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6/20/2019 R Hassin

✅ Trip Verified | Uneventful flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur. Paid an economy saver fare for this flight which was rather cheap. As luggage was not included in the fare I bought prepaid luggage. Because Malindo charges for luggage now there was a lot of people with cabin luggage to a point that there was no room in the overhead bins. Flight left and arrived on time. Staff was rather snappy and unhelpful and the complimentary food was awful. Was rather disappointed that IFE was not available in this flight especially due to the fact that Malindo promises IFE on every flight. Just got a plastic screen, As a result there's no USB charging port too. Just be aware when flying Malindo that IFE is not guaranteed. Malindo should just be honest with its brand. There's nothing premium about the service and experience. It is a budget airline with an identity and branding confusion. Are you Malindo Air or Batik Air or Batik Malaysia?? I would fly them again if the price is right on this route. Don't expect much from Malindo - just make sure they get to your destination safely and on time. Also, bring a blanket. They charge that now and the cabin is rather cold.

6/19/2019 P Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Travelled from Kochi to Singapore on 15 June 2019 by Malindo Air which had a stopover at KL before SG for a 1 hr period. Reached SG, waited at the luggage belt for 1 hr and couldn’t find luggage. Went to report it, and got reply in a minute: luggage is still in KL and will only come by next flight. So the Malindo crew should be aware of this situation and they really dont care for their customers at all (no information given to passenger). Waited at the airport for another 3hr to pick up. Never again with Malindo Air. Surprises (30 kg onward while ticket showed 15kg return - repack your luggage even if you have no hand carry to make your check-in as close to 15kg or so.

6/7/2019 W Gan

✅ Trip Verified | Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur. Not to choose this airline years ago due to its frequent terrible flight delay. Try my luck to take the flight this year but so disappointed to know that flight delay issue is still there after years. No improvement at all!

6/6/2019 N Sarlin

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Denpasar. My flight was delayed by 14.5 hours and Malindo chose not to inform it's customers until they arrived at the airport even though Malindo knew about the delay the night before. I had to cancel and rebook with a different airline which was expensive and stressful. I will never use Malindo again.

6/6/2019 Steve Cura

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Perth. I booked with this airline because of the time we would return home, depart 12.50 arrive 4.30. Our flight time was changed two days before our departure which meant our arrival time was 1.00 am the following day. Apart from this the food and service was appalling and I incurred a parking fee increase due to the change. I will never fly with this airline again and would not recommend it to anyone

6/2/2019 S Hanson

✅ Trip Verified | Absolute appalling value for money, unhelpful staff. Have flown all over the world with many different airlines and this is hands down the worse experience my husband and I have ever had. Can’t check in online with a child under 12 which is annoying. Also couldn’t manage booking online because of this. We arrived 3 hours early for flight due to this, realised an innocent mistake in not having purchased baggage (despite having paid a lot for our fares). Were then told they refused to sell us bags as the online price but charged $25 USD per KG! I have since read this happens to so many people. Should be illegal. They will never see another $ out of us of any of our friends and family ever again.

6/1/2019 D Gertner

✅ Trip Verified | I downloaded their app on my phone and booked tickets. They have taken my money (5 days already) and they have not issued me with a ticket and keep telling me that its under investigation. No proper communication and no way of contacting the accounts department - the call center just put you on hold for 30 minutes leaving me on hold as they could not answer my questions. They have not given me what I have paid for and when I ask for support they refuse to communicate with me as to process timelines, risks or confirm that I even have a ticket. I feel like I have been scammed by this airline and there is no one to help - how can they hold onto your money for a week and not issue a ticket or even give a response as to the problem or concern.

5/26/2019 C Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. This is my 2nd flight with Malindo and I’m starting to think that I will never fly this airline again. I usually book my flight via Skyscanner due to work and last minute changes. My first experience booking with Malindo Air left me with no choice but to upgrade to business for 20kg of baggage. I’m not sure why but that specific ticket only has 15 kg baggage. The staff at KL airport advised that I pay for every kilogram and the price of that is very much higher than getting an upgrade. Today, I face a very strange issue of having no baggage on my departing flight and 30 kg allowance for my return flight. During my booking I assumed I will have the same 15 kg baggage as my previous flight thus I kept my packing light. Sadly I assumed that every budget airline has the same regulation for baggage but apparently it’s not the case.

