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8/21/2018 David S, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 2A

Once you get used to business class being like domestic first it is fine. Service was excellent. No video or entertainment but there was insecure WiFi.

4/26/2018 George Bowie, Airbus A330-200 seat 51H

Very smooth flight, stewardesses provided very good service, food good. Conclusion is the flight was very good Obrigado

3/22/2018 Azores Bound, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 16C

A simple no frills flight. Pleasant crew. The food will win no prizes ("not the best first date... but not the worst") and on time

10/6/2017 Brian Sullivan Greenspahn, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 20A

I highly recommend seats 20A and B on this aircraft. Because they are in a exit row, you must pay more ($65/seat). However, the amount of leg room makes it well worth it. Note that the airline used the same flight number (S4 250) from BOS to BCN with a stop in PDL. In fact, at PDL, we switched from the A310 to an A320 for th...

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7/4/2017 Ed, Airbus A330-200 seat 2A

This was my first time in executive having flown economy with SATA and others many times before. Not sure what the other reviews expected but you are paying for lots of extra space, upgraded meals (not neccesarily 5*) and betterservice. BIG difference from sitting in economy. The entertainment needs fixing. All in all I woul...

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6/2/2017 William Pacheco, Airbus A310-300 v2 seat 27A

The flight and crew of Sata is fantastic I loved all 3 flights on my trip .i will fly Sata again thank you

5/11/2017 John Bennett, Airbus A330-200 seat 2H

Azores Airlines A330-200. Echoing other reviews: The "Executive" class in Sata / Azores airlines consists mostly of a larger, fully reclinable seat with more personal space. There is free wine, an upgraded meal (based upon conversations with our friends in Economy), and business lounge access before the flight. So, not fancy. ...

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5/1/2017 Jacqueline, Airbus A330-200 seat 2A

This was our return flight. The seat did not recline - it was broken.The flight attendant tried to fix it and it was okay for a couple of hours and then did not work again. This was unfortunate as the seat is the only thing on this flight that made it even feel like business class. I will never fly business class again with SATA...

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5/1/2017 Jacqueline, Airbus A330-200 seat H

Seat was very good and turns into bed. We were on an overnight flight. The rest regarding business class service was absolutely terrible and was not worth the price.

1/14/2017 David de melo, Airbus A310-300 v1 seat 20A

Plenty of leg room,comfortable,could not have any items beside me on take off or landing.plane very clean,excellent and wine great

4/21/2016 Harry Karmel, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 21J

Was great to fly a retro aircraft like this! Although I did expect the legroom to be larger, considering that this was used on the long haul flights to the US, but it was fine for this short flight. It had TVs but they were in the middle of the cabin, so were harder to see from a window. The cabin service and dinner was very goo...

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12/5/2013 Marco, Airbus A310-300 v1 seat 30H

the aircraft is not new, but well maintained and clean.decent seats, but rather attached to the front.

11/20/2012 Jason Teixeira, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 17J

8/20/2012 Elisabete Swenson, Airbus A310-300 v1 seat 26F

Buyer beware - the seats are very tight for legroom. My husband is 6 feet tall and was very uncomfortable with the lack of legroom. The A320 was much better. This plane feels like sardines. People are very squeezed in. We war sitting above the wing - I believe in row 26. I was in 26F and my husband and son in 26 H and J. Eit...

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7/15/2011 Paulo, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 2E

Great Flight

6/10/2011 João Ricardo Mendonça, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 1H

10/24/2009 André, Airbus A310-300 v3 seat 26D

This flight was just 2 hours and 15 minutes, but that was a little boring because the entertainment is poor. The LCD's was showing a film but without sound. A stewardess had a disagreeable attitude with me. The space to hand luggage is big. The food is not much but it's good. They gave a sandwich, drinks (Coke, water, beer...), ...

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