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4/1/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 seat 18A

Seats in the second row of the economy cabins have reduced legroom width due to the tray-table/entertainment screen mechanisms for the seat in front. Almost half of the legroom width is lost

3/30/2019 Phil, seat 10D

This was an OK seat but being in the aisle you don't get much privacy and as people are walking past you tend to get bumped a bit. It was quite busy on my flight but service was good. You can't lie flat though so a little bit uncomfortable to sleep

3/30/2019 Olivier Gueris

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Kuwait. I checked in for the 7:40 flight to Dubai, which was showing as on time and was confirmed by the check-in attendant. The minute I pass security, it shows delayed by 4 hours. They display different info on both sides of security. Flight on time on the check-in side so that you don't make a fuss in a public area, delayed on the other more secure area. And obviously, there was no one at the gate to offer any sort of explanation let alone make apologies. As a side affect, I missed my connecting flight in KWT and I had to pay another 100 dollars to re-book.

3/26/2019 Emily Grayson, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 seat 85C

Comfortable trip, much better than the first leg of my trip on the B777-300 plane. The meals were reasonable, having said that I am rather a fussy eater. Air crew always helpful. Nice to have the extra room. Hope to have a return trip in this aircraft next November. Enjoyed my flight on this aircraft, found the information on the screen helpful. Thankyou, Emily Grayson.

3/25/2019 W Dean

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Dubai. First time flying Emirates business class and was excited to try it but very disappointed after my experience. No greeting by any of the staff even the check in staff. I got the middle seat and felt very claustrophobic. If you are also going as a couple or with a friend, it’s hard to carry a conversation with the person you are flying next to since the divider in between doesn’t even go down completely. On a long plane ride, this is very frustrating that you cannot even carry a proper conversation or see the person next to you. In terms of the service, the stewardess serving me was lazy and made me hand her all the trays and hand myself all the plates rather than setting it down directly on the table. I thought this is very unsafe since some dishes are very hot. She was also too lazy to make the bed for me so I had to do it myself. Not only that but one of the stewardesses left the tray on the seat in front of us which crashing down in front of my boyfriends feet during the middle of the flight. The head flight attendant walking by noticed it and didn’t even apologize and rather asked us abruptly what had happened like it was our fault his staff left the tray there. There are also no slippers or pajamas offered like other flights. The food is also not personalized and not very good. They didn’t even offer us dessert and when we asked for it, they assumed someone had already taken our order and didn’t give us the dessert. Most of all, the airport lounge in Dubai on the way to another city is really outdated, basic and unimpressive. It’s really long and big but composed of the same basic food drinks and no amenities other than a few shower rooms. The spa which was on the map was closed and half the loung was also closed when we were there for no reasons given. All the other major airlines business class I had taken including cathay, Singapore airlines, korean air and Etihad had much better lounges. I especially expected more since Emirates is Dubai’s flagship carrier but it looks like they cut costs severely. Would not take Emirates again although I already bought several more tickets for the rest of the leg of this trip that I cannot cancel. Some positives were chauffeur service, private entrance at gate for customs and security check in the Dubai airport, and the entertainment system on the plane which had a lot of movies. However the WiFi was very slow, overall very disappointed.

3/22/2019 P Kalak

✅ Trip Verified | The ground staff, flight, in flight entertainment, meal and seat is awesome. Flight Attendants welcomed us and helped to get us to our seats. I was given a noise cancelling headphones and a clean blanket. Food was just amazing. I got some time to have a word with Flight crews and they happily enjoyed to talk with me. The washroom was clean and nicely maintained.

3/21/2019 Alena Paletar

✅ Trip Verified | I and my husband are 71 years old, flying regularly twice a year for many years and this flight was our worst flying experience ever! This flight was 6 hours long and we purchased the tickets with Emirates based on their advertising and did not mind paying almost double price than all the other companies charge. We wanted on this pretty long flight more comfort, wider seats, more legroom, good food and overall better experience as Emirates advertise. The outbound flight was with Emirates partner company FLy Dubai, Boeing 737Max not Airbus 380 as they advertise. Nothing of the advertisement was true. The airplane had regular narrow seats and little legroom and there was no complimentary drinks and food at all. This is almost criminal! Yes, you could buy drinks and food but why you pay almost double price to fly with this company? Their advertisement is fraudulent. On this journey we also flew from Abu Dhabi to Muscat with Oman Air. The flight was only 60 min. long and complimentary drinks and luncheon was served. Than we flew from Muscat back to Dubai with Swiss Air. On this only 50 min. long flight complimentary water and snack was served. The inbound flight with Emirates was not bad, Airbus 380, little wider seats and little more legroom, complimentary drinks and food. Nothing really great but OK. I complained to Emirates about our outbound flight without any successful result. They wrote me that their partner company should have same standards and that they are looking forward to see me on board again. I felt offended! I would never fly with Emirates again.

3/20/2019 Łukasz D, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v1 seat 44K

very little leg room

3/20/2019 Łukasz D, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 seat 44K

very little leg room

3/20/2019 R Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Business class feels like a train, large cabin no individual attention. Twice during the flight 5 cabin crew were sitting in the galley in groups chatting and drinking. Oblivious to the passengers, I have never seen this in all my years of flying. In front of the loos and the bar area. Really poor show. The cabin crew seemed to be more interested in socialising with each other with a few noticeable exceptions, the Filipinos. Meal service efficient as opposed to caring, was told the WiFi wasn’t working but could see passengers using it, think the crew member couldn’t be bothered to help. Positives - excellent limousine pick up, lounges and connections. Entertainment first class. Don’t get complacent or arrogant Emirates as customers aren’t stupid.

