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3/9/2019 Jan Birkner

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Düsseldorf. Again a great flight with Emirates. We had a great experience on that flight. The service was great, after departure we got snacks and drinks. During the flight we received multiple snacks. The lunch however was dissapointing. The leg room is outstanding. The wifi on board also worked fine.

3/7/2019 Mandy Brawn

Not Verified | London to Dubai. After my daughter and I being upgraded to business as a surprise we entered the cabin very excited. The staff were amazing, my husband and I had been allocated seats apart and although not a major problem for us our stewardess went out of her way to re-seat us once everyone had boarded. Food was superb as was choice of drinks. The seats are individual pods and mattresses offered out as a night flight. We were too excited to sleep but the staff were so friendly and we enjoyed spending time in the bar area and talking to the crew. Obviously travelling business class is going to be an amazing experience but the staff just made it complete. I would just like to say I took the same route in December and was perfectly happy with the whole flight. Leg room good as was food and although the drinks trolley runs are no longer very regular the staff are more than happy to get you something if you ask. Well done Emirates we will definitely be using you again.

3/7/2019 A Dergan

✅ Trip Verified | I was advised by one of the agents that you can refund a flight booked on FLEX rate but when we tried to request for it they refuse and citing that I shouldn't believe everything the agents say and since I was the one who made the booking it was my fault. Instead they want us to reschedule it and spend $600+ for the fee. I feel there is miscalculations on both sides but they should have been considerate. The worst is when you call their customer support hotline, initially my call was routed to India, when I did follow up on the next day Dubai based support is refusing to take ownership of the case and they blame their counterparts in India. As a Skyward member I will no longer flying with this airline.

3/6/2019 Jan Birkner

✅ Trip Verified | We had an exceptional flight with Emirates from Düsseldorf to Dubai. The service on board was on point, the staff were friendly and helpful. The A380 was modern and it offered a lot of legroom. The inflight entertainment was amazing and offered a lot of new movies. Only the wifi on board was a negative on this flight.

3/6/2019 Ambika Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Kathmandu via Dubai. Never fly in their partnership flights We love Emirates. We fly with them even if it is few hundred dollars expensive or a couple of hours longer journey. Appreciate lovely crews, wifi, comfortable seats and food. However, I found that their connection and transit service is worst (cannot compare with any other airport standard) at Dubai and they don’t respect passengers flying with them in partnership arrangements. Emirates took off 25 min late from SYD. It took additional 20 min to reach to gate at Dubai. Almost 45 min late. Hardly 1 Hr and a bit left for my next flight to KTM. As there was no one waiting at the plane gate, I rushed to Emirates connection centre at Dubai. The response I got there was very upsetting. They were not helping me because my other flight was with flyDubai (which I did not notice earlier as I booked this thru Emirates). Gate number of my flight was not displayed in the Boards. No one helped me, they asked me to wait the gate number to be displayed, which never did. I missed the flight, because the Emirates was late and their information system was not good. They did not bother to help us because we were only 3 passengers in this connection. The following flyDubai flight to KTM was over-booked, so we had to wait next Oman Air flight via Mascot. I reached KTM approx. 18 hrs late to find another surprise. My little suitcase was broken. I made a complain at Sydney and claimed for missing goods. Emirates responded to me in 7 days as - “it is the airline industry policy and agreement between airlines. Oman Air has a direct responsibility to resolve your claim.. suggest that you contact Oman Air.” I was expecting something better than this from Emirates Airlines. My advice, never fly in their partnership flights, avoid Dubai airport connection if possible.

3/5/2019 Riccardo Micci

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Johannesburg via Dubai. Flight departed on time. Service only started 1 hour 30 minutes after take off. Crew not friendly during boarding but they were friendly once service started. As usual Emirates inflight entertainment excellent with latest movies available. I have been travelling for many years and don't expect much from airline food, it is usually average, but the food offered on this flight gets a 10/10. Absolutely fabulous from starter to dessert. Overall a very good flight. Crew under a lot of pressure from some demanding passengers but were very pleasant and professional.

3/5/2019 Umer Khan

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Jeddah via Dubai. I am a fan of Emirates and have flown quite a lot of miles on it. I feel like Emirate's quality of service is declining very fast. From check in at the airport in DC (IAD) the staff were rude, insisted that our luggage be exactly 20lbs (where is the limit is 23lb/bag). The staff in Kabul insisted that I could not take a carry on with me because it was a kilo over the limit whereas I saw others carrying much larger bags than my little carry on bag. They then checked my bag to Dubai (instead of Geneva) and I had to leave the airport, go through the immigration, collect my bag, take another shuttle and come back to the terminal. What a nightmare. Trying to avoid this airline at all costs now.

