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5/30/2019 C Ji

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Hong Kong. Ticket quite cheap (comparing to an average of HK$2500, this was only HK$1000). New aircraft. Check in at PEK is fast, but boarding is a little messy. Cabin crew and service is good (they may also accept flight logs). Meal was nasty as usual since air cater was done in PEK.

5/22/2019 S Chadanant

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Los Angeles via Hong Kong. Efficient cabin crew serviced passengers quickly and met all basic expectations. They might not seem friendly, but they were not rude. I assumed their focus were on speed and getting the job done. Good in-flight entertainment - lots of selections catering to local and international passengers. Plenty of snacks and drinks during flight, self-service style. Hot food were ok.

4/29/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 51H

I paid extra for 51H. Row 51's are the worst seats to have. If you are in 51 C or H, passengers will stand in front of you to stretch or wait for the bathroom. You can really extend your leg out too much because passengers will end up kicking your feet as they pass by. Since passengers were kicking my feet ever so often, it would wake me up from my sleep. If you are in 51 B or J, you were slightly better off as you will not get your feet kicked, but you still have the issue of people standing in front of you or even sitting down of the floor in your space (I have pictures). If you are sitting in 51 D, E or G, passengers will cross in front of you to get to the other aisle to use the bathroom. Please avoid.

4/27/2019 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | HX offers very attractive price for business class for destinations such as Okinawa, Bangkok and Denpasar etc. An older ex SIA aircraft was used, the seat was 2x2x2 angle lie flat. For medium to short haul, that's perfectly fine. What impressed me the most are the wonderful set of crew on board, they are enthusiastic, charming and very efficient. For a flight of nearly just 2 hours, they managed to do a full service (welcome drink, hot towel, meal in 2 separate courses). Compared to my recent experience with Thai, who just stacked everything onto one try for a sector slightly longer than from HKG to Okinawa. HX has a good and extensive duty free catalogue. Boarding was very orderly, and parked at aero bridge. Despite the bad rep and recent financial troubles and rumours for shutting down, things seems pretty ok. They have every reason to stay on the market, and I wish them well, I will continue to chose them for Bangkok, Okinawa and Denpasar.

4/26/2019 Peter Tso

✅ Trip Verified | I was returning with my 92 years old dad from Shanghai to Hong Kong, because my dad has difficulty walking long distance, so I called two days ahead for wheelchair service. Upon check in the agent has no record of the service, but said will arrange a wheelchair in 30 mins. When it’s time I went back to the agent and had to wait for another 25 mins before a wheelchair was brought out. After being pushed to the gate, we were told another agent will be back and push my dad onto the plane. Upon boarding we waited but no one showed up. There was another lady on wheelchair and agent told her she needed to be the last one to board the plane. After most people boarded still no one came by, so I asked an agent and she immediately asked a female agent to push my dad in. After arrival to Hong Kong, We were told a wheelchair will be brought to door after everyone departs. Then 10 mins after everyone departed the plane, they told us a wheelchair is here and who wanted to go first (two passengers needed wheelchair). Since my dad was standing he was pushed thru the ramp to terminal right outside the gate. Then they asked my dad to sit on a bench while they went back to push the other lady out. Afterwards they said will check for another wheelchair for my dad while they pushed the lady out to customs. We waited for 40 mins without sign of any wheelchair. An agent was accompanying us and he kept checking. Finally my dad was upset and decided to slowly walked out himself while holding my arm. The agent said wheelchair was handled by another company and they were lack of resources! The flight service was decent but be warned if you have a need for wheelchair service!

4/25/2019 T Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Vancouver. My flight connection was rescheduled last minute from a 2 hour layover into a 12 hour layover and they would not let me use the lounge while I waited. Now I’m stuck without a place to relax. I feel it would be easy for them to accommodate me for their own scheduling mistake, but they do not. Furthermore it seems the lounge staff and help desk do not even have the authority to accommodate me if they wanted to. Won’t fly with them again.

4/2/2019 Ivan Ilieff

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Bangkok via Hong Kong. Flew on same exact brand new A-350 (B-LGH) on three of the four legs and on an older A330. The A350 was in the new herring bone configuration, which is more modern but not necessarily more comfortable than the older business cabin on the 330. Check-In ans Boarding efficient and quick, lounges in LAX (International Lounge) and BKK (Miracle Lounge) were mediocre, in HKG (Auris) - Great. Amenities were standard, food was good and it was presented well. Wine selection was limited, and drinks/refills were not offered as much as it should be customary in Business class. Cabin crew was hard working and courteous, maybe a bit inexperienced. My seat (12K) got stuck on both long legs and I had to be reseated. WiFi was only available on the last leg. Overall an excellent experience and great value for the price paid. Would definitely do again.

4/1/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 seat 14K

Bad airline. Good service but horrible flight experience. Flight attendants have no idea how to make a good flight. The aircraft iitself A330 was in bad condition. Will not recommend.

3/29/2019 P Gerson

✅ Trip Verified | Other than a low price, I do not find many redeeming qualities. The aircraft were new, but the layout appeared a bit uncoordinated as did the design and color schemes. Service was very green and awkward. I found the food was very mediocre, rather institutional. IFE was lacking in selection. The seats were good and the flight was on time. This carrier does an okay job if it serves your low fare needs.

3/11/2019 Stroe Ion

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Hong Kong. Worst experience with an airline.Very unhelpful and rude people at check in. The women at the check in desk asked us to show her on our ticket what the flight number was, She couldn't read her own airline ticket. On top of that she also missed that the luggage were traveling all the way to Istanbul and messed that up. We'll never fly with Hong Kong Airlines again.

