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7/1/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Kigali via Nairobi on 30th June 2019 on B787-800 and E190, respectively. My ticket was in economy and very cheap. I bid for an upgrade for the 1st leg and it was accepted 2 days before and they reissued ticket. However, due to serious delays by Cathay Pacific entering Dubai (from Saigon and Hong Kong), I realised almost a day before that I would not be able to make my trip from DXB. I cancelled my online check-in’s to avoid No Show, but had to forfeit upgrade and tickets according to fare rules. However, KQ, and in particular the Station Manager in DXB, went the extra mile to still get me on board on the following flight 5 hours later on the same day. This, without reissuing tickets (which were non refundable), without charging me for No Show, without loosing my upgrade, just out of courtesy, empathy and a well explained case from my side. At gate in DXB, I was the last person (had only 40 Minutes for transfer, so got a good morning run!), but KQ issued all my BPs in 2 Minutes during last call. Onboard, spacious cabin, got seat 2C in a nice 2 x 2 x 2 configuration. Flight full except a few seats in business. Good food and kind, attentive FAs. A decent airline respecting classic values and handles “ground situations” or irregularities well. Not the first time they have done small miracles for me. In NBO, I was kindly invited to the KQ Pride lounge that Skyteam uses. Just a courtesy due to my endured inconveniences. Last leg on an E190, I love this aircraft. Dinner and drinks served in a good atmosphere due to fresh FAs. Well done, KQ, outstanding service: I owe you for this one! And my home-travel is still valid. What more could you have done? I cant see it.

6/16/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Flew NBO-ADD on an early morning flight KQ400 on 14/6-19. Delayed in NBO 1.5 hour due to technical issues with the aircraft (an old B737-800). On board eventless, and FAs were in a good mood. Aircraft 80% full(?). Drinks fine. Inedible baked snack served. Special meals not provided. Trip was rescheduled by Kenya Airways due to a long term announced cancellation of a leg, which became complicated as I had 6 legs on my entire journey. However, rebooking by KQ was handled well and they gave 2 options. Bus gating in ADD. No IFE. OK trip but no more.

6/11/2019 G Pearson

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Nairobi. Super impressed with Kenya Airways. Bright and airy cabin on the Boeing 737-800, very attentive crew and nothing was too much trouble, food excellent and possibly the best steak I've ever had on board.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) asiento 19A

The exit row window seat doesn't have a proper arm rest, instead a jetted out half arm rest from the door. It makes sitting comfortably or even sideways a bit uncomfortable.

5/18/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Addis Ababa to Kigali via Nairobi on 16-17th May 2019 on B737 and E90, respectively. Got my ticket reissued in airport in ADD due to No Show (I was late from previous connection on different ticket). That costed me 300 usd, same amount as I paid for original (return) ticket. The Station Manager in ADD went the extra mile to get me onwards the same day and he invited me to the Ethiopian Gold Lounge, that Skyteam uses. Service onboard fair, but food is ridiculous and substandard. They serve only microscopic meals, e.g. a little-finger sized hot roll snack from ADD to NBO (5 hours trip). That’s stingy. In NBO I had to spent the night but fortunately KQ granted me lounge access due to all the trouble that I have had. The prestigious lounge has food, views, and nice architecture with curving designs and view of tarmac. It has 6 beds in silent area and I slept well till next morning. Flights less than ½ hours delayed. NBO-KGL on the Embraer was delayed due to passengers could not fit their overhead luggage into the narrow space and some 5-10 pax was deprived their luggage to have it inscribed on site and put down in luggage room until we reached KGL. For me a dramatic flight as I had 6 BPs issued with KQ and lost 2 connections from ADD but the station manager did well to rebook me. KQ has lowered services onboard but remain strong when things go wrong. No IFE on any of these 3 regional flights

5/18/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Addis Ababa via Nairobi. Transited in BKK from Vietnam and boarded after midnight 15th May 2019. Aircraft were the old Boeing 787-8 and 737, respectively. I like KQ (we have had our issues). In BKK they were professional and appeared as a true legacy carrier This, even I travelled on a strongly promoted ticket. Smooth cooperation with KQ and the AF lounge in BKK allowed me to relax in the lounge 6 hours until Kenya Airways could issue all 4 Boarding Passes of my ongoing trip to Kigali via Addis. Buying 2 tickets with complicated routing (married segments) turned out to be much cheaper than go direct. But time spent increases; likewise the risk of lapses. All flights punctual. Food only passable, only 2 options offered and only cold dishes for dinner. No cheese, no ice-cream. Other airlines do better in Economy regarding food. Drinks also very narrow offering with 2 industrial, cheap beers. Same for wines: only 1-2 options. Champagne offered (on both flights) was fine: JM Gobillard & Fils. The Boeing 787-8 offer a very boring and cramped layout of 2x2x2 in 5 rows. Business almost full (only 4 vacant seats) and economy completely full (but no operational upgrades were done). Second flight almost empty. Poor food, only a quiche in a paper box offered as breakfast. And, this was business class? FAs in excellent mood. Had 50 minutes turnaround time in ADD which I failed to complete in time due to no prior notification by KQ aircrew to ground staff to rush me through.

