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6/26/2019 G Karger

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Tokyo Haneda. Best airline I have ever flown. Economy class seats have enough of space to stretch your legs - im 5'11", food is on business class level when compared to any US or European based carriers. 2 checked baggage pieces standard, its employees don't panhandle for extra fees. Remember all the glamour of the airline travelling from 30 years ago? It still lives on with JAL!

6/13/2019 R Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Tokyo . We purchased an air ticket for my wife to travel to visit family in Tokyo, Japan, on JAL. The ticket was purchased via GoToGate travel - purchased on 4/3/2019 for travel beginning on 6/25/2019 at a cost of approximately $1200. Unfortunately, after booking and upon inspection of her travel document, she discovered a typographical error in her first name. On the ticket, her first name (four letters) has an extra letter (ii instead of i) rather than the correct spelling. We're not sure how this happened, and were quite surprised to see it. We made repeated attempts to rectify this situation and get the typo corrected. We contacted GoToGate by phone and email multiple times. We contacted JAL by phone and email multiple times. We drove to the airport in San Diego and asked for help at the JAL desk. We contacted Alaska Air. Though our efforts did receive some replies, none were satisfactory. The typo remains on the ticket. Given the fact that TSA or the Airline may stop her at Airport Security Screening, or stop her from boarding the flight, she is not willing to use the ticket. Therefore, we have requested a full refund for the amount of the ticket, minus an appropriate handling fee, so that her booking via Go To Gate on Alaska and JAL will available, and so that some other passenger may book travel on the seat. We believe that the airline and the travel agency have a moral obligation and responsibility to serve customers to the best of their abilities, and to rectify this kind of situation. Moreover, both the airline, the travel agency, and other customers stand to benefit by allowing the seat to be used by another customer. We are aware of the airline policies and practices regarding refunds and changes, yet we believe certain situations are exceptional and require flexibility. At this point, all we can do is chalk it up to corporate greed and feel a simmering anger over our loss.

6/11/2019 C Yun

✅ Trip Verified | My first flight was from Vancouver to Tokyo and I was so disappointed in the business class not having full lay flat seats and having to step over the passenger beside me every time I had to go to the washroom. The service was mediocre at best. I felt like it was premium economy. What saved Japan airlines for me was the flight from Tokyo to Delhi. It was like night and day. The seats are 1-2-1 configuration so you have a lot of privacy. The seats had lots of storage space and the tv was huge. The flight attendants were incredible, always walking by to see if we needed anything and the bathroom was clean. I don't know why there was such a big difference in the flights. But Japan Airlines is now my second favorite after EVA Air. But beware as some planes are still the old horrible configuration.

5/29/2019 Mika Saka

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Jakarta via Tokyo. The cabin crew was so friendly and polite. They smile from the heart. The food was terrific, it was amazing. I will use this airline again.

5/28/2019 Ngoc Nguyen

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh City via Tokyo. I was very frustrated of how JAL treats its customer in my latest flight. My flight was through 02 transits each for the arrival and return trip, and most of the flights which were run in cooperation between JAL and American Airlines had at least 30 min delay but I was fine about that. However, in my second flight upon return after the first transit, JAL was late for 1 hour and 20 mins due to maintenance issue, whilst my connecting flight (the final one to return home) is only 1 hour from the previous flight's arrival time. When we got to NRT, the connecting flight has not yet departed, and was still boarding, but instead of guiding us to the gate so that we can be on board quickly (which may take approx. 10 mins), they threw us to another airline, with an additional transit (KL) and additional 10 hours flight and waiting at the KL airport. What is even more frustrating is the JAL staff who gave us the new ticket, she said in the first place when we just arrived, running and confused: JAL arranged another flight by which we can get home at midnight on the same day ?. Only when we recheck our tickets it appears that we have to wait 5 hours at KL and arrive at 10:00AM the next day. (The group that were left from the final flight was about 6 people). When we asked about our luggage, she said that our luggage is already transferred to the final destination and we don't have to worry about them - should we not worry if the luggage arrive before us? Later, I checked with another girl at the counter, she said that our luggage are coming with us on this flight, and it is the airlines rule that the luggage must fly together with the passenger. Everything happened today was such a disappointment and created a bad impression to me about JAL. We waited for them to be late for 01 hr and 20 min, whilst they cannot wait for us just a few minutes so we can get to the gate and come home after 14 flight hours, just to be on time on THAT flight, as if they are very punctual and never delay.. One of the guy left in the group said that he had a flight with JAL before and the same issue happened. I will never use your service again!

