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5/18/2019 W Janson

✅ Trip Verified | My wife's friend is getting married in Toronto in May of 2019. Upon hearing the news, we booked the most value flight we can find online. We thought we scored a deal with Sunwing for $700 (after fees, taxes) for both of us. Flight leaves Vancouver for Toronto on May 18 and return on May 27. A couple of weeks ago, early May, Sunwing called and said our return flight was cancelled. They gave a full refund and a $100 voucher as compensation. We did managed to find a more expensive return flight but still within our budget. Sunwing assured us that the Vancouver to Toronto is still on. Two days from our departure date, Sunwing called and now says our Vancouver to Toronto flight was cancelled. They offered a next day flight but we would miss the wedding reception. I told them that was unacceptable yet they refuse to compensate us the difference with a competitor flight. Not only that, they didn't even offer another $100 voucher for the inconvenience. The agent refused to give anything and the manager was even less helpful. They were just stone cold and probably laughing at our misfortune behind the phone. We're now paying for a much more expensive last minute flight to get to Toronto, have to book another night at a hotel, and additional day of car rental.

5/9/2019 Justyna Carr

Not Verified | We had the worst experience travelling with this joke of a airlines. We were coming home from vacation, from Punta Cana. We boarded the plane along with other 300 people. First of all, it wasn't even a Sunwing plane. Sunwing uses old planes of airlines that went out of business. Very old plane, you realize as soon as you enter it. We took our seats and plane started to move to depart, all the sudden, the lights were off and AC stopped working. Everybody on the plane went silent, 20 min later pilot informed us that the generator wasn't working, it stared to get hot on the plane. 20 more min and pilot said that problem was fixed and we can fly to Toronto now, we took off, and 15 min into the flight, pilot announcted that we were returing to Punta Cana as the navigation wasn't working. We returned to Punta, sat on the tarmac for 3-hours, pilot was scrambling to figure out what to do. After hours of waiting we had to leave, collect our luggage, and go to a hotel for the night (after literal hours and hours of waiting, to get off the plane, go thru customs again, collect luggage, board a bus to a hotel) It was a nightmare. We returned home following day and I will never fly with Sun Wing again.

5/4/2019 Jennifer Staruch

Not Verified | Upgraded to business class and was very pleased with the seats. Older but lots of leg room. Food is good no issues at all. On the way to Punta Cana the service was okay, on the way back I was shocked. No customer service at all. We were delayed an hour and I understand that happens but nobody told us why or what was going on until people started to get upset. Didn’t offer water or anything and it was very hot. I was at the front and the flight attendants all just talked to each other the whole flight ignoring people. I had to ask for water 3 times at one point and they just said okay then not get me any. No smiles, no how are you? Just rude! Maybe Sunwing should have a talk to their employees about customer service as a lot of people get high anxiety when flying and they should be very understanding and polite! I did enjoy the planes layout as it was 2 seats only so you didn’t have to sit with a stranger. Also no movies both ways, first time I’ve ever been on a plane and not have a show or movie to watch!

5/3/2019 Josh McGonegal

Not Verified | Toronto to Punta Cana return. Flight there - plane turned around after 20 mins. Everyone unloaded and we didn't get on another plane for 6.5 hours. Delayed for an hour for the return flight. Then sat on the plane for an additional hour. Yet again engine problem. I have to stop typing because we're getting off. Without time to explain further, I'll just add old planes with terrible service. What a joke of an airline.

4/23/2019 R Hartner

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Punta Cana. We will never use Sunwing Travel again! We were forced to pay for another seat the following day due to my son contracting salmonella at Sunwing's resort. The aircraft had empty seats and we where promised by a Sunwing representative that this will not be an extra cost because we purchased insurance. This was all scam as they billed us for the seats anyway and kept hiding behind their policy and have not reimbursed us for the seats. Shame on you Sunwing, I will never use your services again.

4/22/2019 Mary Pelton

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Toronto. First time and last time we will fly Sunwing. Flight delay for 6.5 hrs. and despite their knowledge did not robo call passengers to notify. We were freezing. I asked Sunwing Rep for blanket. She said no. Waiting 7 hours and freezing. Voucher was for 1 restaurant located outside so had to go through security again to get fed. Another delay was announced. Be transparent Sunwing.

