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3/1/2019 Denys Martin

Not Verified | Novosibirsk to Hong Kong. This was my return sector of my trip to Russia. Aircraft was a new B737-MAX8. Flight attendant dedicated to the business cabin. Only 8 seats in the business cabin. Great for making new friends! No lie flat bed, seats very comfortable and plenty of leg room. Flight attendant was professional and attentive. Food was very good.

3/1/2019 Denys Martin

Not Verified | Hong Kong to Novosibirsk. My very first trip to Russia, in the business class cabin. The aircraft was a new Boeing 737-MAX8. Service was wonderful. Flight attendant's English was basic but we understood each other very well,thanks to my elementary and enthusiastic Russian I had learnt before going to Russia ! Food was very good. No lie flat bed but plenty of space. Only 8 seats in business cabin so very intimate.

12/9/2018 Andre-M Sevin

✅ Trip Verified | I would like to thank the S7 Saratov team for the support they have provided to me yesterday flight (Dec 7th) to Moscow. Due to the travel agency issue, my return flight from Saratov to Moscow was canceled by mistake. I will claim with this travel agency later. What I want to highlight is how professional were the staff members to find a solution knowing that all flights were booked. Finally they found a solution and were so happy to inform me. Yes there were happy! Congratulation to S7 for team spirit and being customer oriented.

11/15/2018 E Pakatov

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow Domodedovo to Dusseldorf. It was good, I can't say that it is bad, but it wasn't really nice, nice crew, good food, a select of drinks, very old aircraft, and uncomfortable seats. In fact, the price is really low!

10/8/2018 T Popov

✅ Trip Verified | AER-DME with S7 Siberia Airlines. Mobile check-in was quick and efficient. The aircraft was quite old but the seats were comfortable and had decent legroom. The chicken sandwich was tasty and sufficient for a 2 hour flight. Cabin crew were efficient, though not very friendly. Overall, a decent flight for a good price.

9/7/2018 M Carreno

✅ Trip Verified | Verona to Samarkand via Moscow. Avoid this company at all costs. My first flight was delayed more then 2 hours and I lost my connection in the process. I was diverted to TAS the following morning after a whole night spent at Moscow DME airport, and the company refused to arrange and pay for the ground transport between TAS and SKD. A baggage was lost in the process and recovered only after a week. Finally, it is not possible to contact the company for complaints and refunds, as they accept only written complaints sent by ordinary mail to an address in the middle of Russia. Such a company should be banned to fly inside the EU.

7/23/2018 G Tersey

✅ Trip Verified | Palma de Mallorca to Moscow. Check-in was a breeze. The aircraft was new and clean. Seats were in a 2-2 layout and were comfortable. Cabin crew were polite, professional and efficient. In terms of catering, the Greek salad and the desert were fantastic. A pre-landing fresh apple-cucumber-mint juice was a fantastic touch. Huge kudos to the airline’s creative team. The design of boarding passes, reading and marketing materials and the aircraft livery are definitely making S7 one of the most stylish airlines in the world. Flight delayed by about 30 minutes due to heavy traffic (not the fault of the airline). Hot meal options were mediocre at best. No IFE for a 4.5 hour flight. The ticket price was expensive and comparable to Aeroflot. Overall a pleasant experience with S7 Airlines. Up to its possibilities, the airline delivers a great product in terms of quality. Though, you would expect a lower price tag for what was on offer.

