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6/5/2019 S Vanero

✅ Trip Verified | My wife and I had a flight scheduled for past Friday, May 24, 2019 @ 12:50PM from White Plains NY Airport to Lebanon NH Airport. Upon arriving at the airport we were informed that the flight was canceled out New Hampshire to White Plains due to weather. When I arrived home, I called the Lebanon Airport and they informed that had no weather related issues. The only canceled flight was that of CapeAir Flight 9K1083. I also found out that there was another CapeAir flight later that day and the next day from White Plains to Lebanon – and was offered neither option. I have repeatedly tried calling the company support number of 1-508-771-6944, with the call either terminating or being informed about protracted wait times.

6/20/2017 S James

✅ Verified Review | Cape Air canceled both of our flights between Saranac Lake, NY and Boston. And both of these Cape Air flights were booked to connect to international flights into and out of Boston Logan. They at least let us know about the cancellation of the outbound flight from Saranac Lake to Boston and moved up to a much earlier flight (which left us with an 8 hour layover at BOS). But on the way home to Saranac Lake, they canceled our flight from BOS at the last minute while we were waiting at the gate. Their solution to cancelling our Saranac Lake flight was to rebook us into Plattsburgh (a 1+ hr drive away from Saranac Lake) and book a driver to take us from Plattsburgh Airport to Saranac Lake airport (where we had all left our cars). Sounds good but we got into the Plattsburgh Airport and there was NO driver. It was late, the rental car desks were closed. We were on the phone with Cape Air reps for over an hour - none of whom offered any solution. Finally, but sheer luck, a taxi driver pulled up to the airport and found us there. We had to hire him to drive us to Saranac Lake airport and pay the cost. Cape Air says to fill out multiple forms, attach receipts, etc... and they will reimburse us the taxi fare. Honestly, this was a nightmare. No one apologized.

3/29/2016 C Hoekstra

✅ Verified Review | We booked these Cape Air flights to get to Bimini island, Bahamas. We were very excited to be landing on and leaving from The water. Weather on our first flight was to bad, too much wind so we had a delay And were Forced to land on ground. The "seaplane" service from Bimini left from the airport again instead of on the water, even though it was a Beautiful sunny day And the competition had not problem starting from the water. We Saw 2 planes coming in And leaving from the water without any problems an hour before we left. This was a huge disappointment. We heard that they hardly ever land or leave from the water!! Please be aware of this when thinking of booking a seaplane flight. Landing in FLL was far from main buildings, but a shuttle was waiting for us to take us to the terminal. The service desk and pilots are very friendly and helpful, but we won't book a seaplane flight at Cape Air again.

12/16/2015 A Gorham

I sat waiting while they had to locate the pilot, we left an hour late. Once I scheduled the first flight back to Nantucket because I was coming in on a red eye, they didn't run that flight and gave no reason, I had to wait another 2 hours. Recently when they changed over their computer system somehow my reservation 'froze' and they could not let me on the plane. I waited while two schedule flights left and had to buy another ticket just to get to Boston, to miss the event I was trying to attend. I could not believe that this company would set up their employees for such failure with this new computer system. No one was trained to operate the computer and it was a complete disaster. And this last time I was delayed due to fog in NY and even though I made it on time they had sent that plane early. Sent early despite knowledge of the east coast weather and despite the fact they didn't offer another flight for 3 hours. You may be asking yourself, "Why would this lady keep flying Cape Air?" Well the answer is there is not any competition for this airline and they will treat you as such. Because what can we do as a customer when there is no other option? What do they have to offer an an apology or reconciliation for their poor service - nothing! The staff could not have cared less about my reservation or predicament. I have never been treated so poorly by a company over and over. The Cape Air website speaks of great customer service and quality but that is obviously just a cloak for their poor customer service practices and obvious lack of concern for any of their patrons. Take the bus, Rent a car, anything but don't bother to fly with them. It only leads to frustration and no one accountable for their failings.

