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9/30/2018 Chetan Seth

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Almaty. The aircraft was new and clean. Business Class passengers were greeted and escorted. The staff were attentive and courteous. Food on board was as good as airline food can be. We were a group of over hundred passengers that flew in over 3 days for a celebration and in spite of a some celebratory behavior, the crew were friendly and tolerant. One of the return flights had some technical issue and the aircraft had to be changed. We are looking forward to travel back again.

9/30/2018 Sunil Duggal

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Almaty. Great airline and service, no complaints. The staff was courteous and helpful. New planes, overall a solid experience, highly recommended.

9/29/2018 M Kashan

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Moscow via Astana. The Check-in staff at Delhi airport were more suspicious towards Indian passengers. The staff was asking more questions than the immigration officers. The ground staff was managed by Air India. And the staff of the Air India is the worst, they were very rude and behaved unprofessionally. The in-flight entertainment looked like it was from the 90's. There was no personal inflight entertainment system on board. The plane looked the older fleet. Cabin Crew was quite friendly. But the food was the typical. I expected Kazakhstan cuisine on board. Beef was not served on Board. And now the Transit part. Astana airport was of good size and very well maintained. But the problem is that the airport doesn't provide drinking water to the departure and transfer passengers and people have no choice but to buy drinking water (1 euro for 500 ml). Wifi was not working, the login wasn't opening (neither in my laptop nor in my mobile phone). Astana to Moscow no complaints for this flight because everything was perfect. From food to the in-flight entertainment system. Returning, Moscow Sheremetyevo to Almaty in-flight service by the cabin crew was very good. Problem was that there was no personal inflight entertainment system. The Check-in staff at the Moscow Sheremetyevo was quite friendly and helpful. Almaty to Delhi flight was late due to transfer passengers. But it was not a problem because the duration was not much. The problem The cabin crew looked exhausted for no reason. The food served on the flight was only a light breakfast (omelette and a small piece of potato cutlet) which is not sufficient for a 2 hour+ flight. A complete meal should have been served. There was personal no in-flight entertainment system. Only a screen on top at a distant which was playing a movie in Russian/Kazakh. Almaty airport was quite Small but well maintained. The airport looked crowded because of the huge amount of passengers. And also no potable water for passengers. Only payable bottled water.

9/29/2018 Puneet Suri

Not Verified | Flew Delhi to Almaty with Air Astana. Excellent service, the aircraft was well maintained and they exceed our expectations on ground too. Even though we had a technical glitch with the aircraft they were super fast to resolve it.

9/21/2018 L Tan

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Tbilisi via Almaty. A horrible and awful experience I ever met. Unprofessional ground crew and poor arrangement of delayed flight. I wont take Air Astana again and wont recommend.

9/18/2018 Pavan Morarka

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Almaty return. Our group was more than 20 passengers travelling to Almaty from Delhi on 10th Sept. We were very impressed with the in-flight service and the personal touch. One of the air hostesses also welcomed us both in Hindi and English. Our group’s return journey was on 17th September from Almaty to Delhi which was again very comfortable and the service was extremely good.

9/18/2018 Andreas Bourdon

✅ Trip Verified | Bishkek to Kuala Lumpur via Almaty. Worst flight experience in 30 years! The flight was grounded unannounced by the pilot after a minor medical emergency of an elderly lady who had become unconscious in economy class and all +200 passengers were forced to evacuate at Turkmenistan airport and were left there for 15 hours with no water, no food and zero care, whilst the crew was relaxing and recovering in their hotel. The flight resumed after 15 hours with the same crew, whom I perceived as careless and unprofessional. For one unconscious lady passenger, more than 200 were left stranded. Needles to say we lost our connection flights (different airline) in Kuala Lumpur and were forced to pay. This was the first and last time I took Air Astana and so will be my associated, family and friends.

9/17/2018 Daniel Marshall

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to Kuala Lumpur. My family and I travel with Air Astana and are accustomed to a high level of service provided by the airline. During a flight last week from Almaty to Kuala Lumpur I witnessed a crew have to respond to an emergency medical situation about an hour into the flight. The professionalism of the Captain and Crew in handling the situation resulted in saving the life of a passenger. Medical emergencies can happen to anyone and at any time. Having experienced the crew's actions first hand I am confident that my family and I are in safe hands with Air Astana.