7/5/2018 J Gascin

✅ Trip Verified | Dushanbe to Seoul via Novosibirsk. This was the most disastrous flight experience I’ve ever had with any airline. It’s actually hard to describe all the things which went wrong and the amazingly terrible service I received in just 1 review. But for me it was 42 hours of hell. Firstly, my booked flight from Dushanbe to Seoul was clear (to me) that it could not occur as the first flight was delayed. As soon as I was advised of this I went into the S7 office in Dushanbe to see what could be done and if I’d need to delay my flight altogether or what other action could be taken. I was assured by them that there would not be a problem. When I checked in for the first flight, I again expressed my concern about how I would get to Seoul when the first flight arrived after the departure time of the second flight. Again I was told it would not be a problem and when I asked if that meant the second flight would be held up for me, I was told that it would. I was still not convinced as they checked my bag through to Seoul but could not give me the ticket for the second flight. Again I checked with the lady who was looking after business class on the first flight. Again she said not to worry as there was a chance that the aircraft I was currently in would also be used for the flight to Seoul? Arrived at my connecting airport, Novosibirsk and, as I feared the second flight had already left. The S7 rep there told me that he had told Dushanbe airport that anyone without a Russian visa should not board the plane. Thus, I was stuck at the airport in transit for nearly 24 hours. This is where the real fun began. After 12 hours I demanded some water (had my own up until that point) but was told I would have to wait (but how long I was never told). Ended up being issued an itinerary to fly via Shanghai and was told my luggage would be checked straight through. Then another person started their shift (I was there a looong time); and she said I would have to pick up my baggage and take it through in Shanghai. I expressed my concern with this as I do not have a visa for China but this concern was basically ignored and I guess, deemed as being my problem. Anyway, after being given two eggs for breakfast, I then had to find an S7 person so that I could have some lunch. I was lucky to locate her on this occasion. 8 hours after lunch, no one had come to see me and although I looked and looked, there were no S7 reps in the transit area unless there was a flight leaving so I could not contact anyone. Ended up messaging S7 via Facebook to ask them to get someone to come and see me. About an hour later there was a rep at last. I asked regarding a meal and he said “from what I’m told you have already been served a meal”. I said “yes I have, 8 hours ago. Do you wait 8 hours between meals? No.” So that was that, no meal. And then I did have a lot of trouble getting into China to collect my baggage but obviously that is not S7’s problem as their only mission was to get me off of their hands. The subsequent messages and emails from S7 have been appalling and have also made me realise that everyone was well aware that I should never have boarded the first flight but no one wanted to take any accountability and deal with the problem (which was caused by them!). I’m just getting the ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ line. No accepting of responsibility and certainly no compensation offered (I was also out of pocket for accommodation I had booked in Seoul). Use this airline at your own risk.

6/29/2018 J Felan

✅ Trip Verified | Gladly surprised. Travelled with them 3 times - Alicante to Moscow, Moscow to St Petersburg and St Petersburg to Alicante. All flights on time with good service and modern aircraft.

6/17/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 5A

Awesome seat and awesome aircraft. Miles of legroom for economy class, very comfortable (I'm 180 cm 90 kg guy). You can easily stretch your legs without touching the next row. However, you need to cross the entire aircraft to get to lavatory. A320 is the best aircraft in S7 fleet in terms of comfort.

6/17/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A321 (321) seat 26A

Very little legroom, you sit cramped for the entire 3.5 hrs flight (i'm 180 cm 90 kg). Striking contrast with S7 A320, which has miles of legroom in economy.

6/17/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 6F

Very uncomfortable. Little legroom, very cold, plastic fairing of the cabin was covered in ice(!) after 2 hrs flight from KRR to DME. Much worse than S7's A320.

4/25/2018 Glenn Surborg

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Nizhnekams. The check-in crew were friendly and professional. The boarding process was a bit unorganized because we had a delay for about 45 minutes. On board the crew welcomed us with a drink wich smelled good and fresh. The cabin was a bit old but the legroom was excellent and the seat comfortable. It was a night flight so we got only a sandwich. The sandwich smelled good. All in all it was a very good flight with a professional and friendly crew.

4/15/2018 V Karislov

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Bangkok via Novosibirsk. I bought my ticket on orbitz. It showed I had a 23kg check in luggage. But when I came to the airport the airline said I did not. It forced me to pay. The staff was rude, impolite, slow and unprofessional. Their payment system was down and could not process it. As a result the flight left without me and my family. The airline did not provide any help.