12/6/2015 Dennis Harris

I fly 20 -30 times per year with a lot of that international. Much of that to very remote locations and large cities. I have never been treated worse and would never recommend Cape Air. First if your flight originates on Cape Air you can not precheck online or use any real airline apps. Major pain for frequent flyers. Of course this means you won't know your gate, gate changes, flight status updates. You must go through security twice. When you fly into Logan you need a long layover time because you have to change terminals and go through security. The stated times on their site is "Wheels up" the flights will take off early. Today I freely admit I arrived late to Augusta airport (size of my living room). The plane is boarding and appears only 1 person on the entire plane. They refuse to check me (remember no such thing as precheck on this flight and your connection). The plane is still open. It is 15 minutes before the scheduled departure and the plane leaves. I have one bag no check in, and there is no one boarding it would have taken 2 minutes and the plane still could have left 10 minutes. Insult to injury they refuse to help with connecting flights. They can but will not. The person told me if they have an issue they will help, but if it is your issue you are on your own. So why bother? Portland is an hour away and is a real airport. Don't kid yourself you will not save time or aggravation using Cape Air.

6/12/2015 Colin Pay

LEB-BOS on Cessna 402. Only 4x passengers on the flight. All staff at Lebanon Regional Airport were polite. Weather for the flight was awful, cloud and rain, so no chance of any view on the way. Very smooth trip despite the weather. Arrived on time.

1/23/2015 R Hansen

12/22/2014 flight 1579 and 1/2/2015 flight 1574. My first impression - there's definitely plenty of room for improvement in the areas of customer service. On a positive note the actual flights themselves were great however there were several issues that left me frustrated and stressed out - not a good way to start and end vacation lack of efficiency lack of sensitivity care and compassion for customer sensitive issues (such as held back luggage) inconsistent information unclear information (resulting in a surprise $280 in luggage fees). Lack of attentiveness to customer inconsistent protocol (you need signs posted in the airport and don't cover up gate doors with plants) so that customers can find you.

12/22/2014 P Creedon

BOS-ALB-OGS. Leg #1 We were about 10 minutes late due to weather (Can't control mother nature). We more than made up for the delay by arriving a little bit early. We had a great tail wind. Leg #2 arrived 15 minutes early. I grew up with this airline and hope it continues on into the future.

7/25/2014 R Carmi

July 19 2014 departing Lebanon NH. Flight 9K1872. I have never seen such a circus of inefficiency. Flew out of Lebanon New Hampshire where they departed 40 minutes late because that was how long it took them to pass 9 customers through security. Missed connection to my non-stop flight and now will spend the day flying from airport to get home late tonight. Avoid at all costs.

3/17/2014 D Ryan

Sitting in Logan again canceled flight to Bar Harbor due to "maintenance". Second time they've done this. First time I was the only one waiting for plane this time its me and one other. They won't run for two people apparently. They loaded two other planes that had later departures than ours before canceling ours. I'm spending a vacation day at an airport. Should've taken a bus. I'd be there by now.

12/23/2013 I Russell

I was supposed to fly from Kirksville to St. Louis hassle free only an hour long flight. I show up to the airport and find out my flight has been cancelled. They could have notified me the flight only has 9 people max on it. How hard would it have been to call and let us know so we could make other arrangements. I missed my connecting flight in St. Louis as well. Never again! Awful service too much trouble only driving to St. Louis from now on. Not recommending Cape Air to anyone!

9/9/2013 Jennifer Epelbaum

I was bumped from a flight Rutland VT to Boston and almost no effort was made by the person in charge to find a volunteer who could take a later flight. Be aware that they can bump people due to weight issues on the plane (people had a lot of luggage apparently and I was told the flight would have been 80 pounds over the limit if the plane had flown with the normal number of passengers that day - they were not even overbooked). My understanding is there is no limit to their ability to bump for this reason and they don't need to pay any compensation whatsoever. I was headed to Boston to make a connection to MN. The woman in charge seemed unconcerned and thought that since she could fly me from a NH airport departing much later and have me arrive in time to run to my connection there was no harm done. I explained to her that I was sick and mobility and energy were issues at that point she offered to set up a wheelchair for me in Boston. My experience with Cape Air tells me they are mostly nice people but I would never rely on them again in any situation where arrival at destination on time is important. I should add they did offer me a free RT ticket on Cape Air (for use in the next year) but this is of no use to me since I would never fly Cape Air again.

