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7/2/2019 Sema Kaya

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Istanbul via Moscow. The flight boarded late because they were overbooked. The flight itself was fine. But once we landed in Istanbul we realized two of our luggages were missing. After running around trying to find where it was they told us the luggages were still is Moscow but would not tell us when or how we would get it back, they told us to wait and it would be on another flight down to Istanbul but not which flight it would be on. I called Aeroflot no answer (keeps saying they’re helping others and to call back later) I emailed and no answer. I filed a claim and no answer. At this point I have no idea where my luggage is or when I’m going to get it back.

6/28/2019 Miroslav Milosevic

✅ Trip Verified | Belgrade to Delhi via Moscow. An overall positive experience. The first leg Belgrade-SVO had a 2 hours delay due to tech issues, and a replacement aircraft of the same type is sent. Delay on departure exactly 2 hours. We got a complimentary non-alcoholic refreshment on the airside at Belgrade. Seamless boarding. Served a tasty sandwich, a cookie, and an apple. My layover at Moscow was long, but the airport is full of amenities. Shortly prior boarding the flight to Delhi was switched from a jetway gate to a bus one, but the weather was not bad. Despite the A330-200 was full, the boarding speed was impressive. Most of travelers were Indians returning home, so it may have played a role, as I was among the very few required to show a visa to enter India. Plane is a bit old, but in good shape. Inflight entertainment is so slow and hard to navigate that is almost useless. Served a nice hot meal and later some Russian style pies. There were no delays on that flight.

6/27/2019 W Haston

✅ Trip Verified | Last week my wife and son flew Aeroflot with a 1hr 20 min connection through Moscow Sheremetyevo. The flight from Almaty touched down in Moscow on time, but passengers had to wait 20 minutes for the terminal bus to arrive. The stewardess assured my wife that if the connecting flight was missed, "they will give you seats on the next flight." The plane was served by only one bus, so everyone had to wait for all passengers on the plane to disembark before the bus ever left for the terminal. Transit passengers in Terminal D must pass through a security and passport control check before entering the terminal. By the time my wife and son cleared the security check, the boarding gate for their connecting flight to JFK had closed. Nevertheless, they made all haste to the departure gate, hoping they would be allowed to board, but they were too late. Aeroflot agents told my wife that the missed connection was her fault and she would have to pay full fare for the onward journey, more than $1,700. My wife had only a little over $900 on her card. I transfered the money to my wife's card so she could buy her and my son's ticket. This kind of mistreatment goes far beyond bad customer service.

6/25/2019 Cherilyn Haworth

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Los Angeles. The ticket staff in Moscow were rude. We upgraded our ticket from economy to business class the day before our flight. We were told to come back the next day to have our boarding passes printed out. This was after waiting in line for an hour - with 30 minutes of that being with the ticket counter representative ignoring us. Our flight was scheduled to board at 11:20 am the next day, so at 8am we went to customer service and asked about getting our boarding passes printed. Again, we were met with staff who cared more about ignoring is then helping us. They told us to go to the gate at 11am, which we did, and it was chaos. When staff finally helped us they said business class was full. When we upgraded we were told there were 6 seats, so we would have had seats if they just printed our boarding passes when we asked the first time.

6/6/2019 B Netelova

✅ Trip Verified | Terrible experience. They managed to lose my bag and it’s been 4 days and I still don’t have my suitcase. I spent close to 3 hours waiting at the carousel then in line to the lost and found office (there were about 20 people from the same flight who didn’t get their bags), they gave me a piece of paper with the tracking number and their contact info. I tried to call the number many many times and nobody answers. I sent emails, no response. 4 days and I still don’t have my bag and have no information on where it might be or what to do next. If something goes wrong you won’t be able to get in touch with them.

6/4/2019 Miguel Antonio Reyes Martinez, Airbus A330-300 v1 seat 13K

Un servicio espectacular

6/3/2019 E Stalkan

✅ Trip Verified | Perm to New York via Moscow. In 4 days they managed to lose my baggage on the way to and from my destination. Connecting time in Sheremetyevo 3 hours. The telephone they provide on their website and via general hotline for lost baggage in Sheremetyevo are never answered. You get an automatic answer that everyone is busy and you should call later. I tried approximately 50 times in different times never succeeded. E-mails are not being answered. At the moment something goes wrong, nobody cares.

