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4/30/2019 P Nowak

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Santa Cruz de La Palma with Iberia Express. Too small space for legs if you are over 180 cm, quite unpleasant and unfriendly staff (like most Iberia staff) with very limited knowledge of English.

2/26/2019 B Mulder

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Porto via Madrid. My experience with Iberia is quite upsetting, it pretty much started even before I got into the plane. I ordered my ticket a while before the flight was supposed to happen and 2 days before takeoff I went over to the website to select my seats and do my online check-in, however, when I tried to do so I was met with a fee for each seat. Due to the fact that I went from the Netherlands to Portugal via Spain, I had to pay for 4 seats, each seat was at least €8 and at most €14, which came down to an additional €32 at the very least just to be able to sit. This was the first time ever I ordered tickets with Iberia as normally I fly via other companies and I was never asked to pay for my seats before unless they provided me with extra space for my legs or other luxury benefits. I called Iberia and was met with an extremely rude customer service person who barely spoke any English. I told him that I couldn't pay for the seats as the only payment method they offered was via credit card, which I don't have; He said: "If you don't want to pay you can just go and pay at the airport" to which I replied: Well, I am currently in the payment screen for a reason, it's just impossible to pay like this. His response remained the same, giving me a feeling like I was being cheap. Once I finally boarded the first plane everything was alright, of course, food and drinks were overpriced by a lot but I was actually quite thirsty and bought myself a coke, then some turbulence happened, the plane started to shake and a moment later I found myself, my seat and the ground below me covered in coke, the flight attendants looked at me with a rather unamused face and threw me some wipes to clean myself and my seat while speaking to me in Spanish, when I said I don't speak nor understand Spanish she shrugged and walked off. Horrible customer support, flight attendants don't care and aren't helpful, due to not being able to choose my own seats I had some horrible experiences with other customers on the plane which I didn't describe.

12/4/2018 V Weeren

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Florence. Do not fly this airline, it is not worth the risk of ruining your trip. We were flying from Amsterdam with a final destination of Florence. We checked two bags. First leg of the flight was Amsterdam to Madrid, which was fine. Second flight from Madrid to Florence: no AC on the airplane, it was uncomfortable and warm the entire 2.5 hour flight. To make matters worse, half an hour before landing we were told due to some conditions we would need to land at the Pisa airport, not Florence. Please keep in mind Pisa is an hour and a half from Florence. We get to Pisa, our bags are not here. We have to call Iberia (because they do not have a counter at the Pisa airport) who tell us our luggage will not arrive in Florence until tomorrow. We are only in Florence for one day, on top of that the person tells me I can’t even open up a claim with him over the phone, I have to go to an Iberia counter. He was not apologetic at all. And why would they have a system where you can’t open a lost baggage claim over the phone? Not efficient. The airline did provide a bus for passengers to go from the Pisa airport to Florence airport, but we had to wait an entire hour for it. Overall bad service and seriously not worth your risk of ruining your trip. Don’t fly this airline.

12/3/2018 Mikhail Margolis

Not Verified | Paris to Madrid. This airline has the smallest space between seats, I can't even open a notebook to work during the flight. I avoid this airline just because of that - their competitors (low-budgets) have more space. So if you fly for business and you hope to work during the flight, then choose any other airline.

10/30/2018 N Famiryna

✅ Trip Verified | Gran Canaria to Zürich via Madrid. They give me this stupid connection and when my plane landed they did not wait for me. Only 5 mins late, but of course it was not my fault. My other connection had delay like always. Have to wait 4 hours for the next plane.On my way back i also had more than 3 hours delay. I paid 500CHF and its a horrible company and you have to pay everything in the plane. Not even a glass of water they offer you for free. Never again will i fly with Iberia.