7/23/2013 A Lovejoy

Returning home from Boston (to Ogdensburg) severe fog did not permit take-off of Cape-Air's small plane. Several people absolutely had to get home that night. Cape Air went above and beyond. They re-booked all of us on an outbound flight from Logan to Albany then hired a driver in an uber-comfy shuttle van to drive everyone the rest of the way to Ogdensburg. Long journey and not quite what any of us was anticipating that day but cannot say enough about the service and kindness of the Cape Air staff.

7/3/2013 Steve Plogsted

I had the first flight of the day and weather conditions did not hamper take off. Crew made no attempt to depart on time and left 25 minutes late causing me to miss connection costing me to add 9 hrs to my trip due to missed connection. The delays were strictly caused by the airline.

6/10/2013 Brenda Henderson

I was informed that my flight from Boston to Rockland was cancelled no reason given no flight available for the next day. No compensation offered. No other transportation home was available at that hour. I was assisted in my wheelchair by a Logan airport employee to the ground transportation areas (after getting my bags) and waited for a hotel shuttle. The cheapest hotel available cost me $188 plus food for that evening and the next morning. Next morning I took the shuttle back to the airport so I could pay $46 to ride the bus to Rockland. Had this flight been cancelled in Rockland and I could not connect my flight in Boston I would have been out several hundred's of dollars and United will not give refunds. A last minute cancellation by Cape Air means a no call no show at United or whatever airline one might be flying with. Very costly trip. They tried to tell me they would help me out if that happened. It did happen from Boston to Rockland (just their ticket cost) and would do nothing for me.

5/29/2013 L Myers

STL-CGI. I was mortified when these people asked my weight then had to weigh every bag in my possession. The flight down in the tiny plane was so bumpy but that's not the airline's fault. I think I would rather drive from STL to CGI next time.

11/27/2012 Paul Whiteley

BHB-BOS. Cessna 402 aircraft. Online booking was fine and check-in at BHB friendly and efficient. Interesting to see how every weight consideration had to be taken into account for the flight - obvious but something I've always taken for granted having not travelled on this small an aircraft previously. Full flight (9 adults 1 child pilot). Surprisingly comfortable ride at 3000 feet and landing as smooth as I've experienced. Great experience.

3/3/2012 Kait Bar

I have flown Cape Air several times due to convenience of location. Unfortunately this airline has disappointed me every time: flight delays cancellations the airplane leaking fluids inside and dripping on me in flight etc. They have cost me time money and a lot of stress.

7/31/2011 Colin Stuart

Most expensive but they advertise well. Flight delayed over an hour pilot shows up enjoying a nice ice cream. Return flight pilot has 'car trouble' and the gate attendant leaves to go pick him up so we missed our connecting flight. I suggest leaving a lot of extra time between connections if you plan to fly this airline. Nice planes though.

7/15/2011 J Taylor

PUB-DEN-BOS-RUT one way. The last leg was on Cape Air. Despite inconvenient location at BOS service is friendly and small aircraft are abnormally comfortable; the seat in front of you has a shape similar and usable as a footrest. Service is wonderful pilots crack jokes you are greeted personally at check-in. At BOS as I was boarding I realized I had forgot my laptop in the terminal. I ran back up to get it and met the gate agent bringing it to me. When I arrived in RUT it turned out my bag got lost. Despite the fact it was not at all their fault and that I could not provide them with any information they tracked it down within the hour and had it delivered in 36 hrs. If Cape Air flew to destinations that allowed me to do so I would go out of my way to fly with them.