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4/30/2019 P Nowak

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Santa Cruz de La Palma with Iberia Express. Too small space for legs if you are over 180 cm, quite unpleasant and unfriendly staff (like most Iberia staff) with very limited knowledge of English.

2/26/2019 B Mulder

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Porto via Madrid. My experience with Iberia is quite upsetting, it pretty much started even before I got into the plane. I ordered my ticket a while before the flight was supposed to happen and 2 days before takeoff I went over to the website to select my seats and do my online check-in, however, ...

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12/4/2018 V Weeren

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Florence. Do not fly this airline, it is not worth the risk of ruining your trip. We were flying from Amsterdam with a final destination of Florence. We checked two bags. First leg of the flight was Amsterdam to Madrid, which was fine. Second flight from Madrid to Florence: no AC on the airplane, it ...

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12/3/2018 Mikhail Margolis

Not Verified | Paris to Madrid. This airline has the smallest space between seats, I can't even open a notebook to work during the flight. I avoid this airline just because of that - their competitors (low-budgets) have more space. So if you fly for business and you hope to work during the flight, then choose any other airline...

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10/30/2018 N Famiryna

✅ Trip Verified | Gran Canaria to Zürich via Madrid. They give me this stupid connection and when my plane landed they did not wait for me. Only 5 mins late, but of course it was not my fault. My other connection had delay like always. Have to wait 4 hours for the next plane.On my way back i also had more than 3 hours delay. I ...

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9/29/2018 T Mylor

✅ Trip Verified | My flight was originally on Delta from Salt Lake City to Madrid for both business and pleasure. Due to Delta leaving 3.5 hours late I missed my connection in Paris and as all the Delta Partner flights were booked going down to Madrid that evening they put me on an Iberia flight. This gave me a 4 hour layover o...

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8/24/2018 W Geare

✅ Trip Verified | On 14 May 2018, my wife and I were booked on Iberia Express flight No 12 3877 from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid. The flight was scheduled to leave Santiago de Compostela at 9.15 am but due to a fault with the de-icing mechanism on the port engine of the aircraft, the flight was delayed and eventually took ...

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7/21/2018 J Gerton

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Business Class to Las Palmas from Cardiff. Flights excellent and on-time, I couldn't fault their performance. What overshadowed the whole trip was the way in which I was treated in Madrid Airport by a gate clerk. I entered the wrong line for priority boarding and eventually was able to join the correct ...

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6/30/2018 T Ramirez

✅ Trip Verified | Stuttgart to Madrid. Cabin crew friendlier than customers. Wifi to see movies on the cellphone, easy departure and punctuality. Finger use in airports, never had to use a bus to get to the plane. It does not seem a low-cost airline at all and I try to use it whenever I can. The only "but" is that the cabin cr...

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6/15/2018 B Smart

✅ Trip Verified | Marrakesh to Malta via Madrid. Most disorganized airline I have had the misfortune of flying!! Our complaint with Iberia airlines began when we were stuck waiting to board at the rear doors of the aircraft on the steps in the hot Moroccan sun for 20 minutes, only to be told they needed to close the rear door so...

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6/1/2018 T Nurssen

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Gatwick. Flight was on time. At first it looks like the seat pitch is fine. This has been achieved by removing the seat pocket one normally finds below the tray table. However, once person in front declined their seat it became very unpleasant. The tray table came close to my stomach and it would hav...

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2/19/2018 Eduardo Díaz

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Berlin Tegel to Madrid on February 18, the flight was on time and we arrived to Madrid before the set time. Check in was fast too. Nice flight, kind cabin crew, good service and also confortable seats with spacious legroom. I really recommend it.

2/10/2018 A Norton

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Madrid to London Gatwick. There is very minimal leg room on these planes. I'm not tall (165cm or around 5'5) and I felt cramped in. It's fine for a short flight, but 2.5 hours to London is pushing it. Beware that they will try to force you to check in your luggage, even though there is a lot of space in th...

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2/5/2018 N Mellor

✅ Trip Verified | Gran Canaria to Madrid. From start to finish I felt like there was so many problems. Firstly I arrived at the airport early so I didn't have to leave my baggage in the hold. However everyone who was priority was allowed on before. They put people into groups so I was group 3 the last even though I was the firs...

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10/9/2017 H Tan

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Nice. Check-in at Terminal 4 Madrid airport was fairly easy where there are many self service kiosks available. After obtaining a boarding pass from the self service kiosk, I had to drop my check-in baggage at designated counters a short walk away. A staff member checked to ensure that the baggage ...

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9/18/2017 W Borlen

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Amsterdam. Overbooking the flight and bumping people off when everyone shows up. We are requested to spend the night at the airport and take the flight the next day (not just a few hours later, but the next day). It is scandalous you pay for a ticket but apparently don't have a guaranteed seat. The...

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9/4/2017 John Leonard

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Dublin August 31st. Have flown with these before found them ok, I needed to booked a changeable ticket and as there was very little difference in the full economy fare and businesses class. Check in, lounge, fast-track all fine, boarding was fine too ( usual haul to gate 4 at the very end of Termin...

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8/16/2017 David Martinez Granero

✅ Verified Review | Flew Iberia Express from Madrid to Rennes. Very good punctuality, we arrived 20 minutes before the scheduled time. The Immfly WiFi connection works very well. Great variety of content like films, series, TV programs for flights of less than three hours. The staff were very nice and helpful.

7/29/2017 Ralph Jones

✅ Verified Review | Short hop from London Gatwick to Madrid. First time on Iberia Express. Check-in was chaos and was told I was lucky to have a seat as flight was over booked by 10 people. Not good. BA codeshare flight, however you cannot check in at BA static machines to check-in. Manual check in only. Flight was crowded and ...

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7/29/2017 Ernestus Van Woerkom

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Amsterdam. We checked in a day before leaving. They charged us 30 euro for our luggage. The day of leaving we had to pay again 60 euro for our luggage. Otherwise our luggage would be hold in Madrid. By reclamation on the general desk they told us it was because the system failed and we had to deal...

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