9/29/2018 T Mylor

✅ Trip Verified | My flight was originally on Delta from Salt Lake City to Madrid for both business and pleasure. Due to Delta leaving 3.5 hours late I missed my connection in Paris and as all the Delta Partner flights were booked going down to Madrid that evening they put me on an Iberia flight. This gave me a 4 hour layover or so in Paris so you would think my luggage would have arrived. It didn't. I figured it would show up a day or so later because how do you lose luggage for longer than that and I made the mistake of only making only one pair of underclothes and two shirts in my backpack. As the days progressed with no luggage I was told by Iberia to hold onto my receipts for reimbursement as I had to by clothes I could wear for my conference, makeup and some clothes for the vacation portion of my trip. I didn't go wild. Finally, on the 9th day of no luggage they contacted me to say it was found and now in Madrid. That didn't help as I was in Barcelona. I instructed them to send it to my home in Utah to which they told me they would send me the shipping information. They never did. Three days later there was a knock at my door at 4:50 a.m. that freaked me out because I wasn't expecting anyone. It ended up being my luggage. Luckily, it was all there. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. When the Iberia representative told me to hang onto my receipts he gave me an email address to send all my documentation. I did so knowing that reimbursement could take up to 30 days. After 3 weeks of radio silence from Iberia I contacted them to check the status and they said they never received my paperwork! They gave me a new email address and I resubmitted again. This time I saw emails from them saying they were processing and I could expect a check in approximately 30 days. Fast forward to this week. At day 36 I called them and was told that they couldn't help me. That I would need to lodge a complaint through their website. I immediately did and received an email that said it could take up to 21 days to respond. When I got home that day there was a check in the mail for less than half of the amount submitted. I've since contacted them without response. The customer service of this airline is unbelievably horrible! As Iberia was the airline I last flew with when the luggage went missing, according to airline regulations they are responsible for whatever happens to it.

8/24/2018 W Geare

✅ Trip Verified | On 14 May 2018, my wife and I were booked on Iberia Express flight No 12 3877 from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid. The flight was scheduled to leave Santiago de Compostela at 9.15 am but due to a fault with the de-icing mechanism on the port engine of the aircraft, the flight was delayed and eventually took off from Santiago at 11.26 am, landing at Madrid at 12.20 pm. As a result of the delayed flight, we missed our connecting flight, from Madrid to Bucharest which departed at 12.15 pm. The Iberia staff at Madrid airport were most unhelpful in solving our problem and were rude and dismissive. A large number of passengers on the flight lost connections. The attitude and service was appalling. To add insult to injury, our baggage and 21 other passengers’ baggage did not arrive in Madrid with our flight. We put in a baggage claim and our two bags eventually arrived late afternoon at Terminal 4 which I had to go searching for and which I found going around and around on a carousel all on their own and which could have been taken by any other passenger. The Iberia baggage claim staff had promised that they would keep the bags for us in their office once they arrived from Santiago, but this was not done. This is shocking service. In the meantime, we had to travel back and forth from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 on two occasions in search of our baggage. As a result of the delayed Santiago - Madrid flight, we had to purchase two new airline tickets with another airline because we were a “no show” for the Tarom flight to Bucharest. I phoned Iberia Express in Madrid from Romania on many occasions and at great expense in order to investigate lodging a claim for compensation under the EU Regulations. I was told to lodge a claim online which I tried on numerous occasions but each time I tried to submit the claim, the message I received we that the Santiago flight number does not correspond to any Iberia or Iberia Express flight number. I phoned Madrid again and one of the customer service people said that she could not understand why the website is rejecting my application because the flight number I put into the system was correct. She then told me to send my claim by email to which I did but received a reply that the email address is for “internal use only”. I once again phoned Iberia in Madrid and the customer service person promised to investigate the problem and get back to me but I have never received a call back from her or anyone else. I have tried on 23 occasions to submit my claim online with the same result, the online system keeps telling me that the flight number does not correspond to and Iberia or Iberia Express flight number. In desperation, I wrote a letter to the CEO of Iberia and sent the letter by email and mailed it to him on 28 June 2018. I have not had the courtesy of a response from him our his staff.

7/21/2018 J Gerton

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Business Class to Las Palmas from Cardiff. Flights excellent and on-time, I couldn't fault their performance. What overshadowed the whole trip was the way in which I was treated in Madrid Airport by a gate clerk. I entered the wrong line for priority boarding and eventually was able to join the correct line. For some reason this angered the woman at the gate who decided to explode with anger at me for no reason about why I was in the wrong queue etc. I was so shocked by her behaviour. When I told her off for speaking to me in such an aggressive way and I took back my passport with a curt "thank you" she ran down the jetty (leaving her desk and other passengers) to verbally abuse me more. I have never experienced anything quite like it in 15 years of flying Iberia. I put in a complaint about her behviour but heard nothing back. Totally appalling experience and never again.

