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6/9/2019 J Dewen

✅ Trip Verified | Ibiza to Paris Orly. Horrendous luggage delivery at orly airport. 1 hour delay delivery despite plane landing 15 minutes ahead of time. Nobody from Transavia around to inform or manage. Being low cost does not mean Transavia can drop its end to end responsibility. Missing the basics of Customer service.

5/20/2019 L Dawson

✅ Trip Verified | At 1:30 am the day of departure for a 6:30 flight from Orly to Dublin I received an email confirming our flight and saying I could sign in. I tried to do that, but it wouldn’t go through. So I arrived at the Orly airport at 4:00am ready to fly, and when I showed the confirmation of our flight was told “ It’s not your fault. There is no flight to Dublin today. It’s tomorrow. Your boarding pass is correct, but there is no flight. Go to the Transavia counter.” There we were told to call a number to get a refund after 8:00 am. Our phones were not connecting in France, so impossible, and there is no public phone in the airport. And a refund was not what we wanted. We needed a flight to Dublin. So after pleading for help from the Transavia agent she used her personal phone to find us a flight to Dublin that day on AerLingus. We TRULY appreciated her help. Of course this flight cost 5 times what we had paid to Transavia, and also left from Charles DeGaulle airport. So we took a bus there costing an additional €40, and managed to get to our destination in time to spend a night in Dublin and catch a Norwegian flight to the USA the next day. I still have not received any communication from Transavia regarding this change of schedule. It’s like it didn’t happen from their end. That’s not all! As a previous reviewer wrote, the week before our Transavia flight from Dublin to Orly was cancelled due to the controllers strike (understandable) but again no assistance. We ended up flying to Brussels on Ryan Air and trained from there to Paris, once again at great expense. So two for two, and we’ve never boarded a Transavia plane! And getting to refund requires effort on my part. They know I paid and didn’t fly, so why can’t they automatically refund my credit card? Never Again.

5/12/2019 Zafrullah Hamzah

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Paris. Flight cancelled because of the general strike in France. They sent me a link which did not work. Finally had to send a message through Facebook and their website and was told I had to wait 2-4 weeks to get my money back. In the meantime I had to book another flight with Air France (more expensive) but at least their service was great. As though this was not enough I received an email inviting me to check in for the cancelled flight and the next day an e mail as to what to do in Paris. After cancelling the flight they should at least take care not to send these annoying messages. This is an airline I will avoid from now on.

5/3/2019 M Becker

✅ Trip Verified | My 2 friends and I flew first with KLM from Berlin to Amsterdam and then with Transavia from Amsterdam to Marrakesh (and back vice versa). Both trips with Transavia weren't 100% enjoyable due to the following reasons: 1. Lack of Communication on Luggage: before flying, there was no communication that there are differences in the hand luggage policy between KLM (1 pieces + accessory) and Transavia (1 piece). Yes, the additional hand luggage has been checked in by Transavia for free but an information beforehand would have been appreciated in order to consider packing in the first place. Reason provided by staff at airport "we're a low budget airline". Fair point - still created misunderstanding and negative experience. 2. Lack of Little Pleasantries: no free snack or beverage on a 3.5hrs flight 3. Lack of Visibility/Transparency on Flight Details: no possibility to check flight information online on website - reason provided by customer service: booking includes flights from 2 airlines (KLM & Transavia) 4. Lack of Communication: at airport in Marrakesh, at 6am, information screen stated that check-in counter is open, staff appeared at 6:45am (staff at airport only said that we've to wait) - it's okay to wait but then don't say that the check-in is open. In general, I have understanding for a lot of things but I'd just appreciate more communication and visibility on possible differences to other airlines up-front.

4/3/2019 Y Ramdane

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Lisbon. Flight delayed by 1hr. Rough attitude from staff on the ground with strict policy on 1 hand luggage even if luggage fits size. Fast track service paid, useful when boarding but then chaos to the flight. Very disappointing and stressful situation not worth the saving in the price of the ticket. The company and staff need a bit more experience.

