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7/1/2019 L Fordeno

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Madrid. I paid the XL seat and people were constantly passing by my feet to go to the bathroom, it smells the whole flight because of being near the Bathroom. Delay of course, ground service was poor.

6/18/2019 Victoria Scott

✅ Trip Verified | Flew London to Madrid via Santa Cruz Bolivia with Air Europa. You have been warned. This airline is cheap for a reason. 11 and a half hour flight with broken seats that didn't recline, no working TV's and rude cabin staff. We did insist that we move from the broken seats/no working tv's but were simply moved t...

5/29/2019 Svein Kaptein

✅ Trip Verified | During our trip from Madrid to Miami, Air Europa lost one of our suitcases. I filled a PIR report in Miami immediatetely after landing, and also called Air Europa every day during the vacation, to ask for the suitcase. It was not found. After vacation was finished, I immediately sent a formal claim by post to ...

5/20/2019 Edgar H, Boeing 787-8 (788) platz 2K

All business class seats are extremely uncomfortable in flat-bed position and to a lesser extent also in general, at least for taller people. The problem is the is not symmetrically designed. The angled position results in a weird shape of the cocoon that you lie in and the feet rest area. One shoulder touches the wall whereas t...

5/10/2019 L Verleaux

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Paris. Worst experience with delays followed by cancellation with no announcement, no hotel booking. Flight itself is very bad, seats unconfortable, staff unfriendly. They do not even offer free water or coffee. Never again

5/5/2019 L Holcroft

✅ Trip Verified | Havana to Madrid. On the 9 hour flight nothing to do, no tv screens, nothing. No phone charger. Plane was very dirty with front seat pocket hanging off. Staff not very friendly.

5/1/2019 Alberto Palmas

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Madrid. The boarding went well and fast and nobody though about any delay, but once on board the plane we waited without any communication by the crew for 1 hour. The crew was stressed and nervous, after 1 hour from departure they served the first meal, with no option, only chicken curry with rice. Aft...

5/1/2019 F Valito

✅ Trip Verified | Fuerteventura to Gran Canaria. From the check in up to the baggage conciliation everything was very smooth. Flight was almost empty. All ground staff and cabin crew were very nice and polite. Aircraft clean. The only downside is the only flight carrier that charges for snacks and drinks on flights between the ...

5/1/2019 B Farena

✅ Trip Verified | Fuerteventura to Gran Canaria. The flight was really smooth and quick. The crew is very attentive and polite. Would definitely fly with them again without any problem. The bags were quick to arrive as well

4/13/2019 S Dalsinek

✅ Trip Verified | I flew UX89 from Madrid to Santo Domingo. No boarding in groups, so usual chaos. When I approached my seat (47D), I noticed someone already was sitting there. A crew member came up and told me I was wrong (I wasn’t) and demanded I should take the seat behind it (48D in my opinion). I didn’t argue. Then of cour...

4/9/2019 K Bernard

✅ Trip Verified | Lost my luggage on my way from CDG to Valencia. Offered no compensation for expenses occurred and have still not recovered my suitcase after 4 days. No food or drinks available on-board, cabin crew only speak Spanish and ignore you if you ask for water. Return flight delayed 3 hours. Would not fly with Air Euro...

4/7/2019 S Neastin

✅ Trip Verified | Valencia to Paris CDG. This is a terrible airline. They charged for what is usually a carry on suitcase at 60 euros. Rude staff. No free food on board. Do not care about their customers.

4/1/2019 Hannu Helminen

✅ Trip Verified | Tenerife to Gran Canaria. Flew this airline second time and both flights have been running late although the route is not long. I'm using companys own app for information and it's mainly that why I reviewing the airline. Supplied information was different compared with one coming from a third party app. CheckM...

3/22/2019 Victor Cotto

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Madrid. The good, I flew twice in one month and both flights departed on time. My bags where not lost and the cabin was clean. The bad, only free thing in the meal and beverage service was water, and that’s if you could catch them zooming down the aisle. They would only say, “food for purchase”, an...

3/16/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) platz 15A

While this emergency exit window seat offers unrestricted left room for your right leg, for the left it is severely restricted by the exit door. Therefore after some time it becomes very uncomfortable.

2/25/2019 M Tse

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Santa Cruz via Madrid . Two friends and I travelled to Santa Cruz from Paris. In Orly Paris, we checked in at an Air Europa’s counter and obtained our boarding passes. On our way to the security check area, a staff member of Air Europa stopped us and told us that we should send our backpacks. So we we...

2/23/2019 L Garmando

✅ Trip Verified | Planes were old and not well kept up. Food was not edible unless one was very hungry. I did not eat. However staff was friendly. Luggage policy was sneaky and expensive. Will not travel with this company again no matter how “cheap” the flights are.

2/9/2019 Stephan G, Boeing 737-800 (738) platz 4F

Seat 4 F is not right behind business, it us the second row behind business. Seats on these planes are quite tight. Music plays really loudly. No free drinks, except water.

1/17/2019 Teresa Ortiz

✅ Trip Verified | Guayaquil to Alicante via Madrid. The old seats the TVs do not work, they charge for the earphones 3 euros. If you sleep they do not give you any food. When you buy the tickets give you a suitcase of 23kgs. ES: Los asientos viejos los televisores no trabajan cobran por los audífonos 3 euros si te duermes no te...

1/14/2019 Juan Grosso

Not Verified | Very negative experience in my first flight with Air Europa. In my route from Dusseldorf to Bogota, the departure was delayed and in overall took about 2 hours more than original schedule without any care for customers connection. We lost our connection with Avianca at Bogotá to reach Bucaramanga. It was the last...