6/1/2019 Anton Shkaruba

✅ Trip Verified | Minsk to Amsterdam via Moscow. My luggage got delayed in Amsterdam. The handling agent (Menzies) had filled in a report, and they had no idea, what would be the compensation due, what could I claim etc. They only could suggest to check No any comprehensible info on the www, so I called the client support for details, and they suggested to file a claim and see what happens, in 2 to 4 weeks, perhaps. I am really curious why Aeroflot needs the phone support at all. The flight itself was not too bad. Most problems came from the fact that Sheremetyevo airport is extremely poorly managed, so both during inbound and outbound flight we had spent a lot of time burning fuel in the air waiting for a vacant slot. Services and navigation in SVO are very inefficient as well, and a lot of artificial bottlenecks are created and carefully maintained (some were already when designing the buildings).

5/29/2019 Susan G, Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 seat 12A

Economy seat very cramped but large recline, maybe 4 inches, that is bound to inconvenience the person behind you. So much so that multiple announcements were asking you to return your seat to the upright position during meal service. Low res cockpit outside view which is fun and full on movies etc on an aging but adequate touch screen seat back entertainment system. You can tell its age because the free headsets have two prongs so you can use your own headsets without an adapter.

5/28/2019 Nilesh Puri

✅ Trip Verified | I asked for water & was refused initially and given after 1 hr when all passengers were served. On landing, after waiting at belt for 45 mins for luggage, we got to know that luggage was not transferred from St. Petersburg flight to Moscow flight and it will take 2 days for luggage to reach us. We were given mobile no for queries and that number was kept switched off entire day.

5/27/2019 Nir I, Boeing 777-300ER (773) seat A34

aviod at all cost from this airline company. pay more to get extra just dont make my mistake. plane old and Screeching, broken parts lamp broken. If you are too tall then you will not be able to enter these seats and its the same way for all economy seats. poor service on board only in Russian. 2 times i get a fish Instead of chicken. if you dont make online check in for the flight you will be seated next to the lavatory.

5/26/2019 Trong Kien Tran

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Hanoi via Moscow. A ridiculous scene in Moscow with a group of staff trying to measure and weigh luggage of passengers. I am on business class and have only one backpack and a roller bag. Only bought two pieces of duty free so the roller bag was expanded and could not put through their cage. They refused my boarding and rudely responded to my request to speak to someone. I have flown them 6 times over the last 12 months and their cabin services are decent. Unfortunately their action today was so bad that I would avoid them from now on.

5/26/2019 S Markham

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Los Angeles. Good flight. Left on time. Boarding was easily done and efficient. FA’s were very timely with drinks and meals. Meals were pretty basic with the required brown, hard bread but otherwise okay.

5/16/2019 L Shain

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to London via Moscow. The crew were about to bring out drinks when the turbulence stopped and were standing around for over an hour. I got up to speak to someone she advised that everything was ok there was just a lot of condensation from the air conditioning. I took my seat again and the captain told cabin crew to get in their seats due to turbulence. I found the lack of information from the captain ridiculous. Barely any announcements during the flight. Whereas some airlines even advise of the weather etc. I was sat between people who brought their own food and spat their food into their cups etc. When asked to move they weren’t 100% that I could as there was an entire row free near to the emergency exit however these were for premium members. They dealt with the matter quite well in that in an hour they moved me further up the plane as luckily one of the premium members had agreed to switch to the empty row for me

5/14/2019 P Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Aeroflot changed my schedule from a 2hr transfer to a 14hr transfer overnight in Moscow airport. They did not contact me to let me know about this change and it was only luck that I logged in to check my seat selection that i saw it. I called to cancel and refund, which took them 2 weeks to even initiate after I contacted them again to check the status and I am awaiting this refund. Poor communication and customer service.

5/11/2019 J Harney

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to St. Petersburg. After years of having an extremely lax baggage policy, where they didn’t charge anything to check in the first bag, let excess kilos float through without comment, and never paid any attention to cabin bags, Aeroflot has done a complete U-turn. Now you have to pay for luggage in the hold (£36 per item) and they are applying zero tolerance for a few grams over and weighing hand-baggage, applying limits to the letter. My excess on the same amount of luggage I’ve travelled with for years came to £129, almost doubling the price of my ticket. It was extracted by the service staff, at times barely suppressing smiles. The baggage policy – or lack of one - was among the very few positives. I’ll be thinking long and hard when booking a flight to Russia next time.