5/22/2019 Bilge danyeli

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Kuala Lumpur. The worst customer service and worst Airline I have seen. I had a flight from Bali to Kuala Lumpur and when I received my luggage my shoes were missing from my luggage. I immediately went to the customer service but they were really careless and only told me I need fill in a report and write an email. After several emails and 4 weeks passing they finally replied and told me nothing was missing and will not do anything about it. This is really a joke and the worst customer service ever. I will never fly again and cannot recommend it to anyone. Its not worth it!

5/17/2019 Luke Kennedy

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. Worst airline I have ever bought a flight through all in all I call it extortion not being able to check baggage possible on line then asking crazy amounts of money to check baggage. I sorry to the lady at the desk not your fault but honestly what a joke need to get your systems right treat people fair.

5/17/2019 S Masawal

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Delhi via Kuala Lumpur. Outward journey was fine, but the return trip was a nightmare. At Bali, In the check-in process concern person didn’t give us through check-in from Bali to Delhi, they told us to collect baggage at Kuala Lumpur, We also had 2 bags of 7Kg with us as cabin luggage, The crew took our cabin luggage as there was no room in the overhead cabin and I was told to collect it at the door when I disembark. But when I asked for the bag on my way out, they said to collect it at the baggage reclaim which was past immigration in KL. we had a connecting flight in two hours. Flight was supposed to arrive from Bali to KL at 15.50 but was delayed by 30 minutes and arrived at 16.20, our next flight from KL to Delhi was at 18.00. At Kuala Lumpur International Airport there is Malindo customer care service staff was very rude, they were not ready to help us as by luck our KUL – DEL flight was also delayed by 30 min still they told us that as we don’t have enough time to collect baggage from belt, they assure us they will send our baggage safely from next via flight to Delhi only we have to do baggage lost report at Delhi. At Delhi, we did report and fill all the forms. we received all our baggage with missing stuff. It's a shame that such a distinguished airline company provides poor quality of customer service.

5/16/2019 S Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Yangon to Colombo. We were due to fly with them to Sri Lanka when sadly the bombings happened. We received an automated email offering a change of flight or refund so we opted to changed and then heard nothing. Due to Malindo Air not caring about the safety of their customers we were forced to fly to SriLanka. We tried called every number we could find hundred of times, we visited two different desks in airports, we send hundreds of emails and contacted them via social media and we received nothing. We were forced to take the flight and were met in Sri Lanka by the British embassy telling us we had to take the next flight out. At no point did Malindo Air care about our safety or offer any help. It’s been over a month, we’ve received minimal communication and no compensation. They not only ruined our holiday, cost us hundreds of pounds on calls and alternative flights but they put our lives at risk.

5/13/2019 T Han

✅ Trip Verified | Penang to Subang. Worst airline ever. I will never fly with Malindo Air again due to its bad customer service. Was having check in issue with the check in counter and the person in charge refer me to Malindo Air customer service at another counter and then customer service refer me back to the check in counter again. Could not even issue a proper document for me.

5/10/2019 Jek P Fong

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a Malindo flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi for November 2019 from the Expedia website. During the booking process, the Expedia website states, to contact the airline for check baggage allowance and to purchase. After several emails over four weeks, Malindo finally emailed to advise my ticket does not allow check baggage, not that it does not include any check baggage. I emailed Expedia to complain and to cancel my ticket, when Malindo finally called me this morning at 05.30hrs to offer to sell me 30 kg check baggage for my flight at rm318! Therefore, adding what I paid for my check baggage to my flight ticket of rm90 approx, totaling rm400 approx, I could have got a MAS flight at less price! Both Expedia and Malindo have failed to provide a professional service and given the airline industry a really bad impression of false sales practice. I will never fly Malindo nor use Expedia again, ever.

