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6/16/2019 Hamayon Salam

✅ Trip Verified | From London to Kabul my baggage was lost for a week. I had to go to the PIA office daily to find out where my bag was. It was delivered very late. From Kabul to Islamabad, flight got cancelled. I missed my flight from Islamabad to London as a result of that. While I was running around together with other passengers to find out what to do, PIA offered no help at all. I am now stuck in Kabul while writing this review. Please avoid Pakistan Intl Airlines.


✅ Trip Verified | Lahore to Karachi. Flight on time. Clean cabin with decent leg room, curtious and happy serving crew. Full dinner with main, salad, sweet, soft drink followed by tea coffee on a short flight of 1 hour 30 min served. Initially they offered same Chicken Biryani as a main - upon my request they confirmed that they have western continental and vegetarian option. Opted for Western that comprises of grilled fish with vegetables - good temperature. Good to see PIA changing. Downside, no entertainment.

5/6/2019 Nishat Haroon

Not Verified | Paris to Lahore. Though cabin was just average and they need to re-furbish but comfortable timely flight, very courteous and great cabin crew. Meals with two choices - Western or Pakistani - opted for Pakistani which was filling. Basic non alcoholic drink - hot coffee. Toilets were satisfactory and blankets on demand. Before landing continental breakfast with juice and coffee offered. Downside the lack of in flight entertainment and no wi-fi. Ground handling at Paris was terrible.

5/1/2019 T Hanil

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Lahore. I booked tickets for myself and my mother after my Gulf Air flight to Sialkot was cancelled. My flight left and arrived on time in Lahore. I was pleasantly surprised. Service was good, toilets clean and working. Plane was clean. Food was great and including a great chicken biryani. I felt very satisfied to fly PIA and will recommend it.

4/10/2019 Len Fan

Not Verified | London to Islamabad. Hopeless airline, no contact number in UK Poor customer services. No disability assistance as promised. Refusal of bulk head seats for disabled passengers. Broken aircraft seats. No inflight entertainment as listed Tv monitor on seat damaged. Poor English of crew. Use Emirates or Qatar Airways.

3/29/2019 W Saqazi

✅ Trip Verified | Islamabad to Gilgit. My flight was cancelled by PIA (sure, I understand - things happen). I called them from Pakistan using a local number to try and get a refund. I was told that I can not do this because I need to call from my Canadian number that is on file to ensure that I am indeed the right person requesting the refund. Sure, I say. I get back to Canada and call their Canadian Toll Free number as listed on their official website. Surprise - it is discontinued and does not work. I then check my ticket confirmation e-mail and it has a different Canadian Toll Free number. Sure, maybe they changed it. Call that number - Surprise, also disconnected. Frustrated, I contact their ticketing office in Toronto. After the standard auto greetings, I tried to get a hold of anyone on the line. Nothing. Nobody answers. Then I try each and every option from Sales and Reservations, Customer Support, to the 'General Manager', to the General information line. All of these are unanswered. Nothing. They all go to voice mails - which, again are all FULL. Every single one of the voice mail boxes is full. I tried to go online and get my refund myself. The website sucks it displays some java error and does not allow me to login.

1/13/2019 Yasir Abbas

✅ Trip Verified | Faisalabad to Karachi. Booked ticket 3 times but every time received a message after 4 - 5 days that flight is cancelled. After wasting 10,000 to 12,0000 on travelling to airport 3 times for change of booking, I finally gave up and booked train tickets to travel via train. If you are booking PIA airline to reach on some occasion on time etc, never choose to fly via PIA.

12/1/2018 Aun Zubairi

✅ Trip Verified | Karachi to Lahore. Aircraft cabin was mildly comfortable but it did look like it had seen better days. Broken IFE screens still displayed a welcome message from Vietnam Airlines. The overhead luggage compartment kept opening midway through the takeoff. Staff was courteous and professional. The breakfast meal served was alright, nothing to write home about.

11/17/2018 A Ramihri

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Medina via Karachi. I cancelled my flight and request for refund. However after a month (request for cancellation on 6 oct 2018) the airline do not reply my email and proceed for my refund. They are unprofessional and irresponsible.

10/9/2018 S Arbi

✅ Trip Verified | London to Islamabad. We were a family of four and we were not given seats next to each other, which is unreasonable as there were lots of people that weren't in groups that could of easily been allocated different seats. I have traveled with PIA many times. The aeroplane also at times gets extremely hot like the heating is on boiling or something mid air. The food on a few occasions has upset my stomach. The inflight entertainment hasn't been working for the past five years at least each time I've traveled with PIA. The taps in the bathrooms have to be held to let water stream out which means you can't wash your hands properly. Strangely every time I travel with PIA I am always given a seat with loud people nearby, that never allow for any sleep or peace of mind.