4/22/2019 Janet Sinclair

Not Verified | Our 3rd trip with Sunwing. The staff onboard were not the friendliest but the turbulence was bad and there were a lot of people that liked to use the bathroom right when the carts were in the aisle, so I get it. Our return trip was like our last, delayed. We checked out at noon and found out our flight was delayed from 21:00 to 00:50. Our bus was suppose to leave the hotel at 18:00 but changed to 2050. We checked out so couldn’t pay to keep our room (overpriced) Sunwing offered no explanation and no compensation, as usual. This is our last trip with Sunwing, they are unreliable and don’t care about their paying customers.

4/22/2019 Trinity Ho

Not Verified | Toronto to Miami. Terrible, there were technical difficulties which was fine, but we were stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours. Then they told us we could immediately get on a new airplane, and that we would load immediately. As we were getting off the plane, they told us it would take 2 hours. Those 2 hours became 4 hours and the line would not do anything to ensure we reached our destination on time. They made no effort to help us find another flight or reimburse us in any way. Not to mention that the company then left us sitting at the gate for more time. They then escorted us to baggage claim as there was nothing to be done. From there we waited another 2 hours, and they managed to lose our luggage, made us walk to the other side of the terminal twice, before finally finding our luggage. This was our first and will definitely be our last time flying with Sunwing.

4/22/2019 K Berlon

✅ Trip Verified | Calgary to Cancun. My family has been at the airport since 6:15 this morning for a flight that got delayed as we were already en route to the airport. Flight was delayed 30 minutes. Then we get a call to board the plane at 9;25 when should have already been boarded and the plane should have been taking off. Not only that, we get called to board at 9:25 and then wait 15 minutes in the breezeway (not even on the plane yet) to only have someone come into the breezeway and tell us to “walk around” because now the flight has been delayed 1 hour.

4/21/2019 M Rutledge

✅ Trip Verified | Flight to Orlando boarded 1/2 hour late should have been 6.20am, delayed due to faulty generator. Sat on plane 2.5 hours returned to main terminal. Could not disembark due to faulty ramp. Flight now delayed until 3.30pm. Compensation $20 meal voucher for your 9 hour mistake/delay, your problem not mine. Will never again fly Sunwing. Will let all friends/family etc know about your problems and compensation to paying passengers

4/21/2019 G Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Montréal to Punta Cana. We have flown Sunwing many times over the years. Yes, the seats are a bit cramped and you have to pay for the food ; but we have always had great service from the Sunwing staff both in the air and on the ground.

4/15/2019 Ashley Schneider

Not Verified | Punta Cana to Calgary. We will never fly Sunwing again. The entire experience was terrible. The seats were uncomfortable, the temperature in the plane was too hot, the food was really bad and very unwelcoming flight attendants. This was the worst flight I have ever experienced. Shame on you for ruining the end of everyone’s holidays.

4/9/2019 W Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Toronto. Departure time was delayed. Seats very uncomfortable. Something wrong with the temperature control so it was very hot throughout the flight. The food was less than adequate. We ordered the pizza and the crust was hard and sauce mushy on top. No pepperoni to be had. I ordered a wine and ended up having to get up and remind the flight attendant she owed me a wine. This is the worst flight we have taken.

4/9/2019 K Merton

✅ Trip Verified | We had tickets for 4 leaving from April 13th 2019 but had a sudden accidental death in the family and had to cancel. We reached out to Sunwing toll free number to explain the situation and ask for refund or voucher for later date on April 5th. We spoke to agent who promptly said there was nothing they could do no refund no voucher nothing. All they could ask is for cancellation which seats would be filled no problem with last min deals and you can fill your pockets with more money. This is outrageous that in case of accident or death we cannot even get a voucher or refund of some kind. We can provide a death certificate if need be not trying to pull a scam. No need for voucher I will never use Sunwing again and will make sure all our family hears about the insensitivity of your airline in such a tragic time.

4/3/2019 Diona Desir

✅ Trip Verified | Detroit to Montego Bay. Going to Montego Bay went smoothly. Coming back we had to stop in Cincinnati and go through customs. Originally I did not check my bag but being that I stopped in duty free in Jamaica I had to check them in Cincinnati. Made it home to Detroit, a 45 minute flight and my bag didn't come with the plane. Since DTW is not a home base for Sunwing there was no ive to speak with in person. Called the number, was on hold off and on for over an hour and then got hung up on. Tried calling back after sitting in the airport for an hour and a half and no response. I've never had anything like this happen. The customer service is horrible, they have no idea what to do. After googling lost luggage with Sunwing I found a different number and called that and they want you to fill out a claim form that didn't recognize my booking number. Just horrible, ended up leaving a message for someone to call me back, we shall see..

