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9/5/2018 Birkan Yurtsever

✅ Trip Verified | I flew with them Ankara to Toronto via Kiev. They delayed the flight for 7 hrs. It's supposed to be 9hrs 55 minutes flying time but we were in the air for 11hrs 15 minutes. When we landed to Toronto it was midnight and I missed my flight to Montreal, nobody helped me because my flight to Montreal was not connected with them. I had to find the motel and rebook my flight by myself. The first available flight to Montreal was at 6.45 on it took 48 hrs travel time from Ankara to Montreal plus $450 hotel, rebooking and cab fees. I will never fly again with Ukraine International again.

9/4/2018 C Daulire

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Amman to Paris with a stopover in Kiev. When I got to Paris, my baggage wasn't there. I went to baggage counter where many people from my flight have gathered because they didn't have their baggage as well. The counter lady first gave us choice between to declare the missing bag there by filling in a form or to do it online. As I was tired I took the online declaration form and did it at home. When I entered the identification number (Token) written on the form, it didn't go through so I couldn't declare my missing bag. After struggling to finally find they right phone number, Ukraine airlines baggage service, I had to call them several time because I didn't have a reference number (The one you get when you are able to declare your missing bag). They finally told me that my bag was at the airport and they would ask their service to send it to me. I also sent many emails to all the customer service email addresses that I found online but none of them has answered. They gave me the Ukraine phone number but this one didn't work I found another one online but when I called I couldn't hear anything, their line connection is too bad. I called again the baggage service and they said that they refused to send the bag because I didn't declare it as missing and they don't want to know that it was blocked and I wasn't able to do it, this is the procedure. I live 400 kms from the airport and I have to get there to pick it up, pay the travel, parking and waste one day because of them. Anyway, avoid this airline as much as possible, this is a big bunch of useless people. Never ever I will fly again with them.

9/4/2018 Anton Perelmuter

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Kherson via Kiev. First of all they gave one seat to 3 different guys - I guess thats ok , it could happen in any airlines but 3 individuals assigned the same spot, come on! Really old airplane, flight attendants not smiling and they looked super annoyed. They asking about fish or pasta, then tell you only pasta left. No milk for the coffee. Got me one half and half, asked for one more but no luck of getting it. Even push the button for the attendant with no response whatsoever! Yes it was cheap, but next time I‘ll pay $100 more and fly with nicer crew, food and airplane not from the beginning of the 90s do not recommend this airlines at all! They‘ve changed my flight time so instead of 2 hours in airport I’ll have to stay there for 10 hours. One more thing, Ukraine International have new rules now for passengers registration! You have to register online for free or pay around $30 fee at the airport. Never use this airline.

9/1/2018 P Lasun

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Kiev. The airline canceled my flight 3 days before departure and does one of those forcing you to call their overseas office to get a refund or rebook. Then a day later sent me a 'are you ready for your trip email'. It's very confusing and frustrating to deal with. I would not recommend this airline as I did not have a positive experience with them.

8/30/2018 Kathleen Borrowman

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Dubai via Kiev. My flight from Toronto was delayed with everyone sitting onboard without any information about the delay for two hours. I missed my connecting flight in Kiev because even though I went to the gate and the gate security guard confirmed that it was the right gate, they boarded the flight and closed the gate without making any announcements. When I realised that the boarding time had passed, I checked the main (quite far from gate 11) monitor which said the gate was closed but didn't tell me which gate. Then I tried to find someone, anyone, from UIA staff who knew anything, but nobody did. They were all equally rude about their utter lack of knowledge and inability or unwillingness to find out where my closed gate was. I ended up having to go to the airline office where the manager told me I should have listened to the announcements and checked the monitor, and that I had to buy a new ticket. She was rudest of all. She acknowledged that the Toronto flight was delayed but said I had time to make the connection to Dubai. I had booked with UIA because it was cheaper, so I didn't expect excellence, but I've been on hundreds of cheap flights, never missed a flight due to lack of any boarding announcements whatsoever (there were plenty of announcements for other flights), and never been treated so poorly. I've ended up buying a flight from Kiev to Dubai on Flydubai, an excellent budget airline that has never given me any trouble. Thanks to Ukraine International Airlines I'm out $500 for the replacement flight, plus taxis and a room in Kiev, so value for money on this airline is very poor when you factor in that they make the customer responsible for their ambivalence towards getting people onto their purchased flights.

