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5/14/2019 Marta Fernandes

Gatwick to Doha. We arrived in Doha for a connection flight to Manila and we were told that the next flight would be in 8 hours time as the first flight from Gatwick was delayed by 30 mins. They shouldn’t sell the tickets if unable to provide the service to the customers. We will miss the internal flight from Manila to Coron and they cannot help us getting another flight earlier.

5/13/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (350) seat 35C

we were travelling as 4, including 2 young kids, 2 and 5 yo and i am quite tall at 196cm. I was surprised to find these seats really comfortable with a lot of leg room even though its listed as only 31 -32 inch pitch. I still found myself quite un cramped on this and the doha-syd leg. which if i remember correctly was an A380. I highly recommend QATAR economy and will fly it again. not big on the 4 hour layover doha though

5/13/2019 Alwaleed Althani

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Doha. Qatar Airways offer their newest aircraft with their latest product (QSuites) in business class on this route, the flight was very comfortable and smooth, I slept through half of it. I didn’t have time to enjoy the meal service but the IFE was nice with a good selection and the internet service was OK. Cabin staff was friendly and their service was quick.

5/12/2019 U Vadakethil

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Calicut. I had a beautiful experience onboard. We were traveling with 7, myself my wife, mother in law, sister in law, brother in law including two kids of 1 and 2. We Went to Qatar for a short vacation. The service great, they took care of kids properly. Crew had lot of patience. Crews name I couldn’t recollect properly. Thank you Qatar Airways.

5/11/2019 Michael Schade

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Stockholm via Doha. Were told upon checkin that flight will be delayed by one hour. It was later announced that it would be 30 min, it was 1.5h at the end. Very mediocre lounge at Changi terminal 1. it was a lot better when Qatar was still at T3. Flight arrived in Doha almost 2 h late and most pax missed their connecting flight because the use of a remote position. It took 50 minutes from arrival till getting to the airport building. Very frustrating if there is a connecting flight. I made it as the last pax who arrived for the connecting flight to Stockholm, again, a remote position of the aircraft with a 25 min bus drive. Service on the both legs outstanding as always. Unfortunately, my baggage didn’t make it to Stockholm, and I was promised to have it delivered to my home within a day. That’s where the nightmare started. I had a connecting flight to Hamburg, and was informed a day later that they were not willing to deliver to my home. I have to collect the baggage from Hamburg airport. Since it’s a long way from my home to Hamburg, I have not been able to collect the bag yet and it’s day 5 after arrival. I think the airlines should take full responsibility if baggage is lost. No response to my emails....the same applies to phone calls...where I was told that reservation got nothing to do with it. The handling agent insists that I collect the baggage myself. A rather disappointing experience for a Qatar Platinum status guest.

5/9/2019 Tony Peake, Airbus A350-900 (350) seat 2D

Checkin-good, aircraft newish, service just OK however encountered technical issues with screen which the staff were unable to rectify. Essentially it did not function - many, many resets but a 12+ hour flight with no entertainment. Paid top $ for Business Class and expected some feedback to my complaint / credit - nothing. Take the cash and don't give a followup etc. Not the flight staff who did what they could - just the airline who I am not happy with.

5/8/2019 Alwaleed Althani

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Hong Kong. Qatar Airways offer their state of the art QSuites on this route, it is a pleasure but if you are 192 cm or more in height it may be uncomfortable. The choices for breakfast were poor and it was a poor selection for me. The entertainment system choices were acceptable. The cabin staff were disinterested for me except for the chief. Cabin WiFi was good.