5/18/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) v1 seat 47G

Economy YVR-NRT return in May 2019. 2-4-2 seating provided wide aisles which made the seating and meal service feel less crowded. Seat pitch was a bit tight, especially if you put a water bottle in the seat pocket. When the seat in front is reclined fully there is very little room in front of you. The flight entertainment system under the seat in front severely limits the foot room in the H seats. Gluten-free meal was adequate but not well seasoned and no salt and pepper provided.

5/6/2019 L James

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore Changi to Tokyo Narita. The best thing about Japan Airlines was that, among other airlines I had flown with, they had the most polite and courteous cabin crew. In other areas, there was not much to pick on either. The seat was quite comfortable with a rather generous amount of leg space (I am 176cm tall). The movies available were quite up-to-date too. The only downside, if I must mention any, was that I was not given the option of choosing my seat.

4/26/2019 L Tran

✅ Trip Verified | Japan Airlines offers 2 nonstop flights from New York JFK to Tokyo, and this is the later one to the more central Haneda airport. The airline is one of the 4 main operators at JFK Terminal One, but it is the only of the 4 that does not have its own lounge at JFK. They offer their premium passengers access to Lufthansa's Senator Lounge instead. Boarding was quite nice and in order, something that I have not seen in Terminal One for a long time. The F Sky Suite was nicely designed and spacious, with ample storage space. Meals were good and nicely presented, as expected from a leading F product. Staff are respectful and accommodating. I picked the Japanese menu but also expressed that I liked caviar, which belonged to the Western menu, and the attendant happily obliged. She also offered to make my bed in the suite across the aisle (the cabin was only half full) so I can continue to use my suite for lounging and the other for sleeping. Such small initiatives made a difference between good and excellent service. It should be noted that, unlike many other first class suites, the Sky Suite does not have a personal closet to hang your clothes. After I changed and exited the WC, an attendant already waited outside with a hanger offering to hang my clothes for me. What a valet service. Overall, I think Japan Airlines First Class product deserves it 5-star status.

4/23/2019 C Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Lots to like about this flight but are few negative points. The good: Great value as purchased 9 months in advance and travel was at Easter, excellent check-in, lounge given OW Status, boarding was efficient and on time departure. Midnight departure so snack bag and water given less than 10 mins after seat belt sign off letting everyone get to sleep. Minimal announcements and big breakfast served 2.5 hours before arrival. Leg room great, toilets always clean, staff very attentive. The Improvements: Seat base is thin and while leg room great I found the seat thin and uncomfortable, Toilets, 3 shared amongst 150 economy and Premium economy pax, so while clean there was always a line. Movie range was a bit limited, great system but minimal new movies. Overall still a great way to get to Japan from Melbourne, leave at midnight and arrive at 9am, no time lost. WiFi while active was never strong enough to do anything.

4/21/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (773) seat 56A

I flew from Chicago to Tokyo on this plane in seat 56A and sat in 56K on the return. Both seats were good. I had zero issues with the recline, seemed to be a full economy recline. The leg room is GREAT with this seat. I was able to put my outside foot between the seat in front of me and the body of the plane. I used the area next to my seat and behind for convenient storage of my shoes and jacket. The only negative I have is that the seat cushion was very worn out. I used by pillow under my butt on the return and it was much better.

4/16/2019 S Parker

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Tokyo Narita. Not a good experience. Cabin crew were fantastic and graceful but the seat - one of the newer lay flat suites was clostrophobic with the divider up. Hate the Boeing 787 electronic window blinds because they do not get completely dark - on a flight heading west, they do not stop the sun shining into the cabin and heating it up. IFE was OK but not outstanding. Although the crew were great, the food (Japanese set ) was not fresh. The drink service was slow as well which for a flight that is not too long delayed food service and resulted in little time for sleep. Lounge in Seattle was really poor (The Club) and not up to biz class standards. Sakura lounge in NRT was not much better. All in all will not fly JAL again to Asia from West Coast.

4/3/2019 John Duffus

Not Verified | Seven hours in economy can make for a long flight. This evening's JAL Boeing 787 from Tokyo to Bangkok could hardly have been bettered. The seats are comfortable, the always smiling FAs were charming and the IFE extensive enough to while away the flight. Narita is not my preferred airport out of Tokyo because of the long taxi to the runway. But the captain made up most of the delay. For an economy ticket I felt the most impressive aspect of the flight was the excellent F&B service. Indeed I would almost go as far as to call it superb. An extensive drinks offering was followed by one of the few delicious meals I have ever enjoyed in economy class. JAL has a policy of inviting six young chefs develop new and different recipes for economy passengers. My main course of braised beef in red wine sauce with penne pasta and a dash of cheese was quite excellent, the pasta being perfectly al dente. A salad and two different vegetable dishes were complemented by an almond jelly that must have had some additional ingredient for it, too, had excellent consistency and flavour. I only wished the portion had been double the size! Overall an excellent flight!

