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7/1/2019 M Nareni

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Perth. Very poor flight. Aircraft should be decommissioned! Late departure (30 minutes) with no communication. No inflight entertainment. Took ages to board and disembark. Meal not served until 2 hours into 4.5 hour flight. No water or refreshments until then. Two toilets for entire cabin which were dirty and smelly. Would not recommend Virgin for this leg ever. Staff were unfriendly and unhelpful and meals were barely fit for human consumption. Only positive was that the beer was cold.

6/30/2019 L Pearce

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane To Sydney. Everything was smooth from check in and security until it hit boarding time. There was absolutely no announcement as to why it was delayed and by the time we were ready to taxi, there was another delay due to weather conditions in Sydney. Cabin Crew were attentive, a great aspect of flying Business when an airline prides itself of great Customer Experience. Seeing as this was a 6am flight I didn't eat nor use the IFE, sleeping was mainly on my schedule. The delay was approximately 30 minutes, luckily I had enough time to head to another terminal for my next flight to Melbourne. A decent offering from Virgin, a higher level of service from my recent experiences compared to their main competitor.

6/27/2019 Morten Hammarberg

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Cairns via Brisbane. This was the first and only trip with Virgin Australia, I have been flying from overseas, either Europe or USA, the past 10 years at least 3 times a year. This trip stated in Winnipeg, first issue you can’t book from Winnipeg to Cairns on their homepage even that Their partner airlines, Delta is flying from there. Second issue the Cancel my flight and I got a hotel room, all good. I got on my plane is slightly delayed both in departures and arrival. After my arrival my biggest issue start, my one big suitcase is missing, apparently a lot of people missing the stuff from LA and since I have a connecting flight they is sending me to the finally destination and do the claim for my suitcase but no one is at the counter. So after 30 min someone is showing up. Now I have a lost baggage and a damaged suitcase, but they are not sure the cover my damage suitcase, but the other one was not home with my before 5 days after I left us, and it’s damage to. This is the first time ever that nothing with this trip was good.

6/26/2019 Shane A, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 10C

Up against a bulkhead I was concerned about leg room. It was a little restricted but better than behind another seat reclining into me. I could stretch my right leg out into the aisle next to the Lav which was handy. There is only USB power under this seat but 10A had a international power socket. Overall good spot making for an easy exit without waiting

6/26/2019 S Neale

✅ Trip Verified | As a platinum member of this Airline, I do not appreciate my personal details given out to people over the phone then emailed to other email adresses not on my file. This is a major breach. I am sharing this so you are aware that your privacy is at risk with this airline and good luck getting any reason, its been a month and all I get told is that they are looking into it but wont give me a name of someone I could follow up with. After 8 phone calls different departments, 5 emails and even posting on FB still they all say we are looking into it. Which I doubt they are. Deal with them at your own risk.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (773) seat 24K

I booked these seats hoping the stewardess seat behind didn't interfere with my recline, And i can confirm that I had full recline on all 3 seats and on the way back had the opposite side of the plane with seats 24 a,b,c and again no issues i will book these seats every time i fly on the 777-300ER to LA.

6/5/2019 C McCain

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Los Angeles. Up there with the best business class I've flown. Seat very comfortable and spacious. Food excellent. Wine very good but it would be nice to see some non-Australian wines for interest. IFE screen fantastic. I got a solid chunk of sleep. The best part of the flight was the staff - super hospitable and efficient. Only minor criticism was that my wine glass was whipped away rather than being offered a top up. The internet was also offline, but that doesn't bother me at all. Otherwise, a brilliant business class product that's difficult to fault. Look forward to seeing the new Brisbane International Lounge when it opens.

6/4/2019 Lorraine James

Not Verified | It was supposed to depart Sydney at 9:30am and arrive in LA at 6:00am. It ended up leaving at 11:30am and as a result dozens of customers lost connections. No apology was issued and passengers were left scrambling to find other means to get to our final destination. Please don’t buy the ticket if you have connection in LAX of less than 2 hours. Customs is the worst, and the airport itself is super unfriendly. It is a shame that the so called international airport can only be compared to a third world airport.

5/27/2019 S Calini

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Sydney. My experience with Virgin Australia was absolutely dissatisfying. That was for sure the last time i traveled with this airline. Fflight got cancelled and no one informed me. The journey took almost 5h longer than the one I purchased before and I arrived 8h later in the morning on the next day. The airplanes were old without entertaining system but WiFi which was not working.Absolutely unfriendly stewardess at some point even rude. It was so cold there I had difficulties to sleep and they didn’t have a blanket. I recommend to take a different airline.

5/26/2019 John, Fokker 100 seat 10B

For a. Short 1 hour flight it was fine . Impressed with the leg room. Cabin Crew were friendly and helpful. Easy to disembark. The landing was the best of all 4 flights we were on for the 5 days we were away. F100 was the last leg of our trip.

5/25/2019 K Bahour

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Melbourne. The only up side of the flight was on time departure and arrival. The aircraft was a bit old an seats and tables were dirty. The food was disgraceful with no condiments. Limited drink options were included and you had buy other drinks. No device for IFE was provided and you had to use your own device but there were no charging ports available! crew were OK but not outstanding. Virgin Australia seemed to be a budget airline which sells bundle tickets rather than a full fare airline which it claims to be! Saying that I have flown budget airlines with better quality than VA. I could have bought a better flight with the money paid for this one. Not recommended at all.

5/23/2019 Mikayla Rogers

✅ Trip Verified | Cannot thank Virgin domestic staff for their help yesterday 21/5/19 when the travel agent failed to give us vital information about a visa they helped out tremendously so I didn't miss my flight and they ensured they didn't break any rules. It could of been disastrous and very costly. Being not an experienced traveler and not having the correct information by the travel agent, I found Virgin very professional and caring.

