Seat Map Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 Emirates

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Seat Map Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 Emirates
Seat Map Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 Emirates

Airplane Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 Emirates with 3 classes and 517 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


9/16/2019 Sundar Ram Madduri, seat 81A

Beware this seat is just next to the place where infants are provided

8/31/2019 Abdallah E, seat 67D

This seat is HORRIBLE! It may have "extra legroom", but in fact your legs are constantly getting kicked by people crossing over from one side to the other to use the toilets RIGHT by your seat. Not only that, but the lights from inside the toilet shine directly on to you when folk enter and exit the loo (and mostly leave the doo...

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8/18/2019 Zemetra, seat 67C

Seat is overall very good. You share space with 67B, but leg room is excellent.

8/13/2019 Donna C, seat 85A

Very good seat, feels really private and cosy.

8/6/2019 Marianne Cox, seat 68B

Seat as expected but very dissappointed with overhead luggage space. Too little to accommodate five seats.

6/24/2019 Michael, seat 79J

We have just done a short 3hr flight from Sydney to Christchurch on an Airbus A380 the first time I've been on one of these aircraft. We found it too be quite compared to other large aircraft. The seats we choose had a bulkhead behind which saved us from having anyone digging there knees into the back of our seats but didn't res...

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5/20/2019 Tracey Duval, seat 68B

Only having a 2 seat row in front us, it felt less constrictive and allowed me access from my seat on both sides due to lovely lady in seat 68A. Seat recline button needed quite a lot of force to enable seat to move, others around had same issues. 17 hour flight was so much better than expected. Would book same seat again

5/13/2019 William Griffiths, seat 1E

Our first experience of the A380 did not disappoint especially as we flew first class as to birthday treat/surprise for my wife as her birthday happened during the flight. We both found the seats were very comfortable with the added privacy of closing the suite door certainly helped although we had no noise issues even though fi...

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5/8/2019 MAINKER/AVINASHMR, seat 65B

May 6 - On Mumbai/Dubai sector adjacent to lavatory with limited recliner. Dubai/San Francisco sector it was similar to being restrained in police custody. Will be difficult to recommend to family or friends. However the Emirates staff surprised me with a mini champagne and a box of chocolate cake l believe at the request of a f...

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5/7/2019 Julie Rivendell, seat 24G

I really appreciated the helpful, friendly staff providing support. I’m a special assistance passenger with mobility problems. It was the first time I have flown Emirates and the first time I’ve flown Business Class. I would certainly do both again and recommend them to others. The food, drinks and service were excellent. Thank ...

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5/4/2019 Barry lewis ,Nikole Jane Lovell ,, seat 63F

Was disappointed tablet entertainment was not working & seat was stuck in slight recline and was uncomfortable,had no room when seat in front was in full recline position 🙁over all had a very uncomfortable flight my daughter spilt coffee on herself and was given little assistance and no help to clean up . 🙂hope our return fli...

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4/29/2019 Elizabeth Noble, seat 41A

Seat was really good, but some passengers felt the need to gather in the space in front of it, drinking wine, talking and laughing loudly and allowing their children to carry on as well. It was disappointing that the cabin crew did not speak to them and request they return to their seats. I think it is reasonable that people can...

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3/26/2019 Emily Grayson, seat 85C

Comfortable trip, much better than the first leg of my trip on the B777-300 plane. The meals were reasonable, having said that I am rather a fussy eater. Air crew always helpful. Nice to have the extra room. Hope to have a return trip in this aircraft next November. Enjoyed my flight on this aircraft, found the information on th...

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1/28/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 23A

SEATS 23A, 22D, 22G and 23K are ALL STANDARD business class seats. I have been Manchester-Dubai-Singapore and return 11 times to now (total of 44 flights (aeroplanes) Not ONE of those flights had EXTRA leg room. All are standard size and all have a Bulk head immediately in front. I choose 23A or 25A because this bulkhead makes ...

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12/14/2018 robert tobin, seat 37A

I am a double amputee, i lost both my legs in cambodia standing on a landminen while i was there doing voluntary work. SINCE i have been able to fly again emirates crew, and check is staff have been AMAZIN, doing everything to make my getting to the departure gate easy, and the air stewards, and sterardesses checking me regular...

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11/24/2018 Sarah Middleton, seat 83B the bulkhead seats where they put babies but they were amazingly well behaved. We were last to be served food which meant choice was limited for the last rows. Cabin crew made an effort to put that right.

10/21/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 78E

The seat was terrible - along with the limited recline, there are chiller units above your head which create a loud whirring noise, which spools up for about a second, every other second, for all 7 hours of a flight back from Dubai to London.

10/12/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 66K

I travelled back from Dubai and was seated near the toilets. The smell was disgusting and I felt sick for most of the flight. It is about to happen again in seat 65K. Tomorrow. Because I am a single flyer and I can't afford to pay extra for my seat, my seat is always changed when boarding. I am so fed up being treated as if...

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10/5/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 51G

The seat overall is fine, plenty of room and I am 6ft 225lbs. My issue was with the traffic, the galley is right there and I did not mind the girls working during meak times. It was the disrespectful passengers that stand around in the exit area and speak loudly disturbing seated passengers. This should be curtailed by airline c...

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9/29/2018 Debra, seat 68K

The huge advantage is not just extra leg room, but no seat in front at all, so no one to cause issues! Also, due to location, you can come and go as you wish without having to disturb anyone and there’s no need for anyone to disturb you! It’s next to a window, but you’re right on the wing so the view isn’t the best. But, comfort...

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