3/25/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (773) seat 7A

The seat is very convenient at the front of the cabin. However it is right behind the lav/galley so you do get a lot of traffic passing by and hear the toilet flushing. It's not quite yellow but be aware. For a daytime flight, I found it enjoyable. Being in a private space next to the window was very nice

2/24/2019 G Scheeren

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Taipei. First the flight was delayed at the gate after boarding for more than 45 minutes, taxi for another 30 minutes. So the plane was late leaving and late arriving in Taiwan. The food was so so, for business class, really it could have been better. Gate staff also were not well organized. It is surprising for Japan. The lack of signs at the airport gate area and the size of the gate area were terrible. Passengers did not know which lines to go to and business and first class passengers also had to fight through the crowd to board. The biggest problem with the flight was a screaming infant across the isle. Flight attendants did nothing. The parents and grandparents also did nothing. It was horrifying. People should not be traveling with infants, period, for any reason unless they are moving abroad! These were typical selfish parents who insist to travel with their family and could careless about other people. The flight was full and their kid was crying the whole time. Which means their kid was not comfortable. This selfishness has to stop, and airline staff and airlines need to address it instead of ignoring it. I paid good money for a business class seat, and yet I had to endure this nonsense the entire flight. I am sympathetic in most cases where a kid may act out for a short period of time, but this was ridiculous.

2/16/2019 Randy Pouley

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Bangkok via Tokyo 2 weeks ago. First sign of trouble began when we started circling Narita and crew warned us there would be a delay in landing. This made me nervous as my connecting flight to Bangkok was in 1.5 hours. We circled for nearly an hour before the captain came on the intercom and said we were being redirected to Haneda Airport. No reason given, only apology for inconvenience. We landed and refueled, waited another 1.5 hours and took off again, landing at Narita 45 minutes later. No explanation given, just sorry for inconvenience. I ran into the airport, hoping that my connecting flight had waited for me, but it was to no avail. My connecting flight had already left. I had to wait in another line for 2.5 hours to get booked on the first morning flight to BKK, and JAL put me up in a Narita Hotel. I found out that the delay was caused because an earlier aircraft had run off the runway, causing the airport delay. Anyway, bad enough, get on with life. A week later I show up at the airport in Bangkok, and JAL ticket counter informs me my flight has been delayed by 3 hours. Oh hell, not again! Which of course means I cannot catch my connecting flight in Narita again. I ask the reason for the delay, they tell me it's maintenance issue. Wait for over an hour, and to JAL's credit they do book me a flight on EVA air in business class. Thumbs up for that. But to have 2 major flight delays by the same airline on same itinerary is pretty sad.

2/14/2019 C Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Vancouver via Narita. My wife and I flew this routing. The seats on plane (both segments on Boeing 787) from Jakarta to Narita we’re far superior than seat from Narita to Vancouver. Cabin staff on both legs were all very friendly, very professional and deserve high marks. The inflight entertainment options were somewhat limited compared to other carriers. Headsets also not as comfortable as others (small headphones). The food was very good as was beverage selection. We’d both recommend JAL business class.

1/26/2019 H Foxton

✅ Trip Verified | Lounge access with JAL premium economy experience is fab. 9am Sydney-Tokyo and Sydney Qantas Business lounge was excellent - barrister coffee and all cold and hot breakfast food was fresh . Boarding no hassles, FA's warm and friendly. Premium economy seats are best in class, loads of leg room and hard shell recliner, so no one leaning into you. FA's all smiles and each leg gave consistent, professional service, best experience I've had on that level. IFE so so, but enough to keep me going. Great drinks selection, including champagne - FA's happily kept it flowing. Food wasn't too bad, and loads of snacks like noodle pots. Transit in Tokyo, Narita to Haneda by Bus took only 80 minutes. Haneda lounge not too bad, could be better. Tokyo-/London flight solid repeat performance. Great airline, will fly again.

1/21/2019 C Stirdan

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Narita to Melbourne. The check in was easy. We were in the economy class and the seat was comfortable enough for 10 hours flight. The lavatory was quite big. The food/dinner was good too but for the second meal wasn’t that nice/fulfilling. It was a 10 hours flight so the airline should consider giving sufficient meal for the passengers. The customer service was friendly.

1/12/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) v4 seat 57D

Proximity to the lavatories and galley may be bothersome, but this seat despite being in the last row has full recline.

1/2/2019 Shi Wang

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Tokyo. Very helpful land and cabin service. Food is comparatively good in the economy class. The aircraft isn’t the newest 787-9 but still feel good and comfortable. Overall satisfied like other Japanese flights.