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1/20/2019 Xueshu Song

✅ Trip Verified | My wife and I flew from Buenos Aires to Miami this January. The airplanes appeared to be old with no entertainment flat panels, no earphone outlets, and no USB charging outlets. The seats were old fashion leather, wide and comfortable, with spacious leg rooms, and reclineable backward to almost 40 degrees, all of these made the flights very comfortable! Meals served were rather good, with frequent service of beverages of limited types, free wine was included with meals. Our experience was far better than most reviewers whose reviews we read.

9/11/2018 Doris Vinagre

✅ Trip Verified | Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Madrid. No business check in; No business lounge; No priority boarding unless you scream to the ground staff. The plane is very old; flying business the plane was very cold inside. Asked for a blanket and was told that after the take off (in economy everyone has a blanket on their sits but apparently business is not paying enough for the ticket. No entertainment on the plane. For a trip of almost 11 hours there was nothing! No plug to charge the mobile. No amenity kit. The food was very bad quality! The sit was so uncomfortable that when I arrived all parts of my body was hurting After boarding the plane had a problem and we had to go back to the gate and leave the plane so it could be fixed. I had a connecting flight in Madrid to AMS and of course I lost the connection flight. The crew didn't know anything about anything. I was asking at what time was expected to arrive and they didn't know. I asked if they had any information about the connecting flights and once again they knew nothing. Once we land the captain didn't even apologize for the delay or gave any information on how we should proceed. Terrible experience!! Informed already my company about this and they will never use this crappie company any again.Avoid always!

7/13/2018 Gabriel Villegas

Not Verified | Santa Cruz to Buenos Aires. Not recommendable, my last flight was annoying because first the space between seats is to short, second the plane is way too old the facilities are aged. Time travel was fair but food during the flight is the worst and there is no due date on its meals and no clue about it.

4/23/2018 Anthony Kadic

✅ Trip Verified | Sucre to La Paz. Only one hour flight but gave us a nice chicken sandwich and when asked for more they kindly gave me as much as I wanted. Staff was friendly, aircraft on time and checking happened quick in sucre, although not so high tech. Plane was a Boeing, looked well maintained.

1/21/2018 Hans Folkers

✅ Trip Verified | Original flight route was La Paz to Cochamamba to Santa Cruz to Madrid with a lay-over of 18 hours in Cochamamba. All airports are in Bolivia. My complaint is that employees of Boliviana de Aviacion provided me and my wife with inadequate information. At the office in La Paz we were asking if it possible to skip our flight from La Paz to Cochamamba, because we wanted to spend our times in Cochamamba instead of going back to La Paz. The lady assured it was possible but we needed to confirm this 48 hours before departure of the flight from La Paz to Cochamamba. When we were in Cochamamba we went to a BOA office again to ask if it was possible to skip our flight. from La Paz to Cochamamba. Again this employee of BOA assured it was possible to do this. By change we found out via via that this was not possible. And if we not depart from La Paz we will lose our ticket. So directly we went to the BOA office again in Cochamamba. We explained again the situation. There they said we needed to go needed to depart from La Paz, if we wanted to depart from Cochamamba we need to pay about USD 115 per person. The people from BOA lacked empathy, just behaved cold. We refused to pay and went back by bus to La Paz (9 hours). If do understand that you can't skip flights but just provide the right information.

11/7/2017 S Davey

✅ Verified Review | My flight with Boliviana de Aviación from Santa Cruz to Miami was delayed 13 hours. The staff that worked for BOA were unorganized and seemed like they had no clue what they were doing. This was not the first or only flight by BOA that was delayed for so long. Many customers have complained, including myself, asking for a refund of my ticket because I, as a customer, who lost money and time with this flight, is entitled to it. BOA even had a poster at Santa Cruz airport stating to contact them for a refund when your flight is late more than 6 hours. I have been trying to get an answer from BOA, including many other customers, and BOA has still not replied. It has been almost three months and I do not know when and if I will ever get a reply from them. I called them numerous times and all they keep doing is sending more e-mails to people who seem not to want to reply to their customers. I am wasting time trying to get in touch with them but they keep ignoring their customers. Horrible experience.