8/23/2018 Viktor Kvashenko

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Kiev to Madrid with Ukraine International. The best Ukrainian airline. Flight was very good. Friendly staff and great selection of food to buy. Seats are really comfortable in their new aircraft and it has a light system that makes it very comfortable for your eyes.

8/16/2018 G Raganov

✅ Trip Verified | Lviv to Kiev. Didn't have time to do online check-in and we had to pay penalty because of that so almost every passenger before and after us. There was so big line to pay additional fee $40 equivalent per person more. My wife and I were so frustrated and everyone else there. We were complaining and demanding to see or talk to someone about this, but in Ukraine this is hard. They told everyone of you pay you can board and fly if not you don't fly. So I paid because nobody had a choice. For the flight all passengers got a cup of water that's it. Never mind that but, some people mentioned that they tried to do check-in on line and system wouldn't let them through. This is a money grab. Will not fly or recommend this airline anymore.

8/16/2018 Fatih Ozcan

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Kiev. Terrible service. They even try to charge me check in fee for $18. Also, I had a 20kg baggage when I bought my ticket but when I returned they told me that I don't have available baggage. Never gonna use again.

8/14/2018 Iris van der Velden

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Colombo via Kiev. Seriously - don't fly with Ukraine International! We had return tickets from Amsterdam to Colombo and already before we left, there were some struggles with the flight back. The schedule changed, so our return flight went up from 14.5 hours to 29.5 hours. After that, when we were on our holidays, we got an email that our return flight has been cancelled, without any reasoning! After several times of contact with the agency, the only thing they could do for us was to fly us back 3(!) days later. They simply don't care about you as a traveller. Horrible experience, horrible service & never again.

8/1/2018 Alec Nayler

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Odessa via Kiev. Seriously and at all cost reconsider flying with this airline even though the ticket is cheap. My complaint which I am still waiting 9 months for compensation for consists of Late Running Flights / Missed and Cancelled Connections/ Ticket segments due to Randomly selecting me for Penalty Flight Payment because of UIA internal poor management and carelessness attitudes.

7/23/2018 Yuriy Gudz

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Toronto. I fly Premium Economy. First of all, seats are not Premium Economy at all. This is the regular economy class seats but scheme is 2-3-4 in a difference of 2-4-4 in Economy class, which is a disaster. Information on Ukrainian Airlines promotional is deceptive. Please read it twice. Here is a promo of economy premium: PREMIUM ECONOMY CABIN ADVANTAGES - Premium Economy cabin for up to 38 passengers offers comfortable spacious marine-blue leather seats. - Extra legroom space of 38’’ / 91 cm. - Cozy recliner seats (6’’ / 15 cm recline) offer excellent space and comfort for relaxation and sleep. - Three large monitors and fifteen medium monitors are available on board a Boeing 767-300. - Two washrooms are available in the cabin. There is no lie here. Except for the number of monitors. Three large monitors and fifteen medium monitors are available on entire aircraft, not in premium economy. Please note: there is no personal monitor on this aircraft. No entertainment system. Only one large screen. like 20 years ago. You can read: Fast Track priority airport security control clearance at Boryspil International Airport and one Business Lounge invitation (for Panorama Club Premium cardholders). Don't be fooled! If you buy premium economy it does not grant you access to the lounge as promised. This is Only for Premium Panorama Club members who have lots of miles with Ukrainian Airlines.I will never have this card because I will avoid Ukrainian Airlines and recommend you the same.

7/15/2018 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | New Delhi to Paris via Kiev. Excellent service. On time. Friendly crew. Good leg space. Yes, drinks, nuts and chips are chargeable but they have lovely free food menu. I'll travel again. Actually I was scared because I read horrible reviews but I had a lovley experience so far. And you get what you pay for. No PTV but they have huge screens and you can bring your iPad or Kindle like I did.

7/13/2018 P Chanuva

✅ Trip Verified | Tbilisi to New York via Kiev. Hidden fees upon airport check-in. They charge for airport check-in or boarding pass. The tickets seems to be cheapest at first but suddenly it is not. This airline has terrible service, food, old aircraft, uncomfortable sits and now hidden fees. Way to do a business!

7/11/2018 G Samouli

✅ Trip Verified | Tbilisi to Venice via Kiev. I hate when airlines advertise themselves as traditional airlines, but they are performing as low cost airlines. Airport check in wasn't free, no meal was included. The legroom space was terrible, even worse than some European low cost airlines. The staff wasn't caring, they didn't even speak English, which was really surprising. The only silver lining was on-time performance. All the flights I took was performed on-time, which was nice.

