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4/27/2019 S Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Gold Coast to Melbourne. This is the worst Airline I have ever seen. Horrible customer care, rude. Would not recommend this company to anyone.

4/27/2019 S Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Yangon to Singapore (Flight 3K584 seat 1C). The online ticket purchase was easy. I was positively surprised with my check-in as well as the in-flight experience. I had to catch a connecting flight (with a different airline) and the check-in staff was very friendly and allocated a seat at the front so that I can disembark quickly. The crew was friendly and efficient.

4/23/2019 E Mareno

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Ballina. I really don’t recommend this airline company. I’ve traveled a lot in my life but it is by far the worst airline company I have ever fly with. Crew isn’t nice, being charged 60 dollars for 2kgs more. First company ever doing that. The ratio quality/price is not worth it at all. Definitely won’t fly with that airline ever again.

4/22/2019 C Warton

✅ Trip Verified | This route is already so uncomfortable for all involved! Especially heading from Townsville to Melbourne and the eta being 11.30pm! Honestly the worst crew tonight on my way back from Melbourne to Townsville. The worst I have ever seen. The customer service was so basic - a drink or snack, and admitting you would like something felt rushed, and that we were putting them out. No smiles or genuine care from any of the crew. And no tea or coffee as the heaters are broken. Trash got collected shortly after. Never saw them again. They all went down to the back of the plane until seat belt sign was turned on or we had to prepare to land. No walk throughs or a little chat here and there for a bit of customer engagement and moral. And they had time. The crew avoided eye contact with passengers. I was really disappointed. And to add insult to injury we get off the flight in Townsville to walk single file, shuffling, tripping, and dragging luggage through a packed cattle crush of folks lined up facing us to get on the plane back to Melbourne by 11.30pm! Its an experience like no other. Its just not even close to being good enough.

4/19/2019 D Parker

✅ Trip Verified | Check in was efficient if incredibly impolite. Boarding was shambolic with travelers with children being sent down the stairs first then trampled once the way to the runway bus was opened. Passengers with huge amounts of carry on luggage then pushed up and down the aisle stowing sacks and boxes. The legroom was the absolute minimum for a 1.8m tall person - any limb protruding into the aisle was rammed by the drinks really from behind. As we came into land my child felt sick. Of the six chairs in our row there was only one sick bag. The luggage was thrown into the belt (we could watch through the window). We had one case damaged and considered ourselves lucky. Never again.

4/18/2019 Janine Butt

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Cairns. I flew with Jetstar Airways to save money as the fares were quite cheap but I should not have bothered as I was slugged with a $60 charge for being 3kgs over as they not only weighed my carry on luggage but my handbag as well - which took it over the 7kg and as I was not aware that my handbag would be taken into account i was less than happy. So no checked in luggage and no in-flight entertainment and no food or drinks served. Add that all up plus the $60 extra charge and you would have to be better off flying a better airline and also you would not have to wait in line like cattle and drag your bags onto the tarmac and up the stairs to the plane. Never again

4/18/2019 Roland Tan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Penang. I was running late and met this very helpful ground staff helped to speed up my check-in using the automated system and completed it within a couple of minutes. She does the job with professionalism and a smile. If more airline staffs are like her, it will help take away some of the hassle of air travel.

4/17/2019 S Loxon

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Gold Coast. My flight was delayed three times in the one day. I sat in Melbourne airport for nine hours. This is the first & last time I fly with Jetstar. I’ve lost an entire day worth of work.

4/15/2019 Meray El-Helou

✅ Trip Verified | Queenstown to Sydney. Worst airline, flown with Jetstar twice and both times something went wrong, therefore never again. First flight luggage issues, second and last flight was delayed 8 hours, their compensation was an $8 food voucher which is so petty and is no where near equivalent to wasting my whole day, they are a stingy airline that does not care about their customers.

4/14/2019 L Shaw

Not Verified | Phuket to Sydney. No food or beverages provided without extra cost. No inflight entertainment without extra cost. I wasn't prepared to pay $8 to watch a 20 year old film. Couldn't even access the games without paying. 8 hour overnight flight with no meals provided, just water.