5/21/2019 Dani B, Boeing 777-300ER (773) seat 24H

It was definitely worth paying a bit extra for this seat. I'm 5'10 and could fully stretch out my legs and had the seat fully reclined for majority of the 14hour flight as there's no seat behind (so didn't have to feel guilty!). Priority boarding and meals are a bonus. Only small downsides are the limited cabin baggage space and having to walk right through an entire section of economy to get to the toilet.

5/14/2019 S Hannish

✅ Trip Verified | I booked my flights with minimal layover time, 1.5 hours going there and 2 hours heading back. By the time of my vacation three of my flights had been changed leaving me with a 13 and a 5 hour layover. When I contacted the travel agent they told me they couldn't do anything. When I contacted Virgin Australia I was told I'd have to contact Delta since they were the ones actually doing the flights. When I tried to contact Delta they never responded. Since you all decided to pass the blame around with no one taking responsibility for stealing my time when I paid for certain accommodations and no one wanted to take responsibility you all deserve bad reviews. I will say this about Delta that I can't say about Virgin Australia, since I didn't deal with Virgin Australia other than over the phone, their grounds crew and plane crews were friendly. Then less than a month before my flight, when I was trying to find out what was going on, since no one had gotten back to me, I was told that she never had submitted it and that she in fact couldn't submit it.

5/9/2019 Lisa Naimi

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Melbourne. Zero stars for Virgin Australia. My husband and I have been flying for 35 years and this was the worst experience we’ve ever encountered. Paid for business class tix and both outbound and return flights were cancelled, without explanation. No information, communication, customer service. VA didn’t notify us but rerouted is for a 30-hour 3-leg journey, instead of our direct flight, that would have us miss three vacation days. After hours of trying to get through to a representative, we salvaged some of our trip and only missed a day and a half but had to fly economy. Similar experience return trip. Flight cancelled hours before take off, with another 24+ hour delay. Had to buy our own tix to return on Qantas since we could not afford to lose more time. We returned over one month ago and are still trying to get VA to refund us. A nightmare.

5/7/2019 B Lewis

Brisbane to Melbourne with Virgin Australia. After checking in by machine we went to bag drop. First time ever in business was I asked for my carry on to be weighed. I was 500g over, so I took out my jacket and wore it, Premium experience. No. Next was the lounge, it was huge and jam packed with very few seats available. Too busy for staff to keep up with cleaning so we sat at a grubby table. Checking out the offerings, just a few salad items and bread you can toast. Premium experience? No. Next was boarding. Despite only 8 seats in business, the premium line had at least 30 in line. Again premium experience? No. The seat was okay but those in front of us reclined the moment we took off reducing our leg room to economy standard. Premium experience? No. No papers or magazines offered. The meal was the same as what we received on the one a few days previously but not as nice. We were not offered any device, had to use our own. To pay this much over economy you expect and should receive better than what Virgin offers, I would only ever go economy in future wth Virgin and take my own sandwich on board, saving many hundreds. Quite disappointing overall.

5/3/2019 B Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Brisbane with Virgin Australia. Check in at the airport was by machine, the Virgin staff directed us to economy line until I pointed out we were travelling business. Bit disappointing. The lounge was very busy with hardly any food options, never been in one that was so poor in its offering. Onto boarding. Although there are only 8 seats in business, obviously many qualified for boarding at the same time so the line up was of about 30 people. The seat was comfortable but no foot rest and no screen, only if you download their app on your own device. Juice or water was offered pre flight. The flight was not long enough for a movie however there were a number of series to watch. We were at least half an hour waiting on the plane before take off. The 8 business seats were all occupied. We had an Aussie celebrity in business who was given exclusive attention. The meal (lunch) was okay. The gnocchi was nice but Luke Mangan cookies were terrible, dry and tasteless. The staff were okay but not attentive at all. Didn’t matter too much for a two hour flight. Landing was smooth and luggage was one of the first off the belt. All in all not quite the premium experience I hoped for but it was good to have more space than in economy.

5/2/2019 C Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Proserpine to Brisbane. Not a great experience at all! I'll start with the rude, abrupt and ignorant staff who checked us in at Proserpine. Tried telling us we were over weight and needed to pay extra, however upon her looking after I told her we both had 30kg allowance she realised I was correct. No apology. My partner's case had been damaged on our travels which we told her about. She threw a pen and paper for him to declare this then snatched it back off him! Totally rude with zero custom service and facial expressions show signs that she hates her job! Clearly not the job for her being in a customer service role. To note I wasn't the only person who I heard complain about her neither. When we got on the plane, staff never smiled. They are meant to make going on holiday a nice experience which wasn't my experience with . I have coeliac disease so asked for a GF alternative to the snack given. I was told by staff they would check but I'm still waiting now! I had to ask again if I could purchase crisps but they had practically ran out of all stock. Wont look to travel with Virgin Australia again or recommend to anyone.

5/1/2019 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was slightly delayed. Service was quite friendly and efficient. I appreciated that during the "happy hour" , they provided free beer or wine. The meal was very limited for what is supposed to be a full service airline. Just a small packet of crackers. QANTAS is far better. When I wanted to purchase something extra I was told to wait. The request was never followed up . Overall, though a reasonably good flight.

4/30/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 12K

Legroom is good for average sized people; it is easy to stretch out under the seat ahead. Seat back entertainment system is good but the touch screen was a bit dodgy. This seat is actually ahead of the wing but the view is still slightly impeded by the engine. Service was excellent. TIP: on transcontinental daytime flights, sit on the south side of the plane (seats A & C westbound, seats H & K eastbound) if you want to enjoy the view but don't want to be blinded by the sun.