9/19/2018 S Mahadar

✅ Trip Verified | Islamabad to London. We enrolled to become award members, and upgraded to business class seats on our outward bound flight from Heathrow to Islamabad. My husband was suffering shoulder and neck pain and I from lower back pain. We arrived at the boarding gate and were told to wait in the corridor as the seating area was full, looking inside we saw that some passengers were using the seats to put their luggage on, we insisted on being able to get into the seated waiting area and eventually were allowed to go in , once there we asked the passengers to remove the luggage from the seat and let us sit down. The seats in the aeroplane are old style and were not fully functional, they would go flat but we were unable to sit up as they would not pull up enough. We asked the steward to help sort them out they were unable to do so and could not offer alternative seats. They were unable to provide extra pillow or blankets, as they claimed they only carried a limited amount. The food was reasonable but not really presented as one would expect in business class. Having travelled on other airlines business class this fell very short in service and comfort. The cutlery was plastic - really is that the best they can do?? There was no in flight entertainment or newspapers offered. The icing on the cake for this journey was having to wait for our luggage over 2 and a half hours even economy collected their baggage before us. We visited Saddar PIA office and spoke to the Shabbir duty manager there to complain about the service we received, we were told to make a formal written complaint and someone will be in touch within a day or two. Having done this we waited and waited for a response. Needless to say no one called to offer any explanation or any form of remedy. We were seeking to upgrade on our return journey but they were unable to do that as they claimed there system was in the process of being upgraded. Still after a few days no one contacted us. Their phone system is useless we tried calling only to be left hanging on the phone for hours. Eventually you get through and the call attendees cut you off. After a few days we then went into the Islamabad office saw the duty manager to see if we can upgrade, only to be told they are unable to do that as all business class seats are full and their system was not allowing them to upgrade. They checked us in to seats 1A and 1C and gave us paperwork to confirm our seat allocation, No sufficient explanation or compensation was offered for the journey we had already been on. Fresh return tickets in hand. We arrived at the airport in ISB, only to find that the counter clerk had changed the seats allocated saying that they were wrongly allocated by the duty manager at PIA office ISB and he referred the matter to a supervisor who said he needed to speak with that the duty manager at PIA office ISB did not have the authority to allocate those seats to us.

9/4/2018 S Yusuf

✅ Trip Verified | London to Lahore return. I have three kids with me and the direct flight was a good option. I paid 3100 for travelling during summer holidays. The flight from London had no entertainment system, no pillows, no blankets. From lahore the flight was more than 6 hrs delayed, again no entertainment system. Never going to fly PIA again.

8/21/2018 B Martin

✅ Trip Verified | London to Islamabad. You will be where I have been, when booking tickets. You use a ticket scanner site and find the cheapest ticket you can for a flight to Pakistan. You see the price of business class on PIA and its half the price of any of the competitors. You say 'wow, ill book that'. This is what you get. Ancient planes with broken seats, scuffed and dirty. No IFE. Screens don't work. This was both ways. Seat didn't work. When the airlines say lie flat seat, you assume when its working it lies flat. Basically for the price, you get a wider seat and more leg room. Food was tasty and plentiful, despite being served from foil trays, and eaten with plastic forks. Staff were average. Some were excellent, some were miserable and offish. No priority boarding or bag tags. I waited 50 mins at Heathrow to collect my bag. I travel business most weeks somewhere in the world. PIA is the worst I've come across. For the price it's almost acceptable, as its so cheap. But the old adage is true, you get what you pay for.

7/29/2018 Sabrina Geßner

Not Verified | Karachi to Quetta. Totally incompetent! They canceled our flight without telling us and then gave us a terrible hotel at the airport. It was just a horrible room at the hotel and they told us that we have pay the water. We didn’t got any money for the not refundable hotel booking in Quetta or the inconvenience we had (visa expiring and so on). Not again! Worst service ever experienced!

2/4/2018 Arshed Mahmood

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Islamabad. Was apprehensive but the 7.25 hours direct flight was a better option than changeovers in Dubai on this occasion. Paid nearly 1700£ for 2nd rate experience. The crew was nice but what can they do when the seats were dirty, grease and rubbish down side of sear poor quality food served from aluminium trays. On the whole didn't get money's worth. However I was impressed by the staff. The flight back was the same but the seats were better and the staff equally good. Ground services virtually non existing.

1/12/2018 B Unwin

✅ Trip Verified | Overall a smooth flight with Pakistan Intl Airlines flying from Karachi to Kuala Lumpur. Good meals served throughout the flight. Air-conditioning and the quality of the aircraft was good. The aircraft was old but was well maintained and the staff were well trained to meet the needs of the passengers. Despite being full in the business class it was a smooth trip.

1/12/2018 F Awan

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Lahore to Riyadh via Islamabad with Pakistan Intl Airlines. Excellent In Air service. I arrived late at Lahore Airport but they did not made any issue at all. Provided my pre-selected seat. I am handicapped so airline immediately sent notification to all the terminals where I had to land to provide wheelchair upon landing. From Lahore to Islamabad it was ATR72-500. Aircraft seemed to be new, neat and clean, medical lift cannot be provided on this aircraft but whole flight crew helped me at their best to climb stairs. Seats cannot be reclined but they were comfortable enough for 1 to 2 hour flight. On next leg had some issues with ground management as it was pretty rude but inflight crew for flight from Islamabad to Lahore tried their best to cover it up by facilitating me (knowing that I had some incovenience due to ground staff negligence). Seats were comfortable, meal was just ok and IFE system was outdated.

1/8/2018 A Falqizar

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Islamabad to Manchester. Apart from entertainment the flight was fantastic. Friendly staff. We were served with meals, the food was good, beer was fantastic. Entertainment not working, can't beat direct flight. Plane was perhaps 15 years old but smooth.

1/1/2018 A Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Manchester to Islamabad. The worst business class I've ever flown. Seats look worn out. Mechanical issues with the seats. TVs don't work. Bad food served from aluminium trays. Smelly, small toilets. Porter service terrible and overall a bad experience. I wouldn't recommend Pakistan Intl Airlines.

12/20/2017 M Rahmed

✅ Trip Verified | London to Lahore. The ticket I purchased stated we would be flying in a Boeing 777 but we boarded a Boeing 747 Older model. Moody flight attendants. None of the TVs worked, the food was cold and stale. Poor service and no one cares about it.