9/11/2018 Kristina Trushnikova

✅ Trip Verified | Terrible experience and terrible service. Its overpriced flights, for a direct 6H flight from Hong Kong to Almaty i paid 1700USD! For this price during the flight we didnt have TV, worked only 1 toilet, can you imagine the toilet condition, it was disgusting! Food was terrible and stewardess completely ignored when i asked for water at list 5 times. I was flying back from Almaty to Hong Kong with the stop at Beijing. When I was doing check-in at Almaty airport at Air Astana counter, as i have Nomad Club and its automatically set request window seat when i buy an online ticket, a representative from Air Astana said, they don't know why it doesn't work and they don't have time to check what is the problem. They gave me only one boarding pass, however, did check in to my baggage directly to HK. Air Astana representative said i don't need a China visa as only 2H transit and boarding pass they will give me at Beijing transit, as it was 5 AM flight transit counter was closed. i couldn't go through immigration as I don't have Chinese visa. I almost missed my flight, luckily because i been crying for 2H at immigration desk, the lady at immigration helped me and wrote on a piece of paper my boarding pass, to let me go through immigration so i can go to different Terminal where was my flight to HK. I arrived to HK my baggage was lost! I emailed and called to Air Astana the same date when I arrived in HKG, they promised to find my baggage as soon as possible and study my case with their terrible service, it was one week since Air Astana baggage department finally contacted me. Plus my suitcases arrived broken!

9/8/2018 Zhanibek Khairulla

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to Seoul. The flight was delayed because of technical issues and this affected our travel plans, which ended up emptying our pockets because we had rearrange our following flights that were following. We wrote a letter to Air Astana 6-7 times requiring the compensation. We sent the invoice of our expenses, that we received from Vietnam representatives as a check of payment. Air Astana told us that invoice is not a valid document for compensation. We talked to Vietnam partner again, and received a letter from them stating that invoice document they gave us earlier serves as a check of payment in Vietnam and they can only provide the invoice document in their country. We forward this letter to AirAstana and never got response. Terrible client relationship. For two months I can not get my money back, not talking about the time value of money.

8/8/2018 Ivan Nikitin

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Delhi via Almaty. Moscow to Almaty on a new Boeing 767, with personal entertainment screens and mood lighting. Staff accommodating and professional. The meal was delicious with metal cutlery. Wine and beer were complimentary (no spirits on the menu, though), and extras were served with no frowns. IFE was one of the best I experienced, no lag whatsoever. One weird thing was that the screen by design could not be adjusted when the seat in front was reclined, so the viewing angles could be uncomfortable. We were given outstanding amenity kits with neck air pillow, slippers, pen, some hand cream, eye shades and ear plugs. Different coloured kits seemed to have slightly different content, so make sure to collect them all. The crew passed the cabin with drinks several times after the meal service. Seat comfort was okay, nothing outstanding. Almaty to Delhi was on an older A321, with no personal screens. The seats were very comfortable with great seat pitch and traditional "thick" profile of the seats. Cabin crew were lovely and the meal was even better. There were some amenity kits given as well, except a bit smaller ones (which makes sense on a 3 hour daytime flight). You could access their entertainment via your own device and onboard wi-fi for free with no issues, and the selection was impressive, but the lack of power ports meant you will run out of power quite soon. Delhi to Almaty was practically the same as the flight from Almaty to Delhi. For Almaty - Moscow I have made a bet to upgrade on their website (the lowest amount possible), and we were upgraded to business. The flight on a Boeing 767 was wonderful with lie-flat seats, lots of privacy and space, great IFE and pleasant cabin. The cabin crew were very accommodating, greeting us with champagne as a pre-departure drink, and the purser greeted us by name, making sure we had a fantastic flight. Meals were delicious, each course was brought separately. If I could think of any improvement in business class, it would be alcohol menu, because there were just one type of champagne, one type of white and red wine (plus lots of spirits and cocktails). I believe the wine card can and should be improved. Their Bloody Mary was perfect, by the way. Almaty airport is an absolute disaster - it's small, crowded, with nowhere to sit or relax, no decent cafes, everyone is shouting at everyone. Even in business class lounge there is nothing to eat or drink for free, which is just a disgrace. Our luggage made it, and the flights were on time, though. To conclude, I recommend Air Astana, and the economy experience is outstanding, but I will try to fly via Astana next time, since Almaty airport is just so awful.

8/4/2018 German Zamorin

✅ Trip Verified | St Petersburg to Ust-Kamenogorsk via Almaty / Astana. Clean new cabin, perfect meal each way, especially from Astana. I have to mention that food cooked in Kazakhstan always better than from other airports. Wide choice of beverages. Good schedule : short connection in Astana on the way back to LED. KC TV app very useful and its good thing for flights no longer than 5 or 6 hours and cabin not equipped with personal entertainment system. Service unbelievably attentive. Absolutely recommended.

8/4/2018 E Ramorgin

✅ Trip Verified | St Petersburgh to Oskemen via Almaty. Clean new cabin, perfect meal each way, especially from Astana. Wide choice of beverages. Even for the day flight they give you trip suite. Good schedule : short connection in Astana on the way back to LED. TV app very useful and its good thing for flights no longer than 5 or 6 hours and cabin not equipped with personal entertainment system. Service attentive. Absolutely recommended.