5/6/2019 M McDaniel

Not Verified | Nairobi to New York. Most uncomfortable flight I've been on. I'm 5'4 and my knees were in the back of the seat in front of me. The food is terrible and drinks are few and far between. The movie selection is slim and the earphones are janky. I guess you get what you pay for but I'll NEVER fly this airline again. It was this way both ways on our trip.

4/25/2019 N Garbes

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Dakar via Abidjan. I have no idea why the airline is called the Pride of Africa. Maybe because it compares to some other very bad airlines in the region. Ok, the plane seemed good and the seats had a PTV which is pretty good and a newly introduced feature. That's about it. At Jomo Kenyatta the check in was slow, even for those having done a check in online, we had to wait in a line, no one told us which line to wait in and of course no drop off line, unlike advertised in the web page ... and there is no point in using the self check in machines, as you still have to go on the line inside the airport, which is not the fault of the airline it is really hot and crowded, but the airline did not help because their boarding was done all at the same time, no groups. Once in the tarmac, maybe because they wanted to use only one bus, they waited a long time until we were really crowded and people started complaining and saying they would not get in the bus, then they took us to the plane where we waited about 5 to 10 minutes on the tarmac again (luckily it was sunny). We board the plane and have to wait almost one hour because the pilots do not have a flight plan. I go to the toilet even before taking off and it is very dirty already. Food was really bad for an almost 10h flight. Seat covers were falling off some seats. Entertainment is good but there is a problem... every time you open a new film, or show or whatever, it shows you the same publicity again, (we are already flying Kenya airways, no need to see the publicity 20 times). The publicity lasts about 7 minutes and runs over the show, so once your movie or show begins, you've lost a few minutes of it . that is something that they must fix. In the stopover, we were advised that we had to wait in the plane about 30 minutes. We waited 2h without air conditioning, over 40 degrees, people complaining, doors closed and of course no APU on, nor auxiliary power, why? Food from Abidjan to Dakar was really bad .. a cold hard muffin and a mince pie that tasted so bad and was so dry many did not eat it. Anyways for a 2h flight you can't expect much, but in total it is a 10h flight for many so it is rubbish. Both landings were quite hard and I am an airline fan and private pilot. The second one can be justified due to wind, but the first one, surprised about it. In general, very good plane, nice flight attendants, and good entertainment system. Food was very bad, the heat episode was ridiculous, the delay was annoying and the landings were not too good. Plane felt dirty. I like the airline but needs to improve.

4/19/2019 Marius Henkel

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Kenya Airways on my return flight from Lilongwe to Amsterdam via Nairobi. Kenya Airways connects Lilongwe with Nairobi through a direct and different stopover flights via Lusaka and Nampula. I took the direct flight which leaves Lilongwe at 2:40 at night and lands in Nairobi 2 hours later. Check In at Lilongwe's Kamuzu International Airport is slow but so effective, that all passengers were checked in time and the flight left 40 minutes early. The worn down Embraer E190 was clean and had personal inflight entertainment with a few movies and series. The service was basic, a small breakfast and drinks were handed out. The flight landed in time in Nairobi. Transfer through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is rather fast and efficient, definetly the airport to transfer through in Africa. The 8h 20min flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam was on a B787-800, although it was worn down, the seat was comfortable and the inflight entertainment system was very good with a wide selection of movies and series. Service was good and the food was okay. The flight was on time in Amsterdam and I am happy to fly with Kenya Airways again in the future.

