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5/30/2019 Magdalena Drumm

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Banjul, Our flight got cancelled and the airline didn't provide any help and it took two days till we were back home. The airline should seriously think about their service level and how they treat their customers. It was awful. I would never recommend this airline!

4/20/2019 Horst Engel

✅ Trip Verified | Antalya to Nürnberg. Pure Rip-off. I booked my Ticket on 19.04.19 online, flight on the same day in the evening, wanted to book luggage but did not go online. I called the customer service on the phone I was told it often happens that it does not work with the luggage and he looks. Then I am told that it is not because i fly the same day as I have booked. But it would be no problem I can pay at the Airport my luggage it costs 20kg for 25Euro. I never asked if it would really cost so much. He repeated it again yes is it. So now the surprise. I stand at the switch in Antalya and I am told I should pay per kg 7Euros. Clouds that are eating me up. The luggage costs me 140 Euro. And you can do nothing. A fly it cost 30 Euro per Person and luggage 140Euro?

10/3/2018 PJ Rolie, Boeing 737-800 seat 5D

Terug gevlogen met de LY-GTW B737-400 een 28 jr oud vliegtuig van een litouwse charter. Heb me werkelijk in alle bochten moeten wringen om in de stoel te komen(1.86 mtr/ 90 kg) Gelukkig hadden we met zn 2en 3 stoelen zodat ik m'n benen voor stoel 5e kon leggen anders had ik de 3.5 uur durende vlucht(die voor de rest overigens prima verliep) nooit volgehouden. Liever 2 rijen stoelen verwijderen zodat ook de langere passagier(gemiddelde nederlander dus) een confortabele vlucht kan hebben

10/3/2018 PJ Rolie, Boeing 737-800 seat 22E

voor de zoveelste keer met de B737/800. wanneer komen jullie erachter dat dit type vliegtuig(of jullie indeling van dit toestel) niet geschikt is voor passagiers van boven de 1.80 meter

9/2/2018 Lietz Pascal

✅ Trip Verified | Crete to Stuttgart. Awful company. It was my first and last time! Arrogant and not polite staff, old and dirty airplane. I booked our holiday from TUI, and I didn’t expect that another company will be used for the return flight. We flight from Crete to Stuttgart, 10 min after the flight departed we were informed that there is problem with the airplane and we must land in Athens. It was 30 min on the plane with closed doors and without air conditioning. It was 32’ outside without water, babies and kids were crying. They inform us that an engineer must come the check the problem, so we stayed almost 3 hours in Athens airport. Terrible experience - never again with Corendon Airlines.

6/29/2018 P Staddel

✅ Trip Verified | Alghero to Amsterdam. Flight departed 1.5 hours late. Safety procedures were rushed. Check in had been a chaos because the seatplan of the plane didn't match with the online seat reservation system (for a different type of aircraft). During check in Corendon personel said a different type of aircraft that was going to be used, not telling (when asked by me) that this was going to be a noisy and nearly 30 years old B737-400 (without sufficient leg space). The outward flight was relatively (apart from the toilet where people over 1.60 couldn't stand up straight and a lack of leg space) and that's why i rate 3/10.

9/10/2017 Charles Kinney

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Ohrid. This company was a joke before I even got off the ground. I booked a flight/hotel deal from Amsterdam to Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. I have been there several times before and wanted to go to Albania. I booked a more expensive day (Friday versus a Saturday, and paid single supplement) because frankly there was no possible way to get back to my home from Schiphol at 4 AM. I realize it's a charter and know the game but they kept changing the return departure time, with no notice (I only accidentally noticed when I was booking a seat) and they eventually settled on the same time/date as it would have been if I had booked the Saturday flight. No notice, no refund and really no class. I called them and they said they were really unsure when the return flight would be. I decided to cut my losses at this totally defunct way of doing business and fear of what would happen to me if I actually went to Macedonia with them. Lesson learned at 40% penalty and hope I can help you avoid this airline as well.

7/2/2017 E Vasten

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Heraklion. Corendon is the typical, small budget tourist carrier that you fly because of lack of alternatives. From the moment you board, a friendly but small staff tries to shove everything through your throat for money. From a glass of water to a bargain offer of an unknown jewellery brand. If you feel the urge to buy something from the inflight magazine make sure you have checked Aliexpress or Wish first (unless you are hungry or thirsty). Also, if you are a believer of info that comes from the flightdeck, make sure you doublecheck. And chances are you will be delayed. Up to about 2 hours and 55 minutes because after 3 hours they have to pay you on certain routes. If you depart on time, congrats -and chances are you will arrive way earlier than scheduled, it's like they have managed to squeeze more minutes into an hour.