5/8/2019 C Down

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Gatwick via Doha. Ground service in Bangkok was mixed, check in and security were fine and very quick. Disappointed that the nice ticket wallets seem to no longer be issued (I wondered if it was a glitch on my outbound).. hardly necessary but was a nice touch. The lounge showers were not working. Thankfully I knew I could use the JAL lounge which was close by, but this was not offered by the staff when I made clear my disappointment at theirs not functioning. Other than that the lounge was excellent. Premium feeling but lovely food and drink options, very attentive professional staff and a nice mix of comfy and practical seating. Annoyingly the lounge was absolutely no where near the gate they were using tonight, approx 20 min walk. Whilst you expect this at the airlines hub airport, you do not expect it when at another world airport. With only a handful of flights a day and a dedicated lounge it should be possible to fly from gates at least on the same side of the airport. When eventually getting to the gate, having been prompted by lounge staff that the plane was boarding, all bus passenger had to stand for another 15 mins before they actually started boarding as the gate was so packed full there were no seats. Lounge in Doha is cavernous. Having visited a few times now I have decided that overall I don’t like it, and as Qatar airways expands and the lounge gets busier I like it less and less. Because it is just open space it always feels busy. The chairs are not particularly comfortable and there are coffee/soft drinks stands dotted about fairly sparsely, with main food and drink at either end. Obviously there are staff walking around who can provide you drinks, but I prefer more self service drinks to also be available. On board the service was excellent on both flights. Wonderful crew, and good quality food and drinks. Seats are very comfortable. On the 777 it was the old seat, although I actually really like this. It’s not quite fully flat but still very nice with excellent storage and I slept well. IFE is fine. Lots of choice and good resolution however the interface is clunky and unresponsive on both systems. The new one on Qsuite is much better. Landing in Gatwick reminds me that in spite of a lot of improvements Gatwick is still a horrible airport.. but it is convenient for me. Bags arrived quickly and immigration had a short queue. Overall flight was excellent although very slight downgrades in quality, and price increases are making this not quite as appealing for leisure travellers. Being Oneworld is a massive perk as tier point collection for BA is very good.

5/8/2019 Alan Stone

✅ Trip Verified | Unbelievable level of personalised service even in the cheap seats. My wife and I have just completed 4 flights with Qatar Airways. Travelling to London from Melbourne via Doha and return. The first thing we noticed was the extended boarding time on the A380 which ensured orderly and relaxed boarding with no pushing and shoving and fighting for overhead bin space. The inflight service on 3 of the 4 flights was the best we have ever had in economy class. The service on the second flight while not in the same class as the other 3 flights was certainly as good as our regular carrier SQ so to complain would be pedantic. The choice of 3 options of meal (1 of which is vegetarian) at meal times was a pleasant addition and all meals I ate on all flights were full flavoured generous in size healthy and a step above the mush some airlines offer. Plenty of snacks and beverages offered throughout the flight. In short food and beverage is plentiful and with the extended choice of options should satisfy most passengers. Seat comfort (we had 3 A380 flights and 1 B787) was terrific enough legroom and width, the A380 was a little more generous and much quieter in the cabin than the B787. In fact the A380 certainly was the clear winner between both plane variants. The inflight entertainment system Oryx 1 was superb and offered a great selection of movies from new releases through to classics from the golden years of Hollywood, Music selection was the best I have encountered on an inflight entertainment system and I listened to a fair few full length albums to while away the time. Finally big shout out to the excellent Qatar flight crews who were professional, exuberant and hardworking with no crew vanishing acts here like most long hauls where you struggle to find crew after the first main meal service. In fact my wife mentioned as we were at the baggage carousel at Tullamarine, that it was the freshest she had ever felt after a long haul flight home, given we did London Doha (6.5 hours) 3 hours in the Oryx Lounge at Doha, then Doha To Melbourne (13.5 hours) . Qatar Airways have now won my long haul business. Unfortunately with no direct Melbourne Singapore or Melbourne Vietnam services I am still shackled to SQ whose standards have been slipping for the last 3 years. Thank you Qatar see you again in September when I test drive your new Lisbon route.

5/6/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380 (380) seat 28A

Excellent economy seat. On the upper deck, which feels much more private. The seat is in front of a bulkhead so there is no passenger behind you. It has full recline and you don't have to worry about upsetting a passenger behind. There is a storage bin between the seat and the window where bits and pieces can be stored, and if that isn't enough it is possible to store things behind , between the seat and the bulkhead. Would choose this seat again.

5/6/2019 M Razali

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Munich. Crew: Awesome, dedicated, beautiful, pleasant, and attentive. The crew and the supervisor onboard of the flight were top notch. The best that I have interacted with compared to other airlines. The crew kept checking in with me to see if I am comfortable. Aircraft: The Qsuite was clean, comfortable and private. The in-flight entertainment system was responsive and showed no signs of lag. F&B: Spoilt for choices. The signature drink was a blast. Fine dining experience. Overall, the food was awesome. Overall, this airline has won my heart. I was smitten by the level of service and I will keep on flying with QR.

5/5/2019 Chris Newman

✅ Trip Verified | I was woken on a 9 hour flight, nearly hours before landing, and being asked if I want to be woken for food in an hours time. Waiting on a bus at Doha to allow the business class bus to be filled is not business class at all. The complimentary lounge in Jakarta is awful. I will be avoiding them in the future. Food is okay, business class chairs I felt uncomfortable. Crew was a mixed bag from ok to poor.

