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10/11/2017 Craig Cutts

✅ Verified Review | Kuala Lumpur to London via Colombo. The 2nd time I've used Sri Lankan airlines during the previous two weeks, check in at KUL was very quick security & immigration pretty quick at KLIA, once airside I used the Malaysia Airlines Lounge for a quick coffee before making my way to the gate gate C14. A 2nd security check then boarding was quick by number or service, boarding a well kept A320 shown to my seat 2A offered a drink & hot towel. Airborne on time and offered a menu and pre meal drinks by a very nice crew who where proactive and friendly, the meal on this flight was y well presented and finished off with coffee. Flight arrived CMB on time to a remort stand where we where bussed to the terminal with business class passengers on a separate bus, visited the Serindib lounge while in transit nothing special but fairly. Quiet. Boarded the flight to London from gate 14A which was fairly organised on to a newish looking A330-300 with 1-2-1 seating set up, seat 2A offered privacy and comfort slippers blanket & amenity kit waiting on the seat drinks and hot towels offered. Departed on time again once airborne service started quickly with pre meal drinks offered and meal orders taken, once again the crew were fantastic, friendly but professional. The food offered on this flight was presented very well and tasted great the quality appeared very good, lunch a mid flight snack and ample drinks & dinner served on this 11 hour flight. TV was good enough for an 11 hour flight I really have no complaints Sri Lankan offer a great product, Colombo airport is not the best so if improved the whole product would benefit. Bags delayed at LHR otherwise nothing to complain about. Complimentary chauffeur offered on arrival worked well. Great service would use anytime.

10/6/2017 Koushalram Kumaran

✅ Verified Review | Chennai to Dammam via Colombo. I booked my ticket in Sri Lankan airways for my family members (3 passengers) and cancelled 48 hrs before travel. I have been requesting refund for the past 50 days but no response. Refund actions are very very poor. After 30 days we received a reply mail for one passenger that the payment will be sent to the account. But still even that amount is not yet received. Local agents are not supporting. Complaint given to Customer care had no response at all.

10/5/2017 M Salaman

✅ Verified Review | Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur via Colombo. First time experience and shall be the last time flying with SriLankan Airlines, the passengers were treated like school kids. The economy class crew were rude, impolite and using harsh words. He told me off saying 'sit down' with harsh tone without knowing that I had to make way for the next passenger to go out. At this point of time, the seat belt light had been turned off. Second incidence happened when the flight had touched down and passengers were ready to take belongings from the compartment above the head. there was a guy sitting infront of my seat no 64D, couldnt bring down his bag from the top compartment. We noticed he is a bit short and not able to reach up. He asked politely if the same rude steward to give a hand. This steward replied "you can do it yourself".

10/3/2017 Craig Cutts

✅ Verified Review | London to Bangkok via Colombo. Chauffeur collection from home worked well, check in at Heathrow T3 quick and polite as was quick track security, offered the use of BA lounge, however having Oneworld FF status choose Cathay Pacific lounge instead which is very nice with good food offering. Boarded from gate 24 onto a new looking A330-300, seat 1A which offered a little more space the layout on this aircraft is 1-2-1 similar and offers good privacy, drinks & towels offered. Once in the air the meal service was quick and well presented, after dinner I watched a movie the TVs selection is okay but not to the standard of perhaps Emirates but good enough. I managed 6 hours sleep woken to coffee and shortly after a full breakfast service, again food was well presented and tasted good - landed about 10 minutes late so total flight time of 11 hours. I stopped over for 18 hours, SriLankan offer hotel if required. I was already checked in for my continuing flight so formalities where quick, I used the Serindab lounge which isn't too good, boarded through gate B2 a remote stand but well organised. Boarded an older A330-200 with the older set up of 2-2-2, however full flat which is nice for a 3hr 30min flight, breakfast served by a nice proactive crew although food on this sector wasn't great. Managed 2 hours sleep before arriving more or less on time. Priority immigration and bags off quickly. Great service really far better than my normal airline BA. Only complaint I could think of is Colombo Airport and Sri Lankan lounge.

10/3/2017 S Haprish

✅ Verified Review | Bangkok to Colombo. What a complete disaster and poor excuse for customer service. Six whole rows flew without any entertainment service: none of the movies would play, as would none of the music. Upon collection of excess baggage fees by the first airline for the whole trip, and presentation of proof of payment, SriLankan, the subsequent airlines on the same ticket, required that I repay it or they wouldn't let me claim my bags. Horrible, rude, indifferent customer service.

10/2/2017 Channa Gammanpila

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Kuwait to Colombo and Colombo to Dubai. Both aircrafts were new A330-300. Good customer service on both segments. Food is satisfactory. Flight entertainment has improved a lot. Flights reached destination almost on time. Only issue with SriLankan Airlines is not adequate direct connections to Europe causing 2 stop overs for North American passengers.