1/27/2019 A Mangubat

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong was delayed for 5 hrs, then Hong Kong to Manila was also delayed. The worst part is when we arrived to Manila, 3 of our baggage didn't arrive, we waited another 24 hrs for our baggage. Never gonna fly this airline again.

1/23/2019 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong Airlines seems to be going strong, despite of the recent rumours about their financial hardship. For this route HX deployed an Ex SIA A330 plane, with old style angle lie flat seat at 2-2-2 configuration. It's from the 90s but still at acceptable condition. Leg room and seat pitch are acceptable, only it's a bit cramped when in fully flat position. This is ok for short haul flights like this one, so no complaints. Catering and wine selection is average. Beef is a typically difficult type of meat to serve and get right on board. My beef dish was tough, so I ate only half. Despite these short comings, what makes HX shine are their well trained cabin crew, who are courteous and hard working. They are also very pro-active and see to my every need throughout the flight, reminds me of how things used to be in the long gone past. They have a very good on board duty free catalog that offers some unique items. Fast track was given to help speed through immigration process. Priority bags are amongst the first to be delivered. Overall, a very impressive experience.

1/16/2019 C Liu

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Hong Kong. This flight was well below par in terms of service, no smile from flight attendants, no slippers offered. Inflight meal arrived without chopsticks for starter, no refill of drink and my food tray was not collected for over an hour. Whilst waiting for the bathroom, near the middle of the aircraft I saw the Cabin Crew looking after the economy class were preparing drinks on trays to offer economy class passengers. Seems like Economy Class passengers had better service than business class passengers on this flight. Was a flight to forget. Economy class luggage was delivered before Priority Baggage. The positive is it seems as if inflight meals have improved significantly the past two flights.

1/8/2019 R Dalorna

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Vancouver via Hong Kong, the first leg from Manila was Philippine Airlines. Our layover was only 2 hrs but we had to line up for an hour in HKG to get our connecting boarding passes. Prior to the flight I had checked in online already and saved the bar codes in my phone, however according to the staff, these were not allowed and printed copies were required. They should have at least noted that online. During boarding they did not prioritize families with children. Inflight entertainment is limited to movies and music. Inflight food is not nourishing for me. The cabin crew are very accommodating and helpful. Flight was punctual as expected.

1/6/2019 S Nee

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Hong Kong. The flight is about 80% full. My seat is in the middle next to wings. I was served a meal without any choice. As I really didn't want to eat spicy noodles the cabin attendant gave me breads instead, but no butter. Since no entertainment on this old airplane, a passenger use speaker loudly of his mobile phone to watch something in flight.

12/28/2018 Bradley Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Los Angeles via Hong Kong. First of all, the Hong Kong Airlines website is really clunky and bad. The error messages are cryptic and useless at best. We were not able to check in online, and got different error messages each time. We purchased VIP lounge passes, but only received 1 via email/text and was unable to attach them to our itinerary or my frequent flier account. I was unable to make an FF account for my wife, again useless error messages. Check in lines were pretty long, and boarding was poorly managed. We paid extra for the "extra legroom" seats for the HKG to LAX and return and if those have 3" extra legroom, I'd hate to sit in a normal seat. The seats were also hard and uncomfortable. I have flown a number of other Asian carriers (Singapore, EVA, Korean primarily) and all had much more comfortable normal seats. The food was poor and very little choice. No self-serve snacks, no menu provided. Only Chinese-style food and it just wasn't that good. There was limited water/juice service throughout the flight. Considering the quite low price we paid, it was reasonable. But if you look at other seasons, the prices are not even competitive with airlines with better service, I think our fare was somewhat of a fluke.

12/11/2018 Sarah Johnson

Not Verified | On Nov 24 2018 we arrived at the Ho Chi Minh Airport only to find our flight would be delayed due to a typhoon. I want to thank the staff at Hong Kong Airlines for taking such good care of us from Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong to Vancouver, and even arranging our flight through Air Canada from Vancouver to Calgary. I panicked several times due to not being well travelled. I want to express my deepest appreciation for the absolute care & attention provided to me and my family every step of the way, ensuring alternate flights were arranged, looking after our luggage, and reassuring us that they care. I am so very impressed and appreciative. Thank you!

11/30/2018 T Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City. Our flight was delay 6 hours from SFO to Hong Kong. Our flight from Hong Kong to Ho Cho Minh delayed. Once we landed in Hong Kong they gave me the first flight out but it’s 23 hours wait. They gave another family of 3 guests on the same flight out as ours from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh on Vietnam Airline. This is the worst experience of flying. This is unacceptable service.

11/27/2018 L Fallen

✅ Trip Verified | My husband and I attempted to speak with many different staff and no one assisted us. My husband and I were booked on two separate flights from Hong Kong to Okinawa. I was on the 0710 flight, he was on the 1130. The 0730 flight was not full, so we asked if we could change my husband’s flight to 0730, so that we could back to Okinawa together. Many people we asked just said simply I can’t do that, no information provided why or where to switch the flight. One lady said I can switch the flight, but the rebooking cost will be 800HKD. There were 3 empty seats next to me. What a waste!

10/25/2018 Rod A, Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 seat 31A

Not bad. Lucky in that the flight wasn’t full. So I had the row to myself. But beware if the flight is full. Economy seats recline is generous but not great if you are 5/10 or taller. Pay extra for the front row of economy.