4/5/2019 Ryan Chao

✅ Trip Verified | Flew with KQ on New York to Nairobi / KGL-JFK (via NBO). JFK-NBO flight was quite full and left 30+mins late as it waited for connecting passengers. Even then arrived Nairobi 50 mins early due to the strong tail wind and it was very bumpy flight. Cabin crew was attentive enough. Meal was just adequate enough. Lunch was served 1+hour into the flight and breakfast was served before landing in Nairobi. In between, there is only snack. There should be a dinner service as it was a quite long flight. The seat lacks padding for 14+ hours non-stop flight. Seat pitch and seat width are decent. AVOD Entertainment was provided; however, the choice of movie was very limited and listed mostly old movies which mostly I have seen. Ended up watching some foreign language movies which I enjoyed them. KGL-NBO flight was late due to arrival flight from Nairobi. It was a Embraer 190 craft. Seat was very comfortable which I wish they put them on the transcontinental flight. We were bused into the NBO terminal upon arrival. Had to run and cut the security screening line to make it to the gate that bound to JFK. Flight waited to get all the connecting passengers and luggage loaded onboard. The flight left about 50 mins late. And arrived JFK on time. NBO-JFK flight has different AVOD entertainment menu as it was a month later from JFK-NBO flight. The movie lineup was updated with new movies. Flight crew was attentive. Water rounds came around every 1+ hour or so. Toilets were kept cleaned. All in all, everything went well. I only have 3 things to suggest to improve – seat padding, headphone (audio was quality so bad and could not understand the dialogs), and the quality of blanket/pillow (they were very thin and debris of red blanket fabric stuck all over on the cloths).

4/5/2019 Marius Henkel

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Lilongwe. I came into Nairobi on an Air France Flight from Paris, connecting on Kenya Airways flight to Lilongwe. Compared to Addis Ababa, Nairobis Airport seems very organized and the security check was fast. There was good Wifi and charging ports in the waiting area. Kenya Airways uses the small Embraer E190 on its 2h and 10min flight to Lilongwe. Aircraft seemed outdated and wasnt the cleanest, but I felt comfortable and legroom was quite good. I preordered vegan lacto ovo breakfast, which consisted of a sweet and a savory samosa, both very tasty. Although it was a bit disappointing that the inflight entertainment system was not working, the captain pointed out the Kilimanjaro as we passed, which made up for this. Flight was on time in Lilongwe. So far I tried Ethiopian and Malawian Airlines in Africa and would choose Kenya Airways over those two, because transferring in Nairobi is much more relaxed than Addis Abeba.

4/2/2019 R Heane

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Entebbe via Nairobi. 6 sectors flown in three weeks and very impressed by their package generally. All flights on time, good service in the air, entertainment system excellent on Boeing 787 to NYC, three good meals provided and ample(although very poor quality/cheap spirits offered) refreshments. Transiting through Nairobi at night is tedious - far too few security desks open and ruins the good work being done on the ground. The additional security measures at JKIA for the US bound flights really are something else. Staff excellent. Something great about boarding a flight in New York to a smiling Kenyan cabin crew and flight crew taking you back home. The intra-Africa flights on KQ are extremely expensive (Lusaka - Entebbe was 400 USD), but the Entebbe - New York - is an absolute bargain - sadly (for KQ but amazing for me!), the both flights Ex New York were a third full - leaving a whole row to lie out and rest. The direct flight really deserves to succeed - I had cleared immigration and picked up my bags within 15 minutes of landing, wonderful!

3/3/2019 H Bridges

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Nairobi with Kenya Airways. Food choices poor, no alternative or vegetarian option. Two drink trolleys on an 8 hour flight. My suitcase has been broken during transport. Staff not overly helpful on flight.

2/24/2019 Robert Lawlor

✅ Trip Verified | I cannot thank the ground staff of Kenyan Airways at Nairobi Airport enough. As a result of bad paperwork, I found myself stranded on Friday, February 22, 2019, not able to flying to DRC, with no phone, no internet, no entry visa, or hotel, the staff of Kenyan Airways got me settled. Within an hour, my problems were solved and I was on my way to a hotel in downtown Nairobi. It is nice to see that some companies still believe in customer service. The paperwork is sorted out and I will be flying on Kenyan Airways to DRC tomorrow.

2/3/2019 H. Lambrecht

✅ Trip Verified | Monrovia to Bangkok via Nairobi in October 2018. The flight Monrovia to Nairobi (with a stop in Accra) is on a B737; the flight Nairobi to Bangkok on a B787. I also did a number of other flights the past years (e.g. Entebbe - Hanoi & Johannesburg - Bangkok). Both flights last year (as well as the ones earlier) were on time. Staff was friendly & service was good. Amenities in business class and choice of movies are limited, but food & wines are very good. The only problem I encountered was that one of my suitcases was lost when returning to Monrovia, but got it back in good condition 3 days after.

2/3/2019 S Takazura

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Nairobi. Boarded at 12 midnight and were in the plane on the tarmac for 4.5 hrs and told to disembark since engineers had failed to fix a technical problem. The staff was rough and the hotel we were driven was not ready as the airline had not told them of people coming. It took me 4 days to travel from Harare to Melbourne a trip that was supposed to take 36hrs. The worst airline I have used.

