Seat Map Airbus A380 (380) Qatar Airways

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Seat Map Airbus A380 (380) Qatar Airways
Seat Map Airbus A380 (380) Qatar Airways

Airplane Airbus A380 (380) Qatar Airways with 3 classes and 517 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


10/22/2019 Marcella Hain, seat 79A

This was a great seat. The plane was very clean and comfortable. The staff were very helpful, friendly and professional. I LOVE Qatar Airlines.

10/14/2019 Diane Davis, seat 46D

We were trying to buy upgrade without success even though there were empty seats in business class ????????

9/18/2019 catherine cochlin, seat 27K

I was pleasantly surprised with the economy seats on this large plane as I usually fly premium economy & was worried about such a long flight in economy. The seats & legroom was good - the staff were fantastic, just as good as I have experienced in business class.

9/13/2019 John and family, seat 28D

Perfect for a family of 4. Annoying the arm rests didn’t fold back as far as the seats recline, but this is consistent with other aircraft. The seat pockets were small but useable. Toilets spotless. USB point is great. Coat hanger button, but does it really need to be there🤷🏽‍♂️.

9/5/2019 Margaret Forehan, seat 80H

First time flying Qatar, 5 hr delay leaving Melbourne, phone call received 2hrs after checkin. Another 2 hr delay at Doha, boarded at approximately 11.30am, an announcement at 12.45( original departure time) security check of cargo hold. Left sitting on the plane ( no further info) until take off to London at 1.55 pm. Not a goo...

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8/20/2019 Helen Rees, seat 15E

This was a comfortable flight with great facilities/amenities. The toilets were well maintained and the service was very good. The chicken & rice dish I had was delicious. It would be nice to have sugar free jam available and less sugar in berries etc

8/7/2019 Michael Smith, seat 75H

The great thing about row 75 is that it's an extra legroom/emerency exit aisle so nobody is seated in front of you. That gives you unlimited legroom and the opportunity for a comfortable night's rest. Tuned in to the excellent Qatar entertainment programmes it's possible to drown out the noise of restless babies from time to tim...

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7/28/2019 Stephen Astley, seat 14A

Business Class full. Staff a little too attentive. To be asked once if everything OK is enough. I was asked 5 times !!

7/13/2019 HJ, seat 15E

This was my first flight with Qatar and it won't be the last. The staff were friendly, attentive and faultless. The seat was comfortable and spacious for me. The only disappointment was the main course. The lamb was so tough I couldn't even cut it. I noticed another passenger with the same issue. All other food was great. The st...

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7/12/2019, seat 32G

Initially thought sitting at the back near the galley would be a dud all good. Staff were fantastic Legroom better than expected

6/30/2019 Faris armota, seat 61F

Hi. Your service is good but the seats is not wide the customers be good

6/8/2019 Kazimierz Koliba, seat 66D

Excellent service can't be faulted compared to my last Lufthansa flight. Very polite and never a problem. The only con would be that for a 14hr flight the hardness of the seat should be investigated. But with the A380 it will soon be out of service but it's replacement should consider our backsides.

6/8/2019 Deborah, seat 17A

Everything excellent but found the Business Class service better on the smaller planes, less people for staff to caterfor. This time no sheet was made up on the mattress, the lounge area was magnificent as was all the meals.

6/4/2019 Sheila Fitzgerald, seat 57D

Quite a few seats were difficult to recline/straighten. I broke a thumbnail because I had to lift out of my seat and press the button with BOTH my thumbnails before the flight attendant had to push it from behind...other passengers had the same problem. The next leg to Dublin the plane was smaller and I spent 8 hours getting sho...

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5/27/2019 Marica Susnja, seat 69C

Service ,Entertainment,Food/drinks excelent. More leg room and seat width would be better

5/24/2019 Tracey, seat 11E

Great seats , second row back near gallery so quick service, same with toilets. Comfortable, easy to use , would fly Qatar again staff awesome , the bar is great , can stay down there for ages

5/15/2019 Joanne Link, seat 31B

Very nice airline staff extremely friendly and professional. economy seat quite spacious and the food lively.

5/6/2019 Abdallah E, seat 28A

Excellent economy seat. On the upper deck, which feels much more private. The seat is in front of a bulkhead so there is no passenger behind you. It has full recline and you don't have to worry about upsetting a passenger behind. There is a storage bin between the seat and the window where bits and pieces can be stored, and...

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4/30/2019 Colin J Moore, seat 3A

Fantastic Service

4/25/2019 Deborah BoileauLittle, seat 45D

A BIG thank you to the service manager and cabin crew who assisted with my unwell mother early in the flight. Thank you for the patience of the staff as we kept bumping the lights and call button on.