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7/2/2019 Jane Nelson-Vladicescu

✅ Trip Verified | I would like to praise the outstanding courtesy and service I received from the BA cabin crew members during my flight BA0011 from London Heathrow to Singapore on 25 June. The cabin crew were both friendly and attentive to their passengers needs, enabling them to relax & enjoy their flight. I feel very proud that British Airways continue to train their staff to such a very high standard, it really is a privilege to fly British Airways.

7/2/2019 Robert Watson

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to London Heathrow. This was my second trip Madrid to London on British Airways since May. On this trip like the previous the plane broke down, and we waited 2.5 hours on the plane for it to be repaired whilst the temperature outside was 42 degrees. The cabin crew director offered passengers the opportunity to purchase water and other cold drinks from the bar. Only BA could try to make money out of one of its technical failures. I then waited another hour to pick up my suitcase. As I'm a silver card holder, I could access their business lounge in Madrid. I regret using it. Fortunately, this was my last ever trip on BA.

7/1/2019 Georgia Hoddinott

✅ Trip Verified | BA762 Heathrow to Oslo I have flown with BA a few times in the last few months, I have came off medication which makes me more nervous flying on planes, I had notified the cabin crew and they were honestly so amazing and went above and beyond for me. They had gave me a free bottle of water, kept asking if I was okay, put their arm around me, made me feel so much better. The flight was super smooth and overall an amazing service. Thanks again BA and I will be flying again with you soon!

6/30/2019 Michael Schade

✅ Trip Verified | Hamburg to Abu Dhabi via London Heathrow. Initial flight from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi was cancelled, had to fly a day earlier as flights on following days were cancelled as well. Service with not a free glass of water on the first leg. Abu Dhabi to London delayed by over 3hrs. A generous Dirham 20 voucher (£3,8) received from BA, which was enough for a bottle of water, or a coffee.

6/29/2019 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Glasgow via London. A routine and smooth overnight flight that departed the gate about 45 minutes late because of a security issue at the terminal (#7). I had an electronic boarding pass on the BA app but an announcement was made that we needed to get paper versions. There was a separate desk where a couple of agents performed this task. The pilot introduced the flight attendants as “gorgeous” - which came across to me as inappropriate. I would have preferred efficient or even helpful to describe them. I had an aisle seat in a 3-3-3 seat layout. The middle seat was unoccupied. Enough leg space and storage space overhead. A good collection of all sorts of movies with free headphones provided. The IFE system was easy to use. A drink service preceded the meal service. I asked for a beer and was cheerfully offered their centenary year specially brewed IPA Brewdog Speedbird 100. Sensing that I might not enjoy it, the attendant also gave me a Heineken and a bottle of wine to accompany the dinner that followed soon thereafter. The entree choices were chicken and pasta. I chose the later. Very basic food. Tea and coffee followed. Before landing a sandwich and a drink was served. I could not figure out what was in the sandwich! The bathroom was clean. Blankets and pillows were on every seat. Alighting was quick. Landing cards have been done away with. For the fare, I paid I was satisfied - no complaints. I connected to a domestic flight to Glasgow. The announcement of the gate was made quite late. Newspapers were available at the gate - a worthy amenity. It was a smooth flight in a 3-3 seating. I was in an aisle seat, the next to me was empty. No complimentary food or drink on this segment. The two flight attendants, once the plane reached cruising altitude, put on aprons and pushed a cart down the aisle hawking edibles and elixirs. The pilot introduced them as gorgeous. Both on this and the earlier flight, a video presentation showed off the safety instructions. It was supposed to be funny and engaging. I felt it was neither - the accents of the actors were hard to understand. The flight landed on time. Overall, a positive experience but next time I will look into a non-stop flight to Glasgow from New York. The transfer at Heathrow is anxiety-inducing.

6/28/2019 Pauline O'Driscoll

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to New York. The staff went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful experience, refreshing to see these days. The quality of food and drinks was wonderful. There was plenty of leg room as well. We would definitely fly again with BA, and are planning on making this our only airline if it flies to all of my destinations. On departure my TV did not work they tried twice to reset it for me, however this did not work. That was fine I resolved to reading my book. Just before landing our flight attendant who had be looking after us, asked if it had been rectified, I replied, no but it was ok. She came back with a bottle of Champagne, a pair of Pyjamas and a makeup bag full of goodies, not just for me but for my sister as well!! To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement! All I can say is Thank you British Airways from the bottom of my heart! The trip was for my Birthday and you certainly made it something special!