1/25/2019 Cynthia Ojijo

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Nairobi. The Kenya Airways crew must be the least informed individuals working in airline industry. They did not understand the language of my travel documents (Italian). So they delayed my boarding and when they finally figured it out, it was too late for me to board and they could not be bothered to put me on another flight so I booked with a different airline to be able get to my destination in time. Their confusion was not the worst, I had sent them my documents prior to my booking and they said everything was okay. But obviously that was a lie since here I am annoyed by their treatment and having to be ashamed of the one airline I should be most proud of based on my nationality. KQ, should do better: the food (that pasta in some sort of fish sauce is horrible) and please get coffee and tea flasks that do not look like you bought them from second hand market or used since independence. Your carry the Kenyan name with little to no pride. Do better.

1/14/2019 S Waldang

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Nairobi. Kenya Airways flight KQ887 was delayed by over 8 hours, they put us in a dodgy old and stuffy hotel in Bangkok overnight. Not only was the hotel room full of mosquitoes and horrible bathrooms but we also had an 8 hour lay over in (Nairobi which was not in our initial arrangements). We were sent to wooden chairs and fed cold burgers with warm drinks. Kenya Airways, By far not the pride of Africa! In fact not even remotely ].

1/8/2019 Peter Shih

✅ Trip Verified | Harare to New York via Nairobi. I was super excited to travel to Zimbabwe and see Africa for the first time and got the perfect excuse when one of my closest friends from college planned her wedding in Harare. My outbound flight on American Airlines was cancelled due to weather, leading to me missing my connecting flight on Kenya Airways. While this was unpleasant, no one can control the weather, and AA helped re-book me on a later Kenya Airways flight into Harare, Zimbabwe, so I made it on time to the wedding. After a few weeks of seeing Victoria Falls and making friends with lions, I got back to check into my flight back to New York with Kenya Airways. The attendant there let me know that I had been marked as a “no-show” on my outbound flight, and now my return ticket was cancelled as a result. After arguing that I clearly was re-booked on a later outbound flight, Kenya Airways told me I could get on the flight if I paid a “penalty” of $1200. As I had already paid for a round trip ticket, I indignantly refused to pay for my flight a second time and wound up missing the morning flight. Two more flights back to the States came and went, and I missed all of those flights as Kenya Airways demanded payments to let me onto a plane. I racked up hours of international cell phone call payments with American Airlines customer service and my travel agent, who all let me know that Kenya Airways was not picking up the phone, and they were the only ones who could get me on one of their planes. 16 hours later, having missed every flight that day, I finally gave in and paid the $1200 penalty, in addition to the $1600 round trip ticket I had already paid, and Kenya Airways let me on the flight back home. For the privilege of nearly doubling the cost of my plane ticket, I also had a 17 hour layover in Nairobi, after which Kenya Airways told me my flight to JFK was overbooked. Fortunately Kenya Airways did one thing right and found a seat for me onto the flight back to the States, which I had paid for twice. All in all, I wound up spending nearly four days total in airplanes and airports, racking up international phone charges, and nearly doubling the cost of my Kenya Airways ticket. Kenya Airways, the Pride of Africa.

1/6/2019 D Cobino

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Bangkok via Nairobi. The feeling I got flying Kenya Airways for the first and last time is that it’s missing a certain culture which is so important for customer loyalty. Our trip was the worst I’ve ever taken with any airline. And I’ve flown a lot. Everything was matter of fact. Except for the last leg from Nairobi to Cape Town through Victoria Falls (which was still the wrong return flight and 24 hours too late) all flights were delayed between two and twelve hours. The on-board meals are half the size of comparably-priced flights and mostly junk. Drinks cart selection looks like Aeroflot in the 80’s. Kenyans are warm and inviting. Is there a reason why that cannot be the same at Kenyatta airport? Is Kenya Airways not the major airline of that airport? When there’s no culture at the top, there’s no culture on the ground. Rude immigration officers, and security personnel throwing bins at passengers. The “hotel desk” which had no signs was another terrible experience. Apathetic employees did the minimum required of them. Passengers already furious to have been delayed prior, and now having missed their connections, would have to wait till morning to catch the next (wrong) flight. And when you get your hotel sorted, you’re told the bus will leave “very soon” but the truth is they wait until enough people cram the bus and only then transfer the passengers to the hotel. And everything is done at snail pace, with total disregard and matter of fact. There are many wonderful and accommodating employees along the way, but that is not the point. We all tend to remember the negative and unpleasant, but the right kind of culture has no room for negative. Customers have choice, and if enough customers stop using Kenya Airways, will that make its point?