3/31/2019 Andrea Sinclair

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Cayo Coco. My husband and I went to Cuba on March 19th. We flew with Sunwing and it was a huge ordeal going there and back. We returned on March 28th. I checked the flight going there and everything seemed fine. We didn't take off until an hour after our flight was supposed to. No explanation except that I think the airplane we were supposed to take arrived late. No apology. My time is valuable. It's like a doctor that holds you up and acts like it's no big deal. Coming back was worse. I checked the time and we were supposed to take off at 8:45 and land in Toronto around midnight. We had arranged for our son to pick us up. We waited and waited. We finally took off 2 hours after we were supposed to. Again just another brief apology because the airplane had arrived late in Toronto which put them behind in schedule. Again, no one told us anything. Sunwing seems to have an issue being on time. Because it was so late and my son had to work the next day, we told him to stay home and we would take a cab which was $100.00. We didn't land until 2 am, again no consideration for my time. We were all crushed in the plane like sardines. We were at the back of the plane. The lady beside me couldn't move her legs because the person in front of her reclined his seat. I'm very disappointed with the experience. We have used Sunwing for a long time. After this experience we won't be using it again. The relaxation my husband and I felt after our trip faded quickly after this horrible flight home. There was no offer of a voucher at all. We weren't even informed as to how late our flight was. You need to be realistic about your flight times.

3/26/2019 Zubaidah Taliani

Not Verified | Boarded our flight to leave Mexico, everything was fine except for the ridiculously slow service at check in and the long line up. Once we landed in Calgary we were told to get off the plane and go thru customs as this was a surprise to everyone who were told that we would fly direct to Edmonton. Once done customs we were told the flight would be delayed 5 hours and gave everyone a 15$ food voucher that was useless as all food venues were closed in the middle of the night. Sunwing new about the flight change and did it deliberately to split the plane ride between 2 diff groups. Disgusting service.

3/17/2019 Mohez Kanji

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Liberia return on Sunwing Airlines. While going only one washroom worked. The staff were very friendly and helpful, but do not expect 5 star rating in these economy flights

3/13/2019 Amber Guerin

Not Verified | I’ll start with the flight. Our flight took off at 5:45pm and we landed in Cuba after 1am. We paid extra for the elite plus package. The 3rd row we had on the way down was ideal. We got the first row on the way back, it was the worst, you couldn’t move the arm rest and it’s annoying to have no place to put your bags. On the way down, we had a rowdy, loud couple who never stopped talking. It was annoying until around 11pm and just ignorant after that as it would have been nice to have a little nap given we weren’t getting to our hotel until 3-4am. The flight attendants did nothing to get them to be quiet, rather, they participated in the shenanigans. If I had my kids with me, I would have been extremely upset. On the way back, the same couple was on the plane and were still talking the whole way home. We left Cuba after 3am so everyone wanted to sleep and these people never shut up. Again, no one from sunwing said anything to them. Grow a back bone for your other passengers flight comfort and say something to these people please! As for the resort, it was amazing. However, Sunwing was paid by us for a 7 day stay. We really got more like 6 and a few hours because of the time our flight came in. I would recommend you ask Sunwing about this. Our check in time for our resort was 3pm March 2nd. We hadn’t even left Edmonton until 5:45pm that same day. Our flight home was at 3:35am on March 10th. We had to vacate our room at 12pm on March 9th meaning we had no room to stay in for 11 hours before the bus came to take us to the airport. When we spoke to the resort, they said sometimes when Sunwing does this, they pay for the room or negotiate late check out. They did nothing of the sort. The resort however took care of us and we checked out at 4pm and were offered a courtesy room in case we wanted to freshen up before the flight. That was 100% because we spoke to a wonderful man named Oscar who helps run the resort. When I went to the front desk, they basically said that’s what sunwing paid for so if we hadn’t found Oscar, we would have been screwed. I’ve stayed once in Cuba before and had the exact same flight situation but we got to keep our room until we left. This is why I will book through that company in the future. I’ve had so many issues with Sunwing that I haven’t booked with them in 4 years and I never will again. They’re the worst!

3/12/2019 Daniel Vasilevski

Not Verified | We were very nervous about all this negative reviews about Sunwing and Vacation Express. Everything was perfect! We was greeted at the airport from Vacation Express representative and asked if we have any questions. The airplane was right on time transfers at the airport went smooth and what more can you expect?! We had a great time! Thank you!