Seat Map Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways

1A1E1F1K16A16C16H16K17A17B17C17D17E17F17H17J17K18A18B18C18D18E18F18H18J18K19A19B19C19D19E19F19H19J19K2A2E2F2K20A20B20C20D20E20F20H20J20K21A21B21C21D21E21F21H21J21K22A22B22C22D22E22F22H22J22K23A23B23C23D23E23F23H23J23K24A24B24C24D24E24F24H24J24K25A25B25C25D25E25F25H25J25K26A26B26C26D26E26F26H26J26K27A27B27C27D27E27F27H27J27K28A28B28C28D28E28F28H28J28K29A29B29C29D29E29F29H29J29K3A3E3F3K30A30B30C30H30J30K31A31B31C31D31E31F31H31J31K32A32B32C32D32E32F32H32J32K33A33B33C33D33E33F33H33J33K34A34B34C34D34E34F34H34J34K35A35B35C35D35E35F35H35J35K36A36B36C36D36E36F36H36J36K37A37B37C37D37E37F37H37J37K38A38B38C38D38E38F38H38J38K39A39B39C39D39E39F39H39J39K4A4E4F4K40A40B40C40D40E40F40H40J40K41A41B41C41D41E41F41H41J41K42A42B42C42D42E42F42H42J42K43A43B43C43D43E43F43H43J43K44D44E44F5A5E5F5K6A6E6F6K7A7E7F7K8A8E8F8K9A9E9F9KSeat Map Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways
1A1E1F1K16A16C16D16E16F16H16K17A17B17C17D17E17F17H17J17K18A18B18C18D18E18F18H18J18K19A19B19C19D19E19F19H19J19K2B2D2G2J20A20B20C20D20E20F20H20J20K21A21B21C21D21E21F21H21J21K22A22B22C22D22E22F22H22J22K23A23B23C23D23E23F23H23J23K24A24B24C24D24E24F24H24J24K25A25B25C25D25E25F25H25J25K26A26B26C26D26E26F26H26J26K27A27B27C27D27E27F27H27J27K28A28B28C28D28E28F28H28J28K29A29B29C29H29J29K3A3E3F3K30A30B30C30H30J30K31A31B31C31D31E31F31H31J31K32A32B32C32D32E32F32H32J32K33A33B33C33D33E33F33H33J33K34A34B34C34D34E34F34H34J34K35A35B35C35D35E35F35H35J35K36A36B36C36D36E36F36H36J36K37A37B37C37D37E37F37H37J37K38A38B38C38D38E38F38H38J38K39A39B39C39D39E39F39H39J39K4B4D4G4J40A40B40C40D40E40F40H40J40K41A41B41C41D41E41F41H41J41K42A42B42C42D42E42F42H42J42K43A43B43C43D43E43F43H43J43K44D44E44F5A5E5F5K6B6D6G6J7A7E7F7K8B8D8G8J9A9E9F9KSeat Map Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways
Seat Map Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways
Seat Map Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways
Seat Map Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways
Seat Map Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways

Airplane Airbus A350-900 (350) Qatar Airways with 2 classes and 283 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


10/21/2019 Abdallah E, seat 4K

Spacious. Flat bed. Very comfortable reclining sitting up or in flat bed. Two windows that can be darkened electronically.

10/20/2019 Ian Tyson, seat 17H

With this particular seat i didn't have a seat in front of me so legroom was going to get 5 star i found that the width of seat was ok however if i was a larger person they would struggle

7/13/2019 Abdallah E, seat 5K

Was a night flight with Qatar flying from SIN-DOH. (Registration number A7-AMI) Really nice and comfortable seat with an ottoman - perfect for lounging. The crew on board was amazing, polite and very professional. I opted to dine the full course, after which the attendant offered turndown service which I was happy to have. Altho...

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6/17/2019 Suhail aftab, seat 19H

Very comfortable seats, with extra legroom

5/27/2019 Tarun G, seat 29G

The economy seating definitely needs some serious reconfiguration. The leg room is pathetic and the seat doesn’t recline more than 10 degrees. I’m under 6 feet and All the flight my knees were stuck into the front seat. My next connection was a 787 out of Doha. I can’t tell how relieved I was with the leg space I got there. I dr...

