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6/4/2019 Matteo Bertoni

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to New York. A very solid product in business class with huge lounge at Milan and chaffeur service both at origin and destination. A380 is top notch in terms of comfort and quietness. Cabin crew warm, polite and efficient. I found a good improvement on catering quality and staff service in the air and at the airport. Only Qatar Airways beat Emirates with service.

6/4/2019 Q Calver

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Birmingham. Plane is lovely, seats comfy, food ok but total lack of service from crew, one drink service on a 7 hrs flight. Had to go and ask for another one. Took so long to collect food trays people took them to galley themselves. Staff were not very friendly or welcoming.

5/31/2019 T Neyrinck

Not Verified | Emirates business class offers good seats (very good on the A380), excellent IFE, and fast transit times at DXB. Business and First Class lounges remain top-notch. FAs are generally kind and efficient. However, their pursers try too hard to welcome and do some chit-chat with gold and platinum members, while most of those frequent travellers just want some rest. Also, not clear why all safety and IFE introduction movies must be shown in 3 languages on some flights. Drinks offering and quality are excellent, but onboard food is below par: better eat in the lounges. WiFi is not reliable, okay for WhatsApp and text messages, but not good for email.

5/31/2019 H Persen

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Manila. Emirates seems to be an airline where economy passengers are more important than business class passengers. All hand carry was measured and weighed also for business class passengers. This is the first time on over 200 long haul business class flights I have ever experienced this. Reason: Business class is full of economy class passengers being upgraded. B777 is a wide body wide aircraft with 2 entrances. All economy passengers seated on the 2 aisle are boarded through the front door and has to pass through business class to get to their seat. As a business class passenger this means a lot of noise and commotion, no service until boarding is complete and being hit several times by carry on luggage. No service/bad service continued through out the flight with no drinks being offered during meals and no attention to passengers at all. It seemed the flight was understaffed due to a full business class.

5/31/2019 M Chaljer

✅ Trip Verified | I booked the flight from Warsaw to Delhi via Dubai. Flight originally was planned for 24th of May at 12:50, departure from Dubai at 21:25. On Sunday, 19th of May, my partner received information that there were shcedule changes in the itinerary. We called immediately as they rescheduled our flight for 13rd of May (day earlier that we booked originally). Additionally, instead of 1,5 hrs. of transfer they changed for 13hrs at Dubai Airport. They informed us that they cannot do anything about it because our flight has been cancelled. We said we cannot fly on 23rd due to our duties etc. and they said they all come back in the morning and asked us to call. So, we call in the morning and lady said that there is a flight from Warsaw to Dubai on 24th (as originally planned) but we need to wait 13 hrs. at Dubai airport and there is no other option as flight from Dubai to Delhi at 21:25 was cancelled. Not having a choice, we decided to take this flight having in mind that we need to be in Delhi on Sunday. We reached Dubai on 24th of May and we saw that the flight from Dubai to New Delhi has not been cancelled and departure was ongoing what means that they lie to us saying that the flight was cancelled. Once we noticed, we run to the reservation desk, was huge line but finally we asked if we can change the flight for 21:25 as originally planned. They said no, we cannot it is already overbooked, and boarding is closed. She said there is an option at 3 am as well but it is also overbooked, 30 people on the list so she all not adds to the waiting list even. Not having a choice, we decided to go out from the airport because no one told us that emirates should give us a hotel. Once we came back from center of Dubai we checked once again if there are some places may be at 3. Lady from reservation desk told us it is too late now to onboard but there were places and u should have been added on the waiting list, we said we asked to add, and emirate reservation service told us that it does not make sense. We asked about business class but no seats anymore, too late etc. Net we were hanging around till our morning flight that was at 9:50. I will not fly this airline anymore.

5/30/2019 D Arunadithya

Not Verified | New York to Trivandrum via Dubai. Flight was delayed by 3hrs and the cabin crew was unfriendly. I travelled with a 3yr old and they never offered any kids friendly items in flight. We ordered Vegetarian and Hindu veg meals. Vegetarian was a little better than Hindu veg meals but wouldn’t say good. Flight attendants did not respond to assistance call button from seat. Before the flight started for landing they started collecting the blankets and ear phones back.