7/11/2018 Y Vasem

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight from Brussels to Kiev was at 13.55pm, we boarded on time and they kept us inside the airplane until 5.15 pm without the a/c, saying that we will depart soon. It was almost 45 degrees inside and there were kids, it was horrible. No offer in the plane except water. We had a connection from Kiev to Istanbul at 7.30 pm, as we landed around 9 pm, we missed our flight. No one assisted us, there was no one at the transfer desk. We found our way to the Ukraine Airlines desk and we are given a Turkish Airlines ticket for tomorrow. I have to miss work as the flight is at 11 am. I fly a lot and I have never had such a terrible experience. Worst airline company so far. 3.5 hours inside a hot plane in 40-45 degrees with no explanation!

7/9/2018 Aivars Mazzarins

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Riga. 24 hrs before the flight got a notification the flight (of 1h 35min) would be delayed for 7 hrs. No explanation about reasons, though it is required in their internal rules. Find a rerouting option with Austrian (a partner airline) via Vienna and called the helpline three times: the first agent just hang up amidst the conversation, the second one promised to call me back, but never did, the third one did call back just to inform my rerouting request had been rejected. At KBP airport, the airline provided a room at the only hotel around (carries ***, although is not even full **) and provided a meal voucher for a certain meal outlet in the terminal. At the outlet, they had a single meal option available: meatloaf with chips and vegetable salad. Nothing vegetarian whatsoever. The flight took off slightly after the announced (delayed) time and arrived to Riga accordingly. On the aircraft, the crew made several untruthful statements the delay had been caused by late incoming aircraft. From the flight tracking site it could be seen, the story was to cover up shortage of aircraft, besides how can late arrival be foreseen 24 hours beforehand. In the aircraft, all passengers had been checked in the front part of the aircraft with all six seats in a row occupied, the rear part was completely empty. The cabin crew offered 'upgrade' to emergency exit seats for cash (EUR 35); random people were driven out of those seats, all of which eventually stayed empty for the whole flight. The cabin crew hardly ever smiled and seemed more preoccupied with selling things (food, perfume, souvenirs) than serving passengers. My advice: avoid this airline at any cost.

7/8/2018 Jeffrey Moore

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Delhi. This was the worst experience I've had on an airline. I travel twice a month to Kiev from Delhi and decided to try this non stop offer. Wanted to change my ticket on a no change fee ticket bought for 550.00 USD and they forced me to pay 214.00 USD even though the ticket was a no change fee and a fully refundable ticket (full refund as to their policy was a refund of 149.00). Forget it folks your not getting your money back and they will charge you a change fee no matter what they promise. They were very rude and have a personality of zero! Food was equal to dog food, had to buy a coke for 3 euros. Round trip ticket ended up costing me over 1000 USD after the change. Return flight was delayed over an hour and half as we sat inside the plane. If you think you will save money by using this airline, then think again. They will find a way to rob you even if you don't check in online. Do yourself a favor, take a different airline so you don't have any regrets and an empty pocket.

7/7/2018 V Matthews

✅ Trip Verified | London to Lviv via Kiev. Try to avoid this airline at any costs! This used to be a great well priced airline. But in the last four months the service has gone down to the appalling levels. I fly often from London to other destinations. The flights through Kiev are delayed in Kiev for 3-5 hours, and this happens often. I hear the complaints from other passengers. And unfortunately I have now experienced it multiple times in the past three months. They do not answer the complaints. If you happen to wait in the domestic flights lounge, they switch off the light to save on electricity. On the flight, if you happen to seat after the row 20-21, do not expect to get any service with food or drinks. They just don't go further, and the service is painfully slow and disorganized. To me the delay of over 2 hours with no explanation is simply unacceptable. I am shocked that they can get away with it. And it is such a shame to see what is happening to UIA right now.

6/26/2018 Yuriy Stepanets

✅ Trip Verified | Vinnytsia to Kiev, good quality for 30 minutes flight. Flew on time. Onboard was a great service. Check-in was completed via mobile application. Convenient and fast. I recommend the airline.

6/24/2018 Dani Garcia

Not Verified | Gatwick to Kiev. Charged 30 euros because we didn’t check in online. However when tried was unable to check in, arrived at the airport early tried to check in. Advised pay 15 euros each or dont fly. Wrote complaint to UIA. Check in attendant was rude couldn't hold a conversation. Would change half way through a conversation to someone who she could check in. Even tho 10 people had the same problem. Eventually through force of not leaving her alone the police where called. First time with UIA always flew with BA never will try UIA.