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8/25/2019 I Vanovin

✅ Trip Verified | Labuan Bajo to Denpasar. The most horrendous customer service by check in staff. I produced a ticket which showed l had purchased 20kg of check in luggage and was told l had only 15kg in the ‘system’. Made me take out luggage to meet weight whilst she and other staff were laughing and rude. When the airline se...

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8/21/2019 Hicham Chaaya

Not Verified | Labuan Bajo to Denpasar. Worst customer service I've ever witnessed. Very aggressive ground crew from Labuan Bajo, not one but 4 employees were attacking us and shouting, they have zero manners and their etiquette to deal with tourists is nonexistent.

7/20/2019 H Darawan

✅ Trip Verified | Yogyakarta to Pontianak. Despite it's not peak season, the flight is full, even for the business class. The boarding was smooth, we departed on schedule, and arrived at PNK slightly ahead on our schedule. I got the expensive class for this flight (about 1,3 million Rupiah). NAM Air is a medium service airline,...

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8/10/2018 H Robson

✅ Trip Verified | Pontianak to Yogyakarta. Just like usual flight with NAM Air, the flight is being delayed for only 30 minutes due to the late arrival in PNK. Old plane, no IFE, but at least the passengers got snack (a muffin and a cup of mineral water). No aviobridge access in PNK and JOG, maybe to save some money for the airl...

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7/19/2018 H Lin

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Yogyakarta to Pontianak. It's one of the first flights in the morning from Yogyakarta Airport. The flight was on time. The plane was a quite old (when I checked it from the planespotters website) but quite comfortable. The two rows in the front is dedicated as business class seats. The economy seats are co...

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6/6/2018 John Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew NAM Air from Sorong to Jakarta on Flight No IN587. The check in process was fast and efficient with very friendly staff. We took off on schedule and arrived in Jakarta ahead of schedule. My luggage came out within 10 minutes of landing and was handed to me by NAM Air ground staff. The cabin crew were very ...

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4/6/2018 R Gaunoit

✅ Trip Verified | Belitung to Bangka on NAM Air, the ground staff believed it to be an important security matter to prevent me from bringing a bottle of alcohol on the flight. Now, where it gets weird is that my wife and other Indonesian friends were carrying alcohol, but were at no point even asked to get rid of it. Only the f...

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2/21/2018 Patricia Wijaya

✅ Trip Verified | Semarang to Bandung, The worst services airline ever. My flight was supposed to be at 6.00am but when i arrived in the airport the flight delayed to 9.00 am without any message notice or without any compensation at all. When i ask for the Nam Air customer service for not give any notifications about the delay ...

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9/12/2017 Oemar Ichsan

✅ Verified Review | Jakarta to Jambi. NAM air has two cabins, business and economy. They still use the classic series of Boeing 737 but it is okay. The service was good, with low price (even lower price than JT or QG) and they still provide us snack! The FA was really nice. I recommend this airline if you are fan of classic ser...

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6/6/2017 A Taniolo

✅ Verified Review | Denpasar to Surabaya. Nam Air, the secondary brand of Sriwijaya airlines. The worst company I take. Today the nightmare in Bali. They start in time for boarding but when arrival to the bus for go to the plane stay 25min without moving, without AC and with passengers inside without space for moving. Arrival t...

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