5/30/2019 Alan Prizant

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to New York JFK. We couldn’t afford buying a Business ticket since it was way too expensive so we started using AMEX credit card to get as many miles as possible and use them for the upgrade. Finally after a few months spending money and taking advantage of different promotions we collected more than half of the miles, the rest we bought them through emirates website (very expensive!). First problem started a week before our trip when we tried to reserve the chauffeur Emirates offer for Business class passengers, apparently they remove it from miles upgraded tickets a week before we made the upgrade (they didn’t say it unless you try to actually use it and they tell you that you can’t due to the type of ticket). Emirates has a direct flight from Dubai to FLL but upgrade tickets where not available when we bought them so we decided to go through JFK with our upgrade ticket, since we were coming from Bangkok we arrived at Dubai airport at midnight and our flight to JFK departed 8:15am (8hours stopover), during our honeymoon I checked the Dubai-FLL flight multiple times until we saw tickets available for upgrade, so we called Emirates to change it (this change would make us arrive at FLL 12 hours earlier since the stop over in Dubai was only 2 hours and we didn’t have to stop in JFK for another 3 hours and take an extra flight) the guy in the phone told us that through the phone he couldn’t guarantee that we would get business seats in the new flight since he had to revert the upgrade, transfer the economy ticket and request the upgrade again, but he recommended us to do it at the airport, if they had seats available they would be able to do it without a problem. When we got to Bangkok airport I checked online once again and the seats where still available so we spoke with the Senior Lounge Agent, she was extremely unhelpful and harsh with us, first I tried to explain the situation nicely but she didn’t care, and her response was “I’m sorry but in order to change we have to revert back the upgrade and the miles take 24-48 hours to be back in your account so you wont be able to upgrade for this flight”. It is disappointing because the guy over the phone told us exactly the opposite (wait until you get to the airport) and second because you are flying in business paying a lot of money (or a lot of miles) but they don’t seem to care, also since you have an upgrade ticket is for them as if you still have your economy ticket the attention is really bad. I regret a lot flying with Emirates, during our honeymoon we flew business with Qatar & Cathay and they were better, you cannot compare.

5/29/2019 C Maurihan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Hong Kong. Trip was relatively nice. Checked in around 11:PM at Suvarnabhumi International airport located the Emirates counter all the way at the back. What I found a bit strange that they were still about 4 or 5 people ahead of us in the business class counter and the first class counter was completely empty. Once checked in we (finally) didn’t have to go to the payment counter for overweight luggage since we had around 40KG baggage allowance. Got fast track passes so the security and immigration was a breeze.Once customs was over we headed to the lounge and had some water and tea. (Didn’t eat much not gonna lie) then we checked the Duty free a bit and headed to the gate. We got priority boarding so we didn’t have to wait that much. We entered the aero bridge and were welcomed by the cabin crew and located our assigned seats. Legroom was very decent the recline seating options were amazing for me and the flat bed was really easy and effective. IFE was amazing and the screen was fairly large.The headphones worked well and so did the tray table functions. What I found very useful was the storage space beside my seat. It even had its own minibar with Evian and Perrier and something else (not gonna lie I don’t remember). The food was ok p(not the best) and so was the onboard lounge and restrooms. Slept for about a hour since the flight is pretty short. And arrived at Hong Kong International Airport. Took the airport train and headed to immigration.Unfortunately there wasn’t any fast track immigration for premium passengers on arrival like in BKK. Luggage came pretty early and all in all a decent trip.