5/4/2019 W Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to London via Doha. Normally I love Qatar Airways but this experience wasn't so good. When I flew LHR to JNB via DOH everything was great. The brilliant service, plenty of food, great entertainment system and nice aircraft. The way back was not as good. The check-in assistant at JNB was incredibly rude as he spoke to his colleague the whole time he was checking me in and looked at me in a contemptuous way. I suspect he might be employed by the airport as I had the same experience at passport control and security. The route JNB - DOH was ok. The plane was nice and spacious and the seats were very comfortable. A female passenger moved next to me because the passenger behind her had placed her bare feet in full view on the first passenger's armrest. No one told her to put her feet away. They ran out of beef and chicken dishes and only had vegetarian left which I refused to eat as it was dal and spinach which seemed like a bad choice for a flight. The attendants tried really hard to find alternatives and credit to them for their efforts and professionalism. The airline needs to review its meal quotas for each flight. The route DOH - LGW was cramped and uncomfortable - the seats didn't go back as far. The snack was a choice of pizza or pizza with chicken. I don't eat cheese but luckily a member of the cabin crew found me something else. Staff were also great on this flight. The onboard WIFI is terrible. On two separate flights I signed up for the one hour free. The WIFI wouldn't connect until the hour was up, at which point it told me free WIFI was no longer an option. On the other two flights it worked ok but had periods where it wouldn't connect. Compared to Emirates, Qatar Airways staff are friendlier and more obliging and they give you more food. If all Qatar Airway's planes were as good as the JNB-DOH route and they didn't run out of food then they would definitely be my favourite airline.

5/2/2019 Carol, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 3A

The seat was comfortable the staff were exceptional constantly checking if I wanted anything. Most impressive was the food which I can only describe as fantastic!

5/2/2019 Ayub Mohamed

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Doha. Qatar Airways is the best when it is in the air, but they don't seem to care about customer's claims. They update the wrong Qmiles when I flew with them 3 days ago.

5/1/2019 Gillian D, Boeing 777-200LR (77L) QSuites seat 8K

Flight LAX-DOH in 8K. Seat is in rear business (QSuite) cabin. Storage cabinet behind seat is accessed occasionally during flight, and is noticeably noisy when the door is closed. Suite has 2.5 windows (one is shared with the next suite) and the view is pretty much blocked by the engine and wing. Noise level from the engine is loud but can be "white noise" for sleeping. Mattress pad is thin and provides no padding. The seat was hard and not comfortable when reclined fully for sleep.

5/1/2019 Gillian D, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v2 seat 1E

There was minimal noise from the galley, not enough to be intrusive. Seat was very comfortable and plenty of legroom in the bulkhead. Only issue is that the first row power plug are tucked under the seat and require you to get down on your hands and knees to locate/plug in. The USB plug is easily accessible.

5/1/2019 Michael Schade

✅ Trip Verified | I know Qatar Airways well after flying them for a couple of years and maintaining my Platinum frequent flyer status. I noticed some decline in the standard of their business class product over the last year or so. Qatars big strength was always its consistency of their business class. That is not the case anymore. The flight from Stockholm to Doha was top notch service wise, but the flight to Singapore was a different matter. The Qsuite was great as always, but service wasn’t. The Purser in charge never introduced herself or said goodbye, nothing. The lady in charge of my section was obviously hating her job. No smile, very slow and chaotic service, wine was served after the main course. My seat could not move 2h before arrival and I had to sit on the bed for breakfast. When the plane started to descend, I was still sitting and my third reminder to look at the seat was ignored by her. I asked someone else and within 5 minutes I was given another seat for landing. Overall a rather disappointing flight, I hope my return next week will be better.

4/30/2019 Colin J Moore, Airbus A380 (380) seat 3A

Fantastic Service

4/30/2019 E Rajesh

✅ Trip Verified | DEL-DOH-BCN in Economy a mixed bag experience. On the positive side, clean, crisp equipment and very professional crews, cheap WiFi when it works. On the negative side, they lost my bag, I checked in 3 hours before departure in Delhi and had in excess of 2 hours transit time in Doha. They provided no value to status customers - can't pre reserve extra leg room seats or exit rows, zero status recognition, members lounge in Doha is appalling.