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2/26/2018 J Seagell

✅ Trip Verified | Iquitos to Lima. Travelling via domestic airlines in Peru are the absolute worst. No updates from staff, constant delays due to the "weather" meanwhile LATAM airlines can fly no problem. Lesson learned, only fly LATAM airlines if flying domestically in Peru because clearly Star Peru or Peruvian Airlines do not know how to operate at all.

1/25/2018 S Martin

✅ Trip Verified | 09:00 flight to Cusco repeatedly delayed for bad weather in Cusco, then cancelled, even though Cusco airport had reopened. I missed the festival I had made the trip for. I discovered that Star Peru operates a fleet (circa 6) with old onboard computers - meaning whilst other airlines can fly into Cusco with low cloud cover, Star Peru cannot. This leads to delays and cancellations. In my case, the flight was cancelled after 14:00 - even though (we were not told) Cusco airport had reopened and (we were also not told) Star Peru operated its later flight into Cusco. The Star Peru supervisor at Lima airport was appalling. She refused to engage with passengers, refused to tell us our rights, and simply told us to come back the next day to get booked on an a new flight. She took no responsibility, showed no leadership, and was unwilling to issue passengers with a written confirmation of the flight cancellation so that we could claim from our travel insurers. She eventually relented on the last point, but this was after 2 hours of being surrounded by distressed and angry passengers. Next day, Star Peru issued us with new boarding passes, that failed to work at the security gates, leading to passengers having to return to the issue desk, and then wait in a long line for the issue to be resolved. I had to wait standing up from before 03.00 to 04.40 before I eventually got through security. In both Lima and Cusco, the attitude of the supervisors is “I don’t understand your point” when I tried explaining that I had paid over £700 to fly to Cusco for a festival and Star Peru had prevented me for having the experience - which for some / many people may be a once in a lifetime experience, or their only visit ever to Peru. Shameful, incompetent, and appalling leadership of this airline. Avoid disappointment. Pay perhaps more, use another airline and have an enjoyable travel experience. As I write this review on board my departure flight, the aircraft doors have been reopened at the gate with all onboard, for air traffic issues. Is there no end to my nightmare with this airline.

4/29/2017 M Fuller

✅ Verified Review | Flew Star Peru from Lima to Cusco. Pleasantly surprised after reading dire reviews here. Departure was more or less on time, in small, rather old plane. It was mostly empty too. Seats not incredibly comfortable but very short flight anyway. Price not a bargain but not terribly expensive (no point booking in advance BTW as fares do not seem to really vary that much). Flight was fine, and service was rather good and polite onboard, with snacks, drink and luggage all included in fare. No issues at all.

8/16/2016 J Vanya

✅ Verified Review | Thank you so much for the staff of Star Peru! I had booked a flight from Iquitos to Cusco via Lima, and in Lima there was only 40 minutes to change a plane in Lima. It was already a pretty fast change, but to make it even more hurryful, we left Iquitos 20 minutes late. (Actually that's a small minus: Nobody ever said why we were late and no any other announcments was made about the delay either). Anyway, I mentioned this to the staff and they promised to get me to the next plane. When we arrived to Lima there was a man waiting for me. And then we ran. We took some staff routes to make sure we get to the gate on time. I didn't realize I have to make a new security check but I did. Alone I could have never made it. Even though it of course was a small minus we left late (and never was there any announcments why) the staff really wanted to make sure I get to next flight on time. Thank you for that!

7/9/2016 W. Steeman

Puerto Maldonado to Lima with Star Peru. While seats and comfort are acceptable, the real challenge is the luck you'll need for the plane to be on time (if it even comes). Today we had a 8 hour delay. The staff being no help whatsoever and never giving information. Would-be passengers did their work by informing of delay times. No compensation or lunch/dinner was offered and for the staff this was business as usual. I've heard that quite a few flights are even cancelled and people to just "come back tomorrow". Don't book this airline if you have a connecting flight. If you're not in a rush, this airline is a cheap option.

7/2/2016 Chris Scholten

Flew Star Peru from Lima to Pucallpa. Sitting in the plane while writing this review. My flight was supposed to leave 45 minutes ago, staff do not seem to know why the plane got grounded and their (lack of) English isnt helping either. Neither did they announce a gate change at Lima and for the moment they still have no insight on whether we'll even depart or at which time this will be. I Wouldn't recommend this airline to anyone, I've had better experiences with LAN Airlines.

5/13/2016 Marissa Delamar

My husband and I bought round trip tickets with Star Peru from Lima to Pucullpa two months before our trip. We got to Pucullpa okay, but upon our return flight, the airline claimed to have no record of our tickets and made us pay day-of prices for new tickets. This happened even after I showed them our receipt and proof of payment. I talked to the two employees they had at the airport, and both were very rude. We ended up paying twice for our return flight. The plane was in very bad shape as well. I will never fly with them again.