5/25/2019 G Han

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Dubai. 1st leg: fr Sofia to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines (Apr 26:16-17:15) 2nd leg: fr Istanbul to Dubai (Apr 26: 19:25- Apr 27: 1pm) 3rd leg: fr Dubai to HK First, when I checked in online, the system said since the first leg was operated by Turkish, I could not do so. When I checked in in Sofia, Turkish said I needed to get my other boarding passes from Emirates in Istanbul. The arrival time from Sofia to Istanbul was delayed by 15 mins & it took about 15 mins for the plane to drive to the parking terminal. Since my seat was at the end of the plane, it took another 15 mins for me to leave the plane. Then I ran around to find the transfer desk of Emirates. But I couldn't find any sign in the airport indicating where it was & the airport is very large. I asked many airport staff but they either did not know it or pointed me in the wrong direction. Finally I could find one airport staff member pointed me to the right location. When I arrived at the transfer desk, it was about 18:28 & the Celebi staff representing Emirates was not there & someone went inside the office behind to get him out. After he was out & checked the system, he said the checkin was closed. He called his supervisor to see if they could let me check in. The answer was NO & he could not do anything else. I was angry because there was still about an hour before takeoff. He then said since my previous plane was delayed for 15 mins, Turkish should bear the responsibility. I then approached Turkish Airlines and asked 2 different staff members, they said 15 mins was just a short time & there was still about an hour before the next plane took off. Then there came the deadlock. I looked like an idiot running between the 2 airlines. They all treated me in bad attitude at the end, thinking I was a trouble maker. So the only thing I could do then was to book another air ticket. It costed me HK$4259.08 & 30 hours more. To me, I cannot understand why I couldn't check in when there was still about an hour before takeoff. I've just called Emirates' customer service, they said I must check in 1 hour before takeoff. The experience is the worst I ever have.

5/22/2019 L Heane

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Brussels via Dubai. I've flown them roughly every three years or so for the last two decades and they seem as good as ever. They're not perfect, and some other carriers have done a good job of catching up (particularly in economy class) but Emirates is still one of the better choices. The check in team and gate agents are efficient and patient. I had a problem with my mobile boarding pass not scanning and they were able to print me a new paper one with a smile. The aircraft was an older 777, but still mostly functional--there was a problem with the seat recline on my second segment. The entertainment system is good, but trying to cater to every culture they serve means the pool of options for English is pretty shallow. I was able to keep myself entertained, but just barely. Comedy is a weak spot for sure. The two hours of free wifi is good, but the connection is pretty poor. Emirates food is decent, though one flight only had an option of lamb or cod. Those are both rather specific tastes, I'd have been happier if they had gone with at least one safer choice of beef, chicken, or pasta. But the food was good and the desserts definitely stand out. Emirates doesn't stack up to the Asian carriers in terms of frequently circulating with water between meals, but the crew seemed service focused enough that you would get some if you asked. Connecting in Dubai is not a great experience. It's not as horrible as Doha but there is an amazing lack of plumbing in the airport, ensuring long lines at the toilets. Add to that some really extensive walks to get from gate to gate, and I'd be wary of advising any mobility impaired friends to try this without assistance. The flights were close to on time, but both arrived a little bit late without any logical explanation--no headwinds, ATC delays, or other obvious issues. Despite all those little negatives, Emirates is still a top notch experience.

5/20/2019 Tracey Duval, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 68B

Only having a 2 seat row in front us, it felt less constrictive and allowed me access from my seat on both sides due to lovely lady in seat 68A. Seat recline button needed quite a lot of force to enable seat to move, others around had same issues. 17 hour flight was so much better than expected. Would book same seat again

5/19/2019 Jac Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Newcastle to Kuala Lumpur via Dubai . I have flown with Emirates on and off for years, and you can really see cost cutting and staff attitudes changing, on my flights anyway. Their bar service is non existent more or less, you get offered a drink with your meal, and thats about it, if you want a drink of anything you have to keep ring for service, which most folk like myself dont like to do. No hot towels on getting on the craft, your just left, food has notably gone down in quality too! On the second leg of the flight, it was a 4.20am takeoff, we were left without so much as a drink of water for 3 hours, i had medication to take and asked them for water, , they must have a water shortage! It was brought in an eggcup size cup. Eventually got brought a substandard breakfast, which has been so chilled its lost all its flavour, no alcohol offered on this flight. The service has massively changed, you can really see it is like the staff cant be bothered, just wanna chuck the food at you, so they can rest and talk in the galley. I paid £700 for my flight and felt ripped off, it would put me off travelling with them again. However, it is very handy from Newcastle upon Tyne to get a bit further afield, come on Emirates, get your act together! One positive is the IFE, very good.

