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5/23/2019 Kristen Delugar

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Haneda to Da nang via Hong Kong. I was highly impressed with this airline. After reading the reviews I was concerned, but I had an amazing service! I paid a few dollars extra for their U First service. We got a priority line, and got to board first. Flight was on time and check in counter staff friendly. I had pre ordered food. They asked me when I would like it to be served. The food was delicious (Satay with rice). Everything on next flight ran smoothly. Online check in was great.

12/7/2018 B Quinn

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Tokyo. First, when you book on internet, of course the price is attractive and you are directly interested by it. Then, comes the reality : You have to pay for your seat (50 HKD per seat) • You have to pay for the luggage (344 HKD for 25kg) You can pay during the online check-in. However, if you do not pay during the online check-in, the price at the airport counter is the double! My phone had a problem in Japan and I could not made the online check-in. I made a screenshot of the situation (Trying to make it but impossible, with the hour) and I showed it to the counter, to prove that I tried but that there was a problem. They did not care about it and answered : It is not our problem, we can not do anything. Even if they saw that I tried to do it! What is this customer service? Moreover, as it is a low-cost company, their counters are always very far away, and you have to wait long time before to have your flight. Your flight is supposed to be at 8pm? You will take off at 8:30. Then, as the customer service is terrible at the counter, he has to be the same in the plane : Very strange policy about the electronic devices that we can not use during all the take off (and as I told before, it is a long time) and during the landing. First time that it happens to me. To conclude, I paid an extra charge of 590HKD for my luggage to go and to come back so 1180 HKD, plus the seats, I lost many times walking through the airport, waiting at the boarding gates or in the plane. If you do the assessment, at the end, it cost you more money and more time than a good company! Last word : Shame on this company who do not care about customer service and they lost one guest (one more in fact, as I can see on the other reviews that I am not alone in this situation)

10/13/2018 S Teale

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Tokyo. HK Express was pretty standard. The prices for the drinks were not too bad, all things considered. I had to write a review about the staff, however, who were exceptionally friendly. I left a book on the plane and they very kindly helped me retrieve it with a very polite and friendly manner. They were very friendly and helpful about the matter by keeping me updated on where the book might be, and went the extra mile to make sure I had my belongings returned within an hour! On the way back the air steward was also very kind, and thoroughly explained the exchange rate for JPY to HKD when we bought items from the food cart. Overall I am so impressed by the staff!

10/8/2018 Jennifer Wang

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Hong Kong. They charged expensively on checked in luggage, so watch out for your luggage weight. Flight was delayed for over 40 mins. No inflight entertainment for 5 hour flight, pretty painful. Bags were delayed for unknown reasons. Baggage claim was really far (at the very end of all). Overall an awful experience.

9/18/2018 G Arnadottir

✅ Trip Verified | Jeju to Hong Kong. They charged me for a 20 kg checked in luggage because I have 10kg hand luggage instead of 7kg. If they want to charge for that, they should charge an excess charge per kilo, not make me pay for extra 10kg. I will not pay another ticket with them because of this, and losing customers like this is very bad in the long term. Also, they have this ridiculous policy that you cannot use any electronic device (including your mobile on airplane mode) as soon as they start descending, which other airlines have no issue with.

8/28/2018 N Chee

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Busan. Heard the horror stories about HK Express, but my experience overall during a few flights in the past year was fairly uneventful except for frequent changes in flight schedules (all minor). This flight was no exception. No frills but everything worked, and we got the tickets for a good price.

8/24/2018 G Caranez

✅ Trip Verified | Four months ago, I booked a flight from Hong Kong to Incheon. The online site stated 9:00 pm, I specifically checked for the 'pm' as I thought it is odd that they are not stating the flight time as 22:00. I then booked the flight 25 April 2018 and was sent the confirmation details as 9:00 am. I called the center right away and the ticket was said to be canceled with a full reimbursement within 8 weeks from cancellation. After over 8 weeks, I received less than half of the flight reimbursement fee. I kept in contact by email throughout the time to make sure that I get a full reimbursement as I was told due to the online bookings time which was incorrect. I am very disappointed as this was not good. My last email from the airline stated that I agreed to a tax refund only.

8/23/2018 P Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Firstly when checking in - they said we had emergency row seats on both flights. We had exit seats on the first flight but turned out we had regular seats on the second. We noticed when we entered the aircraft. First flight: 30 minute delay, second flight 50 minutes delay. No apologies by the crew. They lost my suitcase and I spent 45 minutes filling out all kinds of forms in Tokyo which caused me to miss the last bus from the airport. Because of that I had to take an expensive taxi.

5/28/2018 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | HK Express is a low cost airline that has daily flights to various destinations in Japan. I have selected to fly to Osaka with them. To ensure maximum comfort (but still very affordable), I've opted for U-Biz, which includes 30 kg luggage, priority check in lane, luggage handling and boarding. There was discount offered for meals on board too. There was a rather long queue for normal check in, I was so glad that I bought U-Biz, which only took me a few minutes to queue and be checked in. For both the outbound and in bound flights, they were on time, all things promised were delivered. I was seated in the sweet seat which was the front row of 3x3. 4 cabin crew worked hard during the flight, and it was very smooth and uneventful all the way. Food was so-so but still ok. In Osaka, my luggage were amongst the first to come out. Return flight was more or less the same. Overall, I was very impressed by them, It really offered great value for money for going to Japan. I will not hesitate to fly with them again.

