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6/15/2019 S Boothroyd

✅ Trip Verified | On Wednesday we booked tickets to travel to Maputo and back over the weekend as me and my partner needed to be at the South African embassy Friday 14 June. When we checked in for our flight we were told the flight was 2 hours late. After 2 hours we went through the gate to wait to board and to our surprise to hear the flight is delayed by another hour. I will not make it in time for the embassy and will have to pay to change my tickets to a different day. I've never made use of such a poor service and I am deeply disgusted, also won't recommend this airline to anyone. I'll rather pay more and be sure i will be on time from point A to point B.

9/4/2018 Nathan Hans

✅ Trip Verified | Beira to Johannesburg. I'm very disappointed with this airline. I have a shuttle service which I use to travel from Johannesburg to Witbank Mpumalanga 110 km from the airport. Got to the airport to check in for my flight to Johannesburg, supposed to leave at 13h10 to find out flight has been changed from 13h10 to 15h20 Beira via Maputo then to Johannesburg. Now I'm screwed as I will miss this shuttle service which i paid for and it's non refundable at last minute. This airline does not take responsibility for their actions. This is not the first encounter I have with them. I really would not recommend them for the future.

7/6/2018 D Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight from Johannesburg via Maputo to Inhambane was delayed in Maputo by an hour. The return flight has been an absolute nightmare. Our 15h25 flight from Inhambane to Maputo was delayed, we think due to the minister of health arriving in Inhambane, which resulted in us missing our connecting flight to Jhb from Maputo. The plane went via Vilancoulos to get to Maputo. When we arrived at Vilancoulos, for what should have been a short drop off and pick up, we ended up being on the runway for two hours waiting for the plane to be refuelled, which took so long because there are outstanding bills that LAM haven’t paid to BP. We finally got to Maputo at 22h00 and were finally checked into our hotel at 00h30. We we scheduled to catch the 06h50 LAM flight to Jhb. We have been told that the flight will board at 10h00, it is now 09h00. Who knows when we will get to Jhb and if we will make our flight back to the UK.

2/3/2018 Martjie Louw

✅ Trip Verified | Inhambane to Johannesburg via Maputo. LAM Mozambique has friendly staff, comfortable seats and the refreshments were fine. It's just a pity that they have such a big problem with theft when it comes to your check-in luggage. My suitcase was locked, and plastic wrapped for added protection. We arrived in Joburg only to find the plastic had been removed completely and the zip was damaged in order to get into the bag. We opened a case on the 11/01/18, and I was told I would get a new bag within 10 days. I've still not received a bag, or any word as to why it is taking so long. Apart from my bag being damage beyond repair, luckily nothing was stolen, but fellow passengers also had their bags broken into and was missing things.

10/27/2017 R Lanson

✅ Verified Review | Maputo to Johannesburg. Upon arrival, my luggage and others had been broken into and items were missing. The staff refused to fill out the claims form and said that complaints must be done upstairs in the terminal. All the people flying with transfers could not do that, including me. Read the reviews and fly with another airline.

3/30/2017 S Herreira

✅ Verified Review | Total lack of service. I was supposed to fly Maputo to Tete at 12h35 and arrive at 14h15 which is normal. They let us know that the flight was changed to 23h55 landing in Tete at 03h10 because it was via Nampula. Flight eventually left Maputo at 00h30 and landed in Tete 04h10. There was no communication from LAM while we were waiting at the terminal to let us know of these delays. It was obvious that they were picking up passengers at these cities to fill the plane the same one would do with a mini bus! Do not book any appointments when you fly LAM especially domestic as it is a wasted day.

1/4/2017 T Vernet

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Maputo return. Excellent experience on a short flight aboard an Embraer RJ145. Flight perfectly on time, only one FA in this small aircraft, who was very profesional, good communication from captain. A very short flight (45 mn), but we were offered a true snack in a box, drinks, and latter again water. Great! I would fly LAM again.

4/6/2016 Aviroop Mukherjee

✅ Verified Review | Airline from hell. LAM stands for late and maybe and it goes beyond that in living up to its infamous reputation. A 30 min flight from Maputo to Inhambane was postponed from 10 am to 1 PM. I checked in for the 1 PM flight only to find out the flight was delayed to 3 PM. The airline, surprisingly provided free lunch at the staff canteen. At 3 PM, they cancelled the flight due to technical snag. After countless arguments and temper tantrums, the staff put us up in a very good hotel in Maputo. Many people have written negative reviews about this airline. If you want to use this airline with the fear that your flight will be cancelled, buy a ticket and hopefully get a free lunch and delightful free hotel stay in Maputo until eternity. If you like other travellers, wish to actually move and not enjoy seeing the airline notice board, use Mozambique's bus services - at least you will get somewhere. **ASKED FOR TICKET

1/14/2016 M Limpo

Avoid flying with LAM Mozambique Airlines - they sold me a ticket for which the direct return flight from Vilanculo to Johannesburg did not exist on that day. I bought my ticket directly from LAM for the route Johannesburg to Vilankulo return and reconfirmed the ticket few days before flying. Johannesburg to Vilankulo I had my first fright when I tried to find my flight on the Johannesburg's airport flight screen: it was not listed. I went to LAM desk to find out what happened, the lady at the counter told me that she knew about the situation and asked me to proceed to LAM check-in counter. Return to Johannesburg, 24 hours before flying, I called LAM to re-reconfirm my 2:25pm direct flight to Johannesburg and was told that my flight was not operating on Saturdays. The only alternative was a non-direct flight via Maputo departing at 12:35pm and arriving Johannesburg at 6:25pm. What could I do knowing that I had to reach Johannesburg airport before 6pm to take my return flight to Europe? After explaining the situation to their customer services, the only answer I got was: "we are sorry, we cannot put you on another's airline flight but we can put you on our tomorrow's flight to Johannesburg". At the end I had to buy a new ticket with Airlink (very good airline, new aircraft) in order to not miss my flight to Europe (It goes without saying that the last minute ticket purchase was quite pricey). I have been told at the lodge I stayed at that this is not an exceptional situation, LAM is known to frequently cancel flights because its pilots have reached their flight hours limit. When I returned to Europe I contacted LAM to lodge a complaint and get reimbursed - 2 months later, no news. As a suggestion, if you do not want to live the same situation avoid flying with LAM.