4/14/2019 M Abacum

Not Verified | Me and my family had booked a wonderful holiday from Sydney to Tokyo via Cairns. After going to Cairns, checking in and getting ready to go through customs we got a text message saying our flight was cancelled. The staff were very unhelpful and didn’t care at all about my family and myself needs. After waiting hours long and negotiation we were squeezed onto a flight a few hours after our flight but not to Tokyo to Osaka. Once in Osaka we were told nothing at all and left to find our own way to where we needed to be. After about 30 minutes we find someone and they tell us we need to sleep in Osaka then they give us a Jetstar paper promising our flight the day after at 5:40pm. So the next day we need have to rearrange everything, our transfers, our tours, our accomodation, our shuttle bus. Then at 1:18 we came to the airport to check our flight to make sure we have everything sorted then they say our reservation for our flight wasn’t booked, the staff weren’t helping us at all and said they can’t help us so you need to go to Tokyo by yourself. This was appalling and really poor poor service. I would never recommend Jetstar because they don’t give a care in the world.

4/14/2019 Jiaxin Kuang

✅ Trip Verified | Adelaide to Melbourne. There were enough self check-in counters in Adelaide Airport, so I could checked in quickly. My Seat was 6A. The space of the seat was not enough, so I felt uncomfortable. The service of cabin crew was just at the standard level. As a low-cost airlines, there was no meal on this flight. But this flight was value for the price.

4/13/2019 Leslie Adams

✅ Trip Verified | Gold Coast to Christchurch. Very pleased with our return flight with Jetstar both legs were on time the plane was spotless, and the service and friendliness of the crew were exemplary.

4/13/2019 S Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Perth. Terrible customer service from the point of booking, on board to the point of returning. Absolute scammers. Cant ever talk to someone who understands clear english or what I'm trying to communicate. Very unhelpful staff over the phone. Treat you terrible. No sense of customer service.

4/13/2019 I Podlesnaya

Not Verified | We booked a flight Sydney to Bali to fly on Easter Friday, 19/04/2019, months ago. Received a message from Jetstar last night that our flight was canceled "due to engineering requirements". Of course, one week before Easter Weekend there were no flights left for Thursday or Friday. "Manage my booking" section on Jetstar website still showed my flight as valid, so I couldn't even go and explore alternative flights myself. Had to call the customer service, who confirmed the flight had been canceled and suggested I fly out on Saturday as this is all they had left. I considered a refund to rebook with another airline, but since most of my initial purchase was paid via Jetstar gift card, they could only offer a refund in a form of Jetstar gift card! So now we have to fly on Saturday, it will take us 15 hours instead of 9, we are losing the whole 24 hours at the hotel, which cannot be refunded. The whole experience was just awful, I didn't expect Jetstar to act in such manner. Will do my absolute best to never fly with them again!

4/12/2019 Karen Birks

✅ Trip Verified | We flew from Sydney to Melbourne 11th April flight number JQ513. Charged $60 for being 2kg overweight yet same suitcase and clothes as flight to Sydney last week and was no problem. Staff then had the cheek to ask me to get change from the cafe opposite as had no float or change, and still no eye contact. Will never fly with Jetstar again.

4/11/2019 S Maldon

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Launceston. The staff are so rude I’ve had this happen multiple times where I will be ready to board and got spoken to terribly. I am actually disgusted in how horribly I have been treated and I definitely won’t be flying with Jetstar again.

4/7/2019 S Worten

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Launceston. Low cost as in cheap in every way. They nickel and dime you for everything and absolutely gouge you for any extra weight. Want water? That is extra. Pick a seat? Extra. They are the Spirit Airlines of Australia, just a glorified bus company with wings. Never again.

4/5/2019 D Heany

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Honolulu flying later in April 2019. Giving great marks for Ted the agent I talked to on the phone, he was amazing and super funny, he cracked me up. Great in helping with extra baggage.

4/3/2019 Grenville Berliner, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 11A

The flight was cancelled at 2:00 am. I awoke at 7:00 am to the task of finding a quick flight to Phuket. Luckily I was able to book on Thai Airways departing at 10:00 AM