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4/3/2019 J March

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Tokyo via Cairns. Flights booked to Japan in June 2019, I tried to cancel (with more than 2 months notice). I was Informed that they will not even give me a partial refund due to me buying the flights while they were on sale. I could understand I they charged a cancellation fee or only refunded a percentage. But I just can’t understand this policy and it is upsetting as it could help me.

4/3/2019 L Mersen

✅ Trip Verified | Newcastle to Melbourne. I regularly fly this route usually with virgin. I often see this Jetstar flight delayed. This time I chose Jetstar. What a mistake, I was the victim of a 2.15 hr delay because ‘the system was down’. Will never fly this flight again. No wonder Jetstar gets the ratings it does.

4/1/2019 Rob Reynolds

Not Verified | Napier to New Plymouth via Auckland. 2 days in a row my flights were delayed, 1st day for weather which is not their fault (understandable) 2nd day their landing gear jams on arrival at destination so 360 back around to Auckland for another day of delay. I buy a Air Nz flight and straight away get home. On applying for a refund they proved to have a incredibly bad call centre with terrible service and no urgency. Mistake after mistake they have made and now I currently have $14 of my $160 refunded into my account 14 days down the track? 3hrs of phone calls so far. Honestly not wasting my time with this company ever again.

4/1/2019 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was unfortunately delayed and T4 at Melbourne Airport is not particularly well designed to put it mildly. Still it was an enjoyable flight. The staff were friendly and well organised, given it was a full flight and the pre booked meal was quite tasty .as well. Overall, fine for a budget flight.

3/30/2019 S Green

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Cairns . Wouldn't give me a plastic bag for my 3 year old's 3kg travel pram so I could cover the "troublesome wheels". I asked at the gate and in the plane for help. Ticket collector said "It's either you take the flight or the pram." Now I'm carrying my girl in Japa. Meanwhile, the couple in front of us got on with five bags. Flight 944 Melbourne to Cairns 29th March. $350 pram thrown in the trash somewhere by the lovely Jetstar staff. And this was hours after they cancelled our 8.30am flight, forcing us to catch the 6am and wake up at 3.45am.

3/29/2019 Zbigniew Dabrowski

✅ Trip Verified | It was supposed to be quick, domestic flight. Ho Chi Minh - Phu Quoc. I was waiting to check in, when the clerk said that his stand was closed and he instructed me to go to different attendant. There was another passenger waiting too, with some styrofoam package, it took quite a while. I only had my backpack with me and was hoping to get everything sorted out quickly. The lady said that I was literally 3 minutes late and she can't let me go, even though there was plenty of time. She said no remuneration, only possible thing was another flight, 9 hours later + extra fee. They treated me really poorly, needless to say. The worst flying related experience ever. Don't recommend this company at all, wish there was an option to give zero starts, they don't deserve even one.

3/28/2019 Vinay Banthia

✅ Trip Verified | Cairns to Gold coast. One of the worst airlines I’ve flown ! I had two boarding passes and 14kgs luggage. They still charged me an extra $60 and wanted my baggage to go in check-in luggage. I couldn’t believe how they could do this. Whilst complaining they didn’t want to listen and just wanted to do what they want. I’d pay that extra fee next time to fly with virgin Australia.

3/27/2019 Melissa Cameron

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Melbourne. Jetstar has to be one the worst airlines I have come across. The service is appalling, the staff are curt and very unhelpful. We were charged $120 for a few kilos over the 15kg limit. I appreciate it is our fault that our bags were too heavy but what airline only offers a 15 or 40kg weight limit. It clearly is a money making scheme. I wouldn’t mind if their service was efficient and ran on time but now after spending $120 our flight is now delayed. I will go out of my way to make sure I never fly with this airline again.

3/26/2019 Xu Wang

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Sydney. I felt I am been ripped off by Jetstar this morning. I have been taking my daily trip with a carry bag for more than 10 years. First time this morning Jetstar decides to weight my carry bag this morning. The weight was 7.1 kg + 1 kg for my iPad. Then the staff decide it is more than 7kg and charged me 60 dollars. I said I could just wear another jeans from the bad and they could consider. The answer was no. I said iPad I can carry on my hand, they said that is part of the carry bag. Holly shit, is this how they start doing business and look after their customers. Guys, be careful, the cheap price is not real anymore. Worst experience ever.

3/24/2019 K Kemp

✅ Trip Verified | Jetstar is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with an airline and I fly alot! Anything from service, communication and front desk staff are the worst! My flight home from Sydney to Melbourne was cancelled and I received no communication! Got to the airport only to find out the flight was cancelled. Front desk staff helped in putting me to a much later flight which would land in Avalon! I had to wait 3 hours at the airport and she had the audacity to say I’m rude. I am furious to say the least. There is nothing that says quality about Jetstar. This definitely will be the last flight I ever have with Jetstar. They are not worth the cheap price I paid for. Pay more for Virgin and get all the quality service that you spend your money on. Jetstar is absolutely rubbish! I wouldn’t recommend anyone to fly with them.

