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6/24/2019 Giorgio Maggioni

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Mykonos. The flight was due to leave Venice at 20:20. After a first boarding that failed, we were boarded late and left Venice at 23:30. They just said: “technical break issues are solved, we can leave”. Once took off, after 20 min the captain said: deicing system is not working; we return immediately to Venice. Then, with no more explanation nor info, we landed in Venice after one hour. After request for explanation, rude steward could only say ”I hope the captain will announce anything”. We could be given hotel room after quarrelling and police calling only at 04:00 am. The flight was replaced the day after, at 18:50. But no information at all were given. Only the airport helped. Worst service (not to be called service) ever.

6/21/2019 Konstantinos Thamnopoulos

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Santorini. I was charged 60 euros (30 for my ticket and 30 for my partner) for not doing an online check in as requested inside a long email that was sent to my email after booking.

6/18/2019 Jeff Sutton

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Bordeaux with Volotea. This airline isn't worth any more of my time, so this will be short and sweet. The owner of this airline, should stop opening different businesses and focus on the ones he has until they aren't completely incompetent. I paid for their "insurance" so I could change my reservation if I needed to because I"m traveling with no real time constraints. Well after changing my flight 2 days ago, I got an email saying that my flight (the original flight that was supposed to have been changed 2 days ago) was delayed. When I contacted them to ask why my flight wasn't changed like the website said it was, they told me sorry, and it was now too late to change flights, and thanks for my money. Beware dealing with this company, they will rip you off when given the chance.

6/9/2019 S Malinas

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Heraklion. After 40 years of constant flying experience how can one review an airline on which he has not flown. However their overall response and attitude have been worse than anything I could ever imagine. I was booked to fly on 4254 on June, 6 however two days before the flight I advised Volotea via email that due to serious medical reasons I was not allowed to fly and requested the courtesy of their reply to a) if I can change the date of my flight b) if I get any full or partial refund c) if i get the return of taxes paid d) if I am entitled to nothing... Being hospitalised, I have sent four (4) reminders requesting the favour of a reply however all my requests have been totally ignored and no single reply has to this moment been received. Their complete lack of response is the worst and most inhuman experience I have ever had. Never in my life have I felt so frustrated with such an impolite so called airline...

6/2/2019 F Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Santorini. The crew was unfriendly. Everything disordered, from check in to on board. They keep asking people to size the luggage, even with obviously standard on board case. No any service at all. Well they are cheap airline, you get for what you pay. But I didn’t see a cheaper rate compared with others. I will never take their flight anymore. Not recommended to others either. They have the worst online system and if accidentally click on other seats, you can not cancel it and will ask for payment.

5/22/2019 Samuel Lee

Not Verified | Mykonos to Athens. Volotea failed to transport passengers from origin to destination. The flight from Mykonos to Athens on 6th May at 7pm was cancelled. Upon cancellation, they did not offer any backup flight on the same day or next day. We are stranded on Mykonos and was anxious because we need to catch any international flight at Athens on the next day. Next morning, they put us on a ferry that takes 7 hours to reach Athens and told us to go to Mykonos port to collect the ferry ticket.Ferry departs at 1415hrs and reach Athens at 7pm. However, the ferry office said Volotea did not make such booking for us. We have to pay for own ferry ticket at our own cost. After the incident, we wrote to Volotea for refund since they did not put us on the plane at all. They refuse to refund (70 euros) and stated that it was under unforeseen circumstances that they cancel the flight. They also did not pay for the ferry ticket (38euros) upon producing the receipt. Their customer service even claim that this was no show initially, instead of a flight cancellation. This is really the most non-reliable airline and bad customer service. There are other airline serving Mykonos to Athens - pls take others and not Volotea. Do not let this airline spoil your schedule or holiday.

5/17/2019 T Han

✅ Trip Verified | Mykonos to Athens. Rude service crew at check in counter. Charge extra 30€ per pack for check in, only mentioned no charges if booked online but we are not allowed to do so as they helped to check in. Extra charges for bag that couldnt possibly fit in the small box provided. End up, total extra charges of 110€ due to their greedy policy.

5/16/2019 S Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Toulouse to Prague. Having read negative reviews, our particular flight was perfectly fine. We were notified well in advance, (3+ weeks) of a 25 minute change in flight departure time, which made no material difference to travel plans. It's a low cost carrier, and did what it said on the tin. Maybe it would have been different if they cancelled but we did not have that experience. Cabin crew maybe needed to speed up a bit, but overall a cheerful experience

5/14/2019 C Naspon

✅ Trip Verified | Santorini to Athens. Out of the 45+ airlines i flew with, most of them are "budget" airlines, this is the far worse. First, the excruciating booking process is full of ridiculous hidden fees. While boarding the plane, they randomly chose passengers to try fit their carry-on bags to their tiny sizer and nailed them with a 60 euro fee. If they wanted they could screw half of the passengers but they knew it will lead to a mutiny. I personally was forced to check a bag that meets all international size standards and traveled with all over the world without any issue, including another Volotea flight just 3 days earlier. I had to go back to the check-in counter, go through security again and delay the whole flight because of their greedy luggage policy. Of course they checked my girlfriend's bag too for no cost, even though there was plenty of space in the cabin. It wasn't a matter of safety, just pure greed. And no, playing Bob Marley in the PA system didn't make us "get together and feel alright". The actual flight was fine and the crew was ok.

