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3/20/2017 S Darakova

✅ Verified Review | Macau to Taipei. I was not happy with this airline at all. Although their service is pretty good and comparable to other low cost airlines, if you experience any trouble they just do not care about you. Without any prior notice they refused to check us in on a flight to Taiwan where we do not need any type of visa and can stay there up to 90 days, because we had only one way ticket. The staff was unhelpful and refused to give us any further information about this policy. I asked them several times how we were supposed to know about this policy of this airline, but I only received answer that it is on the Internet. I searched very long time but did not find anything mentioned on their page. I wanted to contact anyone who could give me more information on why this is required from members of EU, but they refused to help us. Moreover I have not received any reply from their helpdesk (been 4 months already), only that I should contact them by phone or chat. I tried chat but no one replies me and I cannot call them because I am still abroad. So thanks to them not providing us this information before, we were forced to buy an expensive flight back right at the check in desk. Definitely not flying with them again.

4/21/2016 S Fitton

✅ Verified Review | I booked my flight to Taiwan since September last year to go to Taiwan in February this year. Not long before my flight, they just sent me an email, automatically changed my flight schedule to the next day (more than 24 hours from the original schedule). I was very furious, why would I book this exact date, at this time in this first place if I want to travel 24 hours later? Never mind, I called to change back to my original flight but the answer was no, they cannot. Ok, then I agreed to change my flight and I would like to refund my ticket. That should be easy right? No, it is not. The call to refund happened in January 2016, now we are almost in May 2016, 4 months later and I still haven't got my money yet. The slow in process is one bad thing, the poor call center is another. I waste my time and my money to call them back and forth, all I hear was "your money has been refund, please check your card". Of cause I checked and there is nothing coming in from Tiger whatsoever! I try to contact customer service, email. phone call, chat etc. I just want my money back.

2/14/2016 Vincent Tan

Tigerair Taiwan from Singapore to Taipei. No notification on flight re-time via email or sms. There was no staff directing passengers what to do next when we arrived at the airport. The counter staff were extremely unfriendly. The queue was very long, and yet, there were at least 3-4 other counters with the staff who were very free, just "looking" around, chatting.

1/18/2016 John Duffus

Having no low cost carriers until relatively recently between Bangkok and Taipei, this was one of the few major Asian routes which meant a plane change in a third country to find a decent fare for budget travelers. Now it is served by two - V Air and Tigerair Taiwan. On the basis of this flight, both are excellent and put similar carriers in the shade. The Tigerair Taiwan afternoon flight to Bangkok's Don Mueang airport was boarded efficiently using a bus gate and taxiing commenced 10 minutes early. FAs were smartly dressed and super efficient, smiling as they carried out their duties. My pre-ordered meal was piping hot unlike on some full-service carriers who serve from a trolley. All in all a seamless and flawless flight.

8/21/2015 Marco Zimara

My jewel among low cost airlines. Courteous, efficient and highly safety oriented cabin crew. Very enjoyable flying experience thru out. Every time the washroom had been used the crew checked it for cleanliness. Great public announcements.

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