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5/15/2019 Vittoria Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Lowest possible rating. Not only were we delayed but staff didn’t care, weren’t helpful and seemed resigned to the delay as a usual occurrence. This airline deserves their last place rating. I wish I had known about it before booking.

5/15/2019 L Morris

✅ Trip Verified | No customer service at all. We booked from Honolulu to Brisbane, although we were flexible with days there were no options to fly direct. The connecting flight was chosen for us by the booking system, you would think that the timing would be efficient but think again. Once you clear customs and collect your bags in Sydney you need to get to the domestic airport. The 2 choices of transfer shuttle are Virgin and Qantas, so we headed to the latter as Jetstar is Qantas and this particular flight was code shared Qantas / Jetstar. There is a sign at the transfer shuttle area informing Jetstar clients that they need to make their own way to the Domestic terminal and are not allowed to use the transfer shuttle. Once we arrived we went to the bag drop to be told “you're too early you cannot drop your bags yet” sorry? We are too early? But this is a connecting flight, how can we be too early when Jetstar ticketed the flight - care factor of Jetstar rep - zero. So after a 10+ hour flight we are left standing around the Jetstar counter for 1.5 hours before we can drop our bags so we can go through security and finally have a decent meal. Will never fly Jetstar again.

5/15/2019 Katrine Mouat

✅ Trip Verified | Queenstown to Auckland. Bad customer service. First staff advised me to transfer 2 kg off my hand carry to my suitcase I'm checking in, as it can go up to 32 kg and 10 kg for my hand carry. As me and my had husband arranged it promptly, when we came back, that staff is no longer there and other staff told us that's not right. I told them to just tell us how much is the extra after dealing with the drama. Bad customer service. They better sort their front staff give them a good training. Stop telling lies as truly, this airline reputation has gone downhill and will never use them again.

5/13/2019 S Keare

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Bali. What a joke of an airline! Delayed for 30 hrs and not compensated what so ever. No help from the customer service team. They're dirt cheap for a reason. Wouldn't recommend anyone using this airline

5/13/2019 V Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Jet Star - more like Meh-Star! A budget airline they are not! Unless you literally just want a seat. I’m surprised they don’t charge you for your seat belt. Went with carry on luggage to Hobart via Virgin who were fantastic. On the way home we flew Jetstar. I promised myself last year I wouldn’t travel with them again but thought hey I’ll give them another chance. They took me out of line and stung me with a baggage charge - included my handbag weight in the overall weight which slightly tipped me over the threshold. Have a heart people! Might I remind that had I been carrying this weight in my hips or thighs it wouldn’t have counted but luckily for them I’m light. I’m surprised they don’t charge a fat fee for the heftier passengers but maybe I won’t give them any ideas, not happy with their cold attitude - to match the cold Tasmanian weather.

5/11/2019 Adam Rand

✅ Trip Verified | Jetstar are terrible to deal with and create stress. Flight was initially direct then we were notified it would change to a stopover in Sydney. That was the start of our frustration as flying with small children is challenging at the best of times. Then on check in we discovered our baggage wasn’t included. Although only a couple of kilos over for carry on we would be charged $120 and have to reprint our tickets 3 times from 2 different desks and check in our carry on bags and have to pick up and transfer our own luggage between flights. Due to the tiny seating spaces and my above average height once again I sit separate to my family in some vacant seats offered by one of the flight attendants probably the best and worst service at the same time received. On arrival to Sydney I’m advised I can go out and recheck the bags while the family stays inside. So I do so and on attempting this am told I cannot re enter the airport and check my family’s bags and they would have to come out and that we couldn’t re check them in for another 2 hrs. When we are finally rechecking in we accidentally remove our carry on bag checked stickers and are then told our bags are not packed correctly and they will have to be repacked now waiting to see how the second part of the trip will pan out with a very tired and frustrated family and our second flight is delayed. Extremely disappointing end to our holiday hoping our travel improves.

5/11/2019 Stu Cohen

✅ Trip Verified | Sunshine Coast to Sydney. Fly anything but Jetstar. Even the cabin crew look like they don’t want to be there. The prices look good until they hit you up for exorbitant baggage charges, obscene prices for food, and aircraft which look as tired and haggard as the staff.