3/5/2019 S Danleepa

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Cape Town via Dubai. Emirates has been incredibly disappointing on so many fronts. The Special meal I ordered didn't show up. As opposed to being super apologetic the airline crew was just rather indifferent. Also the regular meals provided in business class were terrible. Business class felt like economy class service. Staff came out when there was meal service and otherwise just huddled in the cabin and chatted outside of that. Really got the distinct impression that I was bothering them every time I had to go to the cabin to get water. They used to be better. Not sure what happened to this airline. Airport Transfer: security check points to transfer from one gate to another along with an arduous bus ride. Amenities: Nice Kit but no slippers in the plane. Seats: This was the worst part. The seats are not truly flat bed and just not comfy. It really felt like I was in a 1 star airline. No free Internet in business class and after paying $15 I got very bad quality internet. No power in the seat. While there was a socket, it was not working.The lounge at Dubai airport is really good

3/4/2019 David Kassai

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to Dubai. A regular traveler to Emirates, I was very disappointed, once again, by this company's sharply lower performance. The welcome on the plane is expeditious, the smiles rare. We had two hostesses, one obviously beginner, shy to the point of not being able to look in the eyes while talking to us, and faster than lightning: the tablecloths are literally thrown on the shelves, the drinks served without presentation, she ran most of the time like most hostesses. The dishes had little flavor. Only positive points: the quality of the wines, including Champagne and the plate of cheese. The device "wifi" control of audiovisual instruments did not work, despite the repair efforts of a hostess much more experienced, pleasant and smiling, that we saw that during the claim. The limousine service promised in the price of the ticket is non-existent in Phuket, for reasons never explained, and the car provided to Dubai was the worst, dented on its flank must, while we have well reminded the hostess of the counter. we were theoretically entitled to two cars, having two separate tickets. It will be I hope our last experience with Emirates, happily competing on the same lines. FR: Voyageur habitué de la compagnie EMIRATES, j’ai été très déçu, une fois de plus, par les prestations en nette baisse, de cette compagnie. Dès l’embarquement – assuré à Phuket par des employés de la THAI AIRWAYS – on est traité comme des animaux, pas de sourire en vue. L’accueil dans l’avion est expéditif, les sourires rares. Nous avons eu deux hôtesses, l’une visiblement débutante, timide au point de ne pouvoir nous regarder dans les yeux en nous parlant, et plus rapide que l’éclair : les nappes sont littéralement jetées sur les tablettes, les boissons servies sans présentation, elle courait la plupart du temps comme la plupart des hôtesses. Les mets n’avaient que peu de saveur. Seuls points positifs : la qualité des vins, Champagne compris et l’assiette de fromage. Le dispositif «  wifi » de commande des instruments audiovisuels ne fonctionnait pas, malgré les efforts de réparation d’un hôtesse nettement plus expérimentée, agréable et souriante, que l’on a vu que lors de la réclamation. Le service de limousine promis dans le prix du billet est inexistant à Phuket, pour des raisons jamais expliquée, et la voiture fournie à Dubaï était la pire, cabossée sur son flanc doit, alors que nous avons bien rappelé à l’hôtesse du comptoir d’accueil que nous avions théoriquement droit à deux voitures, ayant deux billets séparés. Ce sera j’espère notre dernière expérience avec EMIRATES, heureusement concurrencée sur les mêmes lignes.

3/3/2019 Z Haneed

✅ Trip Verified | I booked return flight from Karachi to Istanbul by Emirates. My flights were operated by Emirates but on my return at Dubai I was informed my flight is changed and I have given another flight operated by flydubai after 4 hours (my Emirates connection was after 1 hour 15 mins). I tried to contact their customer service staff but no one was answering why I am getting flydubai when I paid for Emirates?. In flydubai I had worst experience of my life. They were treating me like I got this flight in free. I contacted Emirates customer service after reaching my destination but again as expected they were not accepting anything. Even my miles were deducted because I travelled on flydubai. Worst experience and nightmare. I even checked in for my Emirates flights and got boarding passes at Istanbul Airport but they were not listening at all.

3/1/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) Two Class seat 80K

Beware seat 80A and 80K in the two class layout A380 (whole lower deck Economy). This is an exit row seat but the emergency exit slide means it sticks out into the leg space, limiting room, particularly for tall travellers. I'm 6' 4" / 193cm and had to swap with 80H - though this is an aisle seat next to the galley so you often get bashed (same for 80C). Steward confirmed that 68A and 68K are the pick of the extra legroom economy seats on 2 class Emirates A380.

3/1/2019 Amal Bukhamseen

✅ Trip Verified | This was the worse airline experience I’ve had. London to Dammam via Dubai, I had to stop over in Dubai for a couple of days for a family matter (I’m a GCC citizen so I don’t need a visa to Dubai). On the Emirates disk in LHR, I requested to have my luggage checked into DXB but I was told that I can’t do this because my ticket doesn’t allow a stop over unless I pay an upgrade of 2000 US Dollars or I can request my luggage once I arrived to DXB and I will be able to take them so this is what I did. When I arrived to DXB, I requested my luggage to be off the airplane and was told to wait for 2 hours to be able to collect my luggage. But when I came back to them after 2 hours they told me that the luggage are taken out of the aircraft but I can not take them unless I pay the 2000 Dollars, I tried to explain to them that I had to end my trip in Dubai and I need my stuff and my medicines from the bags but they refused. I left the luggage with them . When I returned back home (DMM) I claimed my luggage and had them delivered after 2 days to DMM. Decided not to use Emirates again.