5/6/2018 D Hardie

✅ Trip Verified | Hiroshima to Hong Kong. Smooth bag drop and boarding at HIJ. Uneventful and punctual flight out. Time of return flight was changed "for operational reasons" to 09:45, meaning I had to get up at 04:30 to travel to Hong Kong airport from my hotel in Macau. Macau ferry terminal upstream check-in service was excellent but the flight time change meant serious changes to my morning plan. Unacceptable for this change to be made - ticket was booked in June last year, change advised this year. Were it not for this change I would give them 10/10 as a budget airline. Good selection of seats available for a standard charge, as far forward as row 6.

4/19/2018 R Lam

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Hong Kong. The flight attendant yells at passenger if you don't allow device on 'airplane mode' whatsoever; for camera use or listening to music. Your flight attendant needs to explain in detail and give a guidance in a courteous way. Some crew had friends moved to the very front seat in U biz section beside us and constantly going back and forth between the seat and galley and chatted throughout the flight. Their friends were served the hot drinks first before the attendant start serving anyone else. The crew skipped us when serving drinks and snacks and we had to wait until they came back from serving all others to the end of the craft. One of our pre-ordered foods came out well after we finished eating the other. At least they apologized for the delay but the food wasnt even even warm, nearly cold. I bought U first and our seats were the very front bulkhead seats.

2/14/2018 G Steade

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Nah Trang. U First service on HK Express is worthless if you board at a bus gate And as they refuse to refund, exchange, transfer, or compensate you - it is a bit of a lucky dip whether purchasing U first is worth it at all. Just another cash grab by a budget airline.

2/2/2018 P Raniwaya

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Fukuoka. Book online and there was payment error with 1 card, so paid with another card. Later found I was actually charged at both cards and end up with duplicate bookings. Complained and they hardly get back to me beyond generic replies. It's best to call them. After persistent calls, they finally informed me that I'll get a refund. However it will take 6-8 weeks. I feel this is unscrupulous. Who knows what they do with the extra money charged from clients before refunding them 1 month + later?

1/15/2018 L Rease

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Kansai. When my payment appeared not to have gone through and I received no acknowledgement of my booking, I asked HKE if I should rebook. They told me I should but, after booking again (at a higher cost) I discovered they had already taken the money for the first flight. They accepted that they had failed to confirm the first flight and agreed to refund the money but it took a great many emails and involved a huge amount of time. I even had to battle with them over the insurance I had taken; even though I paid them for it, they tried to claim they couldn't refund it because it was paid on to another company. They also seemed to think it reasonable to refund less than was taken because the exchange rate was different. Any reputable airline would have refunded the higher amount I paid for the second tickets and sent a proper apology for all the anxiety caused and time wasted. There is no complaints procedure. If you ask them via "chat" how to complain, they send you the email address of Customer Services about whom I wished to make the complaint. The general impression I got was that they will try as hard as they can to not refund you and will only do so if you are extremely tenacious and decide that it is worth spending the time pursuing them for the principle of the matter. Nothing on earth would induce me to use HKE again. It may be fine when everything goes according to plan but, if something goes wrong and you need to seek redress, prepare yourself for a very, very long ride.

12/17/2017 H Bareed

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Hong Kong. The seats were comfortable for a 3 hour flight but aircraft was cold and toilets dirty. No blankets available for the amount of money I paid. Crew was very unhelpful and unfriendly compared to Thai Air Asia staff.

10/16/2017 M Thorn

✅ Verified Review | Siem Reap to Hong Kong. The online registering of baggage would not work for me for some reason, and I believe despite what the site says you will be charged $6 whether or not you select a seat. I did not select one and was charged, my friend selected one but was assigned a new one at check-in. I was told by customer service they would make sure I paid the online price at check-in because the site was not working. At check-in the manager refused to help. My baggage was refused. I ended up putting it inside of my friends who was suppose to have the same deal as promised by customer service. He instead had to pay twice the online price.

9/4/2017 C Han

✅ Verified Review | Nagoya to Hong Kong. I bought this ticket with a low price during the mega sale. The flight I took was delayed by about 1 hour due to the late arrival, yet the flight managed to land on Hong Kong with 30-minute delay provided that the weather in Hong Kong was bad. The cabin crews are kind and friendly. The seat is comfortable in terms of LCC. The inflight magazine also provides much information about the tourist spots.

9/4/2017 C Lam

✅ Verified Review | Hong Kong to Jeju. This is a red-eye flight and I slept for nearly the whole flight. The seat is comfortable enough to sleep and the lights are turned dimmer. The flight arrived earlier than the scheduled time. The staff are friendly and kind. However, the food and beverages are quite costly so I didn't try. The online-check in is smooth and user-friendly.

8/24/2017 P Staniere

✅ Verified Review | Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita. Unfortunately, typhoon HATO and my flight was cancelled. I got an email 14h before departures announcing the cancellation of the flight. 3 options were proposed: Same destination in the next 3 days with possibly no fare difference applied, Other destination in the next 7 days, fare difference to my charge or Full reimbursement. But no indication on how to do the changes except to email them or use the chat for more informations. The search engine, the chat and the phone line were down during most of the day. The community manager answered me on Facebook 22h after my first contact. I had my first successful contact on the phone with HK express 20h later. And everything was already booked. The customer service did nothing to provide a solution. In the end I had to book through another airline, for 5 times the original price 3 days later.

8/12/2017 L Cheung

✅ Verified Review | Flew HK Express from Hong Kong to Chiang Mai. There are occasional delays on this route of up to 4 hours, yet I was fortunate enough to board a punctual flight. The seat is spacious compared to my expectations, while the service of the cabin crew was also good. The flight went through few slight turbulence and the flight purser made announcements every time. The price was reasonable as I bought it in the sales. Online check in is clear and convenient as well.