6/27/2019 Mark Ellwood

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Bermuda. Boarded very quickly and on time, Seating area smart, appearance much better than the old aircraft that normally turn up. Service very good, food was the best I have had from BA, new crockery added to the good feel and appearance, long overdue. Duvet and bedding much better and what you expect for this high-cost route, the Pillow is fabulous, gone are the small pillows and we now have a luxurious pillow you want to use. 10/10 for this flight and the crew, even though it was full up front, I hope this is a turning point for British Airways. Thank you I am looking forward to my Seychelles flight in October and my Rio flight in December, keep it coming.

6/27/2019 M Beale

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Larnaca. Perfect. The early morning departure meant that Terminal 5 was unusually quiet. The Galleries Lounge offered a wide range of food and drinks in a pleasant environment. The flight took off and landed on time. The cabin crew were incredibly attentive and provided a very professional and pleasant onboard experience. Arrival procedures at Larnaca were incredibly efficient. We completed immigration and picked up our hold baggage within 30 minutes of arriving at the gate. All in all a very enjoyable trip.

6/26/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 747-400 (744) v1 asiento 63B

See my review for 62A for most comments. LHR to IAD on Jun 20 2019 - zero privacy in this seat, no extra legroom even though it's advertised as Exit Row. Minimal storage (there's a drawer for your laptop/small items). Benefit - nobody needs to cross over your legs due to the exit door. Forward facing, if that matters to you. Very enjoyable flight. Daytime flight, so most people were awake (previous flight was overnight - virtually silent cabin) - due to difficulty of access to window seat, the cabin crew uses the pass-through in this seat to reach the window seat - so many openings and closings of the partition, which means many awkward looks at/from that passenger. Upper level is the way to go - far less traffic and noise.

6/26/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 747-400 (744) v1 asiento 62A

IAD to LHR on Jun 7 2019 - rear-facing seat with loads of privacy and storage. I didn't use the overhead bins at all. Being 6'6" this was the best possible seat for me in Business Class - the bed is VERY short (maybe 5'10") and this seat has no limit on leg space as most others do. So you can extend your legs, but it's uncomfortable to have the bed end in the middle of your leg - so not sleep on this flight. Beds are narrow, so could not sleep on my side since I could not bend my legs enough. Service was wonderful, cabin crew was fantastic. Upper Level is the way to go - 20 seats, 2 bathrooms, 2 flight attendants. Window seats (all rear facing) have privacy and storage but most have limited aisle access (might have to hop over someone else's legs...)

6/26/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) European asiento 8C

This entire plane is economy spacing. The 'business class' (aka 'Club Europe') is configured with the middle seat empty. On some planes that middle seat has a tray for extra space for drinks/food. This is awful for taller people. The tray in the middle seat can actually be folded down - useful if you have the row to yourself!

6/26/2019 Tony McLaughlin

✅ Trip Verified | BA 2616 and 2617 return trip from Gatwick to Cagliari. Both flights on a Saturday and were full. Aircraft was an A320-200 on both legs. Sat in row 7 outbound, 2 rows behind Club Europe. Sat in row 25 on the return, leg room seemed tighter than row 7. The brown leather seating suggested that the aircraft may have been in the BMI Fleet. Didn’t bother with the new M&S On Board service outward, but did on the return. The M&S sandwich was everything you would expect from an M&S sandwich (apart from the cost), but the coffee I had and the tea my wife had were below standard. It also took the 2 cabin crew the best part of 75 minutes to get from row 6 to row 25. The other 2 members of the cabin crew appeared to hide in Club Europe attending to just 10 passengers. Despite quite a lot of turbulence and the Seat Belt sign on for about 30 minutes, they continued to serve hot drinks and passengers were advised to be careful. You are now given a cup of hot water to add your coffee or tea bag to. Also a queue of 7 or 8 passengers requiring the toilet also formed behind the trolley, and they would not return to their seats. The rubbish from the trolley service was collected by hand as we were preparing to land. Outbound flight was fine, Inbound flight was not a great advertisement for BA. Perhaps standards at LGW are not as good as at LHR.

