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10/27/2019 David Gartside

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Tbilisi via Paris and return. A320 Economy. Both MAN - CDG legs on time with modest but OK snack. CDG - TBS delayed because of problems with starboard rear door. Captain kept us well-informed throughout, before eventual transfer to another aircraft. Good inflight catering. Good customer handling ...

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10/23/2019 S Parthas

✅ Trip Verified | Aberdeen to Dallas via Paris. The flight from Aberdeen eas late and I missed the connecting flight so they put me on another connecting flight via New York. The whole trip took about 24 hours instead of 12 hours. The bad part is I was travelling with my 3 years old daughter, i can’t explain the torture i had t...

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10/22/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (380) sitz 80F

This was the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat in on a plane.. no cushioning in the seat.. felt like a board... the recline was minimal and an old fashioned manual slide technique.. felt old. For the extra expense of Premium Economy.. not worth it... This seat was on top floor. Economy on 2nd level would have been just ...

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10/22/2019 1kenthomas, Airbus A330-200 (332) Layout 1 sitz 23A

All row 23 faces a thin hard bulkhead between Economy and PE, but amount of space is good-- at 6'0", my toes are just touching the bulkhead. Center looks about 4" closer, but center aisles have only partial bulkhead.

10/22/2019 T Veane

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Zurich via Paris CDG. Air France is surprising me lately! Functioning like a clockwork. Both flights leaving at time and arriving early! Onboard service very good, very helpful crews. Only minus was the seat in the A318, on the second leg, which has a fix/blocked back. Sitting on the emergency row...

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10/21/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) Layout 1 sitz 23A

23 A,B and J,L ("duo" seats) have extra space due to the position of the bulkhead-- legroom is somewhat limited, but at 6'0" my toes touch the bulkhead. Good seat.

10/19/2019 Ivan Stepanovic

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Belgrade via Paris. My flight from JFK was 95 mins late and I miss my connection flight. Then I don't have direct connection flight and I end up arriving in Belgrade 10 h late. Not to mention lost luggage, poor service both on the airplane and at the airport, small non-working screens on a flight. ...

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10/19/2019 Jennifer Ribeiro

Not Verified | Mexico City to Paris. Rude staff and the food quality was terrible for me. Flight without wifi despite advertising that this service was provided. It was extremely cold and no alcohol apart from wine and beer. Departure from Paris with 90 minutes delay and I had to travel away from my partner due to their rules...

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10/18/2019 M Garven

✅ Trip Verified |  Paris to Nice. On my way to Nice I paid for a luggage 80€ and in Nice I didn’t receive this luggage. At the airport the air France staff in the office informed me that I’m entitled for refund. So I make a claim and never received this money. On the time of the claim i did not receive one phone call or email. I...

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10/15/2019 Leneta Kindrick

Not Verified | First, the flight, food and service were great. My issue is with the baggage policy. We flew business class from Atlanta to CDG, then had an internal France flight to Marseille. We returned on a flight from Lyon to CDG, then business class from CDG to Atlanta. Business class was not offered on the internal France...

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10/13/2019 G Han

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Paris. It was my first time flying with Air France and the first impression I got after being boarded was the yellowed up plastic around the old screen panel on the back of the seats. The in-flight entertainment on the A380 was disastrous. To give the impression that they have more movies to offer, a ...

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10/10/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (380) sitz 65F

Comfortable seat with a tons of leg room. The recline is not fully flat but very easy to sleep on. Proximity to the galley and lavatory is bothersome for sure. The lavatory bathroom door is within eye shot and the light can be annoying when the cabin is dark.

10/10/2019 S Karentov

✅ Trip Verified | Flight from Paris CDG to New York JFK on A380 behemoth airplane. Boarding to the upper deck is smooth for business class. The first impression is tainted by dirty seat (s. photo) with stains and crumbs on it. The seat is not a full-flat with limited recline and quite cramped. Service during the flight was not ...

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10/10/2019 A Melini

✅ Trip Verified | There was a delay from Florence to Paris so we were denied boarding on our connection flight though we arrived at the time of the last call. It took a 2 hrs to find our luggage. We were given very poor accommodation for a family outside CDG airport. We were booked on next day flight with the British Airways. T...

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10/9/2019 S Gallino

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Paris. This was one of the many Air France-operated flights that are booked and managed through Delta, and this made the few gate changes and delays we experienced on both legs of the trip more complicated. However, the in-flight experience was pleasant and the aircraft was nice. I prefer Airbuses ...

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10/5/2019 Martial Faure

✅ Trip Verified | My original Air France flight was Brussels to Lyon. After it was cancelled Air France reacted very rapidly to offer me alternatives. After 30 minutes everything was set. Very friendly and professional customer service. Flight Paris to Lyon was perfect. Very friendly crew. Departed on time and arrived earlier. F...

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10/1/2019 György Tesics

✅ Trip Verified | Paris CDG to Budapest. More than 50 minutes since the boarding started people in aircraft were looking for place to put their baggage. No coordination between stewardess, no help, no idea what to do. Pilot 2 times ask from passenger to be faster. Many passengers had 2-3 bags, nobody checked that.

10/1/2019 Tesics György

Not Verified | Paris to Budapest. Sad, no organisation during the boarding, no coordination, bad staff work during boarding. Each passenger had 2-3 baggage, more than 50 minutes of boarding.

10/1/2019 L Gameele

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Panama City on economy with Air France. Very enjoyable flight. The aircraft was new, comfortable seat with a quiet large entertainment screen with many movies and music albums. The food was good and the flight attendants were polite and professional.

9/27/2019 Jennifer, Airbus A380-800 (380) sitz 83A

This is a premium economy seat. We liked the roominess of this class but the seats were extremely uncomfortable. Seats lack cushion thickness so you feel like you’re sitting on hard plastic for 9 hours. The seats do recline but not much. The extra compartments next to the window are awesome (found on the upper level). I would re...

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