64 Firefly reviews

6/10/2019 N Bazirini

✅ Trip Verified | Kota Bharu to Kuala Kumpur. This is connecting flight from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur (code sharing with Malaysia Airlines on to Osaka). I don’t care attitude of the staff at the counter.

1/17/2019 Paul Hughes

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. The airline changed my departure airport and informed me in an email with the subject "Firefly Travel Itinerary". No "changed itinerary", "new itinerary", "updated itinerary" just plain "Firefly Travel Itinerary". The email also contained no indication that anything had changed. As I...

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11/17/2018 Johnny Tan

Not Verified | Singapore to Subang. The flight was amazing. Food and beverages very generous for such a short flight. Seat is decent. Cabin crew are frendly. Landing is very smooth. Merchandises are very pretty and cheap. Definitely fly with them again.

9/24/2018 B Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | SIN-IPH-SIN on 19 and 22 Sep 2018. Check-in at both airports was quick and simple. The free 20kg allowance for checked-in luggage was useful, given the lack of overhead bin space in the ATRs. Boarding was orderly and both flights departed slightly ahead of schedule. The remote stands used by Firefly at Changi A...

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6/9/2018 Sébastien Allemand

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Ipoh. What a surprise: first time using this airline and I was very happy. The staff on board was nice The snack for such a short time fight was excellent

9/26/2017 Hean Tatt Lim

✅ Verified Review | Penang to Subang. I was having an accident a month ago, I was walking slowly with my walking pole. There was a Firefly duty manager who noticed me and came to me if I needed assistance. He arranged a wheelchair and two assistants to help me. These two young men were really helpful, they even help me to arran...

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7/16/2017 A Mallifah

✅ Verified Review | A convenient flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Flight into Subang is convenient as the airport is smaller than KLIA and closer to Kuala Lumpur city. Check in was easy and service on board efficient and friendly. A small snack and a drink offered for no extra charge. This gesture is highly appreciated as...

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7/16/2017 A Mallifah

✅ Verified Review | Subang to Penang, a convenient way to travel at a very competitive price. Check in at Subang airport was easy and security queue was quick. Service onboard was friendly and a small snack and a drink provided for no extra charge. Check in was slightly delayed on the return flight from Penang but the agent was...

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6/5/2017 Kah Kay Au

✅ Verified Review | The one-hour flight from Subang airport in Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is a no frills flight. A snack and drink is offered. A useful tip: passengers are boarded from the rear of the aircraft. The last 3 rows are designated as preferred seats because you are the first to get off the aircraft at your destination...

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12/19/2016 Woo Nie

✅ Verified Review | Penang to Subang. We have been informed by the crew mentioned that the flight been delayed due to the engineer who supposed to sign the document is absent and we have to wait another 45 minutes, due to ethical and poor management. We can accept any delay due to technical problem, but not this excuse. We regr...

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10/20/2016 Stephen Bland

✅ Verified Review | Booked flight from Koh Samui to Subang in August, and this was cancelled October 2nd, by text message. Said if I wanted to discuss, to call Malaysia - I am in the UK. Text said the fare would be refunded 16th October. This was already unacceptable. Booking a replacement flight cost me double the money as it ...

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9/20/2016 B Rea

✅ Verified Review | Krabi to Penang. Risky to book a flight with Firefly. I was called a day before the flight, saying it has been cancelled. Firefly offered to put me on a flight a few days later, but does anyone traveling really have a few extra days to wait for a flight? Not really a viable option in my opinion. In total, I ...

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6/21/2016 S Thomson

✅ Verified Review | Flew Alor Setar to Subang. Have flown with Firefly numerous times before so thought it was about time I wrote a review of their service. Firstly I love travelling with them due to the airport they are based in which is near Kuala Lumpur city centre at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang. The airport is sm...

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5/19/2016 F Waqis

✅ Verified Review | Flew with Firefly on 3 sectors in one day. Firefly notified me by email a month earlier on changes of flight time. To my surprise, they called me 3 days before my flight to remind me the changes. Overall, I love the idea of taking small plane. Everything goes very smooth and fast, from check-in, boarding and...

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4/27/2016 K Mason

✅ Verified Review | First time flying on Firefly and on a ATR 72 from Johor Bahru to Subang. Crew were friendly, flight left on time and got into Subang on time. Ground Crew were friendly. We were offered little snacks - for a short flight, there were 3 options which surprised me. The plane looked a bit tired but really, its on...

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3/22/2016 S Birinder

I have flown with Firefly in the past and rated them very highly. However, during my most recent trip from Penang to Krabi, my suitcase was badly damaged during the flight and can no longer be used. I reported the problem upon retrieving the suitcase at Krabi airport and completed the complaint form. The staff who dealt with the...

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2/11/2016 C H Loh

Subang to Langkawi. This was my first time travelling on Firefly and I am very pleased! Getting to check-in and then to the gate was hassle free and the flight was smooth all the way. It was a one hour flight so no IFE but refreshments were served well by a friendly cabin crew. Seats and cabin was clean and comfortable, all in a...

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1/24/2016 G Brambilla

Firefly is a very good low-cost airline. Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu the the ticket was not very expensive, the airplane quality was good with high standard of cleaniness and comfortable seats. The plane was less noisy than I expected for a propellor airplane. During the flight we were served a complimentary dri...

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12/30/2015 K Kenneth

Check-in process was quick and efficient. The crew were friendly and offered free refreshments for the short journey. On my outbound journey, the weather was very poor but the pilot kept us informed about the situation (as SZB was temporarily closed due to poor visibility) but eventually did get us to the destination. Pilots for...

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12/2/2015 Jimmy Ashiblie

Kuala Namu to Subang, and this is my sixth flight on Firefly and each experience has been wonderful. We departed Kuala Namu (Medan) ahead of schedule and landed in Subang 30 minutes ahead of schedule. I like the 2x2 seating arrangement. The crew has always been most professional.