5/25/2017 Britania C Delgado

✅ Verified Review | We had a connecting flight from La Paz to Uyuni. They delayed our flight from Santa Cruz to La Paz and we worried we weren't gonna make our connecting flight to Uyuni on time. So we asked the crew and they assured us that once we reached LPB, the airline staff would make sure we made our connecting flight on time. However, when we got to La Paz they didn't give priority to transit passengers or even ask about it. They let us out of the plane right on the runway after approximately 10 minutes of waiting for a bus that never came and they made us walk all the way to the airport. Mind that we couldn't run because our bodies are not used to being in such altitudes and we could suffer mortal consequences. As a result, we missed our flight therefore we also missed pre-arranged tour bookings in our final destination. We expected better customer service because no one oriented us or gave priority to those with connecting flights. We asked the airline staff and no one knew nothing. They need to be better prepared for when these type of situations happen. We are certainly not happy.

11/27/2016 O James

✅ Verified Review | La Paz to Trinidad with Boliviana. I have flown with them at least 10 times since 2012, they are always polite and custumer service is usually excellent (they actually call you when the schedule changes) and planes usually take off on time. The planes themselves are a bit aged (they use 737's on domestic routes, most of them of the 300 type, although they have some 700 and 800's now) but well taken care of, seat room is ok, they serve you a snack and drink even if the flight is 30 minutes long, in-flight entertainment gets the bad vote, it's non existant bare of a quite boring magazine, for domestic short routes is ok, but I can't imagine a 11 hour trip to Madrid on those conditions (where they actually use a 767-300 with the same IFE). They're also the only bolivian airline that offers full services on their website although the design is bit irritating to use. Totally recommended

9/22/2016 Walter Cornejo

✅ Verified Review | La Paz to Cochabamba. Well, Boliviana de Aviacion has been improving for some time, it has many flaws but for national flights it will work fine. This was a very short flight of just 35 minutes. Normally flights will leave on time and luggage most of the time never gets lost. Price for the ticket is really affordable and depends on the time you want to leave. I would recommend this airline when flying inside Bolivia.

7/20/2016 Pedro Palacios

La Paz to Viru Viru International Airport. When we arrived to El Alto Airport the check-in was fast and simple. Our luggage was Little so we could take it in cabin. The plane was warm, the staff were great and the food was good - bread with chesse and a cupcake with a drink. We landed 5 minutes before planned, so our experience with this airline was great.

6/6/2016 Jennifer Bryan

✅ Verified Review | Flew La Paz to Santa Cruz with Boliviana de Aviacion. The flight was great. Lots of room to get settled in and feel comfortable and it wasn't a long flight. The flight attendants were friendly. The snacks consisted of bread, one manjar and the other cheese.

2/29/2016 Edgar Claure

Great experience flying Boliviana de Aviacion. There are only two airlines that offer non-stop flights between my home country of Bolivia and the United States: American Airlines and Boliviana de Aviación (BoA), which is state-owned. I always used to fly American, LAN or Avianca, but this time I decided to go for BoA flying from Viru Viru Airport to Miami because of its cheap price. I honestly had a far better experience and received a better service than American. AA operates its 757 on the VVI-MIA route, so the aircraft was not very comfortable. The service provided by BoA is comparable and even better than that of AA. The crew were very attentive and professional and the food was just delicious. The airplane was also more confortable and spacious, and my flight wasn't fully booked so I had the entire row for myself.

1/24/2016 Charly Choi

La Paz to Santa Cruz, and from check-in, the experience with this Boliviana de Aviacion was one of the worst. My friend and I were travelling to Paraguay and connecting in Santa Cruz. So we decided to fly domestic with this airline and then change. We were running a bit late, however we made it soon enough for checkin. We both did it at the same time and they gave me a ticket while denying seat to my friend for nonsense reasons. The staff stated that his baggage would put the plane overweight and wouldn't allow him to board the plane. This is against the contract as each passenger is allowed to have a checked-in luggage for free. In our case, they didn't let him pass at all even though we made it before their counters closed. So Boliviana de Aviacion put us in the next plane, which by consequence we would miss our next flight, but they couldn't care less. We had to call the agency to re-schedule our international flight and had to pay over $100 for no reason. Other than this particular reason, their planes are old and not very clean. Service level is mediocre.