3/18/2019 M Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to London via Dubai. On each of the 4 legs of my journey I would have received better service by Easyjet. At least there the incentive is for the cabin crew to provide drinks and food as they earn income. My last flight from Dubai to London Heathrow, it was 3 hours and 10 minutes before I was offered a drink! The food was lukewarm on both legs, and had to be swapped over. Emirates seems to have cut costs terribly in recent years, it's economy service is miles behind even budget carriers now. It does not deserve its 4 stars, I would not choose to travel with them in the future. Inflight entertainment was good, but the cabin and seat were tired.

3/18/2019 Anslem Wong

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to London via Dubai. Flight entertainment out of this world and the food was amazing. I love the look in the aircraft as well. Cabin service was good but ground service was terrible especially in Gatwick Airport. Staff were unfriendly and not helpful at all. Another thing is that the inconvenient online booking system of Emirates. we are a family of 4, 1 of us must be booked separately because of extra baggage weight which lead to we cannot check in together. Furthermore, we successfully checked in online for the first 3 of us but another family member with the separated booking cannot check in online due to overbooked flight. Therefore, we went to the counter to check in and they gave us 4 new seats, including the other 3 of us who checked in online earlier with already selected seats. Also we got new seats without being informed. Also almost all the seats are taken during 47 hours before departure for our return flights, I wonder why. In overall, I would still recommend flying with Emirates because of the inflight entertainment system, and in flight comfortably not to mention the A380.

3/18/2019 S Mellor

✅ Trip Verified | London to Dubai. From 1st March 19, Emirates have decided that when purchasing a business or indeed first class ticket using reward miles, that traveler will be treated very differently to a "paid" ticket holder, in that they will not be provided with chauffeur drive. Quite appalling that Emirates feel the need to save money by penalizing its most loyal customers! To add to the insult, Emirates will not even honor the service on tickets purchased before the rule change.

3/13/2019 N Larten

✅ Trip Verified | We have flown Emirates many times from Washington to Bangkok via Dubai. No problems. Everything very nice. This last flight (February 2019) we left 90 minutes late from Bangkok (technical problems) and missed our connection. We were assured agents would be there to discuss options at Dubai. We were met at the airport and handed (no discussion) a ticket for the next flight (next day 24 hours away) and a hotel voucher. No Emirates agents were at the hotel nor were there any agents at the airport that could answer any question about upgrading or compensation. No one knew anything about anything. Unbelievable. Will never fly Emirates again. There is no customer service for this airline. If you call the 1800 number, they tell you to go online. You go online and it will take a month to hear back. A US carrier could not stay in business with this kind of policy. If you were flying to the Euro zone there are policies for compensating people. Nothing if you fly from the US even on business class. If you are concerned about potential problems with this airline do realize you will never find an agent to help you with a problem.

3/13/2019 V Warnuda

✅ Trip Verified | My wife was travelling from Birmingham to Delhi return via Dubai. While she was on her way back to the UK she experienced the worst service from Dubai airport ground staff. My wife was carrying our daughter (1 year) on her lap and strolling a cabin back with one hand, a backpack on her back and holding a personal bag in her second hand. She was coming from India and it was late night flight from India. She saw a cart at the airport with 2-3 ground staff members sitting in it. She asked them to help her but they said no. How could you do that to a mother of a toddler? The 2nd incident happened to me when I was flying along-with my wife and daughter. The flight was late so they ended up rushing all the passengers to the plane in no time. Then to my surprise although I was standing and carrying my daughter on the lap; the plane started taxiing. Are you serious, what about the safety norms? I feel most of the times we passengers end up flying with a particular group of airlines because they are members of a club. So we think we earn miles but at what cost. I think it is trap and don’t fly with those airlines that don’t treat you well. End of the day you are paying them, it is not free.

3/11/2019 S Remzam

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to London. After being a loyal Emirates customer for over a decade, its very concerning to see the airline taking steps which are substandard to the expectations of its customers. The concerns are longline of areas from the cabin crew to the food and overall standards. The cabin crew were extremely attentive and customer orientated to the needs of the passengers rather now it seems a case of a attention deficit order in play. The food that is now served was on this particular case of poor quality and not foregoing that the option was let just say not an option (chicken only or nothing). The sweet dish again, was disappointing and finally the clotted cream, resembled more to a true likeness of garlic sauce in a small tub than what was previous served. These little cutbacks and poor service is going to have a massive impact in the way customers feel towards Emirates.

3/10/2019 D Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Riyadh to Newcastle via Dubai. Generally good service, until lunch. Was served an Economy meal on a Business Class plate. I could check the Economy menu, so I knew what it was, and it was pretty inedible. Staff on board were initially adamant that I was having a Business Class meal, but later relented. Emirates seemed unwilling to acknowledge the issue, offered me 10000 points (hardly worth it) and noted it was possible to 'source a meal from a different section of the aircraft', without an apology for the mistake. So watch out - Emirates seem to think this practice is acceptable.

3/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v1 seat 13H

I am usually a frequent flyer with Air India but due to an emergency had to take a flight with emirates. Despite all they negative feedback AI receives from people I'd say that their economy class is 10X more comfortable than emirates on the 777-300ER. Due to the fact that emirates have a 3-4-3 o 10 abreast seating.

3/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 seat 13H

I am usually a frequent flyer with Air India but due to an emergency had to take a flight with emirates. Despite all they negative feedback AI receives from people I'd say that their economy class is 10X more comfortable than emirates on the 777-300ER. Due to the fact that emirates have a 3-4-3 o 10 abreast seating.

3/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Two Class seat 13H

I am usually a frequent flyer with Air India but due to an emergency had to take a flight with emirates. Despite all they negative feedback AI receives from people I'd say that their economy class is 10X more comfortable than emirates on the 777-300ER. Due to the fact that emirates have a 3-4-3 o 10 abreast seating.