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6/9/2019 EY Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Ankara to Amsterdam. A cheap low-cost experience by all means, however the price tag was no different than full-board flag carriers - if not more expensive. No IFE, although paid for the extra legroom, seats are far away from being comfortable. No overhead bins for the first row, although they are the extra pa...

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4/22/2019 Raimond, Boeing 737-800 seat 4C

Pleasantly surprised with more legroom than normal in economy! The kids were entertained by a nice sticker paper handed out by flight attendants

4/2/2019 R Darego

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Frankfurt. It was a Lufthansa business class connecting flight, it was operated by SunExpress. Selected seat 2F. The only LH-related experience was the in-flight LH business meal. Other than that, the plane, crew, and cabin quality were that of a low-cost carrier. No overhead storage for rows 1 to 2 as...

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4/1/2019 Darren, Boeing 737-800 seat 2F

Although it was an LH flight, it was operated by SunExpress. The only LH-related experience was the in-flight LH business meal. Other than that, the plane, crew, and cabin quality were that of a low-cost carrier. Looking behind at rows 3, 4 etc. one can see almost no legroom. One positive was that the crew turned back econom...

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3/22/2019 S Aksoy

✅ Trip Verified | Trabzon to Izmir. We've waited about 15 minutes after boarding was completed, I don't know why. The airport traffic was not very high. Cabin crew were good. Take-off and landing was smooth. I've tried SunExpress Wi-Fi service. There were some movies and music inside the portal but it required premium membership...

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3/7/2019 Ali Osman Sezişli

✅ Trip Verified | Trabzon to İzmir with SunExpress. It was a good experience. Faster than expected in the air, slower than expected on the ground unfortunately. Baggage claim took a long time but to be honest, I don't know if it was the airport or airline's problem. There weren't any free services in the air. It was a 2 hour fli...

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1/2/2019 Maercker, Boeing 737-800 seat 5D

I couldn’t sit next to my wife, she had another isle seat. Why don’t you just let the people choose the seats themselves??

1/2/2019 Maercker, Boeing 737-800 seat 5C

You placed me on an isle seat and my husband as well. We couldn’t sit together though I’m very much afraid of flying. I was alone. It was a horrible flight. Why don’t you just let the people choose their seats themselves?? I’ll never choose SunExpress again.

11/18/2018 F Heeny

✅ Trip Verified | Izmir to Munich. First time user of SunExpress. Cheap ticket and i wasn't expecting anything dramatic but I was impressed by staff i dealt with. Smiling faces and eager to please. Good seat space and clean bright aircraft. Flights on time. Will definitely use again. Its a pity they don't fly from Ireland dire...

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11/1/2018 Mark de Beer, Boeing 737-800 seat 1C

The flight was smoothly executed, ecactly on schedule. It is a budget airline, in this I felt the experience hardly differed from any other budget airline. Although: lugage allowance is 30 kg (where often it is 20) and there is no moaning about an extra carry-on item (unlike Easyjet for instance). I bought extra legroom, and in ...

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9/24/2018 sumyungtraveller, Boeing 737-800 seat 1C

I can confirm the information provided by Kurt kotoaga is correct If you are going to pay for extra leg room 2 F E D are the best For regular seat selection choose 2 A B C Screaming kids are at the back. Lol

9/4/2018 Nicole Dehmer, Boeing 737-800 seat 3A

Das Flugzeug war in einem wenig ansprechenden Zustand. Die Tische waren verdreckt. An einigen Sitzen fehlten die Armlehnen. Die hierdurch entstandenen- zum Teil scharfkantigen -verbleibenden Halterungen wurden mit Gewebeband überklebt.

5/16/2018 S Leventis

✅ Trip Verified | Leipzig to Heraklion. It was on time and the staff was very polite. They had gifts for little children(we made two routes and they had different gift each time). The price was not normal for the route (i don’t know how the prices will be in the summer).

4/11/2018 A Darrell

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Düsseldorf to Izmir. Make sure you breath in before you board this flight because there isn’t much room inside! Certainly a tight squeeze into the seats. Low cost no frills airline, gets you from A to B with the minimum of fuss. Staff friendly, no inflight entertainment other than opening and closing the w...

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12/23/2017 Andreas, Boeing 737-800 seat 2F

Much leg room, but right seats Sun Premium meal was ecellent

9/23/2017 Ed, Boeing 737-800 seat 5C

Absolutely the worst airline I've ever flown. Leg room is non-existent... don't worry about the person in front of you leaning back since they can't without crushing your knees. No complementary services whatsoever. I'm frankly surprised they haven't made the lavatory coin operated.

4/2/2017 Stephen Saunders

✅ Verified Review | Dusseldorf to Palma de Mallorca. We left bang on time on what we thought was Eurowings flight no EW9585 but it turned out to be a SunExpress flight. On boarding the plane the extremely friendly flight attendant took my 6 year old into the flight deck to meet the crew. A lovely lady who looked after all the pa...

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11/6/2016 Giuseppe Gullo

✅ Verified Review | Munich to Lanzarote. It started in the airport, where nobody had a clue about the company itself and in which gate we should have do our boarding. After some ping pong (with luggage and a 3 years old kid) between gate A-C-D (something like a kilometer and a half), finally someone showed up with meaningful in...

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9/1/2016 Shi Ebrahim

Amsterdam to Antalya - I had never had heard of SunExpress before. I always check review and ratings first and I thought "this can't be too bad!". I'm not saying it is my worst flight ever, as the crew were friendly and communicated well. It's just that the planes lack equipment. After I got to my seat, I immediately felt pretty...

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6/27/2016 Alexander Hildebrant

Thessaloniki to Düsserdorf with Eurowings but operated by SunExpress. The plane was a B737-800 which was 15 years old and I can confirm that the plane felt this old. The seat in front of me was half broken, the table didn't have cup holders and the legroom wasn't great for a 190cm man but comfort was okay. The cabin crew was fri...

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