5/10/2019 Irina Kotikova

✅ Trip Verified | Worst experience ever. At Phuket the Jetstar Airways crew checked my baggage but not to my final destination, explained that it’s impossible and I would have to check my luggage again. But dropping off my luggage again means taking 2x passport controls and security checks for which I don’t have time due to short connections. Now there is a huge risk that my luggage won’t come to my final destination. Double check those situations twice. This is very confusing. I’m disappointed that the crew did such a thing without checking.

5/9/2019 P Morton

✅ Trip Verified | Darwin to Denpasar. In 40 years of flying this is the worst airline I have flown. Service deals are the most unhelpful, boarding is terrible, very inconsistent with baggage fees and no care or support. I will never fly Jetstar Airways again. It ruined my wonderful trip to Darwin. Fly anyone else!

5/9/2019 Glenn McGee

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Denpasar. Didn't have high expectations flying Jetstar business but that has changed. Check in at Brisbane was fast as separate check in for business class passengers and priority boarding. Cabin had 21 seats in 2x3x2 configuration I sat in seat 2A. Was welcomed by the cabin crew manager with a glass of champagne. Menus were given and orders taken. Selection of 3 meals I chose omelette which was delicious. Seat width and recline was great for my 6 hour flight and the entertainment was easy to use and had a great selection of content. I would fly business class with Jetstar again and the price was great.

5/7/2019 Terry Veling

✅ Trip Verified | Charged $120 for baggage excess (7.4kg for me and 7.9kg for my wife). Rude, unhelpful staff. Made us pay just minutes before boarding in a very pressured way. Not "everyday low prices" but everyday extra charges. I will never fly Jetstar again, nor recommend it to friends.

5/5/2019 Kat Tornow

✅ Trip Verified | Cairns to Gold Coast. Brilliant service! First time flying with Jetstar and had first class service at Gold Coast airport, with staff noticing I needed help and walked me through the very simple check-in process - things have changed since I last travelled! Online service just as professional, both to Cairns and return to GC. Friendly, helpful and professional. Flights left on time and arrived on time (even early in Gold Coast). Bags were there for collection within minutes of landing. I even received texts when boarding gate/s became open. I'm wanting to return one day soon to the Great Barrier Reef and I will definitely fly Jetstar again.

5/3/2019 Shirley Chong

Not Verified | Horrible customer service! I am in Canada and booked a ticket from Sydney to Melbourne tonight. I thought I selected a 12.20 pm departure but ticket showed 7.00 am so I immediately called long distance to Australia to correct. Agent was helpful and spoke to manager 4 times on my behalf but manager refused to budge at all. They wanted a change fee of $200 or they could not change! How ridiculous as I literally just made the booking and was clearly an error and not due to my changing any plans. I am very disappointed as Canadian airline would have dealt with differently - in fact within 24 hrs there would be a full refund or change. I will never use Jetstar again.

5/2/2019 Arnaud Renoux

Not Verified | Taipei to Singapore. Jetstar is the worst airline. I booked 2 tickets for my Friend and I, same plane, same date, same booking order. When I received the confirmation order my flight time was the same, same date but 1 month after, but it was the right month for my Friend. They charged me 338SGD last minute to change my flight. I just hate this airline, I don’t respect you, you make mistakes, don’t take the credit of those mistakes and charge crazy amount of money.

5/1/2019 Jayde Rab

Not Verified | Putrid service thats all! Im not one to reviews and leave things as they are but this is just awful service and customer care. I was to take a flight out from New Plymouth to Auckland at 3.55pm at 12:30 pm they sent a message to say the flight is cancelled " engineering issues" luckily my connecting flight is only the next day but needed to be in auckland by this evening anyway. Called customer nothing they can do, mind you this is a return flight I had booked. Ask them if they could provide a vehicle for me to drive down to Auckland I would then make it by tonight they said no sorry that is not part of the options we can provide. My concern is, if you need to cancel a flight please do so 8 hours before departure this gibes passengers enough time to make alternative arrangements. I will certainly never fly with Jetstar again the airline is way to unreliable.

