Malindo Air

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10/4/2018 Karl Brand

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Denpasar. I have flown with many carriers previously and this was the first time flying with Malindo Air. At first I was a bit skeptical having never been with them. I can honestly say that I was surprised, everything about Malindo I was happy with no hidden fees, great service, food was good, ent...

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10/1/2018 S Pamadanye

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Colombo. Flight didn’t took off from Airport and we sent back to ground at 1.00am. We slept on ground and staff providing not any information at all. Seems to be they get away about the faulty flight but did a drama to avoid all cost. The worst airline in the world those who do not think about ...

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9/29/2018 Ming Lin

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Hong Kong via Kuala Lumpur. Worst experience ever, got notice that flight was delayed to the next morning only after I arrived at the airport. Office staff were not so helpful, while Malindo Air only provides water and a meal box for passengers who have to wait for more than 8 hours more. I asked fo...

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9/21/2018 T Dawes

✅ Trip Verified | I was a little apprehensive about flying with Malindo after reading bad reviews, but one must give credit when it is due. Note, this route only launched in June 2018. Check-in was very fast with no issues - an option to upgrade to Business Class was available for an extra $300 at check-in (we didn't take it up)...

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9/7/2018 Haziq Ahmad

✅ Trip Verified | Lahore to Kuala Lumpur. Flight was on time. The ground staffs at Lahore Airport was very helpful. The seat was comfortable but the food was under average.

9/6/2018 Nicus Goh

✅ Trip Verified | I used to be a flyer with Malindo Air for my monthly hometown trip from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. At very beginning, their services were quite well as they provided snacks, water and aircraft is comfortable. It has been more than 5 years I take Malindo Air, and they started to increase the price which is underst...

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9/2/2018 Glenn Lawrence

✅ Trip Verified | I have travelled a lot and would have to say Malindo Air is the worst airline I have ever been on. We were the only two in Business class and we had to ask for service and there was two hostesses. Food was a terrible. With the head sets for movies only one side worked and movies, well they would have had to be ...

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8/19/2018 Dianne White

Not Verified | Brisbane to Langkawi via Bali. Never again will I fly with Malindo Air, it was a first and last time. Had I known that we wouldn’t be permitted to leave the plane at Bali while they refueled. Most passengers left at Bali only about 20 remained, we were stuck on board for two hours! Cleaners came through, appallin...

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8/18/2018 Piet Potgieter

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur via Bali. We were looking forward to a happy tour and decided to try a different airliner and book on Malindo Air. What a mistake. Don't look at prices when decided to fly. With the bad experience we had with Malindo Air we will steer away from this airline in future. We will never fly...

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7/21/2018 Gillian Perkins

Not Verified | Brisbane to Denpasar. Absolutely disgusting. Delay of 7 hours. Old plane and just tacky interior. Seats uncomfortable. No WiFi, no entertainment. Food was inedible. Drinks sparse. Just overall bad. Would not recommend. Sadly I have to fly back to Brisbane still, horrid thought.

7/21/2018 T Davgesh

✅ Trip Verified | Chennai to Denpasar via Kuala Lumpur. I would like to thank the staff and cabin crew for a wonderful journey. The seats, sitting space, cleanliness, very attentive and responsive cabin staff. Meals, water and cold drinks served nicely. The facilities provided in flight was very good. The seat front screen prov...

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7/17/2018 H Sacher

✅ Trip Verified | We took the Malindo flight OD152 from PER to KUL in the business class cabin. There were no complications or unpleasant surprises at all. In fact, it was all rather nice. We got to hang out in the Quantas Lounge until take off which was right on schedule and our arrival at KUL was 20 min ahead of schedule. The ...

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7/17/2018 M Qurtana

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. First time I ever flew Malindo and I must say the flight was only an hour long but there was a 90 minute delay time. The plane was parked at the departure gate but the crew wasn't there, I also noticed that the groundstaff were throwing suitcases in instead of using the belt. We were g...

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7/11/2018 Julien de Souza

✅ Trip Verified | Lombok to Perth via Bali . Has got to be the worse airline ever in terms of efficiency and delay. Terrible customer service. Staff does not speak English and will tell you what you want to hear just so you leave them alone. Missed connecting flights through the same company (Batik air, Malindo, Lion air) and t...

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7/7/2018 Dean Schulze

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Kuala Lumpur. A little bit of deception is happening here. I have flown Malindo a couple of times and always found them excellent. Especially the value. However this last time on both legs (PER-KUL-PER) they used Batik Air planes which meant, despite paying for Business Class, there was absolutely no ...

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7/5/2018 Zafrullah Hamzah

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Reasonably priced business class fare. Check in was quick and smooth. Lounge access in Changi with a good selection of food. However the outbound flight was retimed and flight took off about an hour late. Cabin crew friendly and helpful. Reasonably good legroom. Return flight from Ku...

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6/20/2018 V Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Kuching to Kuala Lumpur. The actual time I buying the ticket from Kuching to KL is 21:15pm and received a sms notification on afternoon time that the flight delay to 21:50pm. Still acceptable the delay. I confirm with counter check in staff the delaying time is at 21:50pm. However, heard airport announcement t...

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6/15/2018 D Marler

✅ Trip Verified | Malacca to Penang. Poorly rated budget airline. Check in poorly organised - arrived 2 hours early, told had to wait an hour - no staff. Flight ok, cabin crew fine, aircraft clean, seating average. Be aware - excess baggage charges horrendous. Tried to sort out excess baggage days before the flight but website ...

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5/24/2018 Kishor Bhattad

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Bangalore via Kuala Lumpur. Very poor amenities and unprofessional staff. You won't be given water for at least 1.5 hours after take off, so carry your own water bottle. Food is pathetic. Blanket is not given until food is served. On asking for blanket for 5th time, the air hostess said "You want b...

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5/5/2018 W Malton

✅ Trip Verified | Malacca to Penang. Basic airline with very average facilities. Major issue with excess baggage. Had xtra case which made us 18kg in excess. Charged 705.96 Ringitt. Suggested purchasing another seat with 15 kg allowance at cost of 199 Ringitt. They refused even though aircraft was half full. Was told had I been...

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