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10/28/2019 Dat Le

✅ Trip Verified | Ho Chi Minh to Buon Me Thuot. One of the worst airline I have ever experienced. This airline is trying to find more ways to make money out of their customers. I would never recommend anyone to use their services. Please save your money and fly with some other airlines

10/26/2019 Mithun Raj

✅ Trip Verified | Adelaide to Sydney . Non professional behaviour from Adelaide staff. Never fly in this airline again. The gate shows last call and they didn't allow me to fly. Strange strange arguments for that. I asked for compensation. Its not my fault that the gate didn't show closed.

10/26/2019 Bo Sun

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Singapore. My initial flight departure time with Jetstar was 10:00 PM. When I tried to check in online in the afternoon the same day, Jetstar website showed me that the flight was delayed, and that the new departure time was 10:35. So, I arrived at the airport at 9:31. As per policy, the check- in co...

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10/26/2019 Ted Lushchayev

Not Verified | My wife and I traveled from NZ to Gold Coast via Sydney. We had 1 luggage bag 15kg purchased and of course cabin luggage (including laptop etc). No problem on NZ-Sydney, but boarding flight in Sydney, we got called by Jestar staff to weigh our cabin bags. We had few kgs over. After some repacking, (putting jacket...

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10/21/2019 Monica Romaguera

✅ Trip Verified | Kagoshima to Tokyo. Don’t use it if you are travelling around Japan. They sell them self as if they are a very cheap company but it is not. They check the weight from the bag you can take with you in the plane. From here everything ok as always is less than 7kg. They also ask you to add if you have any bag ext...

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10/21/2019 Poulami Ghosh

Not Verified | Sydney to Melbourne. The second time I took Jetstar for interstate travel. Never taking their service again. Terrible behaviour by staff, rude and arrogant. I was asked to keep my phone away and after the first request, I was told that my phone will be confiscated. Never faced such troubles in any airline across t...

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10/20/2019 C Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Hobart to Melbourne. If you value your time more than money do not fly with Jetstar. Getting a flight on time is as common as spotting a unicorn. I had the displeasure to fly with them 4 times this year. My yearly record is delayed 2 hours, delayed 1hr, cancelled (no refund and not even a voucher) and today I a...

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10/20/2019 Tazrin Haque

Not Verified | Dunedin to AucklandApp does not work and it is so hard to navigate. Check in was a nightmare because I had to check in a box and that was apparently unusual but I have never had a problem regarding this with Other airlines. Cabin crew did not greet and one of them just had way too much attitude. Seat was not comf...

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10/18/2019 Noel Irvine

Not Verified | Perth to Bali. Got all the way to the departure lounge today seeing there was a delay. Not long after told over the PA that the flight was cancelled and to make our way to luggage claim and then back to check in counter for options. Massive queue lining up for hours only to be told they could not do anything but a...

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10/18/2019 Helen Stavrou

Not Verified | The most unreliable airline in Australia. I will never fly with this airline again. Flight to Sydney was delayed by two hours this morning due to a minor technical problem and flight back home was cancelled just as I got to airport. My whole day was thrown into chaos as a result and had no choice but to purchase ...

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10/18/2019 S Meares

✅ Trip Verified |  Perth to Bali. Flight cancelled just before boarding due to a sick crew member. Surely they should have a pool of relief staff. Poor communication from ground staff and will never fly with them again. Our trip to Bali has just more than doubled in price as we needed to book last minute with an alternative airl...

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10/18/2019 Bryceton Fink

✅ Trip Verified |  Hobart to Sydney. Terrible airline, staff at the check in were great. Staff at boarding were horrible, unfriendly and issues with flight delays to and from. Charged 60 AUD for 3 KG of weight, price to pay ahead of check in was 30 AUD. Two + hour flight, no snack or drink. No in flight infotainment system, seat...

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10/16/2019 M Moss

Not Verified | Manila to Singapore. Singapore to the Philippines my hand-carry baggage weighed 6.4kg which is in line of the 7kg baggage allowance rule. Personal bag is never ever been included. I’ve heard rumours of now even personal bag and laptop bag they will aim to get money from the passengers. They will even hold your boa...

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10/14/2019 B Shelly

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Sydney. Won’t fly with Jetstar again. Delayed by nearly an hour. We all stood waiting in line with no information for 40 minutes before they had the decency to make an announcement that the plane was running late. Charged me $60 because my bag was a smidge over 7kg. Poor airline. Very unhappy.

10/13/2019 J Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Hobart booked for November 2019. Needed to cancel my flights, I had to change them manually for another there and then with a $170 fee, I cannot just change dates, I have a family to take into consideration. Couldn't even book flights for my family at the same time, so we can't sit together. Superv...

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10/10/2019 Neil Hansford, seat 1J

this trip is first time on a 787-8. Qantas have proven very smart to put the 787-8 into their Low Cost Fleet to gain or the necessary new type experience for the group by flying it in the JQ fleet. All aspects excel what you would normally expect on a LCC with good seats and legroom. The Business Class product should best be cal...

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10/9/2019 Christopher Marten-Coney

✅ Trip Verified | Booked Jetstar business class flight to Tokyo Narita. Noticed first leg was normal economy to Gold Coast airport. carry on luggage only 7 kgs. Rest of flight 14 kgs. No use to us, restricted to 7 kg carry on for entire flight to Japan. Asked if we were permitted 14 kg as we were flying business class the rest ...

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10/9/2019 D Ming

✅ Trip Verified | Saigon to Melbourne. We got no email for the delay and arrived at the airport for our 1030pm flight. At 945pm, they announced flight delayed to 0030 (2 hours delay) Around 11 pm, we received an email confirming plane delay til 1730pm next day (total of 19 hours delay). Told us to leave and pick up all our lugga...

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10/7/2019 Tusha Dahal

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Melbourne. If you have travel deadlines, don't fly with Jetstar: To start off with : our flights were cancelled. The service desk guy was shouting at others that he could not accommodate people to other flights and that Thursday flying people had to now wait till Saturday for next flight. And our fli...

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10/7/2019 Minh Ngo

✅ Trip Verified | First there was a delay leaving Sydney on Friday then as we got into Melbourne there was another delay. So we had to circle for a good 30 minutes before we were finally allowed to land. Intentionally booked an earlier flight home on Monday 7th October for a family gathering on Labour. Got a text 2.5 hours bef...

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