11/30/2015 Louis Kotze

Staff at ticket office in Pemba very unfriendly and not very helpful. They should be trained in customer service and respect tourist that spent money to come to their country. Please, we do not all speak Portuguese - so basic English will help. Then we try to buy a ticket at the airport in Nampula - the same thing - terrible customer service!

11/30/2015 Tina Jeon

LAM Mozambique is a horrible airline. No customer service. Lost my baggage and cancelled my flight. They found my bags a day later and didn't even contact me or provide a reference number for the bags. The airport itself is horrible and disorganized. Horrible and would never come back to Mozambique because of them.

11/4/2015 Judith Milling

Our LAM Mozambique flight from Johannesburg to Vilankulos was cancelled and we were re-directed to Maputo and then got a prop 'plane from there to Vilakulos. Not a disaster but arrived later than we had planned. On the way back was another matter. Arrived Vilakulos airport to get direct flight to Johannesburg for a connecting flight to Port Elizabeth. Our flight was cancelled again. We were told that the only option was a flight that would get us into Johannesburg several hours after our LAM flight arrived. Extremely unhelpful, resigned and almost aggressive staff. Eventually we were offered a flight to Maputo (only an option as we had arrived at the airport early and the flight was leaving right then). We were told to go to the LAM office in Maputo and get tickets for a connecting flight to Johannesburg that would arrive in time for our PE flight. All nonsense. There was no such flight. If the staff were bad in Vilankulos, they were terrible in Maputo. No sense of urgency in fact seemed to deliberately take their time and implied that we had willingly changed our flight as opposed to having had it cancelled by their airline. They didn't even seem to know about this. Eventually staff at South African Airways stepped in and agreed to take us after much grumbling from the LAM staff. Again, this all took so long we almost missed this crucial flight but we made it no thanks to LAM. Had we not done so the cost implications were massive. I fly a lot internationally every year and have never experienced anything like this.

10/26/2015 F Harle

Two international flights on LAM Mozambique within two weeks - from Dar to Pemba and then to Johannesburg via Maputo and had heard endless horror stories but delighted to report that we were extremely impressed (and maybe very lucky?!) All flights on time, the Embraer from Dar was new and departed (and arrived) early, as did our flight to Johannesburg from Maputo on an older B757. Particularly impressed to be served a delicious chicken meal on the domestic sector (Pemba to Maputo). Attendants really helpful when other passengers had sat in our assigned seats and resolved quickly and smoothly without any fuss. Ground services at Pemba shocking in that only two LAM staff were checking in and boarding all flights which meant extremely long queues and frustrations on the ground before airborne, but once airborne, could not fault the service received. Excellent value for money, and generous baggage allowance of 30kg each to Jburg. Very smooth transfer through Maputo onto connecting flight to J'burg - onto a bigger aircraft (with the same crew).

9/11/2015 Erlend von Maltzahn

After booking my direct LAM Mozambique flight to Inhambane from Johannesburg Airport together with my accommodation and connecting flight from Cape Town, LAM cancels my direct flights. As a result I lose my connecting flight back home. They don't care, so don't fly LAM. Don't get travel Insurance because they don't pay.

9/10/2015 Delani Roothman

We booked and paid for direct LAM Mozambique flights (2hours) from Johannesburg to Vilanculos. Two day before departure we received updated e-tickets with flight schedule changes (no direct flights anymore) which didn't suit us at all. Eventually we got tickets to fly directly to Vilanculos a day later. However we were stuck at OR Tambo Johannesburg for a whole day without any explanation and eventually we were informed that the flight was cancelled. We forfeited our paid accommodation for that day at a luxury resort in Vilanculos. We returned the following day and had no choice but to fly and return via Maputo to Vilanculos (7 hours). I will not recommend anyone flying LAM.

9/4/2015 Malcolm Warrack

We are stuck again at Inhambane airport. No information given other than the LAM Mozambique flight has been cancelled. This is now the second day stuck here for some people. LAM Mozambique refuse to let other operators fly this route. But only they can service it themselves. What a pity for tourism.

2/17/2014 Danilo Schlegel

Flight TM 333/TM 2332 on 14th February 2014 4 hours too late - I missed my connecting flight to CDG with AF. No help and paid all additional costs myself. The service from the office in Johannesburg was not professional.

12/4/2013 R B Hackland

Always delays with LAM. Flight was delayed for whole day from JNB to Beira. Worst part is there is no communication from LAM! If the flight is cancelled / delayed then advise your passengers!

10/2/2013 Karim AlSayed

Round Trip Flight MPM-NPL-MPM. Boeing 737-500 To Nampula and back With Embraer 190 To Maputo. Staff kind and helpful food nice and seats comfortable. Only 2 disadvantages: tickets are really expensive and delayed in Nampula more than 1 hour inside the aircraft.

7/30/2013 Jose Silvestre

June 2013 from Johannesburg to Maputo return. They used the Embraer 190 which is very comfortable and spacious. Although the departure left almost one hour later of scheduled the service was very good. The only negative thing is the price. The route needs some competition to help the prices go down.