5/9/2019 B Wicks

Not Verified | Athens to Crete. Worst customer service ever. They advertised a flight and we purchased that flight and made the rest of our reservations accordingly. Several weeks later they e-mail me that the flight had changed times to 3.5h earlier than our original time. This was impossible for us to accept because our flight from the U.S.A. arrived after this. I explained the situation to them and ask for help to locate another flight that would work with our schedule. I sent 3 messages trying to get help. It took 5 days for them to respond with no help at all. They know the airlines that fly from Athens to Crete, we don't they could have at least told us an alternative airlines to try. Now we have had to find another airline and pay a lot more money. I feel that the least they could do is pay the difference it has cost us between the two flights.

4/18/2019 M Calere

✅ Trip Verified | Bordeaux to Madrid. This company charges for luggage which it did not deliver and refuses not just any compensation, but also, at the very least, to refund the cost of the undelivered luggage. In my case, I had to go myself, on my way back, inside the lost luggage section of the airport airport to retrieve my lost luggage.

4/17/2019 Chander Nathani

✅ Trip Verified | Me and my wife were booked to fly with Volotea Airline from Athens to Santorini on April 9, 2019. After much delay they announced flight cancelled. It was past 9 PM. Then did not provide any help such as hotel, rebooking with any other airline, or booking with same airline next day, but suggested 8 hour ferry ride next day morning. They gave us 2 Travelwelfare prepaid cards each worth 5 Euros as a compensation. But when we went to get something to eat we were told these cards are blank and there is no money in it. Beware of this airline. In my view they are Thugs. It is companies like VOLOTEA which spoil the name of Greece.

4/8/2019 K Parnet

✅ Trip Verified | Nantes to Palma de Mallorca. They wanted to charge me for 1kg of extra pre-booked luggage, even though that their standard packaged 20kg check in luggage allowance is less generous than other low-cost airlines. Boarding took forever because they did not allow passengers to take their hand luggage on board, so these had to be checked in at the gate. Then a cabin crew insisted that I put on my jacket during landing, keeping it on my lap was not an option seated in the first row even though during takeoff this had not been a problem. €190 for a oneway 1.5 hour flight booked 1 week in advance is way too much for this lousy experience.

1/3/2019 L Zhang

✅ Trip Verified | Majorca to Lyon. I know not to fly cheap airlines and this is just an exception because there’s no other flight for the date. Upon boarding, I encountered some rude cabin crews. There is obviously some language barrier but the attitude of the crews matches the price and value of Volotea. This is for sure the first and last time I fly Volotea. The airline incorrectly charged me twice for the same ticket. Still hoping to get half of the payment back.

10/24/2018 Tanveer Jugpal

✅ Trip Verified | Santorini to Naples. This was by the far worst flight experience I have ever endured. For starters the check in experience/the airport at Santorini is horrific, no signs indicating where to go and what to do etc. Despite the airport not being up to date our worst experience came in form of the "service" or rather lack of provided by the uninterested crew on board this flight. The flight staff were very rude and had no interest in doing their job. They took forever to get the paid food and beverage menu started on this flight and then conveniently skipped half the aircraft. We thought this would be a fairly priced flights till we ended up having to pay an additional 110 euros for luggage and seats.

10/15/2018 P Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Santorini to Athens. Surprised. Really good flight. I read all the bad reviews after booking (did an airline safety search before booking but forgot customer satisfaction) and was expecting the worst. No issues at all.

9/10/2018 S Berschen

✅ Trip Verified | Figari to Strasbourg. The airline website says you need a "medical certificate confirming fitness to fly" from the 28-35 week of pregnancy - what is perfectly fine. But in the airplane - the certificate provided - they force the women to sign a document that releases the company and it's partners from any kind of liabilities in every case! (Not just concerning the pregnancy) There is nothing about this in their conditions of carriage and its not right to do this - I don't know if it would hold anything in court. I guess if you don't sign, they refuse to transport. But as we were already in the air they could just make pressure with "we'll have to tell the captain". Never sign anything you don't want to, and let nobody force you to do so or put pressure on you

8/20/2018 S Gallen

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Santorini. Very poor value! They charged us 70 euros for one extra bag which weighed under 10 kilos. Poor staff, rude, useless. Take any other airline if you can.

8/17/2018 Lucy Priest

Not Verified | We flew from Naples to Palermo with Volotea and it was a thoroughly pleasant experience. Everything from the booking, to the smooth flight itself was easy and efficient. We had printed off our own boarding passes prior to the flight and deliberately kept our luggage within 20k. I carefully read all the paper work multiple times (inc small print) so was aware of the extra charges that we would incur if we hadn’t done these things. Volotea sent emails weekly reminding me of this too. All budget airlines operate in this way, and it’s how they reap back some of the money you save on flights. They are not the only ones! We were on the plane on time and after a little bit of a delay (airports fault not Volotea’s) we were up and away, landing on time in Palermo! Thank you Volotea for proving me wrong and I hope my feedback reassures other first time flyers with you. Everyone needs to remember to read their documentation before travel and that delays are often not due to the airline alone!

8/12/2018 Odysseas Kanellakis

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Genoa. The flight was on time, boarding and de-boarding were made through an air bridge, and seat comfortable. Absolutely value for money! This airline is very underestimated-people must acknowledge that when they fly with low cost airlines must be very careful with their rules, for example checking in online or that their luggage meet the dimensions asked.