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7/3/2019 P Marelli

✅ Trip Verified | Terrible seat in premium economy. Seat was broken and wouldn’t properly recline. The main purpose I purchased premium economy was to be able to recline and sleep on my 13hr flight. I asked the attendant for help fixing the seat and she simply said she didn’t remember how to fix it and dismissed me. Movies worked but the picture quality was out of the 80s. Grainy and poor colors. Also it was a challenge to figure it out. Last year I flew EVA air to Vietnam for exactly half the price and twice the quality. It’s really no wonder Alitalia is in the brink of bankruptcy.

7/2/2019 P Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Catania to Rome. Bought my ticket with window seat and checked in the night before with luggage. When I arrived at airport for baggage drop off, they charged me extra for luggage and downgraded my seat to middle all the while pretending to not understand English and refusing service. I hope others does not have to go through the same treatment.

6/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200ER (772) asiento 36H

one of the worst flights I've ever taken. very old plane, not so clean. legs space is stolen by a big box under the seats. the head rest didn't stay up. Entertainment system is completely outdated, small screen with no clear vision, sometimes didn't even work and crew had to reset it multiple time. Headphone connector was not working good, nor the remote control. Avoid this flight please.

6/26/2019 M Hewett

✅ Trip Verified | Catania to Rome. Worst airline experience I've encountered. Horrible customer service and no organization in their ticketing process. My flight was delayed and I had to go back through security to talk to a lady at the checkout counter. After waiting over an hour, I was yelled at and told to go stand in another line. Alitalia should be ashamed of their customer service and their poor management.

6/15/2019 Sebastian Pop

Not Verified | Bucharest to Milan. No respect for SkyTeam customers, especially elite plus customers, that pay a lot in order to fly only this team! After talking to customer service you may need therapy, so never try to ask for their help. Actually avoid this company. I will surely never ever fly Alitalia again. They will even sell your ticket to a cheap company and pretend they don’t care of any status you have. Should get excluded from SkyTeam immediately. Make you pay for your luggage, seats and you don’t get any attention even as a Platinum Member! Didn’t allow lounge, with Alitalia ticket and Platinum membership!

6/15/2019 T Chasama

✅ Trip Verified | Bari to Rome. Terrible experience. They lost my luggage, then shortly before I could have claim compensation they have lost it again. Customer service was not helpful at all and always took very long on calls.

6/14/2019 M Borkam

✅ Trip Verified | Catania to Tel Aviv via Rome. I booked a flight a few months in advance, with a 12 hour stopover in Rome on my way back from Catania to Tel-Aviv. On the day before my return flight, while attempting to check in online, I found out that Alitalia has changed the time of my CTA-FCO flight from the morning to the evening, thus reducing my layover in Rome to two hours. They did this a few days before the flight, without alerting me to the fact that they're changing my itinerary (my understanding is that an Airline is not allowed to change the itinerary within 14 days from the flight, and that they must notify the passenger). Since I had plans in Rome, I contacted Alitalia by phone. From here on my experience was truly unbelievable. The first representative I spoke to, told me that my original flight was canceled, and there's nothing she can do. But I had reasons to suspect that the flight was not canceled (it was possible to purchase tickets for the flight online). Since she refused to acknowledge this, I asked whether I could be placed on some other morning flight. The representative responded that she can't find any available flight. Then she told me that there is a regional problem and all morning flights from Catania are canceled - which, as I found out after the call ended, had no connection with reality. I called again, after verifying online that it's possible to book my original itinerary on the Alitalia web site. I also spoke with several colleagues who attended the same conference as me, and none of them were notified of any flight cancellations. The same representative got my call. She told me now that she simply cannot offer me my original itinerary, even though the flight was not canceled, and that the airline has the right to do this (which is incorrect). She offered me some other choices which were completely irrelevant to me, and explained to me that I must accept one of these offers. I asked to speak with a supervisor but she refused to let me do this (claiming that all supervisors are away, or in a meeting, depending on the time I asked). She also kept demanding that I check availability online once more, but as I was traveling I wasn't able to talk on the phone and access the web at the same (this, she said, was 'my problem'). After 45 minutes of futile attempts to get this representative to help me, I ended the call and called again. This time I reached another representative. This one started by repeating the incorrect claim that my original flight was canceled. But I confronted her with the fact that the flight was being sold on the Alitalia web site. She then acknowledged that the flight was not canceled, but claimed that she cannot put me on my original itinerary anyway. I insisted. After a lengthy discussion she asked that I wait (probably seeking assistance from a more senior team member), and finally placed me on the itinerary that I booked. I wasted overall an hour and a half on this, and missed several talks in the conference that I attended. By the way: there were a number of empty seats on the flight, so there was absolutely no logical incentive for refusing to put me on it. The whole experience felt like pure harassment. Seems like Alitalia representatives are simply trained to do as little as possible to assist passengers. This is either a policy of the airline, or perhaps the representative are super lazy and incompetent, and nobody in this airline cares.

