the bag tags at home. Using ink and paper and time. To get to the airport and have no way to attach the tags to our bags. Then had to stand in line anyway. So much for being ready in advanced. My partner was not happy about it. Time is so valuable. This needs to be fixed. We miss Virgin Airline planes. Big time. Can you please bring those staff members and those planes back? Virgin America staff had almost always a positive attitude and wow factor. Each plane is different with the entertainment. Very inconvenient. We would also love bigger seats so those people around us don’t keep bumping our shoulder or jogging over their own seat. Each seat should have their own designated overhead bin. Not where we have anxiety if we can use the overhead bin. We are card holders and we travel and pick you all almost 90% of the time. We would love to see some things improved.

6/19/2019 M Peele

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Detroit. Purchased a ticket for an employee that had take a leave of absence to care for a dying parent. I decided to take another employee on the business trip and when I contacted Alaska Airlines, they informed me that the ticket could not be changed. This trip is over a month away and I cannot wrap my brain around why they are not able to accommodate a simple name change. I could understand if I was asking to make changes withing a 24 hour period of the flight but the trip is more than 30 days away! I'm trying to remain professional and be understanding, I would happily pay a fee to have the changes made but I am not in a position to forfeit the $ for an airline ticket that could still be used. Someone please help me understand why this is so difficult to do? If I conducted my business in this way, I would be out of business. I would not recommend to my friends and family to travel with Alaska Airlines. This is not how you treat your customers. All I want to do is change the name on the ticket.

6/16/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900 (739) v2 seat 34D

Avoid this seat all all costs, must be the worst on the plane and it is just horrible. I got assigned 34B, asked to move to an aisle and got 34A but the 3 toilets are there. It is so busy and noisy. There is no possibility of relaxing and you get all the smells of the toilets. People constantly knock the seats. It's quite shameful they have seats in these positions and that they sell them for full price.

6/13/2019 Simon Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to San Francisco. Do not fly with Alaska Airlines, their staff shortages made us miss our flights. We arrived nice and early to Seattle airport for a short hop to San Francisco onwards to Manchester, UK. We were first told to wait for the kiosks to check into our flight (check-in on-line was unavailable the night before) Once we had finished on the kiosks a ticked was issued saying our passports would need to be checked. We were then told we needed to stand in the “Assistance” lane. This lane was filled with every man and his dog (literally) there were 5 desks serving on the line we were in - only 2 of the 5 were occupied with staff (this was Memorial Weekend). The line moved very slowly as every person in this general assistance line had a long issue to resolve for example not having a Canadian eTa People we’re dropping out of this line like flies as they to were missing their flights due to incompetence from Alaska airways with regard to staffing levels on such a busy weekend. When we eventually got to the front of the queue after nearly 2 hours we had missed our first flight to San Francisco. I asked if a later flight was available at first the lovely and very apologetic staff member said yes and then made a call. After that call she was told us she was told to tell us we needed to call Condor/Thomas Cook to get us a new connecting flight as our flights were originally booked with them. After 20 minutes on hold Condor/Thomas Cook told us that it was ALASKA Airways would need to book us on to the new flights. By this time we had now missed that next available flight We were forced with either a $7000 economy flight later that day with another airline or fly home the next day from Vancouver which was a 4 hour taxi/coach ride away for $1400 total (including extra hotel stay). Our Tavel insurance would not cover the additional cost as airline incompetence is not covered. I complained to Alaska Airways who offered a $50 discount per person on flights with them. This is unacceptable as I will never fly Alaska Airlines again. Shocking. Stay away

6/10/2019 Steven Liang

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to San Diego. Horrible delay by over an hour! Suppose to depart at 8.45pm but ended up departing at 10.35pm. Unacceptable! Staff was helpful tho but they could use more staff especially during times close to departure. Standing in the long line and TSA made me miss my flight

6/9/2019 Ryan Rodrigo

✅ Trip Verified | Tucson to San Jose via Seattle. The flight was initially delayed for more than an hour. Then an hour later, we were informed the entire flight was cancelled. Horrible experience as it ruined my plans to take care of business for the day. Spoke to a rep on phone to get flight out asap. Instead of going out of their way and think outside the box by looking at all airlines that could get me to my final destination asap, they stuck with only Alaska. I had to force them. That earliest flight ended up delaying my arrival 7 hours later leaving me with no time to take care of business and errands. The rep offered to provide me with a phone number so I could be compensated. Oh really? They expect me to give them a call in order to initiate a compensation? Horrible business strategy. Shouldn't they initiate the compensation for their lack of commitment and since it was them that screwed up? Why should I jump through barriers just to initiate compensation process? Never again with Alaska and I will spread the word among my acquaintances to stay away from Alaska Airlines.

6/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900 (739) v1 seat 4D

This first class seat does not recline at all. It's a waste of money, especially for a red-eye.