9/28/2017 Paul Seligman

✅ Verified Review | London to Colombo. As someone who travels regularly business class from Sri Lanka to London, Emirates is the best operator however if you wish to travel direct, SriLankan is the only option. SriLankan Airlines business class is not a bad product - is it just a bit sloppy and could easily be made substantially better. I am only going to mention two areas here, but everything they do could so easily be made better. First of all staff need improved training. The welcome into the business cabin is non-existent, for the safety briefing no one opens your tv, no one offers to take your jacket, or ask them what champagne they serve and you get a blank look. Food also, whilst not horrendous could easily be improved. For example, breakfast of nice poached eggs with a tiny amount of smoked salmon on a weird (but acceptable muffin) with hollandaise, was surprisingly good - but who in their right mind would put peas with this? (not to mention a chicken sausage). It shows an ignorance of food. We also eat with our eyes, - a vegetarian curry was so grey and miserable looking I just wanted to leave it. Why ruin yogurt but making it so sweet one can barely eat it (why not simply serve a fruit puree on the side so I can mix it myself?) Of course Sri Lankans are very charming, and the airline has a soul, it just needs to sharpen its act.

9/24/2017 S Wajetane

✅ Verified Review | Colombo to Male. Poor service and was disappointed. We asked for a glass of water and staff lacked a smile. She looked like she wasn't happy to be working and someone forced her to be there. This was only a 1 hour flight so i don't know why they were lazy to do the flight.

9/21/2017 K Balishkry

✅ Verified Review | Dhaka to Chennai via Colombo. SriLankan Airlines flight which was to start @ 2 pm on 20th from Dhaka got delayed by 2 hours and started around 4pm to colombo. My connecting flight to Chennai was at 6.30 pm. When I landed in colombo, my connecting flight already departed and SriLankan Airlines puts me on the nxt flight starting at 1 am nxt day. The staff said that they are offering a meal which turned out to be acheap sandwiches with a drink. I demanded that the airline put me in a lounge as the delay was close to 7 hours. It was of no use as the ground staff refused to make amends and even refused to provide a good meal. Also there was no communication from Dhaka as how they were planning to connect us.

9/15/2017 T Shaw

✅ Verified Review | London to Colombo. First time flying SriLankan since they left the Emirates group. A lot has changed, and it's positive. As a Oneworld Emerald, we used the Cathay Lounge which was a nice start to the trip. The gate crew were affable and caring, advising a 10 minute delay in boarding. On board, friendly smiles and genuine respect. Lots of drinks, cognacs, wines in proper glass, 3 options for food (nice curries, but also western), lot of water rounds and juices too. The TV has mainly older films (ie something you'd see on SKY TV) but it's fine, and I slept most of the 10 hours. Awoke to a healthy breakfast, smoothies. I cannot fault this airline, and how it is 3 star when BA is 4 stars needs review. Thanks SriLankan.

9/15/2017 David Proudfoot

✅ Verified Review | Colombo to Bangkok. The airline failed to tell us about a five hour delay until we had checked in, by which time we had passed all security points and were told we could not leave under any circumstances. Airline staff didn't seem to care. We were told we would be given a meal voucher once we cleared immigration, so with little choice we went. Once we reached the 'slop counter' we were told to go to was a grossly inadequate offer of food, I wasn't sure how long it had been there but I wouldn't have chanced it on my dog. I decided to talk to the customer desk and ask them to at least provide us with a cash equivalent value. Customer services didn't care, neither do their internet team. Colombo airport is one of the most expensive airports I have visited and it was literally 18USD each for a safe meal. My bottom line is this airline is fine if things go well, but fundamentally if things go wrong you are absolutely screwed, heed my advice unless they are rally cheap book a more reputable airline.

9/4/2017 C Beale

✅ Verified Review | London to Colombo return. On the way in we had exit row seats (50 H/K) which were good as we still got a window seat (some exit rows don't). I was disappointed that my first choice of meal (chicken curry) wasn't available and they only had fish left but the quality of the fish meal was fine if a little bland. The cabin was clean, the IFE worked perfectly (the choice of English films left a lot to be desired (lots of box office flops) but there were a few older goodies on there so I didn't run out of entertainment. We got a snack shortly after boarding (cheese biscuits) and dinner a few hours after. The cabin crew looked wonderful and professional in their peacock inspired saris. I loved the map which shows your journey progression and the camera view from below the plane where you can see what is going on below you. Toilets were clean. Breakfast was good, an omelette with sausage and mushrooms with juice, yogurt and pastry. On the way back our flight was uneventful, I got my first choice of curry this time (as we were much further up the plane in regular seats 24 A and B). The crew were offering water throughout the flight. I think that the seats are quite roomy (but I am quite petite at 5ft 3) and my 6 foot husband didn't have any real problems with the seat.

9/2/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320-200 (320) v1 seat 26D

Overall bad seats in eco, we were seating in raw 26. No entertainment whatsoever, old seats from the 90's. Leg room like in a budget airline, if not worse!

