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6/4/2019 Matteo Bertoni

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to New York. A very solid product in business class with huge lounge at Milan and chaffeur service both at origin and destination. A380 is top notch in terms of comfort and quietness. Cabin crew warm, polite and efficient. I found a good improvement on catering quality and staff service in the air and at...

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6/4/2019 Q Calver

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Birmingham. Plane is lovely, seats comfy, food ok but total lack of service from crew, one drink service on a 7 hrs flight. Had to go and ask for another one. Took so long to collect food trays people took them to galley themselves. Staff were not very friendly or welcoming.

5/31/2019 T Neyrinck

Not Verified | Emirates business class offers good seats (very good on the A380), excellent IFE, and fast transit times at DXB. Business and First Class lounges remain top-notch. FAs are generally kind and efficient. However, their pursers try too hard to welcome and do some chit-chat with gold and platinum members, while most ...

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5/31/2019 H Persen

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Manila. Emirates seems to be an airline where economy passengers are more important than business class passengers. All hand carry was measured and weighed also for business class passengers. This is the first time on over 200 long haul business class flights I have ever experienced this. Reason: Bus...

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5/31/2019 M Chaljer

✅ Trip Verified | I booked the flight from Warsaw to Delhi via Dubai. Flight originally was planned for 24th of May at 12:50, departure from Dubai at 21:25. On Sunday, 19th of May, my partner received information that there were shcedule changes in the itinerary. We called immediately as they rescheduled our flight for 13rd of ...

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5/30/2019 D Arunadithya

Not Verified | New York to Trivandrum via Dubai. Flight was delayed by 3hrs and the cabin crew was unfriendly. I travelled with a 3yr old and they never offered any kids friendly items in flight. We ordered Vegetarian and Hindu veg meals. Vegetarian was a little better than Hindu veg meals but wouldn’t say good. Flight attendan...

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5/30/2019 Alan Prizant

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to New York JFK. We couldn’t afford buying a Business ticket since it was way too expensive so we started using AMEX credit card to get as many miles as possible and use them for the upgrade. Finally after a few months spending money and taking advantage of different promotions we collected more than hal...

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5/29/2019 C Maurihan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Hong Kong. Trip was relatively nice. Checked in around 11:PM at Suvarnabhumi International airport located the Emirates counter all the way at the back. What I found a bit strange that they were still about 4 or 5 people ahead of us in the business class counter and the first class counter was compl...

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5/25/2019 G Han

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Dubai. 1st leg: fr Sofia to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines (Apr 26:16-17:15) 2nd leg: fr Istanbul to Dubai (Apr 26: 19:25- Apr 27: 1pm) 3rd leg: fr Dubai to HK First, when I checked in online, the system said since the first leg was operated by Turkish, I could not do so. When I checked in in Sofia, ...

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5/22/2019 L Heane

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Brussels via Dubai. I've flown them roughly every three years or so for the last two decades and they seem as good as ever. They're not perfect, and some other carriers have done a good job of catching up (particularly in economy class) but Emirates is still one of the better choices. The check in t...

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5/20/2019 Tracey Duval, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 68B

Only having a 2 seat row in front us, it felt less constrictive and allowed me access from my seat on both sides due to lovely lady in seat 68A. Seat recline button needed quite a lot of force to enable seat to move, others around had same issues. 17 hour flight was so much better than expected. Would book same seat again

5/19/2019 Jac Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Newcastle to Kuala Lumpur via Dubai . I have flown with Emirates on and off for years, and you can really see cost cutting and staff attitudes changing, on my flights anyway. Their bar service is non existent more or less, you get offered a drink with your meal, and thats about it, if you want a drink of anyth...

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5/16/2019 Martin Demel

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Bangkok via Dubai. I am very disappointed about the quality and service provided by the Emirates. It started at the check-in desk where I have checked 1 luggage and explicitly asked the staff member as I carry a lot of camera, lens, cables etc, if I can have drone (small size) with me in cabin bag. I...

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5/16/2019 M Cajes

✅ Trip Verified | Me and a toddler flew from Dubai to Kochi. Initially opted for a wheelchair, but later got on the buggy to gate as child not allowed on wheelchair. We both have comfortably travelled in other airlines together in a wheelchair. The buggy management is not proper, had to wait in their holding area till the last ...

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5/16/2019 Zanu Zacharias Mathew

✅ Trip Verified | Trivandrum to Boston via Dubai. If I could enter 0, I would do that. My parents were travelling from India to Raleigh, NC with 2 stops. Before even my parents landed Dubai, I got a text message saying 2nd leg flight rebooked for next day (24 hour delay) due to unforeseen circumstance. When I called customer ser...

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5/15/2019 H Kears

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Brisbane. This is the first time we have flown this route with Emirates for a few years. The chauffeur was very friendly and polite even offering to stop/slow down for photos I was taking. The lounge was great, the food was very good as is usual in the Emirates own lounges. The hot food was very g...

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5/13/2019 William Griffiths, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 1E

Our first experience of the A380 did not disappoint especially as we flew first class as to birthday treat/surprise for my wife as her birthday happened during the flight. We both found the seats were very comfortable with the added privacy of closing the suite door certainly helped although we had no noise issues even though fi...

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5/12/2019 H Saunders

✅ Trip Verified | First time for a long time with Emirates - normally I would use Etihad, and first time A380 business class. Overall, a curates's egg. However, you come to expect more from Emirates particularly given the cost of their flights. The good points: check in and bag delivery was excellent, as was the chauffeur servic...

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5/12/2019 Sameer Mulla

✅ Trip Verified | I was very much looking forward to Emirates flight and had pre-set expectations of high standards of service and comfort. I was traveling with my Mother on the flight and I must say that the flight was pretty average nowhere close to Emirates brand of service. A couple of gripes on their Boeing 777 from Mumbai...

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5/12/2019 B Dawes

✅ Trip Verified | What happened on EK-001 on 9th May 2019? I've flown Emirates many times with excellent service, but this flight was disgusting. I get a special meal, gluten free, so my food arrived 30 mins before the general rush, then the normal food distribution. The food trays were then left (on people's laps) for maybe '4 ...

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