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5/11/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v1 seat 48K

The seat has a double window

5/10/2019 Ryan Williamson

✅ Trip Verified | After 1 month in Thailand and the prospect of coming home to rainy Scotland, I decided to treat myself and upgrade my original economy ticket to business class. Okay I'll get all the positives out the way first. Great lounge at BKK, fully stocked with drinks and all the food I had was very tasty and prepared to a high standard. Seat and all the amenities that come with it were spot on, this is for the A380. The B777 is a more cramped affair altogether, so if you can, fly on the A380 - this applies to economy as well. I loved relaxing at the A380 bar area, watching the football on the big screen, whilst enjoying a freshly made cocktail, bliss! Now the negative, yes, just one, but it's a biggie and that would be the service. Now, don't get me wrong, there were some very pleasant FA's, albeit a bit false but as for the others it's the reason I won't fly Emirates again. After dinner I had a full glass of champagne in front of me, the FA tried to snatch it away, I don't understand this and why would you not ask the customer if they are finished? Needless to say, I snatched it back, much to the FA's annoyance, forgive me for wanting to finish my drink when I'm paying good money. Another point is the staff just hanging around the bar towards the end of the flight, as thought it was their own staff room, I wanted to just chill and spend the last couple hours of my flight reading my book but this just totally put me off. I work in hospitality myself and believe those areas are for the customer and the customer only not for staff to drape themselves over. Upon arrival at the lounge in Dubai, I gave my ticket to receptionist and as I was off a flight and a bit tired I made the heinous mistake of going the wrong way "Where are you going sir" was said to me in the tone of "what are doing you complete and utter buffoon", not pleasant in the slightest, such a sour character and one you wonder why bother working with the public? So in a nutshell, great food, IFE, seats etc etc. But very, average service, bordering on downright rude at times. For this reason I'll be trying Singapore in future and avoiding Emirates entirely. It's a bad day when a low cost carrier like Easyjet are miles ahead of you in the service department.

5/10/2019 Remi Shehab

Not Verified | We travelled Emirates yet again because we are moving back to England. This one-way flight was a pleasant one. The airport wasn't a pigsty like it usually is when we travel in the summertime. The cabin staff and ground staff are very friendly. When we were at the airport, however, we had to pay AED120 for baggage wrapping only because they didn't have plastic, which isn't very fair, but anyhow. Boarding gate was pretty busy and it was a full flight. It was fairly pleasant on board - no screaming babies for the majority of the duration of flight but just when we took off there was one family with a crying baby. ICE is great but children's selection of films is lousy. Good music on the flight - almost every song i wanted to listen to E-section (Entertainment) had. Seats aren't the most comfortable seats in the world. Food and beverage is great, and almost beats Singapore Airlines' meals. All in all, a good flight - one of our best with Emirates yet.

5/8/2019 MAINKER/AVINASHMR, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 65B

May 6 - On Mumbai/Dubai sector adjacent to lavatory with limited recliner. Dubai/San Francisco sector it was similar to being restrained in police custody. Will be difficult to recommend to family or friends. However the Emirates staff surprised me with a mini champagne and a box of chocolate cake l believe at the request of a family friend for my 75th birthday on the previous day. Hope I have better experience on my return flight. My wife was equally uncomfortable on this trip and prays for better experience on return sector from Orlando MCO to Mumbai.

5/7/2019 Julie Rivendell, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 24G

I really appreciated the helpful, friendly staff providing support. I’m a special assistance passenger with mobility problems. It was the first time I have flown Emirates and the first time I’ve flown Business Class. I would certainly do both again and recommend them to others. The food, drinks and service were excellent. Thank you 🙏

5/6/2019 Rajesh Joshi

✅ Trip Verified | I booked the tickets with Emirates to Kathmandu from Oslo. Since, they don't operate in Nepal, they use their partner FlyDubai to fly people to Kathmandu. I don't recommend you to book the tickets combining Emirates and their partners, because you will not be given any hotels or any facilities, no matter how long your transit is (which I was told at the customer service center in Dubai). I will never fly with them again.

5/4/2019 Barry lewis ,Nikole Jane Lovell ,, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 63F

Was disappointed tablet entertainment was not working & seat was stuck in slight recline and was uncomfortable,had no room when seat in front was in full recline position 🙁over all had a very uncomfortable flight my daughter spilt coffee on herself and was given little assistance and no help to clean up . 🙂hope our return flight is much better on return ,thanks Bazz ,

5/3/2019 J Lewisohn

✅ Trip Verified | I flew out LHR-DXB on economy and was upgraded to business for the return flight. Economy was not too busy so had middle seat free. Check-in was fine and meal quality for economy was pretty good. ICE had a big choice. Flight left a bit late but caught up. 30 minute wait to get my bag at DXB. Return flight - check-in took forever, not enough attendants but getting upgraded to business certainly made up for it. I travelled business on Emirates about 4 years ago and seat configuration has improved and having access to the stand-up bar was great. if I had been paying for business I would have been a bit miffed that my first choice of steak had already gone by the time I was asked. My first course of arabic mezze was served with a choice of breads but no arabic wraps/breads which would have been a far better accompaniment.Main course of seafood biriani was prawns hidden in a flavoured rice, pleasant but nothing remarkable and a bit dry. Pudding of Mango millefeuille was excellent. Choice of wines was fine. Arrival at LGW was on time and luggage came out quickly but given it was North Terminal we had a 15 minute walk to get there.