5/16/2019 Martin Demel

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Bangkok via Dubai. I am very disappointed about the quality and service provided by the Emirates. It started at the check-in desk where I have checked 1 luggage and explicitly asked the staff member as I carry a lot of camera, lens, cables etc, if I can have drone (small size) with me in cabin bag. I was told yes, you don`t have to have it in checked baggage. Then at the security check right before the boarding gate I was told and forced to put drone into checked luggage, but I was not provided any bag for that and that I have to take care of it myself that it`s my mistake I was told by Emirates staff at the gate, BUT thanks to local security officers on airport (not emirates staff) They helped me to find bag, some papers and airbags to secure the drone. I said OK nice start, but then it continued with the service onboard. The menu was served after 2 hours after the take off and no walkaround of staff around. No water offer, only if you come by person to staff asking for water or something. The food was average - good taste, selection of 2 main food chicken vs beef and drinks. I asked for a beer and I was told they run out of beer. so I asked for Gin and Soda, and I was told, I dont have it with me but if you wait 10-15 minutes I will get it right back for you, and I waited approx 20 mins to get the gin and tonic. You can see attached picture of the snack we were offered, and I was like really, you can select small pretzels or kitkat? I can only say that the seat comfort (176cm tall) and entertainment - big screen was the only positive about the flight.

5/16/2019 M Cajes

✅ Trip Verified | Me and a toddler flew from Dubai to Kochi. Initially opted for a wheelchair, but later got on the buggy to gate as child not allowed on wheelchair. We both have comfortably travelled in other airlines together in a wheelchair. The buggy management is not proper, had to wait in their holding area till the last moment to get to gate. Later had to rush thru the gate with rude staff. Had flown before, but their standard and staff are not up to the expectations any more. They should improve their services to Indian routes who are paying the same money. Mostly double standards. As mentioned in other reviews food is basic.

5/16/2019 Zanu Zacharias Mathew

✅ Trip Verified | Trivandrum to Boston via Dubai. If I could enter 0, I would do that. My parents were travelling from India to Raleigh, NC with 2 stops. Before even my parents landed Dubai, I got a text message saying 2nd leg flight rebooked for next day (24 hour delay) due to unforeseen circumstance. When I called customer service, I was told flight was cancelled due to operational issues which is a lie. I can see the status of the flight as landing on time on their website. The service provided during wait time is horrible. This is my last time travelling with Emirates!

5/15/2019 H Kears

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Brisbane. This is the first time we have flown this route with Emirates for a few years. The chauffeur was very friendly and polite even offering to stop/slow down for photos I was taking. The lounge was great, the food was very good as is usual in the Emirates own lounges. The hot food was very good with a good choice of Asian dishes, and we especially loved the freshly made to order dumplings. The only let down was that they served Moet and not Veuve Cliquot which was what was previously on offer. On board the cabin layout of 3-2-3 was disappointing and the seat comfort was not good. However the aircraft was very clean and well maintained. The service to start off was a bit hit and miss, although did improve after the meal service. Champagne on board again was only Moet. The promised drinks after takeoff was not delivered until we reminded them and also the wines we had already ordered with our meals did not eventuate until reminded a couple of times. The food was good but nothing exciting, with no dine on demand or pre ordering available which I think would be an improvement. No amenity kits, only socks and eyeshades provided.