5/10/2019 S Bakker

✅ Trip Verified | My first flight in the itinerary AMS-SVO was delayed by 1 h due a malfunctioning aircraft (as I was told), so I missed in SVO my connection to ULN and was re-routed via PEK with Aeroflot SVO-PEC and Air China PEK-ULN. The flight SVO-PEK was 1 h late in PEK as well, and I was put in Beijing in a hotel for 24 h to wait for the next Air China flight. My visit to ULN was planned as 2 days long, so I requested an Aeroflot agent to send me back to AMS, as my trip had lost its purpose. The Aeroflot Agent in Beijing spoke very poor English, and he ignored my request without a reason provided, but recommended to call to Moscow during office hours in Moscow (it was 3 am in Moscow at the time of this conversation) and discuss this with people from central office. As long as it would be too late then, and because in my experience Aeroflot client support is useless and helpless, I went to the hotel (the hotel was very poor and in a very strange location, btw). Re. inflight experience. All the Aeroflot long haul cabins I was in (A330 for AMS-SVO and B777 for SVO-PEK) were tired, did not look very clean and chairs were not the best. In contrast, both B737 for ULN-SVO and A321 for SVO-AMS were brand new and clean. Meals were very decent on AMS-SVO-AMS, decent on ULN-SVO and very unimpressive on SVO-PEK, especially a weird plastic-packed cooky before the landing that was (I suspect) designed as a breakfast. In-flight entertainment systems were broken or not very responsive both in A330 and B777. Flight attendants are trying their best to be nice, but did not act very professionally.

5/6/2019 Elmer Isaksson

Not Verified | Stockholm to Tokyo via Moscow. Great experience with hard working crew and great punctuality. Many people say Aeroflot are a fraud and that it’s a bad airline but these people are totally wrong since they have changed totally from their past and now it probably is the world’s most underrated airline company. The crew was amazingly polite and kind but the one of the only issues was the cabin temperature was too hot on the way home (Tokyo-Moscow) but at least they listened and did what they could to make it better unlike many other companies who would have totally ignored it. The food wasn’t the best either especially when the plane originated from Moscow but from Japan it was way way better. I would definitely recommend Aeroflot and would love to fly again with Aeroflot in the future!!

5/5/2019 N Gerlin

✅ Trip Verified | Malé to Zurich via Moscow and missed my connection flight. We arrived just 40 minutes late at Moscow where I was supposed to get my connection flight to Zurich. Usually staff will help you if there is little time to reach the next flight which you booked together as one ticket with the same airline. There was two counters with staff, apart from that, no one to find. By the time I could make someone talking to me, my flight already left and they didnt care about it and I was stuck with other passengers in the transfer area. They left me without information and a little food voucher I couldnt even afford proper food with. I started running around the airport, trying to find someone who could give me any information or at least a place to sleep. I waited for more than 5 hours at the airport until I managed to get information. I had to wait for 15 hours.

5/4/2019 K Saunders

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from IAD to TLV via SVO on April 15th, arriving on April 16th. 2 out of the 4 bags I checked didn't make it (along with many other bags from other passengers that were all making claims at the same time that I was. It took 8 days to finally get my bags (my trip was only 12 days long). During those 8 days I sent emails, faxes and called the airline and lost baggage service (Q.A.S) multiple times and never received any responses. The only reply I got from them was due to a Facebook message I sent, which explained I need to contact the airline directly, not through their FB page. On April 24th I decided to go to the airport and look for my bags myself. They claimed my bags were not there, but I begged to check on my own and was finally allowed. Well, they were sitting right there in their storage room! It seems that when the bags finally made it on a flight, they had new tags put on - meaning the airline would have never found my bags, since they were searching for my old tag number. When no one claimed the bags, instead of searching their system to look for my claim, they issued a new claim to the case even though my name was on the baggage tag! Now, I flew back the same route arriving 4 days ago (TLV, SVO, IAD) and 3 of my 5 bags checked are missing! They claim it was due to a short stopover, but I had a 14 hour stopover! It is going to take 8 days for my bags to arrive as Aerolflot only has 1 flight a week that flies this route.