5/2/2019 N Karden

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Johannesburg. Absolute horrific customer service. As I approved I informed the lady I’m flying to Johannesburg and the count will close soon. (20 minutes) she said it’s fine I need to wait in the queue. of about 19/20 counters there was one person working. There was about 9 passengers in front of me. I waited as told. When I reached the counter finally the lady told me I missed my check in (by 5 minutes) as I was waiting. She refused to help or assist and told me I need to speak to another counter. The manager that he is just said I need to rebook and it’s not his problem. As I booked my flight through a third party (my fault) and was checked in already I lost both my flights as I was a no show. This cost me AED 4500 roughly. Emirates has really lost its wow factor with ground staff attitudes. Might as well be all automatic as they will be more pleasant. Most horrible and very expensive experience. I understand I should have come earlier.

5/1/2019 C King

✅ Trip Verified | I and my wife took the flight from Cape Town to Dubai (EK773) and Dubai to Hong Kong (EK382) on 27 Apr to 28 Apr 2019. After we alight the flight (EK773) in Dubai airport at the remote bay, I immediately recalled that I left 3 bottles of liquor on the aircraft during the bus ride to the terminal. It was about 00:30L 28 Apr 2019. Once we arrived at the terminal, we sought help from an Emirates staff, he asked me to go to the information desk. Then we sought the information desk to help, the information desk staff refer me to the transit connection counter. Then we went to connection counter to ask for help. The connection counter staff asked us to wait for one hour there, she said she would see if anyone retrieved anything from the aircraft. Please note that at this point, no staff took note of any of our PAX information. I waited for an hour and went back to the connection counter. The encounter staff dialled Lost & Found and simply passed me the phone to me. The Lost & Found said the aircraft has not been cleared, nothing has retrieved from the aircraft. Since it was about the boarding time for our next flight, I asked my wife to head to the boarding gate and ask the gate staff to help and I waited for 15 mins more. Once my wife arrived at the gate and asked for help. Again, the gate staff simply passed the phone to my wife and asked her to talk to Lost & Found. At this time, the Lost & Found lady told my wife the aircraft has been cleared and nothing has been retrieved. I arrived at the gate 15 mins later. I was so angry because no ground staff were trying to help and none of them seemed care at all. Their service attitude was terrible! The gate staff explained that maybe other PAX took them. I claimed that we were the last PAX to alight the aircraft since we knew we have 3 hrs for transit therefore we didn't need to rush. At this point, we gave up and entered the waiting area at Gate A8. 15 mins later, I decided to ask the gate staff to call the Lost & Found again and let me talk to the Lost & Found directly. This time, the Lost & Found staff told me the aircraft has not been cleared, nothing has been retrieved yet. What is going on? I told her no one recorded any of my PAX information. Then she asked me to send an e-mail to [email protected] as it is the standard procedure for Emirates. I sent the e-mail right away and they acknowledged my query. 24 hours has passed and I still hear nothing! This was my first time flying with Emirates and it was terrible! I understood I was my mistake to leave my liquor on the aircraft. But how can I expect no ground staff actually care to help at all. I had reported the left-over items immediately and I couldn't get them back during the 3 hours transit!

4/30/2019 Alan Tanner

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Dubai. My worst flying experience in 40 years. Right now I am stuck in Dubai on a confirmed ticket on Emirates that they will not homor. Their airline had no integrity and no one that can make a decision. Horrible.

4/30/2019 M Abdi

✅ Trip Verified | Had 2 great flights from Kuwait to Dubai and back with Emirates. The last time I flown Emirates was back in 2015, I then switched to Qatar Airways which I found is better. My recent flight with Emirates was great overall. But yes, their services went down (seat selection no longer free, 25kg only for Economy Class, no more hot towels served prior to departure in Economy Class. Other negatives are: WiFi was available but not working on both flights. IFE Box under the seats blocking some legroom. Very tiring boarding organization unlike Qatar Airways, Emirates closes the gate 45 minutes prior to departure time, while Qatar Airways closes the gate 20 minutes prior to departure time. Emirates’s 45 minutes causes a long long queue. Postives, good and comfortable seats, the 10-abreast B777-300ER is decent, not as bad as people say. Of course I won’t deny the Award-Winning Excellent ICE Entertainment System. Despite both flights were operated on old planes with very unresponsive touch screens, the movies selection were up-to-date. Very friendly cabin crew, excellent meal service for a 1 hour 30 minutes flight. Clean cabin, beautiful and luxury Orange-Colored-mood-lighting system. I would fly them again as a second choice after Qatar Airways, it was a pleasure Emirates.