10/24/2015 M Meiners

Boliviana de Aviacion from Santa Cruz to Rio de Janeiro. A bit more expensive than competitor GOL on the same route, but booked it due to schedule of onward flight to Europe. Quick and friendly check in, despite peak hour. Due to mobility restrictions, I had applied in advance for wheelchair assistance. It came very quickly and I was assisted thru security and immigration checks and brought to the boarding area and later assisted to the plane, where I was first to board. I was greeted by a friendly purser. Plane, an old Boeing 737-300, the cabin interior was a bit worn out, the seat still showed Air NZ tags as a bit of its history. It was clean and comfortable, with fair leg space. Flight was far from full, so boarding was fast. Adequate safety briefing. Inflight service basic : a snack tray and drinks. Cabin crew friendly. Flight landed nearly 30 min early, just a slight delay while taxiing. At the door wheelchair again waiting and assisted with picking up luggage and thru immigration, transferred to the new terminal 3, which is quite a distance from the old building where we arrived. Had no previous international experience on this airline, but a very pleasant experience and can recommend it.

8/6/2015 Fabio Borghesi

I have booked 4 flights in a span of over a month. And flew in between Santa cruz and La Paz. La paz and Tarija via Cochabamba. Tarija and Santa Cruz. It is the worst airline website I have used. Approx 30% of the times it doesn't load or it gives you a "error, try later". Price if compared to Europe is ok. Flying experience - they are very thorough about the emergency exit security, which is a good thing. But if your flight has a stop over, beware - you will be asked to exit the aircraft, exit the transit area, go outside do the security again and board another flight.

7/22/2015 A Galiani

We were supposed to fly LPB-SRE in mid-July but a blockade on the road caused us (and quite a few others) to miss our flight. We went to the BOA office in La Paz and were able to rebook without change fees. Only paid the fare difference. Finally flew out on the 18th but had a several hour delay out of La Paz. While this was not handled all that well by the ground staff this seemed to be par for the course - every other flight we have been on this year (in the USA) has had delays. Boarding was easy. Once the flight was announced, everyone just lined up and boarded. None of the convuluted boarding typical of airlines in the US and it only took about 15 minutes to board the plane. Since checked bags are free, there was no hassle for overhead space. Plane was economy class only with decent seat pitch. No extra charge to choose seats. Despite being a short flight, cabin crew came around with a complementary snack box and beverages. Plane was an older 737 but in reasonable shape and clean - I have flown in much more dilapidated planes on the legacy carriers. We had made a mistake on our booking for the return but were able to call BOA and rebook for the next day. Again, only paid the fare difference, in this case about US$8 each. Return flights (with connection in Cochabamba) were on time and the crew managed a snack service with drinks on the 35 minute flight from Cochabamba to La Paz. On the shorter flight from Sucre to Cochabamba they handed out snack packs to everyone. All in all a very good experience. Crews and ground staff generally pleasant and efficient. No "gotcha" fees and the fare was very reasonable. A nice change to what seems to be the general experience flying nowadays. Recommended.

3/4/2015 R Eberhardt

GRU-LPB via VVI round-trip. Every flight was delayed. Domestic routes only 15 minutes each. International ones delays of over an hour. Ground crew didn't provide any information. Overall they are poorly organized. Old 737-300 fleet was comfortable and flight service was ok. Beverages and snacks provided for short haul flights as well. Cabin was clean a little worn but in good condition. Flights were safe and smooth. Landing at LPB during the day is beautiful. Would fly them again but be prepared for delays. Finally poor on board entertainment: no IFE no screens no radio only a poor magazine.

8/6/2014 Davide Greco

Had about 15 trips with them since February 2012 mainly short domestic flights between the main cities in Bolivia (Santa Cruz La Paz Cochabamba Sucre and Tarija) plus 2 medium haul legs to and from Sao Paulo. This is a new carrier who started operations 3 years ago after LAB and Aerosucre disappeared for bankruptcy and they have a fleet of about 10 B737-300 + one leased A330-200 for the Madrid route. Even though the planes are not new at all (I guess an average age of 15 years) they are well maintained and the crew members both in the air and on the ground are extremely pleasant polite and smiling making you feel welcome on board. Sometimes delays may happen because of the limited number of planes compared to the destinations served but in my experience this happened only a few times. Fares are good and booking/checking in through their website is very easy. For sure this is not a luxury airline but I enjoyed my flights with them and I will have no problem flying with them again even for longer international trips.

3/31/2014 J Bibby

Domestic flights (La Paz to Cochabamba to Santa Cruz) are excellent and efficient although the snack has been reduced from a sandwich to a biscuit or a bag of crisps! Flight from Santa Cruz to Sao Paulo was on an ancient plane with very uncomfortable seats of American Airlines standard. Two and three quarter hour flight with no inflight entertainment at all and a sandwich for a snack. Domestic flights were fine but was disappointed with international.

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