3/24/2019 G Gray

✅ Trip Verified | The Jetstar terminal is definitely the least enjoyable and supplied. Onboard I picked a front row seat hoping to enjoy the extra quietness that is supposed to come with the privilege of a front row seat however this never happened because despite having brought my own headphones and entertainment all I could hear was the lead cabin crew persons personal chatter even through what was already quite loud jet whine. This was a morning flight and I think it was the second of the day but the whole cabin seemed to smell of the toilet. My seat pocket although stocked was torn on one side. Made me wonder how much attention the cabin crew pays to presentation probably not much.

3/24/2019 E Mallet

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Melbourne. After a system shutdown we had to wait almost 3 hours to check in and drop the luggage off. The flight before us got canceled. We were able to check in at the same time that our plane would have departed so we actually started 60 minutes late. The flight was 4 hours long and we didn’t get a single drop of (free) water. You had to buy everything. When I landed in Melbourne (still 45 minutes late) I went to pick up my suitcase. It wasn’t there. I spoke to the women at the lost counter and it turned out my bag was still in Auckland. It’s been 48 hours now and i just received my bag. I didn’t hear anything all day yesterday and I couldn’t find any updates on the internet. So I called them almost 10 times over the last two days. I had to take care that I get my suitcase back even tho it wasn’t my fault it got lost in the first place. Finally the women told me it arrived in Melbourne (after 24 hours) and it’s ready to get delivered to my apartment (after more than 40 hours). Then i didn’t get a call that the courier arrived, I waited the whole day near the apartment. Instead I got an email telling me I had missed the courier and I had to pick it up myself from the airport. I called again. and luckily the courier was so nice to go back and deliver it. Never flying with JetStar again. Wasn’t worth the 144$ I paid.

3/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 10G

Flew Brisbane to Bali in this seat and it was simply excellent! I could stretch out my legs and was very comfortable. A few months later I returned to Australia and was in the Exit Row 44C but did not like these seats at all. Too many people standing around in front of me and the seat not as comfortable as a result. Where 10G is located is more intimate and quiet. People complain re the pitch but they are a budget airline. To buy extra leg room is a very small amount extra. Just pay it rather than complaining.

3/18/2019 S Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Cairns to Sydney. I booked a roundtrip flight from Sydney to Cairns through Expedia and found a lot of options. The cheapest was one way on Virgin Australia and the return flight was on Jetstar. I read the reviews but was seduced by the price. Check in was fine. Paid extra for the checked luggage, fine. Got to the airport 2 hours before departure and just as I arrive, I get a text that my flight has been cancelled and I've been rebooked for the morning! What?! Who does that 2 hours before departure?! I ran to the Virgin Australia counter and managed to get on a flight back to Sydney at twice the price. Jetstar refunded my ticket (or at least they say they have) but wouldn't pay for the difference in price of the ticket I had to buy so I could leave. They had offered to reimburse up to $150 for a hotel, but wouldn't give me that money to use towards the new air ticket I had to buy due to their cancelation! So now I'm out about $130 USD. Should've booked RT on Virgin. Or anyone but Jetstar. Never again. Don't think it won't happen to you, it happened to me.

3/16/2019 L Kemp

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Adelaide with Jetstar Airways. Will never fly them again! At 8am they cancelled their 3.30pm service to Adelaide and they said all the other flights are full. For a technical reason they should be able to put on another aircraft. I missed out on attending a very important that night! I’ll use Virgin in future.

3/15/2019 S Lavinska

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Melbourne. My parents: 67 and 64 year old, my step-father having difficulties walking had the worst experience on the way back from Sydney. First, their flight was delayed (I have e-mail proof of that). Second, at the airport Jetstar changed flight to the initial time without informing waiting passengers (delay was for 3 hours. My parents wandered off from the gate to have something to eat as my step-father has diabetes). Then, Jetstar called them to tell them they missed their flight. Jetstar demanded proof that flight was delayed. Apparently, my parents were supposed to take photos of screens. From this moment everything went from bad to worse: Customer Service at Sydney were rude and did not help my parents a lot. When my step-dad got agitated, the Jetstar lady at the gate threatened to keep them stranded. Eventually, my parents were put on a very late flight and diverted to Avalon Airport. I will not put them on JetStar flight ever again.

3/15/2019 Sarah Bourke

Not Verified | Sunshine Coast to Sydney. So disappointed. Cancelled flight and wouldn’t refund the money. Very unhelpful staff and wouldn’t even help us out with transferring to Brisbane or an earlier date. I hope to never have to fly with this awful mob again.

3/12/2019 Sneha Nair

Not Verified | Gold Coast to Sydney. No value for money and time of customers. My flight was scheduled for departure 45 minutes ago. Half an hour ago, it was announced that the flight will leave in 30 mins. We are still waiting at the gate due to engineering trouble. This is not the first time I’m experiencing this from this airlines. Unhappy with the service.

3/11/2019 Glenn, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 9C

Most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat in on a plane. Understand they try to fit more passengers in but seating comfort was terrible. Minimal leg room (i’m only 178cm) and very cramped.

3/11/2019 Julie Campbell

Not Verified | Auckland to Christchurch. To say our overseas guests are unimpressed is putting it mildly. After getting up at 4.40am to catch our flight in order to pick up our prebooked vehicle, we discovered the flight had been cancelled due to 'mechanical problems'. Jetstar has to have the most unreliable fleet of planes ever - constant cancellations due to this. Yeah right. On trying to rebook, the "customer service" agent refused to put us on an earlier flight as we had 'agreed to the terms and conditions of Jetstar'.