4/30/2019 Samantha Jamalzadeh

Not Verified | Vienna to Sulaymaniyah via Dubai. We missed our connection flight with another airline company and were unable to get a continuing flight with that company for another 3 days. We searched the other airlines and could fly with Emirates within 4 hours - best decision we made! When we checked in they noted that we have 3 young children and changed our seats so we could have the front row seats enabling us to sit together and also be able to use their onboard cot for our 9 month old. Once on board the flight attendants were very helpful and friendly. They attached the baby cot to the divider, my 2 older children, 6 & 3, saw the baby pack and wanted the blankets as they came with penguins (didn’t say anything, they just poured!) and they were more than happy to supply these for them. The children’s food was a good selection of food they actually ate, we were checked on regularly and we found the flight more relaxing than we’d expected travelling with 3 small children! TLDR: A very accommodating airline with friendly and professional staff. Highly recommend, especially if travelling with children!

4/29/2019 Elizabeth Noble, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 41A

Seat was really good, but some passengers felt the need to gather in the space in front of it, drinking wine, talking and laughing loudly and allowing their children to carry on as well. It was disappointing that the cabin crew did not speak to them and request they return to their seats. I think it is reasonable that people can stand there quietly and stretch etc but not be disruptive for quite a long time. It was also disappointing to go to the toilet to find that the soap and tissues had run out.

4/27/2019 B Haazya

✅ Trip Verified | Algiers to Bangkok via Dubai. It was a fantastic experience from the check in until the air craft landed. Seats are very comfortable with large legroom, the entertainment system was excellent with lot of choices.

4/26/2019 F Obeid

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Singapore. On this flight I started to feel terribly ill. I was worried as it was quite a long flight but the staff were so accommodating to my needs. I was in a very trying situation but staff took initiative to make me feel cared for. Even when she wasn’t called for, she came to communicate with me what she could bring for me (more blankets, tea, etc) and how much longer the flight was. I expressed my concern to her about not being able to catch my next flight to Australia (my final destination) but she assured me not to worry about this, and that she would call for a medical team to help me in Singapore during transit, and that if the doctor says I’m not fit to fly, that I could catch the next flight when I feel better free of charge.

4/25/2019 R Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Dubai return. EK18 on 17th April 2019 was great - staff were friendly and helpful, food good, everything nice. Great first impressions of the airline. Flight EK19 back to Manchester on 24th April 2019 not so good. Family to our right let their 3 or 4 year old daughter play in the aisle for approx 5 of the 7 hours flight, she was jumping up and down banging on the floor, swinging on seats, hit my son and staff never said a word at any point even though she was constantly in their way/playing next to other passengers further down the plane, even when they were eating. The father was sat on the aisle seat but made not 1 single attempt to control his daughter, he looked like everything was an effort (except eating the extra meals he asked for, and got) and instead put his headphones on/snoozed whilst his daughter roamed about (in between asking staff for things out of sequence instead of waiting to be served like the rest of us). Was disappointed with the lack of staff response, it ruined our flight. The man had an air of entitlement for some reason, even though his family had 3 seats so, in a way, us families next to him with 4 seats had paid more to be there yet got a worse service (I know it doesn't work like that but it is annoying when 1 passenger thinks they are above everyone else). To make it worse a man had been moved from his rightful seat to accommodate the family in those seats (they had missed their earlier flight so were put on this one instead), which was annoying in hindsight - we would all have had a nice flight in zone D if the original man seated there had not been forced to move. I also paid for extra wifi on both journeys and then it didn't work! Waste of £20! My Emirates experience was 10/10 on the way there and then reduced to 4/10 on the way back.

Compared to other Emirates planes, this one is one you should miss. Very uncomfortable, old and if you book up front of economy you have many babies crying - Book the 300ER if at all possible as that has a quiet cabin (which this one does not). Plane was old, very noisy and the seats old and stained

4/24/2019 David Abraham

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to Manila via Dubai. Everything went well and smooth. Emirates crew noticed us as platinum members and were helpful, we received every necessary information about the routes too. The one and only problem was that WI-fi connection was not available during our first flight. The in-flight entertainment is still the top, highly valued during these long flights.

4/23/2019 Thibault Wolff

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Manila. I have flown with Emirates quite a while now. The company is okay, super overpriced from DXB. However I can't happen to notice the severe decline of the service quality. Grumpy staff, poor quality juices, no amenity kit for over 8h flights. No longer the airlines reference when I comes to on board service and hospitality. They should stop bragging about their past award and invest more, especially in their staff.