6/30/2018 T Ramirez

✅ Trip Verified | Stuttgart to Madrid. Cabin crew friendlier than customers. Wifi to see movies on the cellphone, easy departure and punctuality. Finger use in airports, never had to use a bus to get to the plane. It does not seem a low-cost airline at all and I try to use it whenever I can. The only "but" is that the cabin crew are too permissive with customers leaving their backpacks in the trolley-cabins. If you get late to the plane you might not have space because of this.

6/15/2018 B Smart

✅ Trip Verified | Marrakesh to Malta via Madrid. Most disorganized airline I have had the misfortune of flying!! Our complaint with Iberia airlines began when we were stuck waiting to board at the rear doors of the aircraft on the steps in the hot Moroccan sun for 20 minutes, only to be told they needed to close the rear door so we would have to walk to the front. My mother, with her bad knee, and I walked back to the front doors of the aircraft where we were the last ones on board. At the top of the steps a man begins putting tags on our hand luggage without saying a word to us. I ask if this means they will have to be checked and he just says “No space” and gestures inside. I understand we are the last ones on the plane (not intentionally) so there is no space left but they could at least tell us what was happening with our bags instead of taking our luggage without a word. Inside the plane, there is no soap in the toilets which we realized after another passenger spilt Coca Cola on top of my mother wearing all white. Now the belt is ruined, shirt stained, and my mother is completely sticky. On arrival in Madrid, we wait to collect our bags next to the plane as the agent in Marrakech had instructed us. One of the flight attendants informed us that our bags were “probably” en route to the final destination of Malta. We replied that there was no information given, as to our final destination, so we deduced that the bags must be in Madrid. We are then told that “most likely” our bags were in Madrid but we would have to go outside security to collect them and then come back. After waiting at the baggage claim the bags finally arrived. We narrowly made our next flight and were one of the last on this flight as well. On our next flight we were lied to by two agents saying there was absolutely no space for our bags but once we were inside we found at least 10 empty spaces (as well as numerous empty seats) that we could have used rather than leaving our bags to get lost again. Overall a miserable experience flying with Iberia, I would recommend flying any of the low-cost airlines who have a better standard of service than this. I would have rather swam through the med than gone through this. My mother might not have many trips left and this company certainly ruined one of them.

6/1/2018 T Nurssen

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Gatwick. Flight was on time. At first it looks like the seat pitch is fine. This has been achieved by removing the seat pocket one normally finds below the tray table. However, once person in front declined their seat it became very unpleasant. The tray table came close to my stomach and it would have been very difficult to use the table. Fortunately there was an empty row across and one was able to move seats. The WiFi worked but it only allows you to watch information and movies on Iberia Express page and you are unable to surf the net or send emails, go on Facebook etc. The movie and TV selection was quite good but as there is no seat charger I didn't want to lose my charge so did not use it in the end. The crew were largely absent but drinks and food menu (all charged) was very adequate for short haul budget flight. All in all a pleasant experience bar the ridiculous seats.

2/19/2018 Eduardo Díaz

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Berlin Tegel to Madrid on February 18, the flight was on time and we arrived to Madrid before the set time. Check in was fast too. Nice flight, kind cabin crew, good service and also confortable seats with spacious legroom. I really recommend it.

2/10/2018 A Norton

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Madrid to London Gatwick. There is very minimal leg room on these planes. I'm not tall (165cm or around 5'5) and I felt cramped in. It's fine for a short flight, but 2.5 hours to London is pushing it. Beware that they will try to force you to check in your luggage, even though there is a lot of space in the cabin. The ground staff were really forceful that the overhead lockers were full, but they were half empty when I got on the plane - whole overhead lockers of empty space. They may claim to be the most punctual airline in the world, but they have downright dishonest ways of doing it. This isn't the first time it's happened to me on this airline. Staff are very much "that's not my job" kind of people. There is absolutely no difference between these flights and the other low cost airlines, except, and I never though I'd say this, the staff on other low cost airlines are a lot better at their jobs. I will be avoiding Iberia Express in future. Unfortunately they do some routes that no one else does, but for those flights I guess I'll just have to accept that there's no way I can be in a rush.