5/13/2019 William Griffiths, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 1E

Our first experience of the A380 did not disappoint especially as we flew first class as to birthday treat/surprise for my wife as her birthday happened during the flight. We both found the seats were very comfortable with the added privacy of closing the suite door certainly helped although we had no noise issues even though first class was quite full. Position of seat generally good although if flying first class again I would book 3e/f as our seat had the Emirates sign on the high level bulkhead slightly restrictive in cabin view though the only disappointing aspect is the if travelling with a partner the only practical option is the centre seats with design priority given to single travel passengers as you have the window seat with external view but that is our only non-positive comment

5/12/2019 H Saunders

✅ Trip Verified | First time for a long time with Emirates - normally I would use Etihad, and first time A380 business class. Overall, a curates's egg. However, you come to expect more from Emirates particularly given the cost of their flights. The good points: check in and bag delivery was excellent, as was the chauffeur service to / from DXB. The cabin appeared spotless, though all was not as it seemed. The crew were immaculate and charming if a little robotic. The quibbles: boarding at DXB was chaotic. It should not take nearly 2 hours to clear queuing passengers into the gate, the flight eventually leaving 90 minutes behind schedule. On the flight to CAN I was not welcomed onboard, or offered a drink, or a drink order taken on the return. If paying top dollar there is an expectation FAs keep tabs on their assigned passengers. However, the biggest disappointment was the food. I'd pre-ordered vegetarian. On the outward leg I was presented what I considered at the time to be the most uninspired slop I'd seen in nearly 50 years of flying, boiled mixed vegetables in a tasteless sauce on couscous. Until my return flight, that is. A 'dish' of boiled noodles with a squirt of neat tomato puree on top and accompanies by half a dozen near raw peas in their pods. The excellent sweet did not compensate. The FA apologized and offered any selection from the menu as an alternative. Trouble is, unlike other full fare airlines, including for economy class (Etihad), Emirates offers no vegetarian - or vegan - options. One assumes Emirates' management would rather vegetarians stay away. Henceforth I shall duly support this policy. I strongly recommend other vegetarians do likewise. Finally, I enjoy watching wildlife programmes as part of IFE. What I appreciate less is being 'entertained' through the night by the antics of a cockroach presumably making its way home through my seating area disappearing into the seat recess in front. Where there's one there'll be many more. Which rather sums up Emirates: a glossy veneer but rather grubby beneath.

5/12/2019 Sameer Mulla

✅ Trip Verified | I was very much looking forward to Emirates flight and had pre-set expectations of high standards of service and comfort. I was traveling with my Mother on the flight and I must say that the flight was pretty average nowhere close to Emirates brand of service. A couple of gripes on their Boeing 777 from Mumbai - Dubai - flown 07 March 2019. Inattentive cabin crew - No response to hostess call bell multiple times, had to verbally call out for assistance. No water provided on boarding the aircraft and you had to ask for water and that also was cheaply been distributed in open plastic glasses the way they do it by the road side in India pouring out of packaged drinking water bottles. For more than an hour no water or snacks were offered and the food that was served was average and that was it, no munchies or a bottle of water before the dinner was served. Getting a glass of juice was a challenge and everything was being served very stingily. 5The flight seats are of very poor width since the flight is crammed with lot many seats per row, the food tray could barely fit on it. Uncomfortable aisles and poor comfort overall. The positive - The inflight entertainment and camera view, that was the only saving grace. Comparatively new flight and clean upholstery. Conclusion - For me Emirates was as average as any other full service airlines in India. Not too happy about the overrated hype regarding brand Emirates especially on Indian routes.

5/12/2019 B Dawes

✅ Trip Verified | What happened on EK-001 on 9th May 2019? I've flown Emirates many times with excellent service, but this flight was disgusting. I get a special meal, gluten free, so my food arrived 30 mins before the general rush, then the normal food distribution. The food trays were then left (on people's laps) for maybe '4 hours'. This made it awkward to get up as one had to ask a neighbour to hold your tray plus their tray to go the toilet. I plan my in-flight experience down to exactly which seat and which meal, to minimise inconvenience, but this didn't work on EK-001 (09/05/19). Drinks trolleys were abandoned opposite toilets making for less space to stand. The flight standard was all the worse because I had just got off the excellent flight from Perth, Australia, arriving at gate A1 departing gate A3. It was such a shock coming from a serene feeling on a flight inbound to their Dubai hub, and the excellent experience in their hub, plus the great flights out to Australia. It genuinely felt as if the stewards were on strike. (This was the flight where we were told at the end, suitcases in hand, packed in the aisles, to return to our allocated seats because the British police were coming on board.). Come on, Emirates! You blew it here.