3/13/2016 E Roland

I flew with Star Peru from Tarapoto to Iquitos and from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. The positive thing is that Star Peru is cheaper than LAN or Avianca and the small planes they have means that boarding and disembarking goes very quick. Booking a flight is in my opinion easier than the booking systems of LAN (more steps, finally did not work) or Avianca (also did not work at all) From Cusco to Puerto Maldonado we were sitting in the plane, when the pilot said that we can not go, because of bad weather in Puerto Maldonado. In Peru, this is a dangerous sentence, because If there is a technical problem or so, all airline will say, that the weather is bad, so they have not to pay any money/compensation to the passengers. But this time, it was true, also Avianca and Lan did not go to Puerto. Two hours later all airlines started, so four planes landed almost at the same time at the airport of Puerto Maldonado, which had only two stairs. Star Peru is a small airline, so if there is a delay like this, they cannot replace an aircraft to be on time on other routes of this aircraft. The negative thing is the airport of Cusco. On the screen are only flights mention who starts in the next hour. So if your flight is not on the screen, he is delay, but you don't know about the delay. If there is no flight of a airline from Cusco at this time meaning that there will be no airline-staff to ask about the delay. So you feel lost. I like Star Peru, but If you have a short time connection, choose the bigger airlines LAN or Avianca which seem to be less susceptible for delays.

7/27/2015 Danielle LeClerc

We flew from Cusco to Lima. The seats were $120 each (one way), not especially cheap. Our flight was late getting in from Puerto Maldonado due to mechanical issues, so we were delayed. The flight after ours (also Cusco-Lima, scheduled for one hour later) was also delayed due to mechanical problems. The captain would not release the plane for the flight. We were ultimately delayed for almost 5 hours. Meanwhile, Star Peru had a flight on the same Cusco-Lima route leaving every hour, and all of those flights got to go while we waited and waited. People were missing their connecting flights, and no one would help us or give us any info. Apart from what seemed like pretty significant maintenance issues, the airline appeared to be badly short-staffed. Even though there was one flight every hour going to Lima, we only ever saw four Star Peru employees at the airport. Communication between these employees and the inflight staff was apparently also a problem because no one had any idea what was going on, as far as we could tell. They gave out no information unless we specifically asked for it. We were told the flight was delayed 15 minutes. Then another 15 minutes, then an hour, then another hour. It was really frustrating, and the staff seemed to have nothing to offer, not even sympathy. Anyway, we scheduled ourselves a last day in Lima to relax and have a bit of fun, but we got in so late because of the delays that it blew our last day of holiday.

1/14/2015 Klaus Malling

An airline is best judged in critical situations. Having used StarPeru on a couple of previous occasions my group and me found ourselves trapped in Puerto Maldonado in November. Despite other airlines left on time StarPeru gave the explanation that the weather permitted the plane from departing while everyone could see technical staff trying to fix an engine. In Spanish and English it was announced that "news will appear in half an hour". The "half-an-hours" became one-and-a-half during that afternoon until the flight to Lima finally was cancelled and was planned for next morning at 6AM. Thereafter everything was chaos. No money for taxis and hotels were offered only that we could get our luggage. So we went having to pay everything ourselves - a very bad experience. The plane was airborne 6.15am next morning landed in Cusco and were delayed here caused by technical problems meaning further delay. Nothing was explained. We suspected that the plane left Puerto Maldonado with technical problems that could be fixed in Cusco. Anyway we landed safe in Lima where our ground agent got the money for accommodation and food out of the rather hesitating crew from this low-budget airline. Next time Avainaca or LAN.

10/31/2014 S Bryan

CUX-LIM on 23rd Oct. Took off a few minutes late but arrived in LIM just about on time. Snack and drink served on this short flight. Ageing BAE 146 but looked as if it had just had a fresh paint job inside. Was booked on this as part of a tour so not sure on value for money but flight was uneventful so no reason not to recommend.

11/5/2013 D Leston

LIM-CUZ-LIM on a clean and tidy (despite being quite old) BAE 146. On time departures in both directions smiling crews inflight snacks and drinks what more could you ask for?

7/3/2013 Francesca Conti

Last week we had the flight Cuzco-Lima at 8.30 but Star Peru' decided not to leave on time because of weather in the Lima (their security airport in Pisco was closed). The company chose to leave 2 hours later but instead taking just 1 hour 10 minutes (as announced by the hostess at the microphone) the plane arrived in Lima at 12.15 causing us loss of connection the flight Lima-Caracas (by LAN). Please don't buy tickets with them if you want to arrive on time!

11/28/2010 N James

Lima - Cuzco - Lima. Thought both flights were great. Both left on time and got in early. Boarding done in 5mins. The only annoying thing is you can't pay for the tickets online you have to do this at the counter in Lima and well they use their own exchange rate which is much more than the banks. So try paying in local currency. So it ended up costing more than we thought. FA lovely food was a small sandwich and biscuits.

2/12/2009 Jeannine Schöpke

Star Peru isn't a serious airline. We were a group of 13 people 12 of us bought our tickets from Lima to Cuzco in Lan Peru (which was good) but one of us had to buy his ticket here what a mistake!! Lima to Cuzco the flight left earlier but Star Peru never informed it to our friend so we had to fight with the Star Peru people at the counter to force them to get a ticket for him in other airline. The worst was our way back they just said the flight was cancelled and that's it - "I'm sorry" they said. NO money back nothing. Additionally they were very rude.

9/30/2008 Boris Chavez-Bravo

LIM-CJA-LIM economy class. Good service on time and snacks and drinks given in a short 1 hr flight. Not much legroom but for an hour it is ok.

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