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7/2/2019 Amit Srivastava

✅ Trip Verified | London to Delhi, connecting with Vistara to Varanasi. Virgin Atlantic flight was delayed from LHR itself by more than one hour. The staff were giving me wrong information about my luggage transfer at Delhi airport, Even they had given me assurance at London and in the flight as well that my luggage will be transferred at Delhi and you will get it at Varanasi. When i reached Delhi the ground staff started telling me that you have to collect your luggage and it was already 12:20 and my next flight boarding was at 12:50. So we missed our next flight and they told us that we will arrange any next available flight. After 5 hours at 05:00 PM they refused to provide any kind of support or flight or stay, they told us to purchase new tickets at your own and we cant do anything. And now its more than three weeks i am chasing them for resolution of this case but didn't get any response from their customer relation department.

6/30/2019 T Gawtan

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to London. Virgin Atlantic has the worst and least trained customer service! Right from their ground staff to the ones in the office who deal with the customers concerns. The ground staff in Johannesburg refused to let me board my flight to London because they claimed I checked in the wrong number of kilos with my luggage. They were extremely rude, and actually took pictures of my passport. I have never seen such outrageous behaviour. I sent in a formal complaint and after several days of silence, i got an email from one of their "customer care" agents and she told me how she has to first get in touch with her colleagues in Johannesburg to get more information. After several days, she came up with the most outrageous story I ever heard. She claimed they sometimes their staff takes pictures of customers documents because they have people on a "red flag" list, and people could possibly be carrying fake passports and want to apply for asylum in the UK - but this behaviour had not been done so in recent years. I strongly urge the head of customer care at Virgin Atlantic to retrain the entire customer service.

6/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 22F

My wife and I flew PE in 22F &G. The middle seat was very cramped. When the seat in front reclined there was only about 6" of legroom to get out of the seat and you have basically to climb over the armrest to exit. We have to fly back London - Johannesburg but managed to change to 2 separate aisle seats. Really view these middle seats as very poor value for money.

6/26/2019 JVP &SRR, Airbus A330-200 seat 1F

Although stylish the seats were very narrow and the isle space so narrow you felt like you couldn't avoid bumping into your fellow travellers. The whole upperclass cabin felt crammed. This being the return flight and staff were exceptionally friendly, professional and helpful.

6/18/2019 Sultana Atik Doly Boksh

✅ Trip Verified | New York to London. I called customer service to inquire about fees for a piece of additional luggage and the agent told me that it would be $100 dollars from JFK to Heathrow. However, when I went to the check-in counter, I was told by the check-in clerk that I would need to pay $200 dollars in luggage fees, despite me mentioning I was told to pay $100 additionally for check-in luggage. Overall extremely unpleasant and inconvenient process - will avoid Virgin Atlantic in the future.

6/12/2019 Martin Leahy, Airbus A330-200 seat 41A

The everlasting problem of seat room was that when I sat down my knees were virtually touching the seat in front and I am of average height. Also seats seemed a bit narrow. Overall the flight was good with good attention from the cabin crew. When are flight crew going to start announcements with a voice that can be heard and understood, allowing for background noise?

6/8/2019 L Peyton

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to London Heathrow. Flight attandants serve far too much alcohol to drunk passengers! Had to deal with neighbour who was continuously served hard liquor untill blackout. Spilt drinks on me, could barely talk so drunk, Was capable of requesting more drinks. He collapsed on me while blacking out. Could not be immediately roused so drunk. Each time I fly Virgin Atlantic in Premium economy they serve far too much alcohol to my neighbors. Have observed this before on VS flights in Premium economy. Makes the experience quite awful.

6/7/2019 Helen, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 22C

Premium. Economy..I find this seat a very good seat .... is not too close to the toilets and not too far back so you get served last. By far one of the most comfortable seats .... 100% more comfy than Economy ... liked the footrest . Enough legroom even when the seat in front of you is reclined

6/6/2019 Ray Trueblood, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 9A

Upperclass checkin at Heathrow was wonderful, great club with full meals and drinks, and most important was the people and service!

6/5/2019 Alastair Finch

Not Verified | Flew Virgin Atlantic, VS127 on 9 May and back on 29 May. Ancient B747 both flights but very clean and well maintained. Splendid staff, service and above average food. Only slight grouse was back seat entertainment was sometimes unresponsive.

6/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 5A

Seats in UC are impossible. I love Virgin but won't fly this plane ever again. Recline is about 8" or fully flat, take your choice. I don't sleep much more than an hour on a flight, so reclining to my comfort level as the trip goes on is very important. I am so disappointed. Did I mention that I LOVE Virgin?? Incomprehensible that anyone would approve these awful seats.