4/1/2019 J Bardien

✅ Trip Verified | Faro to Eindhoven. Left about half an hour late due to an oil spillage on the runway (not a fault of the airline). New aircraft with modern sky interior. Very tight and rock-hard seating, which led to an uncomfortable flight and back pain. Table was filthy, completely covered in coffee stains on the front and back. Asked the steward for a wet cloth and cleaned it ourselves. Flight departed at 18.30. No sandwiches whatsoever available (the plane had already made a return flight that day and catering was apparently not replenished). Also warm cheese sandwiches were sold out. So very little food items to choose from, which is unexceptable. Crew advised the passengers to send a complaint to customer services. Perhaps Transavia can also think of adding or changing their catering assortment onboard, beacuse it has been more or less the same (especially the sandwiches) for at least the past 10 years! A warm meal like other LCC's or even TUI offer for purchase could be an idea, also considering Transvia flies to far away destinations like Dubai. Cabin crew were friendly and flight calm and uneventful, but Transavia could make some effort in providing a better onboard experience.

3/20/2019 M Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Porto to Paris (Orly). Horrible flight, delayed, incompetent ground staff. First and last time flying with Transavia. Ground staff made several people send their hand luggage to the hold, claiming that the cabin would be full. In the end, over 30% of all cabin space was empty. In a flight that was already delayed by over an hour, this useless ordeal made us delayed a further 30 minutes.

2/19/2019 Finn Petersen

✅ Trip Verified | Tenerife to Eindhoven. The cabin was extremely cold and drafty. Several passengers asked the crew to solve the problem, but it was neglected. The crew is working and keep warm, while the passengers sits still and get cold. It seems as they didn't understand and the problem was not solved. The crew was composed of very young and seemingly inexperienced persons. Several passengers including myself, had to put on our coats and huts to combat the coldness and draft. We had a second leg with Transavia with no problems though.

2/18/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 5C

very limited legroom. It seems that on various 737-800 in the transavia fleet legroom differs. This was really cramped seating, I did not dare to recline.... Unhappy!

2/16/2019 Karel d, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 23D

Seat space @ Transavia seem to be lesser everytime I fly with them. It used to be just right for me (I am 1,98 m tall). This seat was to small.

2/4/2019 O Irving

✅ Trip Verified | I was positively surprised. I have flown with Ryanair and AirAsia a couple of times but Transavia is much better. We could choose a seat in front for free, the boarding went smooth, legroom was okay, food is reasonably priced and the cabin crew were very friendly. I got sick on the way to Marrakech and the crew immediately came to help me and gave me a free non sparkling coke, during the flight the asked me if I was okay two times. Would definitely choose Transavia again.

2/2/2019 Diogo Quental

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Porto. Thank you so much to all crew of the flight HV6001 from Amsterdam to Porto on the 31st January 2019. Besides offering me a sit with more space for my legs, they spared no effort in making me feel comfortable once I informed them I was suffering from migraine. The care they put in helping me was such that I ended up having a quite pleasant flight, despite my poor condition. They were more then professional. They really seemed to care. I wish I could find a better way to thank them.

2/1/2019 S Vardeno

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Amsterdam Schipol with Transavia. We booked an extremely cheap flight of $59 dollars to get to Amsterdam for the weekend. The flight was smooth and only 55 minutes long, but the aircraft was old and clearly needed to be updated. It's not that it was not clean, it was just very tired looking.

1/27/2019 U Baferin

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Essaouira. I have used Transavia 3 times to various destinations. On the first flight, the airplane was about 1 hour late. The second time, the plane was again 1 hour late. However, the disastrous quality of this airline was best evidenced by my last trip. Before boarding the plane, the ground staff asked me to leave my cabin luggage before boarding the plane for the luggage to be checked in, despite the fact there was plenty of room in the overhead compartments. However, my luggage never arrived to the destination. Transavia provided poor information (with supposed "French speaking staff" not being able to speak French) on the matter and this airline did not proactively communicate on the fact that the luggage was definitely lost. The airline also provided a ridiculously low amount as indemnification (resulting in additional expenses for me for about 600 euros not covered by the indemnification).