2/5/2018 N Mellor

✅ Trip Verified | Gran Canaria to Madrid. From start to finish I felt like there was so many problems. Firstly I arrived at the airport early so I didn't have to leave my baggage in the hold. However everyone who was priority was allowed on before. They put people into groups so I was group 3 the last even though I was the first near the gate. After that my luggage was put into hold. Once on the flight the staff seemed disconnected and also flustered themselves, I suppose because things don't run smooth. The back of my seat was broken so I had to be transferred next to a mother and small baby crying, at this point I just wanted to rest. The food and drinks were overpriced and I had to pay £2.50 for a tea which was that bad I had to ask for it to be changed. The hot water was not warm enough to brew the tea so it ended up looking like dirty dishes water. At the other end of the flight I waited over 20 mins to get off the plane and then a further half an hour to get my bag which was only very small. Not a comfortable experience in total and wouldn't think of flying again with them. easyJet is a much better option for low cost.

10/9/2017 H Tan

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Nice. Check-in at Terminal 4 Madrid airport was fairly easy where there are many self service kiosks available. After obtaining a boarding pass from the self service kiosk, I had to drop my check-in baggage at designated counters a short walk away. A staff member checked to ensure that the baggage tag is tagged on correctly before accepting the baggage. The boarding gate was a good 20-25mins walk away. Boarding was orderly. The flight was over 90% full and overhead cabin space was quite limited. Seats in economy cannot recline but it was not a problem. There is no inflight entertainment. Each seat comes with a charging point located below the seat so it takes a bit of a search to be able to locate it.

9/18/2017 W Borlen

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Amsterdam. Overbooking the flight and bumping people off when everyone shows up. We are requested to spend the night at the airport and take the flight the next day (not just a few hours later, but the next day). It is scandalous you pay for a ticket but apparently don't have a guaranteed seat. They assured us that it was the company's policy and it was written in small letters on the terms and conditions of the tickets.

9/4/2017 John Leonard

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Dublin August 31st. Have flown with these before found them ok, I needed to booked a changeable ticket and as there was very little difference in the full economy fare and businesses class. Check in, lounge, fast-track all fine, boarding was fine too ( usual haul to gate 4 at the very end of Terminal 4) I was in front row and to be honest the seat was not the most comfortable it's the usual standard 3 seats layout with middle seat left free which in theory only gives you more arm room. Cabin crew were nice but very distant and almost came acrosss as Robotic like they were programmed . Inflight meal was omelette, fruit, crossaint (breakfast) I wasn't offered a 2nd cup of coffee and I had to press bell to get a Fanta - my previous flights with Iberia Express found the crew very attentive. The Immfky.com wifi wasn't working and the crew didn't know a lot about it. Overall not bad but, it's a half hearted business class in comparison to others. I would still fly with them.

8/16/2017 David Martinez Granero

✅ Verified Review | Flew Iberia Express from Madrid to Rennes. Very good punctuality, we arrived 20 minutes before the scheduled time. The Immfly WiFi connection works very well. Great variety of content like films, series, TV programs for flights of less than three hours. The staff were very nice and helpful.

7/29/2017 Ralph Jones

✅ Verified Review | Short hop from London Gatwick to Madrid. First time on Iberia Express. Check-in was chaos and was told I was lucky to have a seat as flight was over booked by 10 people. Not good. BA codeshare flight, however you cannot check in at BA static machines to check-in. Manual check in only. Flight was crowded and a bit cramped. But showed all the traits of low-cost (which it is) and a legacy airline for back-up. Crew actually friendly and worked hard which is not always the Iberia way given my previous poor long-haul experiences on Iberia - this point was refreshing today!. Value for money too and would use again. Did not purchase anything but prices looked reasonable.

7/29/2017 Ernestus Van Woerkom

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Amsterdam. We checked in a day before leaving. They charged us 30 euro for our luggage. The day of leaving we had to pay again 60 euro for our luggage. Otherwise our luggage would be hold in Madrid. By reclamation on the general desk they told us it was because the system failed and we had to deal with it. Although it was the mistake of Iberia. By entering the plane all storage cabin were full. For our handluggage there was no space. The stewardess told us to keep our handluggage under our seats - most of the passenger took 2 pieces of handluggage with them. Some of them 3 pieces! So we had to pay double and other paasenger could take all there luggage with them in the cabin.