7/22/2018 Alan Sargeant

✅ Trip Verified | St Petersburg to Bangkok via Almaty. There has been significant improvements to this airline in the fourteen years since I first flew. It was a day service between St Petersburg and Almaty on a clean A320. Seats were comfortable, spacious and with a reasonable recline. Food was good and well presented. In flight entertainment was on tablets and there was a reasonable selection. Cabin service was a little hit and miss - I asked for wine with my meal and by the time I realised that it had been forgotten I had finished and did not ask for it. The cabin crew spoke reasonable/good English but only spoke to me in Russian because initially I had spoken to them in Russian. The check in in St Petersburg was fast, efficient and in English. They had a bus for business class passengers to go to the plane. The flight departed and arrived on time and my luggage was among the first offloaded in Almaty. The Almaty - Bangkok sector was a night flight on a new Dreamliner 769 with a dinner type meal at about 2.30 am. Check in in Almaty was slow because the operator was dealing with problems for a couple of economy class passengers. (It would have been faster to use the economy check in counter)! Food was good and the seat/bed was comfortable and there was quite a selection of in flight entertainment. I was identified as a foreigner and so spoken to in good English. The plane left and arrived on time and again my luggage was amongst the first off the plane.

7/11/2018 Samat Karmys

✅ Trip Verified | Astana to Dubai. It was very nice family trip from start to finish. Everything about the flight was perfect, quick check-in, boarding, quality of special meal, reservation of seats and comfort, kids amenities, entertainment system, cleanness of cabin. I would only recommend to provide wifi access but cabin crew informed me that internet is available on some flights. Since I flew with my daughter of 4 years old I had things to do and hadn’t had a chance to enjoy internet anyway. Crew is very positive and i have been individually welcomed as a Silver member. Overall it was very memorable flight and I would recommend Air Astana!

6/26/2018 Jan Taube

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Almaty. During my stay in Kiev transit, I was upgraded to business class, which made my day. On-board service was professional, good english-speaking, good service. Food quality and presentation incl. menu fulfilled expectation without any complaints. Choice of beverages was interesting. Entertainment via wifi is working well, the provided screens on high quality. Air Astana are highly recommended from me.

6/25/2018 D Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | Air Astana has practically a monopoly in the Central Asian region where I live and work and they don’t hesitate to remind the customer of that. I have travelled approximately 75-100 legs on this airline for business and have purchased several tickets to and from Moscow for both myself and my fiance. You’d think this sort of ‘loyalty’ (is it really loyalty when you consider the lack of available options?) would earn me a little more respect than what I received today, but judging from my experience with the gate agents contracted by the airline at various airports, all I seem to get is ignorance and hostility. Customer service is arguably not very highly esteemed in Central Asia in my experience so I’m long past expecting “service with a smile.” I was caught unawares today by a excess baggage fee when flying out of Dushabe. Apparently Air Astana has recently started offering bare bones fares whose limitations are in no way reflected in the pricing. These fares offer a downright insulting 1 kg baggage limit (10kg for Nomad Club Silver members) when the standard tickets allow for 20kg (30kg) respectively. I unknowingly booked this fare through a third-party website where there was no indication that this wasn’t a standard fare ticket. As I said, the ticket price wasn’t particularly cheap. I expect this sort of thing from FlyDubai or Wizz Air but from a national flagship airline? Seriously? Of course what incentive do you have to treat repeat customers well when you practically have a government-backed monopoly? And about the Nomad Club, it’s quite possibly the stingiest airline rewards program there is. Almaty Airport, the airline’s hub, is a glorified bus station which is insanely overcrowded, overpriced, and boring. On a positive note, the air crew staff are polite, if not exceedingly. Not the worst but not the best.

6/24/2018 S Martin

✅ Trip Verified | I have had to recently use some other airlines and this has reinforced my appreciation of Air Astana’s cabin services. Air Astana has set and manages to maintain exceptional high standards of service. Al the cabin crew appear to have fundamental English skills. The new uniform is fresh and professional. The safety video has been improved and is actually pleasant to watch even after many flights in a short time frame. The new aircraft have screens on the backs of the seats and passengers can select their entertainment. The new earphones are great and I always keep the set. The passenger pack is in a useful bag and the products inside are good but I miss the mini-biro pen. The food and beverages are of good quality with a proper cutlery. I have found the cabin crew to be attentive and responsive to my needs. Depending on the airport I have boarded check-in staff may not have the same consistency but my recent check in at Atyrau was good (this is not usually a friendly airport though there are some exceptional individuals working there). I would say without fear of reproach that Air Astana is my preferred airline of choice.

6/19/2018 Richard Castleberry

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Delhi to Astana with Air Astana. Fantastic service from cabin crew, and airport personnel. Improved meals. Still need to get personal TV screens on all seats, on all flights. The "watching shows/films on my own personal device" is a cheap way out, I definitely do not like this option. In the year 2018, all planes should have screens on all seats especially on long flights! Always feel safe on Air Astana flights! Air Astana is a top-notch airline!

5/26/2018 C Kantalu

✅ Trip Verified | Almaty to İstanbul in March 2018. There was no delay on flight. I remember smiling crew faces for that trip. There was delicious food and good entertainment for 6 hours flight. Note: wishing to see bigger planes for such a long vayage.