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5/26/2019 Ernest K, seat 42F

May 25, 2019. Row 3 bins and all the way back full of crew luggage and supplies. Stow your bags in the overhead bins before you get to row 39. Seat was no more comfortable than any of the economy seats that I've been in the last 5 or so years. Food was plentiful but again no better or than any other economy meal. Audio plu...

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5/13/2019 Abdallah E, seat 35C

we were travelling as 4, including 2 young kids, 2 and 5 yo and i am quite tall at 196cm. I was surprised to find these seats really comfortable with a lot of leg room even though its listed as only 31 -32 inch pitch. I still found myself quite un cramped on this and the doha-syd leg. which if i remember correctly was an A380. ...

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5/9/2019 Tony Peake, seat 2D

Checkin-good, aircraft newish, service just OK however encountered technical issues with screen which the staff were unable to rectify. Essentially it did not function - many, many resets but a 12+ hour flight with no entertainment. Paid top $ for Business Class and expected some feedback to my complaint / credit - nothing. T...

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4/18/2019 Alan Kay, seat 2K

This was the first time that I flew in the A350-900. The cabin was clean and gave the impression of spaciousness. The flight was smooth and with relatively low noise. The pressurization system worked very well with little problems with ear pressure. Cabin crew were attentive and the food was well presented. I did not like the sa...

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4/1/2019 Allan Harper, seat 5A

Seated in business class in a QSuite seat. Seat 5a is a rear facing window seat. Very comfortable seat as usual with Qatar Airways. It was a little disconcerting at first to be seated facing backwards but you soon adjust to this. You just need to be aware you need to make sure everything is packed away for landing or to all sli...

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3/25/2019 Peter GREEN, seat 3K

Very comfortable seat , with pleanty of space and whell designed. Good storage , spacious cabin. Usial excellent Qatar service , superb staff.

3/15/2019 Habib Rahman, seat 17K

A350 is definitely the quietest plane.

3/11/2019 AZHAR ABU BAKAR, seat 17A

Awesome seat great leg room, superb service, great food. We actually arrived 30 mins earlier!

3/8/2019 Gloria Williamson, seat 6G

Very comfortable journey. The seats, which converted easily into a flat bed, were so roomy and you could close the partitions to give complete privacy. The service, as with all Qatar flights, was excellent as was the menu and quality of food. It was more like spending a night in a comfortable hotel than flying.

2/23/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 30C

The flight I flew with Qatar Airways Airbus A350 - 900 XWB was the QR 102 from Geneva to Doha, which was also my first flight with Qatar Airways and my seat on that flight was the 30C. Personally, I have to admit that the seat was so comfortable and I even had extra legroom plus the crew members were so well-trained. I hope I ha...

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11/24/2018 Dr. Roger D Taylor, seat 5F

A beautiful aircraft boasting excellent business class seating and facilities. The inflight customer service is uniquely good, as is to be expected on a Qatar aircraft. We found that our personal attendant , Lyn, was outstanding. I have been flying with Qatar for the past 7years and this flight on the A350-900 confirms my loyal...

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10/21/2018 Pramod kumar pandey, seat 29C

Seat was good. Food was good. Over all Services was very good. I recomands to use Qatar airways

8/21/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 8K

This is possibly the best seat(along with 8A) in business. The back cabin is largely more private, I had no one sitting accross in 8F so the seat felt even more private. This seat is right next to the engine, but the only noise is really on the climb out. Other than the seat, Qatar has a winner with its AVOD, Service, and food. ...

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7/10/2018 Steve B, seat 44F

The A350 is possibly the most comfortable plane to fly on. The seat recline wasn't hampered with recline and unlike the people in front you don't need to sit back up when eating which gives you a few more precious inches. There's no luggage bin above you (crew rest area?), being one of the last to board on a full flight did mean...

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6/2/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 4K

I flew MIA to DOH on May 31. This was one of the quietest, smoothest plane ride I think I have ever had. At times you couldn't even tell you were on a plane! It was a fairly new plane. Business Class seat 4K. Seats are 1, 2, 1 across. The window seats have air vents above them so if you like a cooler seat, pick a window seat. T...

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