3/1/2019 Katie Wong

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Hong Kong via Dubai. Won’t fly with it again! I called the office to upgrade my connecting flight to business class, and left the other one economy. After it was done, I did my check-in online and found that the seats that I have chosen for the economy one has been changed. What I chose before was in row 57 and I will be sitting with my husband (we bought our tickets together). So I called back to the office and asked what happened and he admitted that they made a mistake but unfortunately it cannot be changed. So he changed our seats at the very back row which is 87. I asked him to change me back to the seats that I have chosen before but he asked me to ask for help in the airport. But then when I arrived the check-in counter in the airport, the staff refused to help me and asked me to ask the staff at the boarding counter. But when I arrived the boarding counter, no one was willing to help me. I am very disappointed. Won’t travel with this airline again!

2/28/2019 Mossie Banks

✅ Trip Verified | London to Adelaide via Dubai. First and last time I'll use this airline. Flight was cancelled and then further delayed, resulting in losing 2 days of our holiday to Australia. Communication between Emirates staff in terms of emergency stop over hotels in Dubai was non existent. Chaos at Dubai airport at 5am where staff had no idea the entire aircraft were from a cancelled flight and needing hotels. Inflight service was so poor. Rude and disinterested cabin crew who didn't offer anything to drink or eat until 3 hours into a 6 hour night flight. I had to ask for a glass of water after 2.5 hours. No drinks offered with the meal and a bar service following an hour afterwards, by which time it's approx 4am. Very disappointed.

2/26/2019 Madhav Devarakonda

✅ Trip Verified | Hyderabad to Munich via Dubai. I had a very pleasant experience via Emirates on my flight from HYD to DXB. An employee at Hyderabad airport who was very kind, calm and composed even during peak hour of boarding for an over booked flight. The inflight experience was really amazing. I would definitely fly with Emirates again.

2/25/2019 B Masten

✅ Trip Verified | Kathmandu to Dallas via Dubai. Spent 2 days transit in Dubai and have to pay twice for little overweight baggage costing more than $500. Total ripoff. They charged me for overweight in Kathmandu and was told by their representatives that I should show the receipt when i do check in in Dubai after my short stay, and I do not have to pay again in Dubai as its been already charged at the beginning. But no, they charged me additional cost in Dubai and was not helpful at all. No class from so called big airlines.

2/25/2019 Melissa Legner

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Cape Town via Dubai. This review is about my outbound flight to Cape Town (December 19th 2018). My children and I were denied boarding our flight to South Africa due to not having their birth certificates upon check-in, even though the South African government updated the policy December 1st 2018 (which no longer requires this document as mandatory). Not only did Emirate not indicate at any time during the booking process about this law they refused to reason when I showed them South African's government recent update. Due to the busy Christmas season, we were unable to fly to South African until 3 days later, missed the cruise we were to join and had to embark the ship in Namibia 6 days after the original travel date. We were meant to meet my husband on board the ship and missed out on Christmas because of this mistake. The kids were devastated. We were over EUR€4,500 out of pocket since I had to book hotels, new flights and transfers, all because they hadn't updated their policies. Their customer service department is a joke as the only way I could submit a complaint was through their website online form. Their response (claiming zero responsibility and therefore denying me any compensation) was from a "no-reply" email address. Even after I spoke with a customer service rep over the phone I was instructed to submit a new complaint since I couldn't follow up to their response email. I submitted a new complaint, correcting their false claims (that I didn't have a travel letter from my husband, which I did have) and I haven't heard back. My husband and I have been working in the travel & hospitality industry for 25+ years and I am extremely knowledgable in luxury customer service; this is what I do for a living. This by far is the worst I have ever experienced. I will never fly Emirates again. Oh and 4/5 checked in luggage was left behind on our return flight. We received them 2 days later.

2/24/2019 M Heany

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Newcastle via Dubai. I booked a return flight from Perth to Uk, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to miss my first flight. However, later when I finally arrived to UK then I realised they had already cancelled my return flight. Leaving me having to buy my tickets again. I rang Emirates and they said that’s how the airline policy works and nothing they can do about it. And suggest I rebook soon if I want the same flight back. Or contact my flight agency to see what they can do.

2/23/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 seat 39H

Seat OK - view free of the wing. Pretty narrow though.

2/23/2019 M Lafarina

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Lisbon. It was great. The ICE entertainment system was great and also the cabin crew. I made a photo with the pilot. I want to fly Emirates again. I hope you choose Emirates.