8/26/2017 N Birton

✅ Verified Review | Dubai to Kuala Lumpur via Colombo. My first problem with this airline started after I needed to change booking my leg DXB-CMB leg of this booking. Sri Lankan Airways provide a Skype level of customer support which is handy if you are overseas. I needed to bring forward by booking by a day. With each of four contacts with the Skype support I was advised of a fee of US$230 to change the flight, to which I agreed to. However each time the operator put me on hold to begin to process the payment the Skype call disconnected. These four calls took place over a four hour period. In frustration I bit the bullet and rand the Colombo based support number directly and got through quite quickly surprisingly. I was then advised that the same ticket change would now cost US$930! I asked why rise in price? I was told that they could see from their records of the calls that I was offered the US$230 but since this time the fare restrictions had increased the change for this fare. I told them not to bother. Things got worse. Check In experience in DXB was chaotic at best. Poor and inadequate lane signage to the point where most passengers had no clue where to stand. There was no priority given to Business Class passengers. Passengers allowed to jump to the front of line.and there was no passenger management by on site manager. Finally I got to the business class check in which is in reality no different to economy class I was advised at check in that I would be unable to collect or access my checked in baggage in CMB? Why not as this was the first I had heard of it? I advised manager that I needed my luggage as there were items in it needed for my business meeting in CMB. I advised that I had concerns that my luggage would get lost being in CMB for so long unattended prior to the KUL flight. (I was proven correct) I was advised to see what they could do for me in CMB. I did, and they could do nothing. So now I am in Colombo with no luggage. As I anticipated it would be, my luggage did not make it with me to KUL in the next flight leg. It wasn't until a chance meeting with a Malaysian Airlines Customer Service staff member was it established that Sri Lankan airways had indeed failed to put my baggage on the plane and it would arrive via a MH flight later in the day. Why didn't Sri Lankan Airlines bother to tell me? They had my email address. Now I had no luggage in KUL either! Finally the Sri Lankan Airlines lounge was terrible in CMB. People using mobile phones in quiet areas set aside for quiet times between flights, children allowed to run riot in the area without staff intervening with parents to control their children. Substandard and rudimentary food, generally served cold. Covers left up on food containers. I could go on, and on.

8/20/2017 Harsha Kariyawasam

✅ Verified Review | Colombo to London in February 2017. SriLankan Airlines has a car to door facility at business class check in at Colombo airport, and you sit down whilst a staff member checks in your bag and hands you a boarding card. Lounge is generic but was restful at 01.00 with polite staff. Priority boarding via separate gate. A warm and smiling welcome on board by cabin crew, greeted at seat and offered help with bag and coat storage. CSD adds a personal welcome. Usual drinks, hot towels and menu. After take off beverage delivered and a fast supper service offered. Full flat bed and slept 6 hours. When I awoke, crew offers me coffee using a silver tray, a sandwich and a hot towel. All with a warm smile and with a nothing is too much trouble approach. Wonderful breakfast menu. On time arrival. Bags waiting as I arrive at carousel. I did not use the inflight entertainment system as a night flight but the range and quality seemed excellent. Limousine driver waiting at arrivals. Home 2 hours after landing. I thought they were excellent.

8/20/2017 A Janasha

✅ Verified Review | Muscat to Colombo return. They served me the fish ambulthiyal as my dinner meal sorry to said that rice was not eatable at all .I shoe to server those as well and she apologize once again. Flight was overbooked and economy passengers also travelling in the business class. They had same facilities as us with economy rate. On the way back from Colombo there are no screen for movies or entertainment. Once I asked from hostess she gave me one portable thing which is nearly 2kg weight. This disappointed me and my experience. As a business class passenger I will think before I choose SriLankan Airlines for my next trip. My expectation not met at all during my travel .

8/10/2017 Rizwan Abdul Raheem

✅ Verified Review | My return trip from Colombo to Jeddah. Aircraft was in good shape. Excellent IFE. Adequate food. Crew not friendly and some crew members rude to the passengers and doesn't smile at all. I felt SriLankan losing their reputation as friendliest cabin crew. However, overall good experience compared to my onward journey from Colombo.

7/30/2017 N Sarraf

✅ Verified Review | Booked on SriLankan Airlines Business for my return trip from Colombo to Dubai, and flew just few days back on their A330-300 aircraft and I must say my second time with the same cabin was just fabulous. With top notch service, a great dinner, wide selection of on board entertainment and flight on time. One negative was their Serendib Lounge felt a little cramped particularly during their peakest hour. However it did have a very good selection of meals and other facilities.

7/30/2017 N Sarraf

✅ Verified Review | Flew with SriLankan Airlines from Dubai - Colombo 2 weeks back on board their A330-300 (4R-ALN) and had a very good time. Cabin service was excellent, great food with a very good selection of mains for economy, a wide selection of English movies/TV series to catch up on. Definitely recommended.

7/12/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat GOOD

Both business and economy class seats are very comfortable.