12/27/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-700 (73G) seat 8F

Bad plane only - I presume - 29 inch space and small seats. I got claustofibic. Very bad experiance. I am 1.88m and I could not move my legs (pressed in the seat in front of me) Very bad. Luckely the flight only took 2 hours. Transavia, get rid of this plane. We are not cattle.

12/27/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 11F

Good seat, reclined. I am 1.88m and had just enough legroom. Armrest fold nice (100%) up. Comfordable seats (better as Ryanair, but less legroom about 1/2 inch (1-2 cm)). Don't like inclined seats because the guy in front of you takes away your personal room. Not good.

11/4/2018 Herman Spronk

✅ Trip Verified | I recently booked an open-jaw ticket AMS-OVD/TLV-AMS for March 2019. When my Amex card was going to be charged, a notice appeared in Dutch (see attachment) that corporate cards would be charged with an additional amount of € 10,52. After the payment had been completed I contacted Transavia, because when I booked a flight earlier this year, the extra amount was refunded. Their response was now that they have changed the rules and that I will not be refunded. However, I responded that the message appearing on the screen while paying, clearly stated that it applied to corporate cards. I have a personal Amex Flying Blue card. Amex has also indicated that I don't have a corporate card. After engaging with Transavia about four times, they will still not take responsibility for the information that appears on their website when booking a ticket paying by credit card. Transavia, when are you going to do something that will give credibility with your customers?

10/27/2018 Adeline Kirana

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Amsterdam. Flight delayed over 17 hours. They refuse to compensate. My flight number is HV5202, supposed to depart from Munich International Airport at 21:35, but was delayed by over 17 hours. I only got notification 2 hours after it suppose to fly. It was midnight, and the staff just sent us all with our luggage and nowhere to go. Around 1AM we got email about the flight will be on the next day at 13.00 (but in the end it boarded on 15.00). I have no choice but to book a hotel to stay overnight. I contact their customer service asking for compensation and my first try is denied saying the cause of delayed is not preventable. I read that The Court of Justice of the European Union has interpreted passenger rights strictly, so that there are virtually no exceptions for airlines to evade their obligations for breach of contract. It's my first time using Transavia and it's really disappointing specially the customer service part. The time that is wasted cant be brought back.

10/24/2018 Yelena Darsky

✅ Trip Verified | Geneva to Rotterdam. Horrendous experience! I had to cancel the ticket with 30 minutes after making a reservation, and there was no such option. I filled out a form, they got back to me a week later checking if I still want to cancel and offered to refund airport tax of 13 Euros. I had a complex itinerary and was able to cancel reservations with other airlines, but not Transavia. Never again!

10/18/2018 G Benson

✅ Trip Verified | Malaga to Paris Orly. Price was reasonable and it was easy to book online. The round trip flights Paris to Malaga we’re fine. The air crew was nice. Check in at Paris Orly was very confusing and disorganised. It was worse in Malaga, where we had to remind them to place tags properly on our bags, they were very sloppy and unfriendly. Sure enough, one of our bags was missing when we arrived in Paris Orly (14 July). We filed a report immediately and called everyday for updates. After 2-3 weeks they said my bag was found, but it’s never been sent to me. I’ve called and emailed 20x and they don’t know what to do. The Montreal Convention requires them to reimburse for loss after 21 days, so I filed a claim with receipts and everything (hours and hours to prepare). They haven’t paid, it’s been 90 days, and they still tell me my luggage was found and a supervisor would sort it out. Same story every two weeks, and I have to call them! I understand lost luggage, but not finding my luggage and not paying my claim? Worst experience in 30 years of flying. I will not use them ever again.