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12/27/2010 G Cueto

Very pleasant flight in Y-class from Newark to Seattle on Christmas eve. Online check-in to boarding were all a breeze. Clean plane leather seats and friendly and professional flight attendants that offered frequent beverage service. Two attendants in particular were warm friendly and professional and made the flight quite enjoy...

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12/24/2010 Ingrid Tobar

Seattle to Kelowna BC and the boarding procedure was chaotic. They boarded three flights at the same time through a single gate. Upon arrival at the aircraft boarding zone there was no clear designation on which flight was which. As a result many passengers boarded the wrong aircraft and had to change planes shortly before depar...

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12/1/2010 G Benson

SEA-PHX in first class for the holidays. The first leg left an hour late due to the lavs not working. They brought around water and orange juice while waiting the hour on board. Breakfast served was pretty tasty. Return trip left on time drinks served quickly. Dinner also very tasty. Landed back in SEA early and checked luggage ...

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11/27/2010 V Cuevas

Miami-Seattle. The inflight experience was great however it was a different story at the airport. Alaska Air is located in concourse E (or Central Terminal) at Miami Airport. The ticket counter area is small and a very inconvenient part of the airport. Unless you arrive very early for check in the line will stretch to where it w...

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11/18/2010 C Dickson

PDX-LAS B737 a pleasurable experience. After a 4 hour wait at PDX we were very relieved to get onto the aircraft. The aircraft was a little outdated but crew more than made up for it. Very attentive and professional. Overall very efficient.

11/17/2010 E Mabley

LAX-BLI one way combination of Alaska and Horizon Air. This flight was better than my other experiences on Alaska/Horizon which isn't saying much. Nothing went wrong but the fare was higher than its competitor Allegiant Air and the onboard service and seating were poor. The unionised drone cabin crew couldn't care less about the...

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10/27/2010 R Tinker

DFW-SEA-YVR. DFW-SEA sector in first class. Crew were very chirpy for early morning flight wih smiles all round and quick service. Seating ok for domestic First and digiplayers offered free of charge. SEA-YVR with Horizon air. Gate staff pleasant as were crew. 40 minutes after boarding crew were unable to close door and we were ...

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9/17/2010 M Auerbach

Vancouver to Portland on Horizon (Alaska Air's partner for the short hops on puddle jumper planes in the Northwest) on a Q400. Check-in went well with assurances that the flight was on time. Then once aboard our plane we sat and we sat at the gate until the pilot informed us that there was a mechanical problem. The passengers we...

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8/15/2010 Roy Brown

Due to booking a flight with Delta which sold the seats on Alaska beware. Alaska does not honour your original seats even though you resubmit and get confirmation of seat assignments. We had bought tickets for row 10 for my wife and I - Alaska decided to leave me in row 10 and at first had my wife in row 22 then row 28 after com...

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7/28/2010 George Nolta

Coming back from Maui to Sacramento we were able to buy a 1st class upgrade for $100 each. It was a pleasure to have the improved room and service of first class. The counter staff at the Maui airport were extremely helpful and courteous. The food and service were great compared to traveling in coach. We feel we had a great valu...

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