5/10/2019 A Umit

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Phuket. I wish I wasn't in a hurry while buying the ticket and checked Skytrax for reviews. While buying the ticket I checked the class of the ticket, I couldn't locate the allowance for the said class. Expedia sells the ticket as economy, but what it really means in Malindo terms is super-saver. Reviews say it all. The airline lacks proper webpage to display ticket class and excess baggage fees. I wasn't offered to buy excess while buying the ticket, or checking in online as other low-cost airlines do. So I was under the impression that I had the economy class ticket. The person at the check-in counter asks personal questions they have no business with. 1kg excess baggage is 45 ringgit. I will never choose this airline again, and I advise all foreign travelers to do the same. It may look cheap, but in reality, it is more expensive to fly this low-cost airline due to their predatory misinformation techniques. If it is incompetence, I feel sorry for them, but I suspect it is malice after seeing all the other negative reviews here. It cost me 3 times more for a small 11kg bag than it cost for my ticket. Shamelessly ripping people off. Seats are optimized for extra rows, accordingly to smaller stature of average Indonesian or Malaysian.

5/10/2019 S Mann

✅ Trip Verified | Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur. My flight experience a heavy turbulence due to raining along my way to Kuala Lumpur. Overall, cabin crew were very friendly and greeted warmly when we enter and leave the aircraft and very helpful guiding me to my seat. As the aircraft had very light load on that day, I can enjoy Row 28-30 myself. IFE System had nothing to enjoy and only have limited choice of TV programme and dated movies. I received a broken IFE System on my seats but luckily I still can use IFE System of my neighbouring seats. Ground Services is terrible in Johor Airport! Even I was required to get my boarding pass via counter check in, not self check in machine! 2-3 aircraft were leaving from Gate 1 and chaos in Gate 1. My flight was delayed nearly 1 hour. In a nutshell, ground service is terrible in Johor Airport and cabin service is ok.

5/7/2019 M Hewitt

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Adelaide, I've never been more pleasantly surprised. I checked in online, and was concerned because my name on their online account was my "LastNameMiddleNameFirstName Mr", not sure why, most likely as I booked through an online travel agent. Expecting to be turned away at the airport for my name not matching my passport, I got my first pleasant surprise. There was no line! 2.5 hours ahead of departure and no line! The staff were friendly and my check-in luggage was 1kg over what I'd purchased, but I wasn't charged extra. The plane was new, overhead there was plenty of room for carry on luggage. The seats were comfortable and had adequate room. The staff were polite and left a meal for me when I fell asleep. The in-flight entertainment was solid for choices. The plane wasn't full so I could stretch out across the row. The toilets was clean. I couldn't fault Malindo. I will be recommending this airline.

5/5/2019 T Mirdens

✅ Trip Verified | Bandung to Kuala Lumpur. Flight was scheduled at 14:10 to Kuala Lumpur where we had a connection to Brussels via Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airlines. We got an email that the flight was delayed until 15:25. That was still ok since our next flight was at 19:45 local time. Displays at the gate confirmed. The take off time was eventually 16:15! We landed at 18:25. A Malindo staff guy was waiting at the arrival gate to explain that we could try to catch the flight and if we missed it, we could come back at their counter to find a solution and they will do everything to help us out. We ran to the gate and were stopped at security check: door closed since 2 minutes. We went back to their transfer desk and waited about 45 minutes before some staff lady appeared (we asked another company at the transfer desk to call her on the phone). She eventually sent us to their desk in the main terminal. In the meantime we called our own travel agency (business trip) which found a solution with Emirates to come back to Dusseldorf. At the Malindo desk we said we didn’t need help but wanted to get our baggage back. This story took another hour. This staff tells gives you a lot of we are sorry but very poor response. Their English was also quite limited and you need to repeat many times. Total we lost 10 hours and will have to claim. This is quite ok when you travel for business and have a extraction team behind you. But what if you’re a tourist with no credit card or agency to buy other tickets? When you check on their web site, you can ask for refund if the delay exceeds 3 hours.

5/4/2019 B Marshall

✅ Trip Verified | I bought an economy return ticket from Malindo air which cost me AUD$786.73. I needed to change one flight but when tried to use the online manage booking, I found the change flight option was disabled. I called the call centre in Malaysia as Perth office never received the phone, talked with them after a number of tries and long waits and end up with the payment of a fare difference and change fee, a total of AUD$133 (fare difference AUD $92 and Change fee AUD$41). Although I was prepared to pay change fee, I did not expect to get charged additional $92 fare difference when I paid AUD $786 return ticket and the one way economy ticket in online was showing only AUD $267 at the time of changing. This airline has a very miserable on board service and would rob you if you need to change the flight.

4/25/2019 Kent Ong

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline ever! I will never fly with Malindo Air again due to its punctuality and customer service. It’s horrible. Waste of time.