5/1/2019 W David

✅ Trip Verified | Will never fly with Jetstar again. We almost missed our flight because the lady at the counter messed everything up even though I had checked in online. After that I couldn't get a boarding pass because the lady wasted too much time and the system said it was closed! The lady just said we had to buy tickets for the next flight! Ridiculous! Luckily we did the check in online and the staff at the airport helped us. The cabin crew were not helpful at all and gave really bad service. Had to call 2 to 3 times just to ask for a cup of water! When we were exiting the aircraft I had my cellphone in my hand and I did not even look at it, a crew member shouted at me and told me to put my phone down! I said I wasn't even using it, he threatened that I would be fined if I still had it in my hand! Jetstar NZ just ruined my trip. Never flying with this ridiculous company again.

4/30/2019 S Moore

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Melbourne with Jetstar Airways. Worst experience ever! First of all the staff are rude and do not help you at all, I got to the airport an hour and a half early, I had paid $40 for 20kg of checked luggage when I purchased the tickets and went over by 2kg so went and asked what to do. He said I had a minimum of $60 to pay so I did, less then 2 mins later a lady tells me they overbooked the plane and I didn’t have a seat even though I booked months prior to our trip. They got us a seat on a Virgin plane and their baggage limit was different being 23kg per person so we absolutely did not need the extra $60 dollars worth that I spent on a different plane and airline. I went back to the man who charged us extra for a refund and he said he can’t do anything so we had to go online and talk to someone else for almost an hour but she just made excuse after excuse not to just give us the refund.

4/28/2019 warren murphy Email, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 17B

This was the worst trip i have ever had on a plane. i'm a normal 176cm tall male and i found the leg room impossible, i was rubbing shoulders with the man next to me, and found it difficult to use armrest. It was 4.5hrs of missery. Getting of the plane the comments i heard were "thank god thats over"

4/27/2019 warren murphy, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 17B

i'm 176 cm tall and had the worst 4.5 hr trip, no leg room and almost impossible to use arm rest. never again

4/27/2019 C Colston

✅ Trip Verified | Wellington to Auckland. My experiences: - $120 to change a flight when the original flight was weeks out from departing. Flights are delayed all the time. Of the 13 flights I've taken, 3 have been delayed and 1 has been cancelled. Not a great track record. - They now weigh all baggage to the nearest gram. $60 fee if you're even slightly over. Explain to me how this isn't a money grab. Myself, a 65kg male with a bag weighing 7.1kg, gets charged $60 for an overweight bag when a larger man, probably 120kg+ has an underweight bag and is considered fine. If this actually about weight cumulative weight, my extra 100g would not make a difference. As said, one of my flights was cancelled. Fine, no worries, it happens. The problem is their customer service and focus, or lack thereof on customer satisfaction. Jetstar informed me that I would receive my refund in 7 working days. Warning: This is a lie. I attempted to fly on the 6th January 2019, this flight was cancelled. It is now the 26th April 2019 and still no refund to be seen. I called them today to which I was put on hold for half an hour and told was there was a 'technical glitch'. This 'glitch' seems a little coincidental when I'm asking for money back, especially from a company that loves to money grab at the slightest opportunity and lies about returning refunds. I digress. In my case, they cancelled the last flight out on a Sunday evening to which I had to spend an extra $100 to get to work the next day - not impressed. Might I add 0 compensation for this. You can tell Jetstar is an awful company to work for and their customer support policies highlight that. The girl dealing with my refund call said 'I'm sorry sir, I can understand why you are frustrated but I'm just following company policy'. I told her that my frustrations are not toward her but toward Jetstar as a company and how they operate. I've been on the other side of that coin in hospitality, I know how a disgruntled customer feels. I expressed to her that my frustrations were not with her, told her to enjoy her day and thanked her for her help. She thanked me at the end of the call for my understanding and to quote, I was the 'first person to ever say that'. Back to the point. This is a warning to anyone else - this company does not care about you. They do not care about their airline ranking. They don't care about providing customer satisfaction. All they care about is money.