1/4/2018 Igor Chernya

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Novosibirsk. Quite bad experience. The tickets are too overpriced according to what you get. Check in at Incheon airport was terrible. Only 2 counters were available for this flight, I had to wait for more than 1 hour and a half to just check-in. When I was done with check-in, there were only 30 minutes left before departure, but about half of the line was still there. Airlines representative said that the flight will be in time, so I have to run through customs, passport control and train to concourse. Finally the flight was delayed for more than 1 hour. The flight takes more than 5 hours in tiny A320. OK, the plane is brand new but with really low and cheap options. No IFE at all, the food is too small and doesn't taste good. Flight attendants are not friendly. The restrooms were so dirty. After 2 hours of the flight there was no toilet paper or tissues left at all. Flight attendants didn't care at all. On the way back from OVB to ICN we had to walk to the plane on tarmac because the company didn't want to pay for a jet bridge. It was -22 degrees outside. The flight was exactly the same. No IFE, no service, dirty restroom but in-time. No baggage is included to the ticket. Service and facilities are like in really cheap Asian low cost companies. You have to pay for everything including seat selection. The seats are just terrible for long flight. But the price is like for 5 start companies for the same flight duration. Will avoid this company for my future trips if possible. Not recommended if you have any other option.

11/24/2017 K Petrov

✅ Trip Verified | I visited my relatives in Mineralnye Vody flying from Moscow Domodedovo with my mother and flew with S7. I liked it a lot, food was good, I got two chicken sandwiches which were fresh and tasty. I want to add that S7 have the most beautiful planes I’ve ever seen, the green color makes you feel positive from the first sight.

11/21/2017 Nina Sukhoroslova

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Mineralnye Vody. It was the first time that I bought simple economy class without any luggage. Previous experience with Russian low-costs was far from successful, but before that I used S7 services a lot, so that made me choose that option. Also regarding the fact, that tickets were the cheapest ones at that moment. The flight was really good. Punctual, with friendly cabin crew and nice green airplane (I like their design and it’s an important factor for me). However, I want to leave some life hacks for that tariff option, that may help future passengers to avoid some undesirable obstacles and enjoy the flight as I did. I’ve seen here some critic about that proposal of S7 and I guess often the reason is, that we’re are not used to such types of flights. First of all, be aware what is included in your ticket and what isn’t. In the case of basic economy class it’ food, beverages and 10 kg of hand luggage. You have to pay for a normal luggage and choosing the place in plane. Important thing - if you bought tickets together, it makes no sense to pay for a place to sit also together. A system will make it automatically, so just save your money. In case of additional luggage - it’s better to purchase it in the internet. It will be cheaper than in the airport. In the airplane there isn’t always a lot of free space for hand luggage, but if you have a problem - just ask the stewardess. They are pretty friendly and always here to help. Also if food portion was small for you - you can always ask for additional one. Regarding my experience with S7, cabin crew will never say no.

11/16/2017 P Karamov

✅ Verified Review | Moscow to Varna. My last trip to S7 happened in the end of August. I’m using their priority system, collecting miles flying with S7 in Russia and their partner Air Berlin in Berlin. Must say it works pretty well, I’ve never tried to buy tickets for miles, but I change often to the upper class and use their business lounge in airports. To Varna I also flew in business. That time we had a small delay. As we were told after, because of weather conditions. Less than one hour, but not the best thing anyway. Fortunately during the flight everything was fine. S7 have good choice of food in business class, a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is almost no difference between in-land and abroad flights, except that cabin crew can speak English really fluent. Generally, that trip left the good impression. Would use their service further

9/25/2017 Martin R, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 20F

Good view, no leg space. No entertainment onboard. No powerplug. Seat was acceptable for the price.

9/1/2017 K Peck

✅ Verified Review | Vladivostock to Seoul Incheon. Everything is lime green, the planes, the laboratory, parts of the crew uniform, and etc. Planes looked relatively modern, the inside of planes are quite clean, but laboratory always kinda dirty. Quality of service was decent. However, the few times I flew with S7, never saw one smile on any of the crews, ground, at gate, or in the air. Food was terrible, so was drink options. However, for the many cities it serves, this is probably the best choice.