6/16/2017 Marcel Tromp, Boeing 737-800 seat 16A

Uitstekende vlucht gehad. Heel veel beenruimte, het is zelfs mogelijk om vanaf 16A langs de andere twee personen te lopen terwijl zij normaal blijven zitten. Service ook goed, koffie prima voor comfort class. Broodjes bij Corendon ook goed en niet duur. Ten opzichte van TUI vorig jaar 100% beter.

7/13/2016 John, Boeing 737-800 seat 16D

Nice to have extra legspace in row 16. We had a smooth flight including the landing. A pity there were no videoscreens, you have to take your own music or video with you. The food we ordered was good.

11/9/2015 Michel Diepeveen

No complaints about the seats. Row 1 with lots of space for a fair price. Inbound flight had a delay of 4 hours. No compensation of any kind because the European compensation rules do not apply to Corendon Airlines Turkey. Comfort and staff are fine. Nevertheless first time and last time, unless I am 100% sure the flight will be operated by Corendon Dutch Airlines.

10/25/2015 G Stroomer

We flew from Amsterdam-Antalya return with Corendon Airlines, the flight was on time and the service was good.The seats were okay and the leg space could be better but we were sitting on row 32. The crew was very nice. The return was also a pleasant flight, we were sitting on row 15 where the leg space was better there. On this flight the crew spoke Dutch as well. Corendon is a good charter airline.

10/18/2015 Maarten Jonkman

Amsterdam to Faro return with Corendon Airlines. Both flights were on time and with all the comfort and service paid for. Ample room on my XL seats. Staff friendly and competent.

9/7/2015 Nancy Karakosta

Was flying yesterday from Amsterdam to Athens with Transavia but the flight was operated by Corendon Airlines. I was not happy at all with this because I was not informed for this and also I had never heard of Corendon before - this was not Corendon's fault of course. I have to admit that the flight was very good, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pilot was a woman (first time to fly with a woman pilot). The best impression was made by the the cabin staff who were really polite and friendly, maybe the best I've ever met. Also the plane was very clean and the seats comfortable with sufficient leg space. Well done Corendon.

9/4/2015 Anja Mai

Corendon Airlines flight from Münster to Antalya. Clean aircraft, nice staff, punctual. The food was good, seat is okay for the fare paid. I would fly them again.

8/8/2015 Ehsan Kafai

Flight was good, but cabin crew were impolite to passengers. My mother asked several times for a pillow but they did not consider and replied my mom very impolitely in a bad tone. one of the crew pour a glass of orange juice on my clothing while serving the dinner and just gave me some napkins.

12/31/2014 Martin Mrvik

NUE-AYT charter in November'14 Very nice flight altogether. Charter flight but the last one of the season so plane almost empty. Cabin crew fairly relaxed and joking around a bit. Plane seemed in good condition and clean. Overhead LCD displays every few rows with basic entertainment- enough for the 3 hr flight. The cheese - roll snack was absolutely inedible but I did not mind. Plenty of free drinks which were served multiple times by the crew.

4/28/2014 Mize, Boeing 737-800 seat 2F

firt, the seat graphic here is not correct, 1D-F does not exist, on the D-F side they start with row 2.Legroom, due to the bulkhead / gallery legroom is limited but OK.Service was OK, they offer a hot sandwich, tea, coffee and water for free, and soft drinks come for extra. On central screens they show some comedy e.g. Mr. Bean. For a good seat you write an email to the airline and pay 15 EUR at check in.

9/4/2013 A Dixon

AMS-ERCAN-AMS. Flights to ECN do not fly direct but via Antalya (ATY) due to international flying regulations to N. Cyprus. Old B738. Cabin full of young holiday makers chaotic boarding and dismemberment. No clear instructions to passengers on landing at ATY. Half-hour after landing crew announces passengers to disembark and change to a sister plane. On return at around 1am captain announces problems with wheel during landing at ATY. Passengers ferried to transit lounge waiting for plane to be repaired. Resume journey 90 min later. No announcements made in English except some Dutch and local language not even at ATY airport. FA totally unprofessional and rude especially on the return flight. Aircraft's old cramped soiled seating cabin lights blinking badly maintained aircraft's. No IFE. Food expensive and of low quality. Not recommended will never fly Corendon.

2/16/2012 Ake Sjostedt

Being disabled check-in was quick and easy with help from staff. I got a whole row A-C for myself. I was allowed to keep my walker to the aircraft entrance. In earlier reviews there were complaints about the cleanliness of toilets. On this flight a stewardess went in to clean after each use of passengers. Good 737-800 and on time both ways Stockholm-Antalaya.