6/26/2019 Richard Hodges

✅ Trip Verified | Heathrow to Kalamata. Heathrow T5 to Kalamata, Greece 8th June and return 1 week later. Used Avios points to upgrade to exit row seats for more legroom. Bad news - took off 1 1/2 hours late from Heathrow (delays to previous incoming flight) but made up about 1/2 hour on the journey out. Also left Kalamata about 1/2 hour late on our return but landed virtually on time. Seats much more comfortable with more padding than, for example, Ryanair or so with the extra legroom, the flights were pretty comfortable. Expensive (or course) M&S offerings for food but tasty enough. Pleasant FA's so all in all decent flights. Haven't used BA for short haul for quite a few years but would use again if the price was right.

6/24/2019 P Halarov

✅ Trip Verified | London to Gothenburg. Unique procedures that are not adding any order but create a lot of mess. Extra visa checks, passport checks, separate queues, additional controls. Heathrow Terminal 5 is the most bizarre.

6/24/2019 D Morton

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to London on 15th April. I arrived 3 hours before flight where I waited in line for an hour while staff attended to checking people in a what seemed like a turtle paced snail like sense of urgency. After that rather lengthy delay.When I got to the gate on time, I was told the gate was shut. Thinking it must have been some kind of joke, I noted with the British Airways representatives saying that I was on time. She replied yes but you were the last person, everyone had made it before me, my bags were already offloaded she continued to say. After asking what do I do now? Not having the ability to ring abroad I asked if they could help me which they replied saying there is no Qantas office in Amsterdam and they cannot help me.

6/23/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) Domestic asiento 9C9D23C23D

Avoid these aisle seats like the plague. The extra legroom is negated by the fact that they are used as passing places. On my 3hour flight there was one or two services trollies in the aisle at all times creating long queues of passengers waiting to get to the toilets or return to their seats. Appalling.

6/22/2019 Ally Wharton

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to London. My first flight in Economy is the new A321 Neo, The aircraft is set up with the first 15 rows of regular seats and the remaining 17 rows of the new extra slim economy seats. The seat does not recline, is very thin and OK for an hour flight. However 3 hours 45 minutes flight it became pretty uncomfortable after 2 hours. The 5 members of the cabin crew were great serving the usual MS for sale products.

6/20/2019 S Warden

✅ Trip Verified | I had some difficulty from the start, after my initial booking the website repeatedly asked me to log in, even though I was already logged in. I wanted to reserve seats and request special meals. It took me 2 days to achive this. I was amazed by the cost of reserving ordinary seats, no extra legroom, this bumped the price up for 4 people by £328 and seats were only booked on the LHR-KUL and return KUL-LHR legs. I had difficulty checking in using the BA app and eventually did it using Malaysia Airlines app. Checking in online was only allowed 24hrs before making things a little awkward being in Kuching for our return leg with an 8 hr time difference. I was looking forward to flying on the Boeing 787 but it really is just a dream. Food choices we were told ran out at breakfast, the choice was full English or just an omelette, but the full English ran out or so we were told, but looking over my shoulder a few minutes later and another trolley had appeared with the full English on it. Earlier meals were ok with beer, wine and other drinks available. There was very little attention by cabin crew between main meals and we had to go to the rear galley to ask for water. For an over 12h flight, I think the cabin should at least be visited 2-3 times. Toilets were clean and worked ok and the aircraft as a whole was clean and tidy. The IFE selection was superb with many of the latest films available along with games and music. Our return flight from KL to London was very cold, the Boeing 787 has no way of changing the airflow to your seat.

6/17/2019 E Garman

✅ Trip Verified | London to Dusseldorf. No free drinks or food, which is pretty normal for short haul flights. Crew was pretty average Seat was average. Ground crew was pretty nice. No inflight entertainment.

6/16/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) v1 asiento 51J

This plane is ancient and should be retired! Also, this seat is not as comfortable as you would think since the window seat has a large gap between the actual seat and the wall. I would not recommend this seat.