6/14/2019 L Samaras

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Buenos Aires. I had to run to the gate as my Alitalia connecting flight from Milan arrived late (they did wait for us though). The plane cabin was relatively well maintained, IFE was working properly (even though the screens and the choice could be improved). The service was quite quick and the food quite tasty (as you would expect by an Italian airline). There's definitely room for improvement but overall I was pleasantly surprised.

6/11/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) v1 asiento 24F

This seat has pros and cons: it is near the emergency exit so you have a big legroom; despite this, due to the emergency exit, you don't have the window, and this may be bothersome.

6/8/2019 V Daresa

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Rome. Seats were very uncomfortable. The screens didn't work during the flight. The crew didn't answer when the button was pushed to call them. I asked for gluten and lactose free meal, and my meal had lactose products which i didn't noticed and made me feel awful during the flight.

6/5/2019 Michael Papalamprou

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to London. Historically my flights with Alitalia have never been pleasant, most frequent occurrence the lost baggage. Surprisingly, regardless of its financial position, Alitalia has improved. Flights were on time, baggage wasn't lost, and service was decent. The pre-flight auction for business class is also a great idea. Well, the lack of politeness of an Italian cabin crew, and the ridiculously narrow seat pitch are not a surprise at all.

6/4/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) Three Class asiento 1F1G

Great "honeymoon seats" if you are travelling with someone you know. Prefer it to the distance some of the reverse herringbone ones have where you cannot see your partner easily. Comfortable, solid seat and great 4 course meal. Decent IFE, watched three movies on the FCO-YYZ 9 hour flight. Decently attentive staff. Solid Alitalia lounge in Rome as well.

5/31/2019 M Fitzpatrick

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Istanbul via Rome. Check in was appalling. A customer service staff was so rude that a colleague of his came to my assistance. I could not remove my old airline tag from my check in luggage,& his reply was that it was my problem,& wouldn’t even help me, after asking him several times, & informing him that I couldn’t remove it. He refused to check in my luggage & then his colleague ignored him & helped out. I will not fly Alitalia again.

5/24/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) Three Class asiento 18A

Horrible. Flight rom Milan to JFK This is my 2nd flight Alitalia with this plane/configuration. Was a standard economy seat on side (2 seats). Its almost impossible to get out of these seats since none of the armrests lift and the seat in front of you is in your face. Entertainment games and movies kept pausing. Food almost inedible, I even left the dessert, I flew the other direction on Delta 767 and it was much more comfortable and the food was great. On Alitalia the only time you saw staff was during meal/drink service. Delta much friendlier and accommodating

5/24/2019 Alexandra Henein

Not Verified | Montenegro to Cairo via Rome. Worst airline I've ever taken and the rudest staff on and off the plane. I heard so many bad things about Alitalia before but never thought it would be this bad. After a 6 hour delay, they didn't even bother to do anything about it, no one cares. My grandma needs to be on a wheelchair and there was no assistance what so ever, in fact, after they got her a wheelchair they left her at the rome airport at a random gate without even checking where she wanted to go and they took the wheelchair away from her after we explained she couldnt move without it! They were extremely rude and impolite, and couldn't care less. Not recommended even if it is the cheapest flight available, you will be frustrated the whole time, it's not worth it at all. Huge disappointment, never flying Alitalia again.

5/23/2019 Sumit Batra

✅ Trip Verified | I took this flight from London to Delhi via Rome. Airline did not give any information about the terminal and the gate for the connection from Rome. Crew was extremely rude. Flight was delayed by 2 hours because of detour it had to take. Captain/crew did not provide any information on the delay. There was delay in baggage arrival and it was mixed with other airlines luggage. Ground staff had no information on delay.

5/22/2019 PJ Harrington

Not Verified | Boston to Rome (Fiumicino) with Alitalia. We paid for a premium economy seat and just 72 hours before the flight they changed the plane and kicked us to economy without any explanation. They were rude when we tried to call them and offered no help when we were very confused. When we got to the airport the checkin staff were extremely rude and just wanted us to go away. I kid you not the was the most uncomfortable flight I have ever been on. The crew only wanted to serve you on their schedule and woke me up to "Chicken or Beef?" I never received an explanation why we were kicked out but we were partially refunded.

5/14/2019 S Gatiris

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Athens. This must be the worst flight I have ever had. One of the most uncomfortable planes I have ever been on. Rude air hostesses which where talking down to passengers and giggling all through the flight at the back of the plane. I am surprised they are still allowed to fly with such service and state of aircraft. Only positive in the whole trip was the ground staff service at transfer desk.

5/7/2019 Welysson Soares

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Rome via Milan. I had no problem during the flight, but the after sales is terrible. I sent an email asking to transfer the miles to a Alitalia's partner air company and since January I got no reply from them. I tried to call Brazilian branch but they said I should send an e-mail to Alitalia and wait a reply. Now my time to request the miles has expired and I just lost it because Alitalia did not reply any of the e-mails.

5/1/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A319 (319) One Class asiento 14C

Steve H FCO to VCE 4/13/19 no leg room, thankfully it was only an hour flight. This plane should be banned not fit for normal human use.