6/1/2019 A Darjales

✅ Trip Verified | London to Newark. I found my one way ticket from Belgrade to Newark NJ (with stop in London) through a Google search. I called customer service (only way to buy ticket) and bought a ticket - person was pleasant, however having to call was a bit of an inconvenience as it's difficult to track what was said on phone call. The agent was quick to offer me a $200 upgrade however failed to mention that I would need to pay $100 in luggage fees on the first leg of my flight (as it is a different airline), despite me asking if I need to pay anything additionally for check in luggage. The confirmation email had baggage information attached which confirmed I wouldn't need to pay. However, at the very bottom of the lengthy email, in small writing, it mentioned I may have to pay for luggage if I'm connecting with a different airline. I don't fully understand why I would need to pay extra if I'm purchasing a ticket through virgin, especially since my baggage was going straight from Belgrade to Newark. Overall extremely unpleasant & inconvenient process - will pay extra to avoid this airline in future.

5/30/2019 Anne Murray

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Orlando. Flew Premium Economy before with VA a number of years ago from London to JFK and it was a fantastic experience so decided as a treat that I would upgrade our flights. There was 4 of us travelling, all adults. Flight 71 outbound 11/5/19 The check in was somewhat cold (personality wise).  We had booked a wheelchair for my daughter as she had a number of back surgeries last year and gets very uncomfortable standing for long periods. When we mentioned it, the woman on the desk looked her up and down and said, why does she need it? There was no smiling or polite conversation, it was actually really poor. Once on the flight we had decent service with regular treats, food, drinks and the wonder wall snacks when we requested them.  Seats were comfy too, we were in 15A, 15C, 16A & 16C.  Our allocated steward was very attentive. On arrival at Orlando had to wait for quite a time for our premium baggage to appear on the turnstile.   Flight 72 inbound Again the check-in was unpleasant, our assistant was very unfriendly and totally ignored the fact that my daughter had requested assistance.  She was having a good day so we let it pass.  At the boarding gate it was very disorganised.  Our seats this time were 14d through to 14g and were not comfortable at all.  They were narrower than you'd expect.  Service was minimal, one drinks round, dinner, 1 tea or coffee round then a breakfast that consisted of half a dozen cubes of melon, 2 raspberries, an awful tasting yogurt and a sweet croissant.  I had to ask for my welcome drink, and my son was overlooked for the after dinner drink.  3 of our party did not sleep but at no time did a steward ask if there was anything they could get us.  We went through to the station and asked for some treats from the wonder wall but were told that the outbound flight had wiped them out!? On the up side, the steward gave us a crunchie from their personal stash.  Went out to station again later, this time for water.  Had to wait over half an hour to collect our bags in arrivals hall in Glasgow?  To sum up, I am totally confused why we paid the same price for our return flight and got economy service at a push?  This was supposed to be a pleasurable experience but it certainly was not.  Absolutely gutted and feel totally ripped off, what a waste of our hard earned money.  Won't make the same mistake again.

5/24/2019 Keith, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 22H

The 11 hours just flew past, the service was exceptional, started with drinks and a meal, rather earlier than I expected but good food and more wine. In flight entertainment was varied and current movies. Lovely afternoon pasty served and then a tea with sandwiches and scone before landing. Very smooth flight and the flight attendants were friendly and went out of their way to ensure everything was perfect. Highly recommended, I liked my premium economy seat, easy access to toilet and a small cabin and use of the luxurious and spacious lounge at Heathrow. Well with the extra on long flights.

5/24/2019 Gurcharan Arora, Boeing 747-400 (744) seat 22A

While flying from india, there must be an option for bollywood movies/music. Otherwise it is very boring in such a long duration flight. Moreover the entertainment systems are outdated n needs to be replaced.

5/18/2019 Ian Bateman

Not Verified | Flight crew were very helpful and professional. Food was nice with a reasonable choice. Aircraft was comfortable with sufficient leg room and good choice of films and games for all ages. We would travel with them again.

5/17/2019 Tubabob, Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 seat 4A

I'm a big guy, so normal people might not find this review applying to them, but my 5'4" wife did agree. The seat itself is comfortable, and certainly wide enough, but the half walls are very confining. There is no place for your arms to rest. There is one small armrest, but the walls close in. I had difficulty remaining comfortable as a result. The tray table is fully adjustable, so there's plenty of room for my girth. Leg room is generous. But the service is what sets VA apart. All the flight attendants seemed to really enjoy their work!

5/17/2019 Gurcharan, Boeing 747-400 (744) seat 22A

Entertainment system needs to be changed and it had only limited programs and that too only in English. If I am not wrong, keeping in view a long duration non stop flights, there should have been some local language movies n music too for people who dont understand english movies accent.

5/14/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 22H

My partner and I had 22 H & K from Los Angeles to LHR, and then 21 H & K from LHR to Johannesburg. 22 was wonderful - spacious and comfortable. 21 was less appealing due to less seat width (tray and tv in arm rest) and overhead bins used for very uncomfortable foot rests.

5/13/2019 P Keare

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to London. We flew as a family booked with our American Express express card. Had to pay for each bag and did not receive full mileage. Very annoyed that they advertise with American Express express under Delta and do this . We will never use them again.