5/31/2019 Mike Mapes

Not Verified | Ticket agent was beyond unhelpful. She went out of her way to slow down our check in process and she made sure no other agents would help us to make our flight. She noticed we were out of breath from running from the rental car area to the checkout to make our flight. She said we were very close to the cutoff time. I agreed and said we needed to check two bags and get our boarding passes. She proceeded to ask whether or not I had checked in online. I confirmed I had. She then asked where my boarding passes were, then. I explained i did not have a printer to print them out. She then tried to explain that meant I had not officially checked in for the flight. In order to speed things up I tried to have her focus on getting the bags checked and the boarding passes printed. She said, again, we were close the cutoff and the bags might not make it. I told her that was fine, we just needed to make the flight. The bags could show up the next day. She then said we missed the cutoff and the only way to get on the flight now was to call the gate and ask if they would allow us. I said "please call them, then." She very slowly looked up the number, then called, and then I could hear her say "you can't let some late passengers through at this point, can you?" I was dumbfounded. She looked at me and said the gate agents would not permit us to go through. We were still 30 minutes away from the departure time. We had TSA precheck, so we would have made it through the security in 5 minutes. We would have easily made the boarding process. I then moved to a different ticket agent. He was prepared to help. He said we were now past the cutoff time and he would have to call the gate agents. he was starting to call when the first lady walked over to him and explained how she had already called and there was nothing they could do. She gave him the evil stare that suggested he needed to stop helping us NOW! Which he did. Unbelievable. Very cold, uncaring, unhelpful and she went even further than that and appeared to work at making sure we did NOT make our flight.

5/27/2019 C Mason

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. Good flight with on-time pushback. Comfortable seats for a commuter flight. FAs attentive, Captain warned us about possibility of bumpy arrival on descent but smooth flight all around.

5/25/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 v3 seat 32D

Last row of the main cabin has greater recline than any other row. The oxygen tanks have been moved lower and so the recline is actually pretty sensational.

5/25/2019 H Warton

Not Verified | Philadelphia to San Francisco. Absolutely the most horrible experience! They cancelled my flight 7 hours before it was to take off. They booked me on a flight that made me miss important meetings. They gave me all kinds of wrong information when I contacted them. They told me to go to the airport early in case there are cancelations. But, they have no one at the airport until an hour before the flight. They are running a really low budget operation. Not reliable at all. I will never ever use them again. I wish you had a 0 rating option.

5/20/2019 Alfred Pace

Not Verified | This is my fourth flight on Alaska in the last month. I am a regular, seasoned business and pleasure traveler, and fully acknowledge and have empathy for many of the challenges flight crew, boarding agents encounter on a daily basis. However, there are times when it becomes clear that the entirety of the system is flawed and failing . When such is the case, management should be held accountable. Alaska Airlines is flawed and failing. I will not provide a litany of specifics regarding the bad attitude, lack of service, hostile encounters with passengers that my family and I have witnessed over the past month. Indifferent, and then hostile gate agents at SFO, challenging passengers, addressing them with condescension and simply, utterly rude. SFO to DC..indifferent gate agents who could not be bothered to look up when customers were lined up in front of her. Was busy on her personal phone. In fact, a flight attendant working the flight approached us and others (without solicitation) to extend apologies for the indifference she observed at the gate. Think about it, Alaska flight attendants apologizing for the rude behavior of Alaska gate agents. DC to SFO. row 26, flight is delayed for nearly an hour as we sit on the runway. Gentlemen in row 26 F opens his lunch bag to snack. Does not take out table, etc. Male flight attendant confronts passenger and insists he put his lunch away in preparation for take off, really? DC to sfo. Toilet paper littering the aisle way. Same aforementioned flight attendant repeatedly simply walks over it. Makes no effort to clean. DC to SFO three hours into the flight a gentlemen in Row 6, walks to the area of row 26 and asks two attendants with cart why there has been no beverage or food service to his seat. Both attendants say ‘sir, sorry but we have no idea and we are sold out of everything’. He repeats his inquiry, to which they respond again ‘we are sold out of everything’.

5/20/2019 Laurra McGregor

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Atlanta. I love flying Alaska. The service is excellent, the flight attendants are friendly & willing to go out of their way when asked politely - (I’m surprised at how rude passengers can be, and I still see them being friendly). On our last flight from Seattle to Atlanta it was a little strange because we had to board a bus to get to the gate, which is a new thing, and I was concerned about getting off the ground on time because it seemed like everything was going too slow. We had a tight connection in Atlanta, & I was a bit worried. The staff was friendly & reassuring, and we took off on time & landed early.

5/19/2019 Ashley Pond

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Santa Ana. I always fly Southwest. It's never great and the employees clearly hate their jobs. But the plane is always on time and gets me to my destination safely. Today I have been at the airport for six hours. Because the plane was having Mechanical issues. The Alaska flight I decided to take because I wanted a better experience flying this time. What a joke and the mechanical issues they're having are missing radio parts! What kind of horrific problem is that? How could radio parts go missing! This has solidified that I will no longer be choosing Alaska. And the cc my mother has of theirs, the miles card, is getting cancelled. My toddler also has to be picked up by his 80-year-old grandfather because I'm not there. Never again.